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Diversity Management

Discuss about the Human Resource Diversity and Performance.

Globalization has had a significant impact on human resource management. Some of these effects lie in various aspects such as outsourcing, coping with legal and cultural differences and managing from foreign countries.[1] Human resource management in the global economy has become an integral part for companies especially those that seek to internationalize. With the increased demand for the workforce, human resources have been playing a pivotal role in ensuring an organization has not only sufficient manpower but also one which can meet the increasing demand of global competition and exploit opportunities. This is attained through talent management, recruiting qualified and skilled employees. Training and so forth. When a company intertionalize, it is supposed to have proper ways of manging human resources in order to avoid being facing issues which may put its success at risk.

From the case study, the No name company is experiencing various issues that are likely to prevent it from attaining some of its goals. One of the major issues, include lack of proper culture which can influence employees to work better. Culture is the beliefs, attitudes, and opinions held by employees in a particular farm.[2] These aspects have key impact on the accomplishment of tasks because they are the ones that determine how employees perceive work and their organization.

Employees in this company have adopted the idea of change resistance and lack of proper communication between the teams and the management . Change resistance harms organizational performance because it makes it hard for the managers to implement strategies which can make the businesses to perform better. No name being an international company, this aspect is likely to make its human resource managers to be affected by various issues such as difficulties in making and implementing decisions which can make the organization to have a workforce which can make it to attain its goals

The company is also lacking consideration of quality in its production, and this has made some of the stakeholders to give warnings that they would withhold partial payment if the issue is not rectified as soon as possible.[3] When a company chooses to internationalize, it should focus on quality and use better strategies to portray possibilities of succeeding in order to attract as many stakeholders as possible. If some of the stakeholders in this case have given warning that they would withhold partial payments, it means they are not impressed by some of the things that the company does in its operation, and they are also not confident concerning its success.

International Management

Team integration is also a problem in this company. Although there is a division of labor, the teams are not coordinating with each other while producing the projects. Affirms that integration of teams when completing tasks is fundamental because it helps employees to understand what the other team has done and what is required to be done at the other levels. Team integration also makes an organization to enhance employee motivation towards work, and also enables those with little knowledge to learn from their colleagues. From this company, lack of integration is making it difficult for other teams to complete tasks. 

Resentment among the teams is also a challenge affecting proper completion of tasks. The moods which employees have when accomplishing responsibilities determine the quality of jobs being done. From this company, the chances of having a poor quality job are high. Working relationships in this organization are not good because of various issues such as lack of proper communication and individual concentration of tasks, lack of receiving adequate instructions and so forth. Communication in organizations and especially for those that encourage teamwork is fundamental because it helps employees to understand various issues that affect their workplace, and also assists in motivation, passing of instructions and so forth.[4]

At no name, various issues are surrounding the management of diversity. For instance, there is a problem in embracing the rich value of working with diverse people. Affirms that diversity in organizations if fundamental because it makes the workplace to have employees who portray varying opinions, ideas, and perceptions. These variations are important because they assist employees to learn from one another.[5] At the headquarters, there is intolerance of working with employees of different generations. This can be harmful to organizations because people of different generations have different capabilities and also have diverse opinions which are essential for the accomplishment of tasks.

The other issue associated with diversity in this company is that in china, the Human resource department does not recruit people with disability. This is wrong because irrespective of their disability, these people can play a significant role in the completion of tasks. Ignoring job applications of people with disabilities even if their skills are above those of other candidates may make this company to face legal actions especially those related to labor laws because the Chinese government requires companies to employ people according to their skills and capabilities.[6] It also requires them to have high consideration for the women and people with disabilities.

Human resource department leads organizations in all matters related to workforce issues and should, therefore, implement a clear set of practices to assist the employees to understand each other. At no Name, this aspect is not considered, and this may make the employees to have personal conflicts with one another. Interaction of employees is influenced by the manner in which they understand each other, and for them to interact well, human resources should play an active role.[7] The employees in this company need to understand each other so that they can benefit from working in team because for teams to work well, employees must have good relationships, and this relationship can only be attained if they understand and appreciate the variations which exist between themselves.

Interaction of employees also helps a company to succeed in knowledge management because through there interaction, they share knowhow, hence enabling employees with little understanding concerning some aspects to develop their knowledge. Being an international company, knowledge management is fundamental because it can assist the company to succeed in accomplishing projects and also some of the challenging tasks. Proper management of knowledge can also assist this organization to have high quality workforce which can help the company to challenge its local and international competitors.

From the case provided, it seems that the company has several management issues that are likely to affect its performance significantly. Although there are various benefits of linking international performance with international performance appraisals, no name company does not consider this factor in its operations. One of the problems associated with its management and performance reviews is that although HR conducts them in Australia, the same is not undertaken in its subsidiaries. Recent research indicates performance appraisal is essential in business operations because it gives a clear picture of how the company performs. Therefore, conducting it in all branches or subsidiaries is highly recommended.

The company also has problems in managing costs and in identifying factors that influence the success of its business. For example, it has issues in considering economic factors as one of the critical aspects that affect its business targets. Economic factors affect not only profits but also human resources because they determine the amount of salaries and compensations which an organization should offer to employees.[8]

Training is an integral part of better performance for employees. From this organization, there is a problem in considering this aspect because training is only limited to half a day in some countries like china, Singapore, and Vietnam.[9] The human resource does not also consider offering comprehensive training because it only refers the staff to the company’s online resources and assumes that every person has similar needs.

Some of the employees especially in Singapore have also complained that there is lack of training to help new employees integrate with the new surroundings. This aspect makes the new staff members to take long before adapting to the area because people do things differently.

The company also lacks systematic workforce planning and management development programs. Companies should have programs that focus on proper workforce planning and development because the nature of workforce keep changing, requiring HR managers to continue advancing their strategies in managing some of the workforce-related issues in their companies.[10]

One of the ways which this company can use to solve the problem of change resistance is following the right process of implementing changes.[11] At the international level, new things continue to emerge and therefore implementing change is quite fundamental. When introducing new things, the company should use various strategies such as informing employees concerning the change and including them in the change process.

To address the issue of lack of proper culture, the human resource personnel in this company should understand that success can only be realized through involving strong culture in the workforce. The managers should come up with strategies that will make the employees to have shared vision, ideas and positive perception towards work[12]

Because No Name operates in different countries, it is essential to understand the labor rules and regulations which companies should observe in the countries which they conduct their businesses. The reason why this is fundamental is that the human resource seems to have been discriminating the minority groups when hiring, and this may have various legal implications for the company.

To facilitate communication in the workforce, the human resource should ensure there are proper channels which allow sharing of information both horizontally and vertically.[13] The management should also encourage open communication to enable the employees share the critical issues that affect them. Open communication plays a vital role for not only the employees but also for the company because it helps the management to understand things that affect its staff members and the company in general.

Organizations that operate at global level should value training in their operations. Therefore, this company should introduce a training program which not only provides skills to existing employees but also one which helps new ones to understand the manner in which things are done in the organization.[14] The reason why this aspect is fundamental is that this company operates at global level and the manner in which things are done varies from one subsidiary to the other.

No Name should also come up with strategies for conducting performance appraisal in its subsidiaries. Companies that operate at global level should always conduct performance appraisal in all branches to be able to understand those that do not perform well. To succeed in this aspect, the management should come up with departments and hire professionals who know how to conduct these activities in the right manner.[15] It should also establish the best appraisal techniques in order to attain reliable results. The reason why using best techniques to conduct this activity is that some of the methods used may give wrong results, hence making the organization to make decisions which may negatively impact its performance.

Being an international company, it means that this company has employees with diverse views, cultures, and personalities. This means the HR should play a key role in helping the staff members to understand each other. When employees understand and appreciate their colleagues the way they are, the company benefits from teamwork, because the staff members find no barrier to working with each other.[16] To make the employees have a sense of togetherness irrespective of their variations, the HR department should implement various strategies with can make the employees to socialize from time to time. This could be through using things such as sporting activities, retreats, team buildings, and so forth.

Managing diversity in this company is also imperative because when a company expands its operations in the global markets, it exposes itself to varying cultures and other aspects which need to be well managed for better performance. Diversity is essential in organizations because it makes people with varying opinions to come together. Therefore, No Name should encourage this aspect by employing people from different communities so that they can bring different ideas in the workplace.

To succeed in its operations, No name should start by having a human resource department made up of people who understand their roles and their importance to the company. The reason why this aspect is important is that these companies do not lack resources which can prevent it from attaining its goals.[18] It only lacks human resource professionals who know that they play a crucial role in making the company to have a workforce which can assist it to attain its goals. Having a human resource that is made up of people who knows some of the things to consider when managing workforce for companies which operate in international markets is important because it makes them to have employees who can assist them to attain their goals.

The other plan for change is making the management to understand that at international level, a lot needs to be done to ensure the company does not face barriers which can prevent it from attaining its goals. For example, it needs to be taught that when an organization decides to operate at global markets, it should understand how to manage some key things that determine the quality of workforces such as culture, diversity, and training.[19] The management also need to be taught that labor laws vary from one country to the other and to overcome facing legal actions it is essential to learn the rules that govern the countries where they run their businesses.

The other fundamental thing which No Name should understand is that without training, it becomes challenging for employees to comprehend the nature of work and also to have the right skills for completing tasks.[20] This means that it should value providing orientation to its new employees and also train both new and existing ones so that they can understand the job concepts and other things done by the company. Because this company operates in international markets, it competes with both local and international companies, and therefore, to attain a competitive advantage, it should have a workforce made up of highly skilled employees. This means that it should train them from time to time to enable them develop proper skills.

From the case study, it is clear that no name company has problems in its hiring. Therefore, one of the primary strategies which the company should consider for change is understanding that people should be hired based on their skills, qualifications and experiences, and not based on whether they have disabilities or not. It is also important for the human resource department to understand that giving people with disabilities job opportunities plays a role in not only making the company to comply with labor laws but also in making the to attain reputation.

To implement these strategies, it is advisable to start by informing the human resource department concerning some of the things that it seems to ignore. It is also essential to evaluate the qualifications, experiences, and skills of the people who form this department. The next thing that should be done in the implementation process is teaching the human resource department concerning some of the critical things concerned with operating businesses at global markets.[21] This should include enlightening them concerning labor laws, managing diversity, training, culture, among others.

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