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SWOT Analysis

Strength- there is proper coordination among the employees. The information get transferred easily from one department to the other. This is a good strength of the company. As a senior manager I believe that the free flow of the information from one level to the other is an important objective so that there is no obstruction in between.

Weakness- one of the problem that often happens is the conflict that arises between the employees. Several employees often take the undue advantage of the free flow of the information and can use it for their own advantage or give away the information to other competitive firms (Mazhelis et al., 2013).

Opportunity- As a manager one of the most important opportunity of a sound communication system is motivation. As the communication takes places smoothly, there is a good relationship between the employees and the subordinates as well. It is through this communication tat all the members feel that they are very much the part of the organization (Wild, Wild & Han, 2014). 

Threat- one of the major threats is the waste of time. There can be m any employees who will just try to escape work and spend their entire time in spreading unnecessary rumors or gossips. This will not only lead to several conflicts and fights among the employees and the managers but will also hamper the entire production of the firm.

The strengths identified have been a proper coordination between all the employees that will surely help in the free flow of the information from one level to the other.

The weakness is that of the dangers of conflict that might arise within the employees which will ruin the overall production of the company.

The opportunity is that of motivation. This will definitely help the employees to be encouraged at every step and it will eventually increase the overall production.

The weakness that has been identified is that of wastage of time. This will make the employees only engrossed in escaping work and engage in several gossips. This will slow down the rate of the production and the company will suffer huge loss (Mazhelis et al., 2013).

The two most important needs for a good internal communication are exchange of ideas and also the motivation of the employees. If there is a smooth internal communication then there will be proper exchange of ideas. The employees will continue the process of knowledge sharing. This will eventually be helpful as all the employees will put forward their own views and opinions. This will help in bringing about innovation in the company. Another important need is the motivation. Being a manager I know that I need to ensure that all my employees are motivated at every single step (Wortmann & Flüchter., 2015).

Impact of SWOT

The two threats that ate associated with the internal communication are wastage of time that will eventually hamper the production. This is because the employees will devote less time in working and will be busy in making fun of the other employees. This is because there are employees who can use the information of the other clients as a matter of fun. The other threat is the employees might take undue advantage of the information that is being communicated. They might want to make some personal profit and give away the important b8usiness information of Spark New Zealand to the other competitive firms.

As an important personnel of this company I feel that there are two important communication  needs like

  • Making the communication a two way process which will help me to convey the business ideas to my subordinate employees and also get to know about their opinions.

  • The other need is to motivate my employees throughout. Regular meetings and feedback sessions will help the person needs to get a proper idea about the employees and their issues.

Organizational Process and Hierarchy  also needs a proper Communication Channel

  • In order to ensure that the information is freely circulating from one hierarchical department to the next without any delay (Mazhelis et al., 2013). 
  • Hierarchy also needs to see that there is proper trust factor existing within the organization so that it runs smoothly. For the proper functioning of the company and for improving the production, the most necessary thing that needs to been survived is that of the trust factor. Unless and until the employees know how to trust one another they will not be comfortable enough to work with each other as a team (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell 2015).

  • They will also not agree to the process of knowledge sharing and will keep on bossing over one another. This is turn will hamper the overall production of the company.
  1. The official communication channels are very much important for the smooth flow of information from one department to the other. This is done by using the different communication channels like the verbal and the non verbal communication channels. The official information is communicated through the different official channels like that of mail, phone calls or online posts on company websites where it can viewed by all the employees and also be reverted back by them(Wortmann & Flüchter .,2015).

  2. d. The existing organization protocols of the company say that there must be proper rules and regulations maintained for channelizing the communication from one department to the other. This is because there can be several employees who will be tampering with the important information of business organization.

There must also be regular management team meetings conducted so that the managers can easily convey the important information to all their employees. This method of communication is a two way process as it will help the managers and the employees as well. The managers will be able to take important business decisions in the presence of the employees of the company and the employees on the other hand will also be able to share their views and opinions about each and every business decisions that is being taken.

  • There are also some of the very important manners or etiquettes that must be followed in the proper way in case of the internal communication system of the organization. These manners are to be followed by the managers and the employees as well. The managers must know which kind of information is to be conveyed to the employees. This is because of the fact that there can be so many different employees working within the organization and all of them are coming from so many different backgrounds. All the employees will be differing from one another in terms of their socio cultural and linguistic backgrounds (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell 2015).

They might be sharing some of their very confidential information to the company at the time of their recruitment. However, the managers must maintain this basic etiquette of knowing that this information is not to be given away to any of the other employees. This is because of the fact that not every employee will be sensible enough to obey each other. They might start bullying or pulling each other’s legs. This might harm the sentiments several employees. So, the managers must make sure to include in the official information only those parts of the employee information that will not be harmful to anyone in any way (Tang, Gallagher & Bie., 2015).

Some of the barriers to communication can be

Lack of proper coordination

If the employees are not properly interacting with one another, then the communication cannot take place properly. If there is no cooperation or coordination among the employees then the communication process will be hampered.

Lack of proper motivation

The communication process will be a success only if there is proper motivation among the employees. If the employees are not sufficiently encouraged by the managers, then they will not actively take part in the communication process as they will not consider themselves to be a part of the organization.

Internal communication needs

a. Privacy, confidentiality and disclosure are also very much important because the information that is being communicated can often contain some of the important business information (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell 2015).

If proper security and privacy is not maintained then several employees can take undue advantage of it and can use it unethically for making some personal gains. This can happen if the employees give away the information to the other competitors.

b. Communication discrimination must be avoided as it van hurt the employees very much. Like differences in the pay of the employees due to the communication difficulty or making fun of someone’s question in a group meeting (Mazhelis et al., 2013).

c. Duty of care must always be ensured in any and every business organization. This can be ensured by maintaining proper secrecy and privacy of the information that is being communicated. Any information that is being communicated must be done in such a way so that it cannot be tampered with.

d. Mandatory reporting in communication is very much important so that the sender of the communication is able to know whether his message has been received by the sender or not. However the sender must also positively revert back to the message after receiving it, this will make the communication process complete.

e. Informed Consent is also very much needed for the proper communication. This is because it is one of the very basic ethical needs of the communication. Proper consent must be taken from all the employees before communicating any information regarding them.


  • The person who is communicating the information verbally must consider repeating the message in his own words to make sure that the receiver has been able to understand the information correctly. This must be done so that the message that is being communicated can reach the receiver quickly and smoothly. He must not suffer from the fear that he will have to make haste or he will miss pout any particular bit of information (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell 2015)..
  1. Strategy for external written communication


The written form of external message must be done in a very clear and precise manner. The information must clearly be state with catch and yet simple words so that the receivers can easily understand it.

a. Processes for adapting the communication Strategies

  • There must be a strict check that there is no compromise being done with the secrecy of the message. The message that is being communicated must not be tampered with by any employees; else the person responsible for it will be penalized.

  • A reviewing and proof reading process will be implemented to avoid errors in the message that is being communicated.

  • Strategies to reduce communication barriers

  • Encouraging the employees to develop trust among one another. It can be done by encouraging them to speak with one another (Mazhelis et al., 2013).

  • Motivating the employees will also help to make the communication process much more smooth, quick and accurate. This will also make the employees open up and share their knowledge with each other.

  • Procedures for the implementation of the communication strategies

  • Trust can be built within the employees by making them work in a group so that they can mutually share their ideas.

  • The employees can be motivated by making them feel wanted within the organization that is by making them a part of all the important business decisions.
  1. Resources for implementing each communication strategy
  • The communication strategies can be implemented by using the resources like that of team meetings where the communication will be made a two way process. This will enable the managers to conduct the meeting and communicate their messages and also get the necessary feedback from the employees. The managers can motivate the employees this way by making them realize that they are very much a part of the organization.

  • Team projects must be undertaken by the employees so that they can work together and    inculcate the feeling of trust among one another (Tang, Gallagher & Bie., 2015).
  1. The communication barriers will be removed if the employees are made to work together in teams, where they will slowly open up with each other and will get rid of all their hesitations. Jargons can be also developed so that the selective information is easily conveyed to the targeted selective employees. This will also enable to maintain the security of the communication process.

  2. Informing the staff about the new protocols and strategies of communication
  • Some of the new strategies and protocols that are to be incorporated are increased security, special check of errors and incorporating clarity. There will be a special department of staffs who would be maintaining the secrecy of the communication so that the valuable information is not tampered with. The employees will be made sure that their personal information is not being disclosed to others. Even if it is needed it will be done with their due consent. Any written communication will be check thoroughly for spelling and grammar errors (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell 2015).

  • The communication whether verbal or non verbal will be made professional, precise and clear so that the stakeholders can easily understand them 
  • The two communication objective that I wish to achieve from the communication with external stakeholders is getting an improved clarity. So that the message can reach easily be conveyed to the stakeholders and also to ensure that the stakeholders have no problem in understanding the messages.

  • The other objective that I want to achieve is to make the communication much more digitalized. In other words I would like to carry on the communication to the external stakeholders through the usage of social media, mobile apps, sms, emails so that the communication is fast and easy (Bovee, Thill & Raina .,2016). 
  1. 2. the most important things that I would like my stakeholders to understand are
  • Sparks New Zealand mainly aims at making the communication better. We are devoted towards making life more easy and smooth for our customers. We value our customers more than anything else. We also would like to inform them that their feedbacks, opinions matter for us the most and they can easily reach us through our website anytime they feel like.

  • We would also like to inform that we pay due attention to our CSR and hence, we aim to provide some free service to those people who cannot afford a good communication system. We request our customers to cooperate with us in helping and supporting the needy and connecting the world with a good telecom service.
  1. The target audience group is mainly the younger generation as they are very much keen towards using the telecommunication service nowadays. Mobiles have become totally unavoidable and particularly the younger generation is very much interested in buying new innovative models. Hence, it is the duty of the organization to understand the demand of the younger generation of customers and design the products accordingly.

  2. 4. The tactics used to communicate the message across the stakeholder group
  • To make the communication process much more digitalized. Using modern scientific means like that of email, sms.

  • To make the communication much more clear and precise so that it contains the exact information that will be relevant to the customers.
  1. Most people are poor listeners

  2. Two communication barriers in my place is the lack of concentration among people. Often the employees get distracted and, miss pout many of the important portions of the information that is being communicated (Neuliep, 2017). 

  3. Yes I agree with this statement because many employees are poor listeners. This can be due to their lack of concentration that they miss out some of the important parts of the information that is being communicated or even some of the employees might suffer from a poor hearing power as well.

  4. Lack of enough security in the communication process makes the employees reluctant in actively taking part in the communication process. They often fear to share their personal information as they think that it might be disclosed to others. As a result of which they do not actively carry on the communication process and it gets hindered.

  5. The barriers can be removed my increasing the security check on the communication process. The employees are to be assured that no tampering will be done with any of their personal information. Even if some business strategies need to use any of their information it would take place only after their consent.

  6. Shared meaning is very much important in carrying on the communication in any workplace. I have often faced mixed reaction of people due to shared meaning in communication. As I have to speak with so many different people coming from so many different cultural backgrounds, it is natural that their native tongue is also different. While speaking , I might have often used some words that have one kind of meaning for me and a different meaning for someone else coming from a different social background. This might affect the emotions of the person. Similarly the same has also happened with me. So, while communication with people of so many different cultural backgrounds, it is important to keep in mind the emotions and beliefs of the people as well.

a. I immediately start scanning the message on some grammar checking and spelling checking soft ware. After the errors have been spotted I suggest the necessary changes needed.

b. Yes, to some extent it does give me a sense of the perception of the sender. I feel that either the sender of the message does not have his conception clear. Else, he was busy with so many different works at the same time that he might have hurried and made this mistake carelessly.

c. Communication barriers can be removed by motivating the employees throughout. So, that the employees feel that they are very much a part of the organization. This must be ensured buy the managers and the in charge of every respective department that they appreciate the employees for their efforts. The employees must be awarded as per their performance and they must not be neglected. They are to be included in each and every business decision (Jondle, Ardichvili & Mitchell., 2014).

  1. Two example of selective perception can be
  • Some of the managers might be having favoritism for one particular employee, so he might always favor that employee while ignoring the others.

  • The clients might have some biasness for one particular traditional product only so they might not be very open towards accepting any innovation or change so they might ignore the message that is being communicated related to the reason for this change.

Jargons can be very helpful in case of official communication because of the fact that there is some very sensitive information that is not for all the employees to know. Hence while communicating the senders might make use of jargons so that the targeted employees can easily understand the meaning of the message that is being communicated. It will also not hamper the secrecy of the communication. However, it must be assured that there is proper training given to the employees so that they make no mistakes in decoding the jargons.


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