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In Creative Industries is Teambuilding is More Problematic

Discuss about the Introduction to Management for Les Folies Berger Theater.

A preliminary research has been done on the Les Folies Berger Theater and then the analysis has been done on concept of team building, a comprising list has made to show about the artistic and production function, evaluation on the function what each has been doing and identification of the five potential conflict and tension faced by the Les Folies Berger production function.

The author of the study stated that teambuilding is one of the most considerable factors that will be beneficial for the organization in order to have productive result; working in a team is the way to resolve issues in more authentic manner. Les Folies Berger has a proper team network for running stage activity in effective way. The theater requires a proper teambuilding planning because it is not about the fantasy that has been showing on front stage it is a combined effort of both the back stage and front stage people. It is combined effort that has demonstrated as a team work contribution (pereze, 2017).

The theater industry is totally different from other type of service and manufacturing industries. The role of all the industries emphasize upon teambuilding in their own priority manner. The nature of the theater industry is different, it is compulsory for theater industry to have a proper team network to achieve goal. It is defined in the context of Les Folies Berger that they are working as team. They emphasize on the role of all workers that are working behind the stage so that a good creative art has delivered to audience. The other industries will also focus on working as team but if it comes on to handle the situation alone they can do but for the industry like theater it is impossible to work alone because proper art deliver to audience is due to the combined efforts of back stagers and front stagers (Renolds, 2017).

The author of the study stated that for the implications of the team work in the organization will be best implemented if the focus of the industry is on the adaptive design that is organic design (Bai, 2016). It has found after the analysis that the Les Folies Berger are working as adaptive organization and are following organic design. They are working in a decentralized environment with limited and acceptable rules and procedures. They have a wide span of control. They work by sharing task with each and other. They are not shying to coordinate with each and other and emphasize on sharing of work.


Les Folies Berger is working in an environment where they are providing tangible and intangible reward to their workers which are motivating them to work with extra efforts. The reward which workers are having is related with the extrinsic motivators that they are motivating by the bonuses, vacation and others (Leguat, 2016).

Thus it has found that teambuilding is one of the most important requirements of creative industries in order to have effective and efficient result and it is not problematic.

The author of the study stated that the action in which raw material or component have been made or manufacture is called an action that represent production. It can also define as the process of being so manufactured. The production function are refers to those of the function which are necessary to look on in order to have better performance. The production function is basically linked with the technical and mechanical work (Goldhammr, 2017). The author of the study stated that the method or process that are required to transform the tangible and intangible into service or good, but in the perspective of theater industry it is more related with the ideas, knowledge and information that are necessarily required to provide better services to audience. This is also very important to know about your production cost that can be highly influential to any type of business (Menasha, 2016).

The artistic function is something totally different from the production system. Artistic functions are those represented by characters which could be a part of any novel movie, novel, or story to add humor, love interest. The artistic functions are those which demonstrate expressions (Johnson, 2015). The author of the study stated that the artistic functions are those that perform by any specific character by using their skills and talent. Artistic functions are needs to be performed in a well-mannered way in order to have the effective performance that is catchable by audience (Cob, 2016).

Les Folies Berger is focusing on both of the production and artistic function so that the audience will always be get attracted towards Les Folies Berger.

List of the function of Les Folies Berger of artistic and production function is as follows

Production function

Artistic function

Working to focus on technical issues

Artistic director that directs the whole team

Working on to focus on stage requirements

The musical director

Engineering team


Working to maintain the safety for the equipment that are required for performance

Working on abilities to improve in regards with the demonstration of performance

Working on maintenance of sound and light

Characters that are main element of show

After reviewing the other theater it has found that the production and artistic are the two main important function for industry (Cai, 2014). These two functions are required to focus properly so that all type of theater related activities are being done in proper manner.


The two main important functions that has chosen from figure case are as follows

  • Stage management functions
  • Technical department functions

These two functions are the most important function that theater management needs to focus with all attention to maintain the criteria of theater in order to achieve the goals of the theater in a proper manner. The author of the study stated that the stage management functions are the live of the show, that is needed to focus in a way that should result in best attainment of achievements, the stage function are important to focus and mange with all the possible hands so that the all type of risk should be minimized (stem, 2016).

The stage management function of Les Folies Berger is consist up of 3 mangers team and all of them role is to focus on given direction in order to direct the performance of show. The team of Les Folies Berger is consist of three mangers that are as follows

  • Stage manager (SM)
  • Deputy Stage Manager (DSM)
  • Assistant Stag Manager (ASM)

The role of the entire manager is focus on the better performance of the show. They all are working with all efforts and interest in order to have the effective and efficient performance (copper, 2013). The main task of the stage manager is to focus on the entire activities of stage to look up in a profound manner so that all the activities could do in right order to achieve best show performance. The DSM position is at the left side of the stage in order to promote the performance and is responsible for scene changing and the changing of light and effect as per according to the scene change. The under taken scene change and props arrangement is the main focus of the ASM to maintain in the right order.

The other main function that has chosen is the technical department function.  The role of department is to focus on all activities that are required to run the show performance such as light sound and effects that are need to be up to date to run show (Guo, 2016). The Main duty of the Les Folies Berger technical department is to focus on all the equipment to perform in right manner for the surety that show will be run in smooth and safety manner.

In theater industry all the function are interconnected and interlinked with each and other. The two most important functions are the stage management functions and technical department functions that require a keen focus and are the main element to get the show done with full achievements. These both functions are dependent on each other and it’s important for both departments to work as team in order to have the effective show performance.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

The author of the study stated that the tension and conflict are always the part of the any industry and these conflicts are needed to be minimized with in the specific time limit. The author if the study has defined as conflict as the argumentative discussion between two individual and groups. The conflicts are if various type and related to prior work issues. The conflict is the issue problem that has been arising due to un-agreeableness that exists within the organization (Kyoto, 2016). Some of the pros and cons of conflict are discussed as follows.

  • Some of the cons related to conflict may leads an organization in to the poor performance, because of the negative emotions, anger and dis agreements. Due to the conflict people cannot be able to work with all their efforts and they feel upset. It can be time consuming and will be unproductive if not managed properly (penings, 2016).
  • Whereas some of the pons related to conflict are discussed at its give some of good opportunities, it brings up the new ideas. It provides fresh angles to old procedure and polices and in some of the cases it will also improves the relationship between the co-workers (Karkars, 2017).

The types of conflict that usually occur in industries are task conflicts which are related to disagreement about task, this is the task that is related with work and will not be considers as personal. Some of the major conflicts may include communication problem, competing objectives, task interdependence and incompatible goals. 

Les Folies Berger are also facing some of the conflict and tension issues that are very important to manage and required a proper look of interest in order to solve conflict. It has been analyzed after reviewing the case that they team are managing and performing their task in a well-defined manner and they are working with sufficient capabilities in order to get the things done in the right order. When as the productive team time ends they faced some of the tensions and conflicts in the organization, which is due to the miss communication gap and proper clarification of goals. The one of the main issue that has been recognized under the study of Les Folies Berger that they6 are facing the issue of the interdependency which is the main cause of the conflict. It has found that Les Folies Berger is working on both hands to meet up with the conflict issues.


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