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Published on: 22-10-2016

Part 1Part 1: You need to solve the following cases: Case 1: Bank A offers to pay you a lump sum of $20,000 after 5 years if you deposit $9,500 with them today. Bank B, on the other hand, says that they will pay you a lump sum of $22,000 after 5 years if you deposit $10,700 with them today. Which offer should you accept, and why? Case 2: You have decided that you will sell off your house, which is currently valued at $300,000, at point ...

Published on: 29-09-2016

Total IncomeQuestions:Tasksa. Total income for the three month period, sub-totalled by each (a) Shop, (b) Sales Representative, and (c) Phone. Use Pivot Table(s) to summarise these calculations.b. Total expenses for the three month period, sub-totalled by each (a) Shop, and (b) Sales Representative. Use Pivot Table(s) and appropriate graph(s)/chart(s) to summarise these calculations.c. Total profit for the three month period, sub-totalled by eac...

Published on: 09-08-2016

Business Functions of JaguarQuestions:1.1. Identify two core organisational functions (or department) of the Jaguar company ( or your selected organisation) and evaluate the interrelationships between their functions and processes?1.2. Describe and justify the methodology used to map processes to organisation’s goals and objectives?1.3. Evaluate the output of the process and quality gateways of the organisation?Business functions may be re...

Published on: 25-07-2016

Analysis of Financial and Other Data for a Power Drill Company1. Bonza Handtools Ltd. manufactures a popular power drill suitable for the home renovator. Financial and other data for this product for the last twelve months are as follows : Sales 20000 units Selling price $130 per unit Variable manufacturing cost $50 per unit Fixed manufacturing costs $400000 Variable selling and ...

Published on: 22-07-2016

Tools of finance and accounts to analyze performanceQuestion:Describe about the Performance of Greene King plc and Mitchells and Butlers Plc?This assignment has discussed some tools of finance and accounts in order to analyze and investigate the financial performance of Greene King. This assignment also dealt with the non financial performance of the company. This company has grabbed the leading position within the pub and brewing industry of Un...

Published on: 17-07-2016

NAB Ltd Shareholders and Bondholders ReturnsQuestions:1. Subprime mortgage crisis is an example of a financial crisis that affected global markets worldwide. Give another example of a financial crisis in your discussions below. Discuss the possible causes of the financial crisis. Discuss the impact of the financial crisis on financial institutions and businesses elsewhere including your own country. Explain how the financial crisis affected...

Published on: 25-06-2016

BackgroundQuestions:1. Explain what led to their downfall, the relevant ethical issues and the response from the Government?2. Explain how corporations overcome this problem and also ensure the management behaves responsibly, ethically whilst maintaining corporate profitability?The Lehman Brothers bank was counted as the fourth largest investment bank of US. But on Sept 15, 2008 the bank filed bankruptcy which is the largest bankruptcy filed in ...

Published on: 18-01-2016

Equity SharesQuestions:1. Prepare a report and focus on sources of finance available to the business and discuss internal and external sources separately. Assess the positive and negative implication of the different sources of finance identified. Select a project that is typical to your organisation then identify and discuss various sources of finance appropriate for that business project. You need research the costs of each of sources of finan...

Published on: 16-01-2016

Elements of Bona Fide PurchaseQuestions:On 3 July 2014 Max Speed, who conducts a second-hand car business, purchased under a written signed contract an inventory of luxury used second hand cars. The cars comprised twelve Audi A7s purchased from Euro Prestige Pty Ltd (Euro Prestige). The contract contained a seller’s retention of title (ROT) clause whereby Euro Prestige retained title in the cars until Max made the final...

Published on: 02-12-2015

Cultures of the country and their implications for businessQuestion:Prepare a business report which includes Cultures of the country and their implications for business.Political and economic systems of the country and how they may affect your intended business.Nature of business systems in the chosen country, focusing on business organisation, leadership, human resource management and change management principles, and how each may affect your b...

Published on: 26-08-2015

Background of Tesco PlcQuestion - Write a brief project report on business problem at Tesco PLC ?This research is specifically focused towards analysing the business problem that has been evident in respect to Tesco Plc and the researcher has carried out this research in a specific manner aimed at achieving the research aims and objectives in a positive manner. The analysis has been carried out in the form of data collected by the application of...

Published on: 16-06-2015

Executive summary As long as, there are vehicles on the road, there will be prospects for various businesses for car washing. Depending on features, many prospective businesses can be started. The report will discuss about the car wash businesses. The business highly depends on location and weather; this business can prove to be very lucrative business for new entrepreneur. There are some potential factors which must be considered while decid...

Published on: 31-01-2015

Expansion of Foundation House's Role in Supporting Traumatized IndividualsSurveying Foundation House execution in helping traumatized people is a hard task or troublesome assignment. In any case, it is worth gaining from different perceptions directed on NGO execution in allaying fear. Foundation House have expanded the scale on the sort of parts they play. In this contemporary time, Foundation House are immensely living up to expectations, and ...

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