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Basing your arguments on the academic literature that you have studied in the first four topics of this unit, write a report on the ways two different organisations have been able to compete in their markets. Your report should discuss the following points about each of the two organisations:

  1. Evidence that the organisation has a gain a competitive advantage from their marketing processes.
  2. Theoretical analysis of the reasons for the achievement of this advantage.

3.Your discussion is to be based on two suitable published case studies. This means case studies published in the academic literature – for example, the series of case studies in a textbook, or published in journals etc. Case studies and short articles in newspapers, magazines, website opinion pages and the like are definitely not acceptable, although such materials may be used to supplement the published case study and your analysis. All sources must be properly referenced.  If in any doubt about the suitability of a case study, seek an early ruling from your local lecturer/tutor.

4.Write up. On completing your analysis, you obviously need to write it up. You should respond to this task in report format, with headings and subheadings used to help readers understand the structure of your paper. A possible structure might be:

a.An introduction which both sets up the task and the rest of the paper, and introduces the core concepts that the task is designed to deal with. You might also take this chance to scope the work – for example the time frame that will be used to assess the marketing success for the case organisations.

b.Description of the two cases. Describe each case, each organisation and the sources of your information.

c.Evidence of Marketing-related success (leading through to a competitive advantage for the firm). Marshal all the evidence that you can that you think reveals that each organisation has well and truly found success in the marketing realm.

d.Analysis and Explanation. Provide a detailed analysis of how each organisation achieved its success in marketing terms.

Case Selection and Description

Analysis of marketing success is one of the significant processes to identify the current and future growth of organizations in perspective industries. The major objective of this report is to discuss about the growth and success of two different organizations i.e. Apple and IKEA. Both are the very successful organizations in their perspective sectors. This report includes the description about both the chosen cases and describes the marketing strategies used by these organizations. These strategies assist them to generate revenues from their targeted markets.

For this paper, two case studies are chosen from two different journals. The marketing case of IKEA was issued in International Journal of Business Knowledge and Innovation in Practice in 2013. It includes the analysis of current business environment and marketing success of IKEA Company. Furthermore, second case study was published in 2015 in International Journal of Economics and Finance that discusses about the success factors of Apple and its growth in market. Considering the above cases, this report analyzes strategies of both the firms and evidence of their marketing success is given by using theoretical frameworks.

The first case study that is chosen to understand the marketing strategies of Apple Inc. purposes to explain how a company like Apple can introduce its business in saturated market, gain success and after completing 8 years became the market leader. This company is popular for its product differentiation approach in the market. The organization runs its business all over the world and works with the objective to offer quality products on premium prices to its targeted customers (Weinstein and Winst, 2016). Till now, there is no organization that can match the quality and specifications of Apple’s products. The aim of selected case is to recognize and assess the critical success factors for introducing a new product by using an effective marketing approach. The case study explains the growth and success of company’s product in the market. There are several factors for growth and success of iPhone in market. The major factors are uniqueness in products, innovative technology and business proficiency etc. This case explains different success factors of the firm and the ways which assisted the organization to gain competitive advantage over other players (Capatina and Draghescu, 2015). The case clearly states that it is essential for any organization to develop marketing mix of right products offered at right prices, at right place with support of suitable promotion. This organization uses different tools and strategies to generate growth and success in the market even from the new products.

The second case of IKEA clearly described the marketing and business strategies which are implemented by this company like market segmentation, targeting, international expansion etc. The major objective of this case study is to discover how IKEA should determine its strategic position in international expansion process (Pasquarelli, 2018). As Apple Inc., IKEA is also a successful organization that operates its business with the objective of earning revenues by providing the products on lower prices. This case explained the marketing and strategic position which the company has attained by practicing its performance indicators. From case analysis, it can be stated that the major reason behind its competitive advantage is company’s clear marketing objectives and strategies (Harapiak, 2013). It indicates that this organization wishes to offer its furniture and other products at minimum prices. For that, it has developed various strategies and processes to attain above goal.

Apple Company Success

As per the given case, it can be stated that market coverage percentage and product development of Apple Inc. is one of the biggest evidences which indicates the success of company’s marketing efforts and its competitive advantage (Wagner and Hollenbeck, 2014). There are various organizations which failed to launch new products in the industry. Apple is one of them that owe its fortune to new product which they have introduced. The case study gives an example of iPhone launched by Apple that indicates that company targeted the people who require storing the data and communicate with others. Thus, it has targeted corporate users, entrepreneurs, students and business professionals etc. Apple has provided effective training and development program to over 130000 employees which indicate advanced growth of this firm. By using this, it has started supplier program for expanding its business in foreign markets (Khan, Alam and Alam, 2015). While launching the iPhone in the market, the company has used different strategies of marketing mix framework like product decisions, pricing decision, distribution and promotion decisions. Sales of iPhone are the major evidence which shows the marketing success of Apple. It was a huge success for the company as total of 17.4 million iPhones had been sold until 2008 (Capatina and Draghescu, 2015). The case shows that Apple implemented differentiation strategy for successful branding of its product. This product has the capacity to provide several specifications in single device. Under its pricing, it adopted skimming strategy that enabled it to offer the products on higher prices initially. Growth and success of this company can be seen through its diversified product lines. It has created Apple Pay application that assists the customers to make online payment. The company is able to expand its business in various countries all over the world that indicates that it is growing its business continuously. In this way, the company is able to gain sustainable competitive edge by using effective marketing strategies (Ottman, 2017).

The marketing success of a company can be analyzed by using different key performance indicators. The chosen case states that as a famous furniture retailer IKEA has generated the success in market by implementing different marketing efforts. The article shows that company is able to attain different competitive advantages by using its marketing strategies (Jonsson and Foss, 2011). This success can be evidenced through the strengths of company given in the case. From its establishment, it has experienced solid revenue growth. Strengths of IKEA assisted it to attain KPIs. It assisted it to analyze the development and long term goals. The customer base is also one of the biggest evidences that indicate the performance of IKEA in external marketing environment. By using lower pricing strategy, it is able to create a larger customer and loyalty among them. Additionally, it has made use of renewable resources that assisted it to introduce more products and gain more competitive advantage over other players (Cosmo and Yang, 2017).

By reading the case and conducting above analysis, it can be stated that Apple has attained marketing success by using marketing mix strategies which are stated below:

Product Decisions 

IKEA Company Success

As a mobile phone, Apple has introduced its first iPhone that was very different from traditional phones. It was manufactured by providing different specifications like big touchscreen, customer user interface, without keypad etc. It has adopted differentiation strategy for iPhone branding that assisted it to distinguish their products from competing brands which provided it competitive advantage (Capatina and Draghescu, 2015). Its products had the capacity to give various functions in a single device. Thus, the innovative specifications and features of phones assisted it to attain marketing success.

Price Decisions 

While the company has introduced iPhone in the market, its established price was $599 and after 2 months, it has reduced the price to $399. The company has provided different offers to the people who have purchased the product before reduction (Capatina and Draghescu, 2015). Apple has always given the importance to this decision as it assists the company to enhance its revenues and establish relationship with customers.

Distribution Decisions 

While planning about where to offer the products, this firm has made the changes in outdated distribution channels (Perrott, 2015). It has provided its products through its stores and website. For the distribution chain operators, the crucial measure of success was wining the hearts of customers. Moreover, the company has spread its products in China and South Korea.

Promotion Decisions 

This is the most significant contributor to the marketing success of Apple. This company has used different techniques for promotion and advertisement. It enabled it to approach a larger customer base all over the world. It has launched its products by using different promotional campaigns (Lovelock and Patterson, 2015).

Thus, above are the major strategies and processes which helped it to achieve marketing success.

IKEA is the organization that achieved market growth and success by using strategies of Ansoff Matrix. These are discussed below:

Market Penetration 

Market penetration is the marketing strategy that IKEA has used to attract more customers. For its current products, the company has offered its products in existing markets that enabled it to boost its market share. It focused on promoting its products in the existing markets and made efforts to sell the products to store visitors. It has increased the customer base and revenues of IKEA across the world (Harapiak, 2013).

New Market Development 

IKEA has supposed to take its existing products to international markets and it makes the strategy for its market development. The company has expanded its products in different markets like Turkish, China etc. which allowed it to gain more competitive advantage against its competitors. It has developed its strategies as per the needs and expectations of customers. This is the major reason that company was successful in its international expansion (Ghauri, et al, 2016).


From the above analysis, it can be stated that both of the companies i.e. IKEA and Apple are able to gain marketing success by using effective marketing strategies. The discussion is based on two cases which are related to company’s marketing efforts and activities. The above report clearly explains the marketing growth of companies by using different frameworks and theories of marketing management. By using these strategies, companies are able to attain sustainable competitive edge over their competing brands.


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