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Reflection using Gibbs Reflection Model

To meet the corporate goals and objectives, it is important to learn and make improvement in the skills. In this way, individuals can apply the same in future for the betterment of their personal and professional performances. The module learning: Advance practice has been very helpful for me to find out the strengths and weaknesses of mine while working as an intern in a team. After the completion of the entire module, I got the chance to reflect on my learning which has been helpful for me in realising the skills and techniques for the achievement of the future goals and objectives. This reflection is based upon the papers that have been taught to us for the entire course. Various models and theories have been applied for the reflection to understand the skills and development.

In every step of our life, the self reflections play a vital role which helps in the outcome that I have received from the learning process. Reflection is very much helpful for the learning process based on which personal and professional improvements can be made and as a learner, it can also be applied for the future performances. There are various kinds of models present in reflection learning. Among those, I will be following the Gibbs reflection model to reflect on the learning from the module.   

The module: Advance practice has been very helpful in gathering deep knowledge as well as acquiring new skills which will benefit me in my personal and professional actions as well.

As it has been mentioned in the introduction section, I will be using Gibbs reflection model for the entire reflection on the module learning: Advance practice and action project proposal. This Gibbs reflection model is very much helpful for the reflection of the learning process. There are six stages present in the reflection model which: Description. Feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and the action plan (Adeani, Febriani and Syafryadin, 2020).  The main purpose of using reflection is to give a proper structure to the reflection writing. The steps and the stages are helpful in reflecting each and every detail of the learning process and the knowledge that I have gathered (Tawanwongsri and Phenwan, 2019). In the following I will be reflecting on my experience as an intern, what I have learnt as the professional values and lastly the professional or personal development that will be accompanied by a PDP plan that will help in analysing the actions for the proper personal and professional development.         

After the completion of internship, I worked as an intern with NTPC or National Training and productivity centre which is the sub section of the FNU or Fiji national university. The internship was about the up gradation of the Myskill application for the NTPC in order to make it user friendly. Through brainstorming and the team work we have been able to make an upgrade in the Myskill application. Under the internship there were also the training sessions which has been helpful for me to learn about the application and its features which has been beneficial for us to have a better understanding about the application. Being new in this field and to the application, the introduction about the application and its features helped me to understand the necessity and the importance of the entire development process. The internship was segregated into different segments in order to understand the process in a better way which is: Mission, impact, setbacks and lastly, key features.   

Experience as an intern

For the first couple of days it was difficult for me to cope with the entire process of the institutions which comprised the working company’s portal, different kinds of communication and the limited theoretical knowledge about how the learning applications work in general. However, the mentors as well as the team leaders helped us in acquiring knowledge about the application and the other necessary information that has been beneficial to precede with the further processes.  

On the other hand, I believe that my contribution was very much useful in the process of upgrading the learning application, Myskill. This action project is going to help the NPTC to make the use of the application a bit easier for the students in order to provide better accessibility. This action project will also add new features in the application that might help the learners to have better experiences about the entire process of learning. On the other hand, the improved application can also be helpful for NTPC in order to create a strong user base by the enhancement of the entire application settings and the features.     

The good part about the team was the dedication for the quality of the outcome of the application development process. The collaboration and the knowledge sharing helped us to acquire the good quality of the outcome in terms of the new features in the application.

On the contrary, the bad part of the project was the communication gap which has affected the first couple of days causing a little delay in the entire operation.

The action project based on the development of the application can be useful for the company to achieve a certain level of success in the process of learning for the learners. We had the main mission of leading all the entities towards easy earning porches with the help of Myskill application. This development also has the potential to bring changes in the training and development process of NTPC. The dedication and knowledge sharing among the peers has been beneficial for us to obtain the best quality outcome from the entire action project during this internship. However, the communication gap made quite an impact on the process which led to a delay in the operation. Some of the employees were not good at establishing communication by the help of the online communication tools. Thus it led to a negative impact at the prior stage. But with the help of the mentors, those issues were mitigated a lot.   


Under the internship of NTPC, the development of application has been beneficial for me to gather more knowledge about the development of application. On the other hand, I also got the chance to learn the critical thinking process which has been beneficial for decision making and problem solving.

In the future I will learn more about the application implementation and development process in order to increase the knowledge and learn about the latest features that can be added in any application based on the necessity.  

Development of Action Project

Work ethics refers to the principle which helps in governing the behaviour of a particular person, even a group in a particular business environment (Osibanjo  et al., 2018). Similar to values, the professional ethics are the one that helps in providing a certain set of rules as well as it defines how a person should be acting while being in an institution. The value factors can be different from the other, however, the professional ethics are something that can be helpful for the individuals to make a better presentation of the entire self (Sapada  et al., 2018).

As I have studied, there are various ethical principles present in the professional ethics which are such as, honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty, Self confidence, paying respect to others and not causing harm to anybody who is working as a peer (Anwar and Shah, 2018). I have observed that there is a huge importance of the human values and ethics in their professional life in order to bring positive changes in their performances. This following reflection is going to be based upon the work ethics or professional ethics which I have maintained during the time of internship.  

During the time of the internship I tried to maintain my work ethics which were reflected in my performances. Based on the work ethics, there are so many traits which can be practised during their professional life which are such as: social skills, ethical skills, self help skills, equality and humanity, different values such as regulation, directions or order. ‘

While continuing the internship, I also applied various kinds of work ethics which are patience and optimism. These are some of the factors that helped me in being a professional in the group activities.    

While working in the group, I remained very calm and patient with the team. In this way I was able to foster the teammates for positivity and better performances (Bocarnea et al., 2018). Being an optimistic person, this specific factor helped in being hopeful for the good result during the time of developing the application and running the test. This optimism also helped me in maintaining the morale of the team activities. In this way, I was able to give my best for the team activities by providing my part right on time.   

However, there is a certain factor from the social skills where I lacked a lot. The factor communication skill was one of the most critical factors for the collaborative approaches which affected a lot in the collaborative team work.  

Work ethics are helpful in establishing a good workplace environment as well as productivity of the teams or individuals. The three factors that I have been able to practise during the internship are optimism and patience (Moore, 2017). During the internship I have observed that the concept of optimism helps in promoting the energy level of the group as well as inspire the others for the betterment of the performances and the operation within the organisation. While developing an application, the success cannot be achieved at one go. There are so many failures that can lower morality. In this time of crisis, I tried my best to apply my optimistic approaches to encourage the others for the work. On the other hand, my calm and positive nature was useful for the team to promote less stress and conflict by establishing a better workplace to improve the performances.         

Personal and Professional Development


This internship has been effective for me to go through the self assessment and learn more things from the others as well. I got the opportunities to learn about work ethics and found out the strongest strengths which are: patience and optimism. For a technological development team these two factors are very much important to foster a team's morale and good spirit to develop more with greater quality.   

I will try more to use my emotional intelligence skills for professional values and ethics to make more improvement in my work ethics. On the other hand, I will try to explore more ethical traits in me which can become my strengths so that I can use them as well in my future team work.  

The study of the module and the internship based on this module has been an effective way for me to acquire both professional and personal skills and knowledge. The practical practice of the skills and knowledge are useful to work on their existing traits and gather the new ones that make improvement in their professional performances and develop a greater personality.

During the internship, I got the huge opportunity to gather knowledge and skills about effective communication, effective feedback process, and time management. I am thankful to my mentors who helped me with feedback and helped me to acquire the skills for the better improvement.

While working in the internship, I had a lot of struggle in managing time. The weakness of mine related to time management to sort the priorities and procrastination. For the first few days I faced a lot of problems completing my task or finishing the assigned task within the deadline. Due to my procrastination, I also felt distracted rather than being focused on the tasks or the training. Being an introvert person I faced a lot of problems in establishing or escalating new conversations which also led to my inability to give feedback to the teammates.

While reflecting on my personal and professional skills, I have observed that there is a gap in my knowledge about time management or proper communication skills. For effective communication, one individual always requires certain skills which help in establishing effective channels by which the message can be conveyed. While working as a team, there is always a huge necessity of effective communication, which comprises factors like: making requests or asking questions about the operation. As for the time management, it is about driving and managing the time as per the necessity in order to complete a single task. This time management helps an individual to obtain multitasking and achieve more in a single day. My procrastination and lack of ability in prioritising has been the biggest difficulty which also caused a lot of negative effect on the team performances.   

For proper time management, I started determining the primary objective of my internship and the role in it. The feedback from the peers has been helpful to understand my performances so that I can make the biggest improvement. I started keeping a journal to write down all the activities I had to do in a day and prioritise the important ones. It helped me in reducing the chances of missing deadlines. This also helped with my procrastination.


As for effective communication, I found out that lack of ability in establishing communication was also restraining me from giving feedback to others. The mentors and leaders have been helpful to me for gathering enough skills to learn about communication.     


As a team player, I had the responsibility to play my duty well. However, the knowledge gap about the skills and techniques related to time management effectively led to several consequences which not only harmed my performances but also affected the team performances a lot. However the right kind of guidance from the peers and mentors has been useful for me to make improvements in my performances and skills.   

I will try to learn about time management theories such as pickle jar or Parkinson's Law which will help me in reducing my procrastination nature and prioritising tasks (Jinalee and Singh, 2018).

As for effective communication, I will study more about the theories such as: two step and multi step theories to apply them in real life practices (Villa, Gonçalves and Odong, 2017).





Due date

Increasing knowledge about new technology


? Enrolling for the new courses related to the technological fields.

? Attending various kinds of online group discussions.

? Engaging the active listening process.

? Paying attention to every detailed change in the technology sector.

? Online libraries.

Jan, 2022

Gathering knowledge about software development


? Reading various kinds of online articles about the new demands of the customers.

? Attending various kinds of webinars and seminars.

? Educational institutions.

? Online libraries.

? Online forums.

Feb 2022

Critical thinking


? Increasing the level of self awareness.

? Pursuing various kinds of self assessment.

? Applying the ideas into the real world.

? Sharing ideas with the mentors for the feedback in order to make improvisation.

? Online libraries

? Online self assessment tools

March, 2022

Suitable learning process


Attending online as well as offline classes for the learning processes.

Online Study resources

April 2022

Effective communication skills


? Participating in various kinds of community activities.

? Taking part in the communication programs

? Watching online programs and listening to podcasts related to communication skills.   

Online resources  and community discussion

June 2022

Effective feedback


? Learning to use the right kind of phrases and words.

? Reading journals and watching videos on this.

? Taking help from the mentors to understand the effectiveness of it.

Online study resources, case lets and feedback from mentors.

May 2022

Time management


? Learning about time management theories and applying them in real life practices.

? Start journaling to keep notes about every event.

? Maintaining a daily schedule for the entire day.

? Online and offline study resources.

? Feedbacks from peers and mentors.

July 2022

Leadership skills


Reading and gathering more knowledge about leadership theories which can help in developing leadership skills.

Online study resources and offline books on leadership theories.

Ongoing process

Development of emotional intelligence


? More involvement in the team work

? Taking tests to know the current emotional state and areas to make improvement.

? Reading various journals to understand the importance and practices of emotional intelligence.

? Team works

? Community engagement

? Online forums

Ongoing process

Presentation skills


? Volunteering to give a presentation about teamwork.

? Watching various online videos to learn the topic about presentation tips.

? Online videos on youtube.

? Feedback from the peers.

? Team presentation practices

September 2022

Listening to people


? Getting more involved in the conversations.

? Learning techniques such as making eye contact or being attentive towards the speakers.

? Trying not to interrupt

? Community discussions.

? Team works

? Online journals and study resources.

Ongoing process

Management skills: self awareness


? Strengthening decision making and problem solving abilities.

? Undertaking proper assessment to understand awareness factors.

? Learning techniques from the journals and online articles.

? Online study materials.

? Self assessment tools.

? Involved in teamwork for the decision making and problem solving process.

Ongoing process

The module, Advance practice, gave me the opportunity to learn about my own traits. It also helped me to find out my one strengths and weaknesses. During the study I found out that my patience and Optimism are the strongest traits of mine which helps me in being a good team player to promote positivity in the team operation. However, there are three factors that I found out, working on my weak points such as poor time management skills, lack of abilities in establishing effective communication and lastly to prove feedback to the others. These experiences during the learning courses and feedback from my peers or mentors helped me in understanding the areas I need to polish or develop for the betterment of myself and my performances.  

To become a successful and competent team player, as a student i will be focusing on my skills such as listening to others, giving presentation, establishing communication, learning management techniques or even finding out suitable learning style for myself which will help in developing a potential personal and professional self in order to contribute my best for the team works and create networks that can benefit to the company I will be working with.    


Adeani, I.S., Febriani, R.B. And Syafryadin, S., 2020. Using Gibbs’Reflective Cycle In Making Reflections Of Literary Analysis. Indonesian EFL Journal, 6(2), pp.139-148.

Anwar, S. and Shah, N., 2018. Impact of personality traits on ethical behavior. The Government-Annual Research Journal of Political Science., 6(6).

Bocarnea, M.C., Henson, J., Huizing, R.L., Mahan, M. and Winston, B.E., 2018. Calm in the Storm: Leading with Patience. In Evaluating Employee Performance through Christian Virtues (pp. 53-68). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Jinalee, N. and Singh, A.K., 2018. A descriptive study of time management models and theories. International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research and Management, 3(9), pp.141-147.

Moore, G., 2017. Virtue at work: Ethics for individuals, managers, and organizations. Oxford University Press.

Osibanjo, A.O., Akinbode, J., Falola, H.O. and Oludayo, O.O., 2018. Work ethics and employees’ job performance. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 12(1), pp.107-117.

Sapada, A.F.A., Modding, H.B., Gani, A. and Nujum, S., 2018. The effect of organizational culture and work ethics on job satisfaction and employees performance.

Tawanwongsri, W. and Phenwan, T., 2019. Reflective and feedback performances on Thai medical students’ patient history-taking skills. BMC medical education, 19(1), pp.1-8.

Villa, S., Gonçalves, P. and Odong, T.V., 2017. Understanding the contribution of effective communication strategies to program performance in humanitarian organizations. Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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