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Oliver’s Real Food Limited company is engaged in offering restaurant services to the people of Australia under the brand name of Oliver’s. It offers wide range of beverages to its customers that include coffee, chocolate, diary and gluten free, muesli, low sugar, pantry, snack food products as well as books and DVDs. It is situated in Wyong, Australia. The company also provide several food products such as gourmet pita packets, soups, sides, curries, sandwiches, natural Greek yoghurt, chia pods, sushi to chilled edamame cups (Oliver’s Real Food Limited, 2022). Also, the company also engaged in production and distribution of organic beverage products under the Red Dragon Organics brand to wholesalers. The number of employees in the company ranges from 500 to 800. The sales turnover of the company was $28 million. However, the company suffered a loss of $4.4million in the year 2021. It is mainly because of the impact of covid-19 on the hospitality sector. In order to overcome the losses, it becomes essential for the company to develop a strategic business plan to become profitable in the next fiscal year. The expansion of business to other parts of Australia would help in building brand image and attract new customers. Tasmania has an ideal climatic condition for the production of Coffee and beverage products.

Market size & requirements for your business

The restaurant sector in Australia is expected to increase by 1.8% in 2021-2022 (Ibisworld, 2022). The total market size of restaurants in Australia is around $19.8 billion for the year 2022. However, the industry is expected to remain vulnerable due to the impact of covid 19. The revenue from the industry has been contracted in the last five years, mainly due to increased competition and global pandemic impact. Tasmania is the third smallest population in Australia. Being a well-known brand, the company could become the market leader in Hobart, Tasmania. The total population in Tasmania is estimated to be 211,000 people (Population of Tasmania, 2022)





Beverages – The company will offer beverages including coffee, diary, low sugar, muesli, snack food products and panry.

The company will focus on utilizing competitive pricing strategy for its products. At the initial days, the company would charge slightly lower prices than the price of its competitors.   

The company would focus on making this place, more accessible and desirable for the customers through providing comfortable environment, skilled hospitability services, high quality beverage products and so on.

The company would make use of several promotional techniques to attract huge amount of customers. The promotional tools that will be used by the company include social media marketing, traditional marketing, email marketing.

DVDs and Books

The pricing strategy for setting the price of DVDs and Books will be cost-plus pricing strategy.

The company would sell its product through physical stores as well as online platforms, through the efficient use of official website.

Traditional marketing, flyers, email marketing, social media marketing.

Organic beverage products

For the sale of organic beverage products to wholesalers and retailers, the company would make use of value pricing strategy.

The company would attract wholesalers and retailers of food industry in Hobart, Tasmania.

Newspaper, Television advertisement, and flyers.

Target customers (demographics, characteristics, and their geographic locations

The target customers of the company is segmented on the type of products offered by the company. Oliver’s Real Food Limited would target customers of all age groups, who are willing to have a refreshment in their daily life. For beverages, the company would target business professionals, families, students and the people who will pass by the restaurants. It will mainly focus on attracting people residing in Tasmania. For DVDs and Books, the company would target customers from age group of 15 to 40. At the initial days, the company will focus on attracting 5% of the total population in Tasmania, through extensive advertising. For organic beverage products, the company will attract existing businesses such as retailers and wholesalers in Tasmania.

Pricing Strategy (low cost, premium, specialised, etc)

The company would adopt competitive pricing strategy for beverages, cost plus pricing strategy for DVDs and books and Value pricing strategy for organic beverage products that will be sold to wholesalers and retailers.

Performance Area

Performance Objectives

Target to achieve

Time Frame

Financial Performance

· To attract large number of customers.

· Earn a revenue of more than $3 million.

Within the next two years.

Customer and Market Performance

To acquire large market share in the food sector within Tasmania.

Attract 5% of the total population

Within 1 year of operation

Internal Efficiency and Effectiveness

To improve customer performance.

Receive customer feedback from 80% of the customers

First 6 months.

Long Term Development and Innovation

To open Oliver’s stores for books in other parts of Australia.

· Establish 2 book stores in Tasmania.

Within 3-5 years of operation in Tasmania.

 For the expansion of business in Tasmania, the company would need financial capital of around $3 million. The human resources required for the smooth operation of the business include chefs, managers, receptionists, accountant, waiters and cleaning staffs. The physical resources requirements include Mixers, ovens, building property, freezers, safety equipment, slicers, food processors, furniture, fixtures and other machinery amongst others.

Some of the licences required for the expansion of business in Hobart, Tasmania include:

Dining Music Licence: Published by AG – Australasian Performing Right Association

Liquor Licence: Published by TAS – Department of Treasury and Finance

Liquor Licence – Special: Published by TAS – Department of Treasury and Finance (, 2022)

The information required for the expansion of business involves political, economic, social, environmental, legal and technological condition of the state in which the expansion is expected. The environmental analysis has been carried out using the PESTLE analysis presented in the next section below:

Political factors:

Rachel Laidlaw is the Payroll manager & HR advisor at Oliver’s real Food

The culture of the organization is well-suited for professionals working in professional environment.

Australia has a very good relationships with the USA, China, UK and Canada.

The shareholders view towards the company as healthy fast-food provider, which has been impacted by Covid-19

Economic factors:

Customers are likely to spend more.

Company is suffering losses

Gross and Net profit has declined.

The interest rates are high.

Inflation rate is at 2.2% in December quarter of 2021.

 Salary trend has reduced due to the impact of Covid-19

Social factors:

Tasmania is proud of its excellence in teaching and education. Median age was 42.3 years.

It has the oldest population in Australia

Cost of living in Tasmania was $3,392.

Technical / technological factors:

Migration of HR tools to Cloud.

Technology enabling remote work.

Employee service tools.

Development of new communication technologies.

Legal factors:

Minimum wage rate is $27.91 per hour.

Standard working hours is 40 hours for five days a week.

People under the age of 18 are not allowed to work.

Changed in licensing requirements would may cause trouble for the organization

Environmental factors:

Need to increase the storage facility.

Increase staff engagement.

Increasing staff morale through awards and incentives

Good organizational culture.

Based on the Internal and External Environment analysis that you have prepared in the previous section, in this section you are required to seek advice from your director who will provide you approval on your completed internal and external environment analysis.

Email Communication Template

<Oliver’s Real Food Limited>

<5th March, 2022>

Subject: Seeking advice on environmental analysis

To:  Steven Metter, Non-executive Director

Dear Director,

The primary reason for writing this letter is to seek advice for conducting an internal and external environmental analysis for the purpose of expansion of business in Hobart, Tasmani.

The PESTLE analysis has revealed that the company will have to ensure minimum wage payment for our staff and fulfill the essential licensing requirements to run a restaurant in Tasmania. However, the analysis does not provide us the opportunity to understand the areas which require attention for the efficient delivery of service. The technological factors that may have a major impact on our operation is in relation with the process of communication within the organization. It is necessary to have a proper communication pattern within the newly established business in Tasmania.

Therefore, it is my request to you to advise us on developing efficient communication system and guide us on conducting internal as well as external analysis to derive essential information required for smooth operation.

Review Market Requirements In The New Location

Approved by Director? Yes         No   

If no, Suggestions:

SWOT Analysis



· Business reputation within Australia.

· Strong Brand Portfolio

· Customer loyalty

· High level of customer satisfaction

· Reliable suppliers

· Strong distribution Portfolio

· Managing remotely is a serious concern for the organization.

· Gaps in product range

· Not good at incorporating different work culture

· Profitability ratio is below the industry average.

· Limited success outside its core operation.



· New technology enables implementation of differential pricing strategy.

· Lower shipping prices

· New taxation policy of government

· Lower inflation rat

· Fluctuations in products standard within the market.

· New technologies developed by competitors.

· Shortage of skilled workforce.

Plans to address SWOT with organisational capabilities: (You may use bullet points)

The company would take advantage of low shipping prices for acquiring high quality products from different states.

The company would hire skilled and experience workforce for the new facility at Hobart, Tasmania.

Development of new technology to outsmart the competitors.

Enter into a new market to increase customer base, through book stores.


Established date


Market share (%)

Value to customers



Handpicked Vineyards PTY Ltd


Sales Turnover - $26.58 million


High Quality wines.

· Natural Products

· High Quality

· Ineffective advertisements.

· High costs

Juicy Isle Proprietary limited


Sales turnover - $20.68 million


Diversified products in food industry

· Brand Image

· Customer loyalty

· Efficient management

· High price

· Limited product range

Lark Distillery Pty Ltd


Sales Turnover - $7.72 million


Unique taste and enhanced customer satisfaction.

· Brand position

· Satisfied customers

· Managing Remotely

Hobart City Review & Skilled Workforce Availability

More than 51,000 people are skilled and qualified professionals in Hobart City. The total population of Hobart is more than 224,000 people, which accounts for 0.93% of the total population in Australia. About 60% of the total population in Tasmania Lives in Hobart. During the September quarter of 2021, the unemployment rate in Hobart City was 3.8% (Labour Market Information Portal, 2022). Around 120,000 people were working professional at the end of the year 2021. More than 50% of the population is skilled professionals, were other employed people can be categorized into unskilled workforce. According to 2016 Census data, around 4,679 people were employed in Accommodation and food services in Hobart, Tasmania (Hobart City, 2022).

Staffing requirements and forecasted costs


No. of staff required

Year 1 expense

Year 2 expense

Year 3 expense

Restaurant Manager





Store Manager

























Total Staffing costs




Oliver’s Real Food Limited

Job Vacancy for Store Manager

· Permanent full-time position

· 45 hours per week

· $65,000 per year + superannuation

· City location, close to public transport.

We are looking for Store manager for our small business opening of book shop near our restaurant in Hobart, Tasmania.

The Store manager to the General manager and will be responsible for office administration including:

·Overseeing the daily operations of a retail store.

· Managing the staff of employees.

· Taking care of daily accounting duties

· Ensuring outstanding customer services

The job will be full time, with hours to be worked between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Successful applicants must have:

· relevant previous reception experience

· advanced Microsoft Office and typing skills

· strong communication and interpersonal skills

· strong organisational skills and attention to detail

A Certificate IV in Business Administration or equivalent qualification is desirable.

If you are interested in this job, please email your resume to <john.manager@oliver’> or call  for further information.

Applications close on 20th March 2022

Template Source:

In this section you are required to prepare the financial plan for the case organisation (or the business you have selected) and forecast the financial strategy for the next three years.

  1. Projected Profit and Loss Statement for three years
  2. Cash-flow Statement for three years

(Modify the template according to your organisational requirements)

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3






Cost of Goods Sold




Gross Profit

















Deliveries and Freight








Administrative Expenses








Misc. Expenses




Total Expenses




Net Profit




Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Cash Received

Cash from Operations

Cash Sales




Cash from Receivables




Subtotal Cash from Operations




Additional Cash Received


Subtotal Cash Received





Expenditures from Operations

Cash Spent




Bills Paid




Subtotal Spent on Operations




Additional Cash Spent




Loan Payment




Subtotal Additional Cash Spent




Net Cash Flow




Cash Balance




Scenario: Assume you have operated a quarter of a year within the new branch location. Your director has requested for a quarterly report of the branch activity and review the performance. Based on previous business analysis and the research, prepare the business quarterly report. This report should be based on the first quarter of the business operation.

Email to Director

Oliver’s Real Food Limited

July 5th, 2022

Subject: Business Quarterly Report

 Dear Director,

As per your request, please find the reports in the following table.



Staff performance data

Average rating scale – 3.82

Sales data

Sales Revenue: 660,000 (first quarter)

Quarterly expenditure data

Total expenditure: 420,000

Staff training data

3 special training courses

Market trend data

Customer growth of 2% every month.

The Staff performance has been evaluated using the scale of 1-5. The average rating for the performance of staff in the first quarter was 3.82. The staff requires training facilities and skill development opportunities for performing effectively. The sales data represents the total revenue from restaurant $465,000; sale of books $72,000 and delivery to wholesalers of worth $123,000. The Quarterly expenditure include rental expenses, salaries, utility bills, direct costs such as raw materials and so on. The branch has organized three training courses for developing the skills and knowledge of employees. The market trend shows that the business will grow in future.


Position Role

Key Performance Indicators

Acceptable standard

Targeted date/ timeframes

General manager

Achievement of general objectives

Revenue of the firm

Customer satisfaction Level

· $800,000 revenue

· 70% positive customer feedback


Store managers

· Achievement of Monthly sales target (book store)

· Stock turnover rate

· $40000



· Number of invoices prepared

· Maintenance of Cash fund

· 150 invoices per day



· Turnover rate

· Growth by 10%



· Number of unsatisfied customers

Maximum of 5 per week


Oliver’s Real Food Limited

10th March 2022

Subject: Communicating new business strategies

Dear New Staff Members,

This is to present you the expectation and the business strategies that will be followed by the organization to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

All the staff members are expected to work within the organization in an ethical manner. The business strategy and the key performance indicators are discussed in detail to ensure the efficient operations of the business. As it is known that the company will work in two different areas, namely a restaurant and books stores, in which we will sell DVDs as well.

 The performance of each individuals will be evaluated using the identified key performance indicators. The KPI for each type of staffs are presented below:

1. General manager

· Achievement of general objectives

· Revenue of the firm

· Customer satisfaction Level

2.  Store managers

· Achievement of Monthly sales target (book store)

· Stock turnover rate

3. Cashier

· Number of invoices prepared

· Maintenance of Cash fund

4. Bartender

· Turnover rate

5. Server

· Number of unsatisfied customers

Please note that above KPIs will be used to assess the performance of each staff within the organization in Hobart Branch.


Oliver’s Real Food Limited

Strategy Brief


New Members


Student Name




25th March, 2022


Strategy Brief

The business strategy has been developed to improve organizational performance and achieve huge profits. The KPI’s will be used to assess the employee performance based on predetermined standards and timeframe.

The Acceptable standard for the general managers is that the restaurant and book store would generate revenue of $800,000 in a quarterly basis with 70% of customers giving positive feedback on the services delivered. The Store managers are expected to report a revenue of $40,000 on a monthly basis. The cashier is expected to prepare 150 invoices on a daily basis. For the efficiency of Bartender, the turnover rate of 10% is expected. The number of unsatisfied customers for each server should not be more than 5 in a week. The servers are expected to maintain cleanliness and proper communication with the customers.

Scenario: Assume that there had been several WH&S breaches and minor incidents in the new organisational premise/branch where there are approximately 40 individuals working on each day. This is because the new staff members were not trained in regard to Work Health and Safety issues. In addition, the old members who have transferred from your original office are not practising the WH&S procedures of the organisation adequately.

1. Based on the WH&S Act 2011, identify the following: What type of training (for example, refresher course) is required in the new premises/location/branch. How many people needs to have a first aid certificate? What requirements do you have in regard to safety committee? What type of safety procedures should you have? Which external organisation (third party) will you hire for the WH&S training? What would be the costs?

Some of the training that is required for the employees at new branch are as follows:

· Workplace orientation training.

· Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

· Accident reporting procedures.

· Fire safety and emergency procedures

· Safe use of workplace tools, equipment and machinery.

Around 25 people among the employees required training to work with safety within the organization. About twenty people are in need of first aid certificate. A safety manager is required within the organization. The company would hire trainers from TasTAFE organization for providing training courses to managers and staffs (TaTAFE, 2022). It will cost around $50,000 for all the employees.

Prepare a 300 report for your Director at Sydney office mentioning the system failures and WH&S failures and incidents and explain your case for WH&S training and WH&S Management Systems. You are also required to explain the variances that will be required to the strategic business due to these additional time, effort and expenses for implementing Work Health & Safety Management Systems.

Email to Director

Oliver’s Real Food Limited

30th April, 2022

Subject: WH&S System failures and related incidents

Dear Director,

There have been some system failures in regard to WH&S within our new premises.

Please find the report below:


There were around 3 to 4 incidents of WH&S System failures within the Hobart Branch, which is mainly due to the fact that the new employees are unaware of WH&S Systems and the employees who came from Sydney branch are not complying with the norms. Some of the system failures are presented below:

1. Electrical wiring failure has caused failure of essential equipment such as computers and ovens on 3rd of April, 2022.

2. Fire at kitchen due to the negligence of cook on 18th April, 2022.

3. Improper storage has resulted in the loss of raw materials used for cooking.

4. Hand burns are critical concern for the Hobart branch as the chefs, are not provided with essential safety training (Won, 2021).

5. The incident of hand injury is also increasing from contact with rotating blades as one of our staff had a serious cut on his middle finger.

These incidents will result in variances in the form of additional expenditures in relation with repair and maintenance of equipment and medical expenses for the employees.

Thus, in order to prevent such incidents in the coming year, proper health and safety training is required for the employees.


Develop Performance Objectives For The Expansion And Growth

This section includes a scenario after the operations have started in Hobart/chosen location.

 Scenario: After 4 weeks of operations in Hobart (chosen) branch you have realised that there are several areas of concerns within the implementation of the business plan. First of all, you find in performance reports databases that there are several failures in meeting performance objectives.

The performance report indicates that the average rating scale for the staff was 3.82 out of 5. The Hobart branch has failed to achieve the desired objective of earning revenue of more than $3 million during the first year. In addition, the absenteeism is a serious concern for the organization, as the staff members were not punctual in the past 4 weeks.

In addition, the customer database and feedback report suggest that only 55% of the customers are giving positive feedback against the targeted 70% for the first year. The facility of the organization fails to provide a comfortable environment to the customers in the last 4 weeks. However, the company is able to increase the customer base through efficient marketing strategy and its brand image.

Position Role

Previous KPIs

Revised KPIs

Targeted date/ timeframes

Store Managers

Achieve $40,000 sales revenue on a monthly basis

Achieve $60,000 sales revenue



Maximum of 5 unsatisfied customers in a week

Maximum of 3 unsatisfied customers



Preparing 150 invoices in a day

Preparing 180 invoices


1.  Identify Training Needs, Provide Training and Coaching (Role Play On Tna)

Scenario: A student services employee named Mellissa who was responsible for enrolment of all student/ clients in the EMS database and the inductions had performance issues as she did not complete the tasks within the timeframe. As she is a new employee it would be reasonable for you to identify her training needs and gaps and provide her with adequate coaching and training to ensure she can take on increased responsibilities and new tasks, by her own without missing deadlines.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Template


POSITION: Store Manager

TNA DONE BY: General Manager

Major tasks of position

Training/skills development required?

If yes, identify what training needs exist

How will this be achieved?

(e.g. on the job, external training)


Who to organise?

Training provider?



Overseeing daily operations of retail book store



Ensuring monthly targets are met


Understanding scorecard training

On the job training

10 April to 15 April

General manager (1 online session a day)

Managing staff


Leadership training

On the job training

25 April to 28 April

External trainer

Ensuring outstanding customer service


Managing inventory


POS training

External training

1 May to 4 May

General Manager will organise.

Provide your personal feedback on her performance:

She has performed well in ensuring quality services to the customers and overseeing daily operations, however, she requires training to meet the desired goals and objectives of the organization. She also finds difficulties in meeting the specified sales targets.

Signed by: General Manager                                     Staff

Date: 4 April 2022

 The four system processes and work methods are provided below:

 1. Reservation handlings: Any reservation within the restaurant will be done 2 hours before.

2. Kitchen procedures that include safety of food (do not use raw materials older than 2 days)

3. Use of Point-of-Sale Software for recording transactions.

4. Cleaning of tables at regular intervals (after every 1 hour).

After you have developed the four system processes and work methods, your director has mentioned that he/she could not approve them since there had been several incidents and operational failures. You will now need to review and revise those four system processes and work methods again.

  1. Reservation Handlings: Any reservation within the restaurant should be done 30 minutes before.
  2. Kitchen procedures that include safety of food (do not use raw materials older than a day)
  3. Use of Point-of-Sale Software for recording transactions.
  4. Cleaning of tables at regular intervals (after any table becomes vacant).

Scenario: In this section you are required to evaluate the achievements of the agreed milestones. The agreed milestones (you will need to decide on agreed milestones if you are using your chosen organisation) for this new branch were:

  • Setup the new premises by 4 weeks for operations
  • Fulfil all licensing requirement by Week 3.
  • Staff performance levels of 4.25 out of 5, which is evaluated using rating scale
  • Marketing has reached its sales target of $800,000 on a quarterly basis
  • Server and waiters have received positive feedback of 70% or more

Audit of Objectives & Milestones                                                                                                       


Recommended Mitigation

Agreed Completion Timeframe

 Actual Completion Timeframe                            

It took 5 weeks to complete the establishment of new premises

Focusing on increasing sales in the first few weeks to cover the losses due to delay.

4 weeks

5 weeks

Staff performance level was 3.82 at the end of first quarter

Focus on providing training to servers and improving efficiency

6 weeks

8 weeks

Only 55% of positive feedback from customers.

Focus on improving the environment and use of high-quality products

2 months

3 months

Risk 1: Risk of Fire at Kitchen or business facility

Risk Management Strategy: in order to reduce the impact of such kind of risks, the business premises and equipment would be insured.

Risk 2: Loss of employee life due to electrical system failure or any other factor.

Risk Management Strategy: Life insurance policy for the store and general manager. In addition, all the employees will be covered with health insurance for any damage at workplace.

Risk 3: Unavailability of raw materials

Risk Management Strategy: The company will maintain relationship with 3 to 4 suppliers to ensure the regular flow of raw materials to the restaurants.



Insignificant outcome

Minor outcome

Moderate outcome

Major Outcome

Catastrophic outcome

Almost certain

Unavailability of raw materials


Risk of Fire




Loss of employee’s life

Cost-Benefit Analysis Template

Costs in one year

Equipment - $400,000

Staff -$ 800,000

Rent - $120,000

Utilities - $ 80,000

Total Costs – $1,400,000

Benefits in one year (Tangible)

Benefits in one year (Intangible)

Cost savings in training - $ 30,000

Cost savings in marketing - $ 25,000

Motivated employees due to work from home

Total Benefits - $55,000

Comparison of cost and benefits

The total costs is compared with the cost savings in the above two section. It is found that the total costs is higher than the benefits derived. However, the revenue generation from the activities will be higher than the estimated costs, as shown in the income statement, which is evident in the marketing research.

Overall outcome of analysis

(profit or loss)

In 1 year, the new equipment will pay back its original cost and generate additional income.

Based on the cost benefit analysis and risk analysis that you have conducted in previous section; you are to use the comparison table below to make comparison of your strategic plan with cooperative ventures. Cooperative joint ventures allow for more flexible agreements between the joint venture parties. In cooperative joint ventures companies have the choice to organise themselves as a limited liability company or as a non-legal person in which the partners are subject to unlimited liability. This means that the partners are entirely liable for losses the joint venture may incur. In practice, the majority of cooperative joint ventures are set up as limited liability companies.

You are required to list at least four (4) consideration areas and compare those areas between your strategic plan and cooperative ventures. 

Areas of consideration

Your Existing Strategic Plan

Cooperative Ventures

Liability of the owners

Limited liabilities

The owners have the choice of setting as LLC or non-legal persons. The liability of partners in cooperative ventures are unlimited.

Distribution of profits

On the basis of equity held by the owners

On the basis of capital contributed by the partners.

Purpose of existence

To serve the community or society as a whole.

To serve the members of the cooperatives. It focuses on increase in wealth of shareholders (Munoz, Kimmit and Dimmov, 2020).


Accountable to the shareholders

 Accountable to the members of the venture.

In this section you are required to communicate through email on the strategic business plan and the presentation that you will deliver to the stakeholders next week. Briefly highlight on the strategic business plan (especially the mission, objectives, targets, strategies and operational plans) in very short and mention that details will be discussed during presentation with Q&A session.

Email Communication

Oliver’s Real Food Limited

5th March, 2022

Subject: Strategic plan for the expansion.

Dear All Stakeholders,

           This is to inform you that the company is planning to establish a new branch in Hobart, Tasmania. The company would be focusing on expanding its customer base through entering into a new market.

           Our business has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and it becomes essential to find ways for generating revenues to meet our expenses. A strategic business plan has been developed to start a new restaurant of Oliver’s Real Food Limited at Hobart, Tasmania. The company would offer beverages to customers, and coffee products to the retailers and wholesalers in Tasmania. In addition, we are focusing on our product line of DVDs and Books for attracting students in a large scale and generate revenue for the firm. The company would adopt differential pricing strategy for different line of products. The major objectives of this business plan is to increase the overall revenue by 30% annually in the next three years.

           We are hopeful for the betterment of our shareholders wealth and positioning of the business.


Insert your name>


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