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Discuss about the Management for Commonwealth Bank.

The mobile business solutions have been the most important factor to handle the e-commerce with the buying and the selling of the products. The mobile commerce has been considered to be most promising in the emerging industry. With this, the paper has been focusing on the technological demands and the strategic uncertainties. The successful models are likely to be the ones using are having economic peculiarity with the mobility, network effects, and the natural monopolies. The principal of the actors is based on participation and working with the development of the establishing standards. The demand and the generalized consensus relies on focusing over various uncertainties with the time frame of the adoption. (Shi et al., 2015). The emerging industries need to formulate the strategies where there is no proximity mobile roles for the Commonwealth Bank. The Mobile application of the Commonwealth Bank has been able to help in improving the gadget which can help you to go through different functions.

As per the analysis, the Commonwealth Bank has been focusing on the near-field communication technology for the mobile applications. There has been continuously extended support from the people where the company has been able to allow the users with the "Tap and Pay" option. The NFC embedded solutions are most likely to drive the proximity mobile commerce with the services that will be able to offer the users with the contactless cards and the ease of use, security and the speed of the payment. (Zhao et al., 2015).

For example, the Commonwealth Bank customers have not been able to withdraw the cash easily and receive the cost to be entered into the ATM as a PIN which will be sent through text on phones. This innovation has been able to make it easier for the consumer to go with handling their payments efficiently. The security is the main concern with the financial card payments like BPAY, direct debiting and the transferring of the payment. The middleware technology can operate the system and the wireless networks with a proper tradition way of the messaging and the distributed scanning to process the monitor which is component based.

The building on the deployment is through the messaging where there are web Methods Integration Platform that are for the streamlined processing along with messaging at the Institutional & Business Service Division. (Asimakopoulous et al., 2015).    

The technology is based on the value proportion with the targeting of the customers to provide a complete mobile network infrastructure. This will help in offering the evolution planning, integration and implementation of the operations.

The platforms used in the Commonwealth Bank is the Symbian, OpenC, Iphone etc. The Java Mobile Edition and the NET compact framework with the Flash Lite and android are used effectively.

For the commonwealth, there have been use of the:

  1. Java ME which is the best technology to provide the collection of the APIs for the development of the software. This is assisting the platform through the configuration and profile work. (Butkiewicz et al., 2015).
  2. The NET CF has the platform which is for the windows mobile to handle the subgroups of the Microsoft full. The facilitation is based on mobile application deployment with the preloading of the Common Language Runtime engine in the device memory.
  3. The Adobe Flash Lite helps the users for these devices to view the content of the multimedia and the other applications with the tools of the Adobe Flash. This has been on the development platform for the mobile Flash content. The advancement of the technology is based on the client side with the user interface layer, and the integration is mainly with the device layer technologies. In the flash item, the mobile device operating system is incorporated with the full Adobe Flash Player. The major advantage is the rapid development of the software prototyping and the software testing. (Li et al., 2016).
  4. The Android mobile operating system has been based on Google with the proper touchscreen like the smartphones and the tablets. This is mainly for the direct manipulation through the touching gesture.

Commonwealth Bank

The mobile business platform has been able to define the absolute rarity of the good with the fabricated secrets and a special privilege or the patent that can bring exclusivity over the assets. With this, there has been an addition to the applications and service development that needs a broader technology with the accessing of the partnerships.


Considering the success factors and the enables, there has been usefulness which includes the thinking about the improvement of technology. As per the study was done recently, there has been particular perceived ease of use which is based on the technology that is implemented in the mobile commerce. The innovation and trust are defined which comprise of the accepted vulnerability, which relies mainly on the risks perceptions and the development of expectations of performance and the other benefits. The subjective reasonable are reflecting the performance of behavior as well as the communication. (Biswas, 2015). The level of connectivity can support the devices which help the mobile marketers to develop a matured infrastructure. The service includes the ripple which has been recently introduced for the distributed payments of the network that can support the cryptocurrency and the fiat currents. This is based on the replications by the non-asset based vendors like the Ripple and the others. There has been a major concept to handle the public and the private key where there has been the setup of the phone and the technology. The framework is based on the easy balance and the card-less cash with the tapping and paying. The application needs are based on the use of the net banking with the daily routines for the time consumption investment process. This technology can easily remove the staff behavior at the banks with the waiting of the proper at the banks. The functionality can be helpful to easily handle the management with the tracking of the payments that is done through the card. There is a perceiving of the behavioral control which is based on the mobile commerce network with the behavioral control that has depended on upon the self-efficacy progress from the data of the verbal persuasion. The conditions are based on facilitating the users with the overcoming of the difficulties which are seen at the time of using the mobile e-commerce platform.

The Commonwealth Bank needs to focus on the different financial services in the industry which will be able to evolve and settle the important financial service in the organization. A proper time is saving, response to the customer demands and the energy saving is important for the easy usage to allow the users to have a complete control over the financial situations. The cost factors are based on the:

  1. The security where there has been wireless communication that is more prone to be getting hacked than those which are wired connection. It has a major issue in the mobile commerce with the transactions that hold the results of the data that could be lost and lead to the security risks. (Smith et al., 2016).
  2. There is a possibility of the disruption in the location management with the improper tracking, billing, and the advertising. This involves the utilization where the different information is based on users to give a better service to the customers properly.
  3. The ethics and privacy are mainly for the consumers who are not involved in revealing the aspects and applications like the map navigation with the other financial applications. This needs to hold the expectations with the higher privacy level so that the user can provide the secure solutions.
  4. The usability is for the user's feedback, which is seen to be ignored mainly at the different times. Hence, for this, there is a need to work on the web interfaces which have been exposed by the mobile devices.
  5. The trust is based on building the consumers who are the challenging task. There have been relations that are set in business with the proper contract, reputations and the company policies and laws. There have been features which include the integrity and the motivation with cost efficacy and the capacity.
  6. The interoperability and compatibility are based on holding the device which could be for the different applications. The lack of the interoperability and compatibility can make the business completely unfavorable to be used.

As per the implementation process, there is a need to focus on how the organization can follow the different guidelines which are based on the changing framework and the success factors the mobility, security and the location is mainly to enable the business for delivering the location sensitive service to the users. The suitable cost mechanism has been set based on changing the mobile application fees which depend on the practices and the other understanding of the commerce usage. The customized services are mainly for providing a better and an increase in the adoption of the mobile commerce. The specialize culture and the valuable services are based on shared values, religious and the other cultural aspects. (Salama, 2015).

Success Factors and Enablers for a Successful Implementation

With the changing network, there are certain value propositions for the communication services to the end users. This helps the target customers and the business partners to operate the purchase where the vendors can build the network. A proper setup of the traffic arrangements with the other ISPs helps in handling the distributed handsets for the building of customer base. The core activities and the network configuration is based on are promotion and contract management. The revenue flow can handle the combination of the subscription and the other airtime fees and value based services.

The regulations related players can handle the value proposition, target customers and the business partners for the different activities. The market monitoring process is to make sure for the compliance with the legislation and the antitrust requirements. The end users need to focus on the game where the players have to provide a mobility with the proper logistics and the other details. (Biswas, 2015).

The detailed view of the business model has been based on economic patterns which is important for the complete end-to-end solution. There have been different players who need to establish a partnership agreement which can network operators and the device manufacturers to ensure that there has been interoperability of the solutions. A proper access to the mobile business industry with the conquering of the profitable positions helps in improving and addressing mobility, network effects and the other monopoly issues.

The Commonwealth Bank is based on understanding how to handle the business model, with the proper e-procurement, e-auction and the email to provide the value chain service providers a proper collaboration along with accuracy, compatibility, and availability of the mobile communication.


The M-commerce has been growing with the improvement of the standards and the applications according to the needs of the customer. The company Commonwealth Bank need to focus on the service quality along with providing a better objective that includes the building of brand, selling of advertisements and the improvement of the sale service report. The management of the supply chain helps in improving the operations in the different platforms without any Smith, difficulty level. (Smith , 2016). Hence, for the Commonwealth banks, there is a need to focus on the mobile commerce solutions where the technology is able to bring change as per the outstanding debt on the credit cards. With the innovation driven and technology change, there have been mobile solutions which helps in building up the customer relationship management along with the effective channel control for the communication with the supporters. 


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