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Compile a list of twenty significant cultural developments from the past. You may use the Personal Significance activities (linked in the Resources under the Capella Multimedia heading) to help assemble this list:

  • Describe the cultural developments you noted and then evaluate their application to modern life.
  • Notice any compelling themes here. Are there any common themes or persistent forms of expression, or especially vital historical periods among your choices? Think about what the items you selected say about who you are and what gives your life meaning.

Consider how these developments impact your everyday life in a personal way. The cultural background of humanities disciplines provide some structure, of course, but what really matters are your own feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and decisions.

  • How does an understanding of the humanities impact your life?
  • How do you integrate the philosophical, religious, and aesthetic values of the humanities into daily living?
Overview of the Study

The purpose of the following paper is to describe the most important issues in the cultural history of the society and the world from the past. The aim will be to find out twenty significant cultural developments from the past that have been crucial to the growth and development of the overall world culture. The cultural developments are indeed very much important for their applications in the modern life (Zittoun & Gillespie, 2015). This has to be done in order to understand how the cultural developments have the impact on the society and the minds of the people. These items are very important to find out the traces of the cultural significance in the society so that the nature of the cultural developments could be understood. The impacts of these changes will have to be evaluated on the basis of daily life of the human beings. The change of the society definitely has some underpinnings about the personal thoughts about the human beings and their feelings. I believe the religious and aesthetic issues can also be discussed in this section as well. The cultural developments will surely have an impact on the day to day activities of the human beings.

Some of the cultural developments that will be discussed in this paper are-

  1. Connection
  2. Place
  3. Cities
  4. End of the majority among classes
  5. Polarizing of the people
  6. The Self shot
  7. Rise of the pornography
  8. Informality
  9. Liquidity
  10. Complexity
  11. The growth of the internet
  12. Changes in the natural environment
  13. Acculturation
  14. Contact between the different societies
  15. Religious beliefs among the people
  16. Differences between individualism and collectivism
  17. Globalization of the aesthetic concepts
  18. Clashes between communism and capitalism
  19. Empowerment of the women
  20. Faster communication between the people in the society

The changes in the human culture and the development of the cultural issues have been so important that the changes in the culture can be traced and it can also be assumed how the people have accustomed to the changes pursued (Zittoun & Gillespie, 2015). The changes that have been discussed in this section will be very much crucial to be discussed since these changes have made a huge impact on the everyday lives of the human beings. The impacts of these cultural changes on the society and the everyday human lives will have to be discussed in order to address the success of these changes indeed (Simon, 2013). The first aspect is that of the connection among the human beings in a fast paced manner. It has been possible by the improvement of the science and technology and its application on the lives of the human beings (Przybylski & Weinstein, 2013). The people belonging from different countries can stay in touch with each other on a regular basis as the different devices like the mobile phones, several social media platforms and the emails. It has been much impactful from the positive aspects since the human beings would be able to make the proper connections and take the decisions very fast with prompt answers. Thus the organizational cultures can also be shaped in a better way indeed.  If the managers can communicate with each other with the help of the technological in a faster manner they will surely be benefitted (Simon, 2013).

Importance of Cultural Developments

The values and ethics of the human beings have also been shaped in a better manner through the use of these changes (Griffin, 2015). Another impact can be felt on the development of the vehicles and the growth in their numbers. This fact has made it easier for the human beings in order to travel to several places. The development of the travel and transport has made it easier for the human beings to travel from one place to another in a lesser amount of time. Thus the society has been benefitted by the implementation of this development as well (Przybylski & Weinstein, 2013).

The development of arts has also been a very significant matter in the context of the cultural development. In the age of the globalization, the artistic creations of various countries have got mixed with that of the other ones (Griffin, 2015). From the past, the Greek and Roman artistic creations had been molded with the Indian artistic creations and gave birth to a new set of artistic culture. Thus the birth of the new culture can say to have a better impact on the lives of the human beings of thee contemporary times (Malamuth, 2014).

The cities have been developed to improve the style of living for the human beings. The cultures of the human beings will also be improved by this sort of development. The human beings can be able to live a better life and contribute more to the development of the society as well (Malamuth, 2014).

However, it has been found that the cultural majorities in the world are not at all like it was before. It has been observed that the black neighborhoods in the world had become half Hispanic and a large amount of immigration came from the regions of Asia and Latin America. This has some religious undertones as well since the priests of the European countries and USA would go on to convert the black people into Christianity by force. This has happened in the past and this can happen again. These religious conflicts have been very much predominant in the current times as well. The conflicts between the diverse communities are rising and this can be challenging to form a prosperous community.

The polarity in the society had been observed in the United States of America. The political views of the individuals have been very much strict and both the democratic and republican followers have become more firm in supporting their ideals. This is why the cultures of the society have evolved to be centered on their political ideologies (Yoon et al., 2013).

Significant Cultural Developments that are Discussed in this Paper

The cultures of the films will evolve again if the directors would like to make the movies in the 2030s and make the people believe that the film has been set in the 2000s. This would need the self shot in the digital cameras. However, this kind of technology can be handful the evolution of the cultures. This is indeed very much important for shaping up the cultures of the human society in the various ways (Yoon et al., 2013).

The rise of pornography has also been a cultural issue from the past. This simply has a negative effect on the life of the human beings in the contemporary society. Pornography has been considered as an ancient visual art that has got the digital shape in the contemporary times (Afshar, 2016). This topic has always remained as a matter of shame among the human beings. Some of the directors also have been using this fact for exploiting the young generation of the society. This has been very harmful and many crimes have been recorded due to this fact as well.

The informality in the business culture has also been a development of the culture in the society. In the recent times it has been seen that many organizations prefer the informality among the employees. This has also been quite important for the organizations to practice in their society. The religious movements relating to the Roman Catholic Church has also been interpreted as something critical for the cultural issues on the society and the human lives. The human beings might lose their faith in the religions if something bad happens (Afshar, 2016).

The complexity in the human minds and lives has been depicted as a very important factor for the reflection on the society. The human beings nowadays live a very complicated lifestyle that has impacted on their personal lives as well. The number of family disputes has been on the rise. Thus the impact on the families and the human minds has not been that much positive from various angles. This would be harmful for the families of the individuals as well. However the evolution of the human brain can also be considered as an important factor for the overall improvement for the same (Hunter, Jason & Keys, 2013).

The acculturation is also an important aspect for the overall development in the cultural perspectives from the past. I must mention that many people come out of their comfort zone of their areas and come to different regions for their work and other purposes. This is the reason as to why the people would go on to mix with the other cultures and assimilate with it by the virtue of the good points of those cultures (Beck, 2018).

Impact of Technological Advancements on Culture

The tremendous development of technology also has a significant element of cultural improvement in our societies (Arensberg, 2017). In my own experience I can say that I can stay connected with the several people through the modes of social media outside my home country. Apart from that the technological devices have also made my life much easier than before. Thus I have been able to get in touch with the popular culture, music and arts of the other cultures through improved technological assets (Hunter, Jason & Keys, 2013).

The religious issues have also been considered as the developments in the cultural panorama. In the era of globalization several people have believed in the renewal of the religious theories. Most times the contemporary people would believe in the religious idea of worship for keeping the peace in the irrespective of the religions (Matarrita-Cascante & Brennan, M.2012).  

Another development from the past related to culture is the rise of the individualism and collectivism. This cultural factor got its rise from the business issues and is expansions in the current times (Beck, 2018). Mostly the Asian and Latin American countries believe in the collectivism while the European and American people believe in the individualism (Triandis, 2018). However, I feel this has a strong impact on the proceedings of the business organizations. Many cross cultural issues can come to the point because of these issues. This is how the cultural impacts have evolved over the times (Baylis, Smith & Owens, 2017). 

The clashes between the communism and capitalism are never ending. The people who believe in the communism have often raised their voices against the capitalism. On the contrary, the capitalists have just signed off the claims by the communists. This clash has impacted in the well-being of the nature of the politics as well. This has led to some negative impacts since the political issues have come up regarding this.

The empowerment of the women has also been one of the cultural developments from the past centuries. Today we see several women taking up the role of the business leaders in several organizations and in the governments as well (Baylis, Smith & Owens, 2017). This has been quite inspiring and my opinion is this will have a positive influence on the several people of the world. More women will come up to lead the country and the business organizations and build a society with equal rights to both men and women.


The essay can be concluded by saying that the cultural developments have led the way to the overall success of the society. The impact of these cultural developments has been very much influential in the overall shaping up of the society. I have discussed the twenty relevant changes from the perspective of the cultures of various countries. I believe it will be really important to view the different issues to understand what impacts have been there on the everyday operations of the human beings and the society as well. The rise of the technology, individualism versus collectivism and other issues has been discussed in this paper to address the situation perfectly. These social and cultural issues have been observed for the better practices that have both positive and negative impacts indeed.


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