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Part A: Research

a) Research and describe your food system practice proposal for Chef School:
i. Define and explain in detail what your topic is, including a brief historyof why this idea is important
ii. Is this topic being practiced right now at other culinary schools? How is it being practiced? Who(students, faculty) is facilitating it? Give examples
iii. What is the proposal trying to combat/fight/improve?Name 3 main issues your proposal is going to address.
iv. List and discuss at least 3 properly sourced articles related to or supporting your idea.
v. Is this topic realistic and effective towards a Sustainable Food Future?

b) Include:

i. An action plan/method. How would you begin? What are your first steps?
ii.List the potential impact this proposed change could have in our food system at Centennial College.
c)Give a 10 minute presentation to the class using PowerPoint. You may bring in any materials to help with your campaign. (Brochures, Pamphlets, Posters)
d) Cite and reference any material you have sourced for your presentation on a slide at the end and on your one page handout. Wikipedia is not considered a source or reference. Material will be scrutinized by TurnitIn.

The Troubling Times in the Food Industry

The world is massively transforming every day and the amount of food that is being consumed and produced is very high. The current scenario is the most troubling times that the world is witnessing in the history of food. The environment is bearing the brunt of it as every year around 10 million hectares of land is destroyed due to degradation in which the main reason for it is industrial farming. In the last century, the world has lost around three-quarters of agricultural biodiversity. And what is making the matters worse is the huge amount of food that is wasted every day. In addition to this, the food habits of people are changing that is imposing a triple burden on the world which includes malnutrition, over-nutrition, and chronic hunger. All these signs of danger have affected the world immensely, forcing to develop Sustainable Food Systems. Every house, workplace, market, and many different places are contributing to increase the problem and make matters worse. The culinary school, Centennial College is also contributing to this problem and thus implementing a sustainable food system is very important for conserving the future.

Some of the culinary schools were the sustainable food system is implemented are-

  • The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America has implemented a sustainable food system and this is conducted through their Green Campus Initiative. It is important that sustainability should be maintained while cooking, consuming, and growing, thus in this initiative the institution focuses on promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and better management of resources, appropriate utilization and conservation of energy, and all this is taught to the students through their Applied Food Studies. The main focus of the institution is on the correct utilization of water.

  • Assiniboine Community College

This is implemented through their advanced diploma sustainable food systems, which emphasis largely on the better plant management and also on the nutrient management. The aim of the college is to educate the students about better management of resources to address the bigger issues associated with the world and its environment.

The three main propaganda that the proposal will address is-

  • A stronger connection between the farmers & the consumers.

To build a sustainable food system, the one aspect which is very crucial is strengthening the regional food system that can be conducted only through the promoting the free markets and banning the processed food business that are destroying good agricultural lands with industrial wastes.

  • Strengthening the roots

The other propaganda of the proposal is to connect the young guns with the food system, that is, young people should be brought closer to the food system and this can be conducted by reducing the concept of field to fork. In this initiative, roof gardens should be built and the young people should get familiar with the growing process, energy supply, and consumption, and also harvesting process along with the introducing the ingredient in the market. The young people are the future and it is important for them to learn these practices as this will help in building a strong future.

  • Water is the most crucial resource.

Culinary Schools with Sustainable Food Systems

The depletion of water from Earth due to the huge waste it goes through has brought serious alarming signs. Thus, it is important to use water appropriately and reducing it in cooking with other supplement will be a small but effective approach towards sustainable food practices.

The three articles that are supporting the ideas are-

  • According to Capone, Bilali, Debs, Cardone & Driouech, to develop sustainable food systems and to attain food security it is important, to connect the dots and fill the gaps that lie between the producers and the consumers. The article clearly highlights the importance of nutrition and environment security and how the relationship between the farmers and the consumers plays a vital role in accomplishing it(Capone, Bilali, Debs, Cardone & Driouech, 2014).
  • According to Wahl, for bringing a change in the food habits of people and for stating the significance of organic farming, it is very crucial to make the young generation understand the importance of organic farming, to have crucial knowledge about the value chain and the food chain, and also about agroecology, analogue forestry, and forest gardening (Wahl, 2016).
  • According to Lee & Okos, it is very crucial to build practices that focus on zero discharge process and utilizes the different approaches that can help with it. The article focuses on the need of utilizing less water in the processing of dairy products, corn masa, and edible beans. The approach of zero discharge is feasible in reducing the use of water and energy(Lee & Okos, 2011).

All these approaches highlight that these practices are realistic and will bring an effective change that will help in strengthening the sustainable food future. The conservation of water and energy will help in addressing the crucial issues that the world is facing. The connection of the consumers with the farmers and also incorporating the values in the younger generation promises a strong future.

At the Centennial College, the following changes that should be implemented initially are-

  • The college has to set up an urban roof garden that will educate the children about the various crops that can be produced through sustainable methods. This is also important that the children attain this knowledge because as a future chef it is crucial to learn practices that they will pass on to the people who will work under them, thus this connection will help in bringing big changes to the sustainable food systems(Gliessman, 2018).
  • The other thing that should be implemented by the college is that they should promote the use of micro irrigation in their college. This will help in educating the students about the effectiveness of micro irrigation and its significance in conserving water and helping the world(Babich & Smith, 2010).
  • The college should build a strong relationship with the farmers and should regularly invite them to build a strong bond between the students and the farmers, this will help in encouraging the future chefs to maintain a connection with the farmers and to the local produce.

The impact of all these approaches will be on the young generation who are the future, the process of instilling all these practices will help in improving the present and the tomorrow. Also, the other thing which is important that the Centennial college with the involvement of the farmers and the reduction in the use of processed products will help in spreading the awareness to a large scale of people, helping in changing the overall mindset of the society.


The importance of sustainable food systems is crucial everywhere and especially in culinary schools as they are producing future chefs and it is important to inculcate these qualities in them so they can pass on to the people who work for them in the future and should continue to utilize them at their future workplace. The amount of wastage that is conducted in restaurants and hotels is huge, thus this initiative of sustainable food systems is a very effective approach.


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Wahl, D. (2016). Designing regenerative cultures (1st ed., pp. 25-85). Triarchy Press: Triarchy Press.

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