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Negative and Positive Aspects of Commercialization of Education

Discuss About The Integrating Learning Multicultural Education.

It has been analyzed that education plays a great role in the development of the individual. Without education, it cannot be possible for the individual to build their opinions and the knowledge of the individuals.  management, in this paper, the focus will be given on the topic "Is education too commercialized in the recent scenario"? Education is considered as too commercialized by focusing on the negative and positive sides of the commercialization. There are various factors on which the focus will be given on the coming discussion.

Education commercialization can be stated as the method of private ownership and management of the educational colleges whereby investments are made so that profits can be earned easily (Bowen, 2018).

Commercialization is considered as an inevitable step in a society where students can simply take the student loans. There are many students who are focusing on taking loans so that they can continue their education in the proper manner. The fees of the colleges or the universities are high which has to be faced by the students who want to take admission in the schools. The student has to struggle to take a loan but in case if he or she is unable to pay the loan then it can be seen that commercialization in context to the education system can be difficult (Craig, 2015).

They sometimes sacrifice many things or the assets to take loans so that their education cannot be hindered. It has been argued that if the education of the student is hindered then it can give an adverse effect on the overall lifestyle of the people. There are various colleges who have to fight harder so that they can attract the students towards their college. It is not easy for the colleges to attract more students towards their institution or college (Lambert, 2015). By emphasizing the present situation it has been seen that there are many colleges and also there is tough competition between the colleges in the society. The student has a vast choice to select the best college where they want to pursue their studies. In the society there are many educational institutions and also students have the chance or the opportunity to take admission in any college liked by him or her. At the time of taking admission, it has been evaluated that they focus on the money which they are making. Now a day the aim of the college or the institution is to earn money. But it is important that colleges or the institutions should focus on the increasing competition level in the society. In the present scenario, the student has the vast choice to select the best college so that they can bring improvisation in their career and can also earn easily (Fowles, 2014). Also, it has been seen that there are colleges who tried to commercialized are neglected just because the students would search the colleges that offer them genuine value for money they are spending. It is essential for the student to be aware of the fees which are taken by the colleges or the universities as their main motive is to earn money (Cole, Paulson & Shastry, 2014).

Effects of Commercialization of Education on Students

Also, the federal loans are so easy to take so this is also one of the reasons colleges can over-commercialized the entire education system. They think that through loans a student can easily pay their fees and it can be easy for the students and also for the colleges to earn profits. But it creates a burden on the students as they have to pay the amount in future. It is because the opportunity is there and it has been evaluated that just because the colleges can over commercialization did not mean that the system of commercialization is over.  It can be said that if the system is commercialized then also there is plenty of space which is left before it, that can make it over commercialized.  The commercialization can not only be reduced but it is important to make strict rules and regulations so that colleges cannot take excess money from the students (Gokulsing & DaCosta, 2017).

By focusing on the U.S. Government it can be analyzed that it is simple to get the student loan at the later Clinton Administration. The student can easily take loans in the context of their education and through this; the fees of the colleges and institutions have also been enhanced. At that time it has been analyzed that US government is in the position to pay off the loans of the students were they default. The administration of Obama is easy and cheap to avail the student loan, but the US has to face 20 trillion dollars of debt to China and they are not able to afford it as an expense (Alter & Reback, 2014). When these all decisions took place the effect is seen on the price rate of the colleges and universities. They put their prices high by focusing on these decisions. In the present scenario, it has been argued that it is simple to avail federal loans as the colleges are taking money by enhancing the prices. The prices are enhanced by the colleges and universities by adding unnecessary employees and fixed assets that are not at all required. The main purpose of enhancing the cost is to earn more money and the total cost has been enhanced by the colleges (Hillman, Tandberg & Gross, 2014).  By emphasizing the colleges and universities it is seen that they are made to earn profits and it is the choice of the students to take admission or not. But there are the majority of students who take admission just because they want to make their career better. The admissions are taken by the student by focusing on the position and image of the college. So, if the colleges set high prices then also they have to pay as they want to study from that particular college or university. Marketing, in this case, the student has no choice to take other decision. In high prices also they take admission by emphasizing the overall image and reputation of the college. Therefore, it can be stated that it is considered as one of the negative sides related to the over-commercialization of the education system of US in the present days.  

Over-commercialization of the Education System

If the system of education is commercialized then one the negative effect is that the degrees can go up for sale and it is happening in the society nowadays. There are the majority of the people who are buying the degree by not having any knowledge towards their course so it is giving adverse impact on the overall activities and also people have to face the issue in future when they go out for jobs. It has been argued that it is simple to get a degree by going to the classes and doing less work. The people are getting a degree by passing on the margin line or by fewer marks. This has given an adverse effect on the entire system of education. Children are now taking education for granted and this is the major reason that people have the degree but they don't have the knowledge (Becker, 2017). So, when these people or children go for doing a job they have difficulty and also there are fewer opportunities for the people who are living in the society. It can be stated that degree can be taken by many people but there are few people who have knowledge. So, the people who acquire knowledge from college can get the job easily and also they can work in a good position in the company (Osmani et al., 2015). The only negative factor of having a degree for sale is that the student focuses on their studies.  But if the comparison is made it has been seen that time is consumed less and more time is consumed to spend when earning the degree.

The major reason for the sale of the degree is that there is no other method of knowing who wrote the lessons that students hand in (Livingstone, 2018). The student can be caught when he dumbly do any unethical act then only strict action can be taken on them. If the student is submitting each project and paper on time then it is difficult to question a student and take strict actions towards them. When students submit the paper it has been analyzed that college professor does not have any idea that student has written the paper or not. Also, in the competitive environment the college avail incentives to reduce their lower standards and make the easy process so that students can pass their examination (Osmani, Weerakkody & Hindi, 2017).  To get a degree it is important for the students to pass their exams because they have to look for the good against their competition in the market. If college papers are set on the high level and majority of the people are not able to pass then it can also reduce the goodwill of the college among the students (Levine, 2017).

Sale of Degrees and Its Adverse Impact on the Education System

In the recent scenario, it has been evaluated that education is not considered as giving knowledge or to teach a child. The child is not able to achieve the knowledge of the society. But now education is a considered as a type of business which is taking place in each and every institution (Steiner-Khamsi, 2016).  There are many colleges who are taking charge in context or in relation to the facilities which they are providing. In many cases, it is argued that colleges are doing business by taking the extra amount and giving them degree without going to the colleges (O'Grady, 2014).

In the modern era, the best educational institutions are also taking donations in return for the taking admission of the average student. The donation is only taken because the student is average or not having good marks. So, to give them education or to take admission of those students in the colleges there are many big colleges who take donations (Standing & Jandri?, 2015).

The advertisements which are given by schools, colleges and also many coaching education is considered as a way of attracting more and more students towards their colleges or the institutions. Through advertisements, they are attracting many students and from them, they are taking donations to offer facilities.

Same in this context it is argued that parents are cheated in the name of education. There are many parents who are trapped and give a donation for their children so that they can learn easily and can make their career.  It has been seen that to take admission of their children in good college parents are also induced to give a donation so that they can earn a good living in future. The colleges offer a certain amount to be paid so that their children can be given admission in their colleges. This sector does not focus on fulfilling the social responsibility towards the society. It can be stated that colleges earn main profits from the donations which are given by the parents or the children.

 In many situations, it has also been analyzed that there is a promise which is made by the colleges to give permission to the student in context to the attendance. There are many colleges who keep the offer in front of the parents and children to give a certain amount and accordingly they will give attendance to the students. In this situation, it is not compulsory for the students to attend the colleges or to attend the class. They can give money and college will allow students to sit in exams. This is also one of the negative effects on the society and it is important for the students and also for the parents to focus on giving the education without giving any donations to the colleges (Broudy, 2017).  Because when parents give a donation for their children it has been analyzed that the negative effect is analyzed on the development of the child. Also, the focus is given on earning pattern of the colleges. In that, it has been seen that colleges are earning more just because there are the majority of people who are giving a donation to them. By giving donation not only affect the development of the student but it also affects the culture of the society. People now days want a stressful life, so this is only the reason that colleges are availing the advantage of taking a donation from the students and also students are giving to the colleges so that the stress level can be reduced effectively.

Challenges of the Education System

There are the majority of the people in the recent situation who don't want to go to colleges so in this case, it is important to maintain proper rules and regulations so that students can learn new things by visiting the colleges. It has been seen that if there are strict rules and regulations made by the government then it can be easy to stop the process of donation.  If strict rules are designed then it can be easy to maintain the culture of also commercialization in the society can be reduced (Yap, Ryan & Yong, 2014).

It is the responsibility of the citizen to stop these types of the unethical act as it is giving adverse impact on the entire development of the child. It is important to bring improvisation to the system of education so that the meaning of education can be improved. Offering education should not be limited to offering money. It is important that meaning should be related to offering the quality education to the youth so that they can develop themselves in a proper citizen. It has been seen that if the process of donation has been stopped then it can be easy for the students to learn and acquire new skills (Mayhew et al., 2016).

So, it can be stated that it has been seen that the education system is commercialized. But there are still many areas where commercialization can take place which states that the system is not "too commercialized". It has been evaluated that there is still room for the commercialization of the US education system to become more robust and less insidious. Also, it is important for the parents to focus on reducing the pattern of donation so that it can maintain the proper society. The people are only responsible for this process as they want stressful life and they think by giving a certain amount to colleges they can live a stress-free life. So, parents should not give donations to the colleges and also it is important for the government to make certain rules and regulations so that activities of the education system can take in a proper manner without any fraudulent activitie


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