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Company Overview

Communication is a significant element of the business to attract better effectiveness in the process (Terzi?, 2018). The success of a business majorly depends on the communication process followed by an organization to influence the stakeholders. The present study has aimed to describe the marketing management of Morrison PLC, a small coffee shop from the U.K., engaging different concepts regarding communication. The company has been introduced by mentioning the mission of the company. The concept of communication has been elaborated along with describing the traditional model of communication by Aristotle. New promotional strategies and their effectiveness for the present study have been discussed. The concept of branding and brand equity has been highlighted by the present study. Keller’s brand equity model has been discussed from the viewpoint of the selected company to understand the benefits of implementing the model to attract better profits. Apart from that, the study has presented several recommendations to facilitate the company with better communication approaches to attract better financial profits by the business operations.

  Morrisons present in the United Kingdom is the 4th largest company in the supermarket industry. William Morrison has initiated the business, and the first supermarket was initiated in 1961. The digital footprint of the company was ensured in 2014, and further, the company started online deliveries to attract the international population (Morrisons PLC, 2022). The company attracted a partnership with Amazon to offer wholesale supply services. Amazon allowed the company to attract Amazon consumers toward the fresh, frozen and ambient products of Morrisons. Several partnerships further empowered the business. Apart from that, the sales rate of the company has increased by 4.8% in the fiscal year 2021 (Bedford, 2022). Further, the company consists of 497 Morrisons stores during 2021 in the United Kingdom. The company is running its business operations with 110000 human resources in the current scenario. The mission of Morrisons is to make and offer quality food items to global consumers by maintaining the standard of service.

Communicating is a key driver for the business operations performed by a company to attract better growth and profit margins. Quality and standard of the product are developed through effective communication while performing the business management. In the opinion of Komarova (2019), to perform effective communication in a business, operational analytic skills, managerial skills and coordination skills are needed. Further stakeholder communication is significant to maintain transparency in the business operations to balance the product standard and quality. It is further beneficial to perform change management by engaging inaccurate communication with the people involved with the business operations. Continuous product development is included with the scenario to attract consumers through delivering quality products. It further gears up the profit margins and business expansion in a greater way. Apart from that, understanding the consumers' need, requirements and expectations regarding the product are essential by engaging in communication with the consumers to meet the changing demands. As described by Sharma (2018), the contribution of the technology is effective to facilitate the era of communication by engaging virtual reality, digitalization and Information Communication Technology (ICT). It is further benefiting the promotional activities performed by the company. Sharing of information among the team members, stakeholders and consumers are smoothed through the communication process. Providing clear instructions to the human resources is easy and further attracts better leadership and management scenario to achieve the mission of the company. In the vision of Madxadovna (2020), the organization of a business engages the communication process in terms of management, administration and production activities in the organization. Effective communication further demands particular body language, way of talking, gestures and postures to communicate with the people engaged in a business in an effective manner. Verbal, non-verbal and visual communications are the commonly used communication pattern followed by business organizations to attract better profitability. Employee management is performed by engaging better communication patterns to exchange information regarding the company's needs and productivity. Further, a good employee relationship is created through the engaging, effective communication process. Negotiations with the consumers and suppliers are performed through the communication involved in the company's performance.

Significance of communication in business

 Aristotle Communication Model

Figure 1: Aristotle Communication Model

(Source: Created by the author)

The great Aristotle has presented the traditional model of communication that can help the business communication in a proper manner. It is the first model of communication engage simplicity in the process and further emphasizes the significance of the speaker. Aristotle has highlighted 5 communication elements that empower the communication process. The elements are speech, speaker, audience, affect and effect. As described by Hamdan and Elnadeef (2020), Ethos, pathos, and logos are the 3 significant components of good communication according to the present model.


The role of Ethos is significant in the present model that elaborates the creditability of the speaker engaged in the communication process. It can be further described as the power or influence of the speaker while performing the communication process that can influence the audience through personal effectiveness. Aristotle has signified the speaker in a significant way compared to other elements while performing the communication to attract effectiveness in the business scenario. Ethos is needed to be controlled while communicating to the people to catch the attention of the audience. The audiences feel trustworthiness or reliability due to the effectiveness of the ethos in the Aristotle communication model.


Pathos is the ability of the speaker to influence the audience through emotional appealing. Evoking particular emotions engage the audiences to feel the way speakers want the audiences to feel. Different feelings such as anger, frustration, compassion, sympathy, amusements are attracted in this component of the Aristotle communication model.


Logos in the present scenario is associated with the emotional bond that is created among the audience and speaker while communicating for business purposes. The connectivity with the speaker is enriched due to the present scenario. Emotions, feelings, motivation, confidence matter in the present regard while performing communication. It builds better trust and reliability with the stakeholders. Logos is signified by logic to convince the audiences in a business operation. The speaker is required to deliver the speech by presenting facts to attract the trustworthiness of the audience. As explained by Stucki and Sagar (2018), integration of factual data and rational perspective based on evidence can impact the audiences.

Combining different communication strategies to attract better advantages in the business marketing operations are defined as integrated marketing communication. It is further beneficial to implement a segmented consumer base to address different needs of the consumers focusing on the business communication process. In the explanation of Finne and Grönroos (2017), integrated marketing communication empowers the business growth of the company. There are different kinds of communication tools for marketing, such as offline and online communication tools. Offline communication tools engage posters, pictorial presentations, banners, visual advertisements and so on to influence the consumers while performing a business operation. Online communication further engages different digital and social media sites, images, videos, reviews, comments and so on regarding certain product bases. As discussed by Khizar et al. (2016), challenging situations in a business can be addressed through better communication for the business operations. Integrated communication is crucial to entitle better brand value and positioning. Diversification of the communication strategies is beneficial to communicate the consumers with diverse backgrounds while looking after the international marketing for the present scenario.  The consumer persona is influenced by observing the brand image of the company from different sources through communication. As described by Duralia (2018), integrated communication strategies are effective to interpret different strategic roles of the communication tools. Diverse needs, demands and expectations of the consumers from an international viewpoint is addressed by effective integrated communication tools. Additional performances of the company involving the uniqueness of the products are better evaluated through the integrated communication approach performed by the company. It offers the maximum appearance of the company through the communication process for promotions that further engage better brand image and brand recognition of the company that will further benefit the present company to maximize the profit margins. Communicating with the stakeholders further attract a better decision-making process in the business operations.

Aristotle Communication Model

Morrisons PLC, present in the U.K. supermarket industry, focuses more on quality improvement, standards and consumer support services. Further, the company has engaged the business in the digital era. Thus, a social media marketing strategy is beneficial for the company in attracting better profits as well as international consumers.  In the opinion of Li, Larimo and Leonidou (2021), social media can be used as a promotional platform to spread positive influence on the consumers purchasing intentions. It is further beneficial to attract better brand awareness of the company in an international scenario. As opined by Ho (2020), a digital marketing strategy is beneficial in increasing the counts of global consumers in the company. Additionally, the global youths are attracted through the social media sites in a better way as most of the youth population are actively engaged in the social media sites. It is observed that the consumers of the company majorly use Facebook to attract better effectiveness in the customer support system. Immediate replies and addressing issues of the consumers through social media sites are essential to gear up the brand image of the company. Two-way communication is engaged with the social media sites that are significant to satisfy the consumer base (Cade, 2018). Digital marketing further changed the entire scenario through social media sites. Facebook has engaged a special segment for selling products. Brand recognition is ensured by social media activities. International consumers can validate the product details through the reviews and comments regarding the product through social media sites. Switching brands is easy through this process and associated dissatisfaction regarding the products offered by the consumers. A new global consumer base can be built through implementing a social media promotional strategy. As elaborated by Icha (2015), social media involves targeting the consumers with the existing product base available in the company to expand the business in an international market. The digital platform of the company is needed to ensure managing the digital traffic to enhance the online experiences for the consumers. This is further facilitating the online payments and digital scenario of the planet by engaging Information Communication Technology.

The creation of a positive and strong consumers’ perception of the company is majorly known as branding. Brand equity is considered as the brand description from the viewpoint of the consumers. As elaborated by Roy et al. (2019), brand equity further optimizes the risks associated with the consumer relationship. Brand equity involves images, symbols and consumer associations that increase the awareness of the brand. Better brand equity of the company is responsible for generating a better brand value of the company, and it further engages better profit margins for the company. On the other opinion, Branding is the promotional activity that is performed to facilitate the marketing scenario of the company to enhance financial growth while performing the business operations. As described by Lee (2018), a customer-centric approach and standard development of the offered product base are essential to entitle a greater rate of consumer satisfaction. Further, consumer satisfaction has a direct impact on brand equity, and further, it fosters traditional marketing by developing in-store experiences. Virtual and physical store image is required to be ensured by the company to attract international consumers. Uniqueness and better value in the product base have been facilitated by Morrisons present in the U.K. to enrich brand loyalty. The company further focus on offering better consumer support to enhance consumer experiences. The company is attracting a better branding strategy by involving the consumers in the process in terms of their satisfaction rate while using the product base. As critically evaluated by Zollo et al. (2020), social media marketing is crucial to increase brand equity by developing brand value, identity and image. The online browsing experience of the consumers is a major driver for the brand equity of the company. It is observed by Sasmita and Suki (2015), brand equity influences consumer purchasing decisions, and that is the reason behind the special focus of the company on improving brand equity. Further, it is observed that better brand equity of a company is able to attract better financial investors that can facilitate the business. Additionally, the company need to focus more on stakeholders’ satisfaction to attract better competitive advantages from the external environment of the industry.

Components of Aristotle Communication Model

 Keller’s Brand Equity Model

Figure 2: Keller’s Brand Equity Model

(Source: Created by the learner)

The brand equity model of Keller is entitled with the branding that fosters brand equity (Sandhe, 2016). Consumer satisfaction in a business operation empowers brand loyalty from the viewpoint of the consumers. Keller's model adds advantages in the business operational scenario to attract consumers satisfaction for the global consumers of Morrisons PLC. As analyzed by the brand equity pyramid, the brand identity is the awareness of the brand among the consumers, and it is also related to the consumers’ perception regarding the operations and promotions (Alexandra and Cerchia, 2018). The Morrisons' special focus on the uniqueness of the product base and consumer-centric activities further engage the brand with better value in the present industry. Better brand identity further explores all the product base and services to the worldwide consumers. As explained by Cho, Fiore and Russell (2015), strong brand image and consumer satisfaction are majorly dependent on each other. Further, it can be said that this is the most significant element of the present model. Further, the model describes that a company need to clear the brand meaning while performing the business operations to attract better profits. Better brand meaning comes with advantages regarding enhancing the brand performances and brand image of Morrisons present in the Morrisons PLC. Further, the company needs to focus more on the sustainability approaches to attract better consumers by following Keller’s brand equity model. Product standard, quality, consumer services, the price range of the products bases are needed to be controlled to attract better effectiveness in the business performances by following the present model. The brand image of the company can be ensured by exploring sustainable approaches, business performances and diverse product bases of the company. Further brand response described by the Kellers’ model engages the ability of Morrisons PLC to meet the demands, needs and expectations of the global consumers. Brand resonance highlighted by Keller in the brand equity model is the strong consumer relationship with the brand that is further focused by the company by engaging effective consumer support. In terms of the disadvantages of this model, it can be said that the company following the present model can be affected due to the time and cost consumption nature of the model.

Recommendation 1: Social media influencer strategy is recommended to influence purchasing decisions

In the opinion of Anuar et al. (2020), international customers in the retail industry further follow the trend of getting influenced by celebrity endorsement and further, the purchasing decisions are getting prepared as per the social media influencers. More internal consumers can be attracted by the present company by following the present strategy. It is further observed that people tend to follow the habits, foods, fashion products by getting influenced majorly by social media influencers. In the vision of Woodcock and Johnson (2019), enhancing the importance of social media influencers further influence digital trends in a global scenario. Morrisons can further engage international celebrities to promote the brand. It will foster virtual experiences for the consumers and will further influence the consumers in a better way. It is further beneficial to explore the unique product base of Morrisons to attract international consumers who look for quality and standard.

Recommendation 2: Employee empowerment is recommended to be focused on developing virtual experiences.

Morrisons PLC, present in the U.K. retail industry, is recommended to focus on an employee empowerment program to encourage a better virtual experience for the consumers. As elaborated by Song, Wang and Sun (2018), training and developing employee talents engage exchanging knowledge and experiences. It is further beneficial to keep the human resources updated with the business upgrades and technology upgrades. This is further beneficial to develop the virtual experiences of the consumers. Browsing the company websites and pages on different social media sites are enriched due to the employee empowerment program for Morrisons PLC. As described by Mohapatra and Sundaray (2018), employee empowerment further develops the era of employee performance that attracts excellence in the company's production activities. Better work culture in the organization can be developed through the present recommendation.


In conclusion, it can be said that Morrison is less engaged in promotional activities. The study has analyzed the significance of communication in the business by highlighting the Arridtotle communication model. It is further analyzed that the company is attracting communication effectiveness by encouraging branding and brand equity. Keller’s brand equity model has been described to facilitate the company while performing business operations. It is interpreted through the study that communicating properly with the stakeholders engage better advantages in the decision-making process. The study has further highlighted the need for communication to meet the consumers' needs. Apart from that, the company has stepped into the digital era. The study has highlighted encouraging the digital experience of the consumers to attract better brand recognition. The study has accepted both verbal and non-verbal communication in business operations. Sharing of information is performed through an effective communication process. Further, integrated marketing communication offers different patterns of communication to reach the diverse consumer base of the company. It is further beneficial to engage better brand value of the company by engaging better visibility of the company in an international scenario through the promotional strategies. The uniqueness of the product base has been interpreted as the strength of the company in the present scenario to satisfy the consumers. Morrisons PLC has been suggested to follow social media influencers strategy as a new marketing plan to grab the international market. Further, the company has recommended encouraging a better online experience for the consumers by focusing on employee empowerment programs. It is further analyzed that the company will attract better production activities by training and developing the staff with the changing updates and market needs.


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