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Objectives of Collin’s Car Parking System


Discuss about the Intelligent Parking Space Detection System.

The present scenario of the streets helps in understanding that the streets are much more populated with the vehicles than human beings. Along with the rise in global economy has resulted in the increase of demand for vehicles. People have to face a lot of hassle while finding a appropriate place for parking (Revathi & Dhulipala, 2012). Considering this fact Collin’s parking facility available at Melbourne CBD has thought of implementing a new car parking system which would favor the customers a lot. They have almost twenty car parks all across the city. But now the city administration of this car parking system requires a new innovative system so as to control the car parks. They require a system which would be capable of handling the day-to-day operations of each parked car which would mainly include the generation of tickets, acceptance of tickets, handling of payments, controlling of the boom gates, recording of the problems and management of the security.

The car parking model of Collin’s car parking would be providing the customers with a structured solution. By making use of the weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly scheme the regular customers would be provided with a facility of booking their parking space in advance. Along with this, the fixed customers are provided with a card which consists of the details of the customers (Mahmud et al., 2013). By this way, the customers are provided with an easy access whenever the customers swipe their ticket. Associated with this Collin’s car parking aspire to extend its operating centres. Initially this would help them in reaching out to a numerous number of peoples.

There are several objectives of Collin’s car parking service and this objectives mainly includes the following:

  • Extension of the business all around the world
  • Attraction of more and more customers
  • The ticket checking system needs to be updated.
  • Car parking system to be digitalized
  • Use of mobile applications so as to extend the services of the business.
Some of the requirements of the new system are listed below:
  • Proper infrastructure to set up the business
  • More space for developing new operating centers
  • Team for monitoring and regulation of the software on a regular basis. Along with an administrative and management team, business development team, marketing team, quality assurance team and risk management team.

The most used car parking models of today’s world are time consuming when considered in terms of the mode for payment, checking of tickets, and generation of tickets. Collin’s improved model would be providing an improvised solution for all the problems in the other car parking models (Bonde et al., 2014). New model would be associated with providing of automatic access for parking. All the affixed ticket holders only have to insert their cards in the respective card holders that are installed in the control pillars whereas the other customers have to press a button present in the control pillar and an automatic system would generate a print out of the ticket. All this facilities are capable of attracting more customers but with upgradation of the old model to the digital system would help the customers in checking the availability of parking space by online means (Reve, & Choudhri, 2012). This innovation is something which is expected by the customers as well.

The main aim of Collin’s car parking system involves the bringing of a new innovative car parking model which would spread globally. Along with this the new system also aims at digitalization of the existing car parking models so as to make the system much more convenient for the users (Alfatihi, Chihab & Alj, 2013). This digitalization of car parking system would help in creation of a city life much more hassle free. Another vision of Collin’s car parking system involved the extension of its business globally. So it is easy to state that creation of an automatic and advanced car parking system is the main goal of Collin’s car parking system.

Features of the New Collin’s Car Parking System

Some of the main features that would be included in the new system of Collin’s car parking are listed below:

  • Accessing of the service’s provided by Collin’s car parking system online by making use of the mobile application (Yusnita, Norbaya & Basharuddin, 2012).
  • Providing of different schemes for the regular as well as the normal customers.
  • Increase in the level of customer satisfaction by use of a developed and strict security monitoring system.
  • Extension of the services to remote locations as well.
  • Booking modes and payments for bookings would be provided with various options so as to provide the customers with a facility of choosing any mode of payment according to their convenience (Rashid et al., 2012).
  • Easy access to the parking space and easy exit would also be included in the new system.
Main aim of Collin’s car parking involves the implementation of a new completely digitalized system which would be making use of the RFID technology so as to ensure the utilization of the parking spots in an efficient way. Along with this, the users would also be capable of finding if any parking space is available or not by using the mobile application (Rao, 2017). Extension of the services by Collin is also possible by launching of applications for different platforms like the web application or the windows phone. Another major thing included in the scope of Collin’s car parking system is the use of a highly developed automatic security system so as to ensure the safety of the cars (Reza et al., 2012).

The ambition of Collin’s car parking service to implement a car parking model which would be fully automatic has some limitations as well along with the benefits. Some of this are failure of the system during busy hours, no such difference between ordinary customers and special customers, providing of same service to the ordinary customers like that of the other car parking models available in the market, unavailability of the parking spaces, and lastly it would be providing service only for private vehicles not the public transport system.

The business of Collin’s car parking system involves a number of stakeholders directly or indirectly. Some of the stakes holders involved in the business are the employees of business who are the main stakeholders as they are directly affected by the outcomes of the business (Azadi, Nedamani & Kazemi, 2013). Secondly comes the customers and they can be categorized into various categories like the residents, office workers, business travelers and many more. Other stakeholders involves the suppliers from whom the raw materials are taken, the brokers who provide the land for parking spaces.

Despite of various benefits the new model is going to face various types of difficulties. The modernization of the system by use of the new innovations would expose this model to various type of potential risks. One of the risk is the affects due to natural calamities. The structure of car parking plats are huge in size and calamities like floods or earthquake can cause a huge amount of damage (Aalsalem, Khan & Dhabbah, 2015). Another risk is the failure of the system despite of regular maintenance of the system that is installed. Along with this there exists the risk of unavailability of land for setting up of new operating centers or for expanding their business. The normal customers also might have a negative thought about the services that Collin’s car parking system provide as do not provide any type of additional benefits for the normal customers. Some other issues that Collin’s car parking system might possess are high prices of the land, poor economy and many more (Dong, Jin & Hou, 2014). Major security risk faced by Collins car parking service is the security of the vehicles parked and also the credentials as well.


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