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Organization Requirements for Servers and Connectivity

Discuss about the First Couriers Pty Ltd for Conference on Pattern Languages.

The client of the project is First Couriers Pty Ltd. The First Couriers Pty is a courier service agency that provides dealings regarding the transaction services and act as the channel for the transportation of products and services. First Couriers Pty limited has 2 branches which is operated by a single median server the courier company has the support of 2 windows 2008 system. 2 printers are also present in the location of the of branches of the First Pty Limited. Both the windows 2008 server as well as the printer is located in the offices and are differentiated in the logical order of one computing system at each centre. The major requirement of the client is that the organization wants to connect the port of both the switches in order to connect the deserves in case the serves are needed to be connected. He organization also wants more number of servers to be connected in the Werribee branch as the number of employees working in the organization is more. The fact that with the increase in more number of employees the servers that will be required is more for the establishment of the efficient functioning of the servers in the branch of the organization. 

The main business problem is that the organization has been thinking of increasing the stature of the business organization hence the organization has rough in 5 sets of computers and printers that ensured the fact that growth of the organization has been  te main target o the organization. This is the reason threat the organization has hired the IT manager for the setting of  the servers in which are used for the connection of the computers and the printers to set the coordination of the computing system of the courier services. the customers wants the setting up of the servers for the proper connectivity of the networking system. this will ensure the fact that connectivity among the organization members stays efficient and the functionality of the organization gain enhanced option of the methodologically efficient functioning of the organization.

The branches of the organization that deals with the servicing of the  server services that requires the internet speed of 1 Gbps which wills be used by  both the branches of the organization and the speed of the internet will get divided taking onto consideration fact of the usage of the internet in 2 organizations each. The speed varies as the usurpation of the data is different in both the branch of the organization. This enables the fact that the data to be transferred from both each branches differ hence the peed must also vary for both the organization.

Hardware Specifications

The hardware specification includes the specification of the devices that intend to control the functioning of the system.  The specifications required are as follows: -

CPU-  the central processing unit must be possessed with a 4 gb RAM and the operating system must be powered with the latest edition of the platform on which the functioning is processor. 

Networking Interface- the networking interface must be full duplex in nature and the complaint standards must be IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and the data transfer speed must be 100Mbps  in order to provide  efficient functioning of the servers.

The network services that are required are as follows: -

Force Encrypting:  the database engine cab be configured in the required configuration during accessing the encrypted state of the clients.

Extended Protection:  Channel binding technology is used for the extended protection of authentication of the operating system that supports the protection of the information that is started in the server.

Authentication using the Kerberos: SQL server authentication methodologies are needed to be fulfilled un order to get access to the data that are stored  in the database of the organization.

Registering SPN: the Kerberos authentication has been using the platform of several Principal Name for ensuring the uatrhenticat6ionn of the access of the data. The Several Principal Name has been acting to be main source of authentication of the data in order to check the authenticity of the users. 

  1. List the server applications
  • WorkWave Route Manager: WorkWwave Router is managed web fleet management solution that helps in plotting the working plan for the drivers of the courier organization.
  • Onfleet: Onfleet is a way plotting application that uses the GPS system for gaining the information and plan the schedule of the driver using the information of the routing system.
  • Digital Waybill: Digital Waybill is used for increasing the communicating of the courier company in orders in gain the scheduling and the demands of the clients
  • OnTime 360: this is a cloud based application which ensures the fact that the connectivity is maintained. Brokers and the delivery man and the client of the organization
  • Ship track: Ship Track is a cloud based software application that acts as a bridge between the potential clients and the organization.
  1. Identify and document server applications compatibility issues and resolution procedures

WorkWave Route Manager : the major issue in this case is that the internet connection fails in the processing of the functioning of the application software.

Onfleet: the major issue with Onfleet is that it keeps on consuming internet even if the application is not in use.

Digital Waybill: the major problem of the Digital waybill is that the organization fails to complete transaction in case of extreme pressure on  the software application.

OnTime 360: the major issue in this application is that the documents the user provides during the sanction of the deal are not always authorized which leads to the fact that the transaction fails in the mid process.

ShipTrack:  the issue in the Shiptrack is that in this software application fails to

  1. List the security requirements, including authentication and authorization.

The software that are required for the maintenance of the authentication of the software application are as follows: -

  • Centrify: Centrify is one of the most widely used application that provides authentication check to the authenticity of the ser to gain access to the data that are stored in the servers of the networking system.
  • Authy: Authy is also another application software that provides security to the data that is stored as it does not allow the entrance of the clients who cannot authenticate themselves as the genuine clients hence the data is secured.

The hardware redundancies that are followed in this organization are as follows: -

  • Passive hardware redundancies: Passive redundancy uses the capacity that intends the impact of the redundancies to reduce the component failures of the project. The most available mode of reduced components fails to produce the desired outcome. In case o passive redundancy, it provides extra strength to the networking system that helps to gain robustness of the networking system. This excess strength allows the networking system to sustain and not collapse in case of the failure in the networking system. This robustness in the networking system to keep the data protected from the unauthenticated access of the intruders. This aspects acts as the major benefit of using the passive hardware redundancy. The redundancy like the active hardware redundancy and the hybrid hardware redundancy are not as efficient as the passive redundancy in case of the courier service.  
  1. Produce the installation check list.

The process of installing the Kerberos are as follows: -.
1. If existing production versions of Kerberos for Windows and OpenAFS are installed on your computer, the new Kerberos for Windows installer requires that you uninstall them first. If issues are found, a dialog box will display. Click Download Software Remove Tool, run the tool, select Kerberos for Windows and/or Stanford Open AFS and then click Remove. The program will then delete itself and restart your computer.
2. If you had to resolve issues, double-click the Kerberos for Windows installer file to run it. It's typically located in your Downloads folder or on your desktop.
3.  Click Continue to start the installation.
After you install Kerberos for Windows you'll need to restart your computer for the configuration changes to take effect. Click Yes to restart now or No to restart later. 

Network Services

  1. Identify any required third-party applications that are required to meet any customer requirements

Freight Logistic has been acting as one of the most efficient third party application that has been serving the courier companies for the benefit for the courier company. this ensures the fact that the organization gets benefitted in the following ways: -

  • This application provides a base for importing and exporting the components of the business that helps in functioning if the organization. International shipping acts to be the best aspect of this application.
  • This application helps the organization to get over the logistic issues of the origination. This is helpful for the organization in escaping the law related problems of the organization. This causes the fact that trade organization gets intimating access to the law and the transaction issues.
  • Shipping of the products from the organization has the ability to function efficiently in case of using the Freight logistic. 
  1. Describe how the new server will be implemented, and whether any prototyping of the solution will be done
  • Usage of HTTPS protocol for efficient usage of the technological team for the building in the relationship between the user and the client who has been in charge of the maintenance of the server
  • Usage of DNS and CNames are made in order to gain the efficiency of the system. this includes the fact that the availability of the DNS and the CNames are made externally and the internal access to the DNS and the CNames are not possible as the permission is not granted.
  • Centralized authentication is made by the help of AD. In case of the AD the LDAP technologies used for centralized authentication. In case AD is available for the centralized authentication the LDAP technology is not used as the efficiency of the AD system is much higher than the LDAP technology for serving the purpose of central authentication if the server system.
  • Building of a virtual machine helps in the process. A personalized SVN server is also produced in the course of increasing the efficiency of the server.
  • Usage of SVN technology is made in order to perform the methodology of high availability and the tolerance of the server system increases in terms of the betterment of the server system.
  1. Explain data migration methods to server from computers.

BDC – the conversion process takes place for only 1 time and the process ensures the factv that the screen changes after the up gradation and will affect the BDC.

BAPI – this conversation process is done for the conversation that is used in the processing of the screen changes.

LSMW – this aspect requires a betterment of the configuration for having a better efficiency rate of conversion in the process in the process uploading f the manufacturing details to be updated in nature.

CATT – this architecture is used for the testing of the conversions of the functional consultant. 

  1. Develop test plans to check system requirement

The step that are taken to check the requirements of the system are as follows: -

Step 1 – Objectives

The objective of the task is to motivate the fact of installing the software application.

Step 2- Processing and Reporting

This fact includes the data  regarding the installing eh application software.

Step 3-Tracking Results

This fact includes the case of tracking the result that is taken into consideration of the efficiency of the result.

Step 4- Test Environment

Testing  of the environment is required for the purpose of tracking the customers.

Step 5- Usability Testing

The usability of the application is tested in order to check the efficiency of the application. 

Step 6- Unit Testing

Unit testing acts as the level of tracking the data.

Step 7- Verifying the HTML

This ensures the fact HTML code helps the fact of checking the functioning of the HTML code

Step 8- Load Testing

This helps the fact of loading the test of the application

Step 9- User acceptance Testing

This checks the fact that the application is accepted in terms of the user acceptance

Step 10- Testing Security

The security testing helps the fact of getting acknowledged by the fact the security issues of the application. 

  1. Develop test plan to check the performance
  • Vagrant
  • Pager Duty
  • Prothemius
  • Ganglia
  • Snort
  • Nagios

Are the tools that are used in the course for checking the performance of the developing the test plan and checking the data plan of the application software. 

  1. Describe how you will ensure the work is completed according to WHS requirements, including any risk management procedures needed

WHS acts as the benchmark setter of the server application of the project. This ensures the fact that the project is standardized and the fact that the system is enable f the terminology of the production of the products that are standardized which helps in gaining the brand loyalty. This includes the fact that threats that are approaching towards the organization is estimated hence the threats can be dethroned by the WHS.  

  1. Explain the work sign-off procedure to the customer, including any handover procedures

Software Applications

The customers will be provided hand offs in order to increase the brand loyalty of the application software which relates to the fact that services are provided with efficiency of the functioning methodology. 

  1. Describe a backup and restore strategy for the server

The back up strategy that has been taken into consideration for the proficiency of the project that is under process is that the data that is being stored in the processing of the data. This data is stored in the data base while the data is under processing. This acts as the processing of the data during the p[regression of the tasks ensures the fact that all the data is stored and is used as a reference in the process when the data gets deleted or lost due to some unavoidable circumstances. 

  1. Describe how you will liaise with the customer representative to gain access to the site

A group of experts are set in the processing of the application software. This group ensures the availability of the expert advice in case of the short coming of the application software during the usage of a client. This group of experts provide the support t the users for enabling the clients to use the application software efficiently. 

  1. Describe how the server will be connected to the existing network

Step1. Select the Tools menu and click n connection.

Step2. Address the connection details for the application software in the connection dialog box

Step3. Click on test connection. In case the test connection gets successfully oriented, the server will get connected to the network. 


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