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Self-Reflection Exercises

Battistella (2014) portrays that in order to perform a desired roles or responsibility it is important to assess the competencies of oneself. This evaluation of one’s own abilities and limitations is known as self-reflection. Self-reflection plays a crucial role for career needs as it strengthen the emotional intelligence, helps to become more confident and allow a person to act with integrity. Keramati et al. (2014) stated that in professional field, a business personnel ahs to evaluate two components of self-reflection that are self-regulation and self-awareness. These components provide the capability to understand the importance of values and goals and an accurate knowledge of strength and weakness along with the recognition of the ability to redirect disruptive emotions and impulses. Integrity on the other hand helps to outperform in the stressful situation based on assessing the outcome of the previously taken decisions (Francis and Santhosh). Kim et al. (2014) moreover stated that the more is the ability to perform good in hectic business circumstances, the more will be the confidence level in a personnel to handle professional situations effectively.

There are six self-evaluation exercises that I have found effective as proper sequence is maintained to evaluate the personal competencies. The first assessment is to ser personal goals while second assessment is about description of values and attributes. The part three and four illustrates interest and personal attributes. The last part of the assessment is the description of sills.

The first exercise is the representation of the goals that an employee intends to achieve in their professional life. The goals can be divided into short- term or long- term goal that should be based on the priority of all the job roles. In the second assessment the importance of work is assessed and I think this is necessary because it represents the ability to utilize the professional skills to perform their job responsibilities. Another important aspect that I have found important is the type and kind of reward system preferable by employees. Business experts have also stated that not all employees are motivated in a similar ways (Amin et al. 2015). Some employees need intrinsic rewards; while, some have the desire for extrinsic rewards. In my case, I prefer extrinsic rewards as by attaining such rewards, I can achieve more challenging roles. This assessment also evaluates the commitments that a person prefers. This evaluation helps an organization to find out what is the most desirable motivational aspect of their employees. In addition to that, in the third assignment, the importance of prioritization is carried out. I think this is important so that an employee can create a roadmap so that they can complete the most important work prior to other job roles. According to me, the most important aspect is that prioritization helps in tracking the exact progress of personnel, whether or not the crucial work can be completed.

Personal Attributes and Employability Skills

The fourth exercise also highlights that ability to imagine and implement innovation in completion of a desired task. I think that creativity is based on the personal attributes of an employee how well the person resolve a situation or complete a task by selecting an optimal solution or approach. Faris et al. (2014) stated that sense of responsibility and temperament and personal style is also a part of the fourth activity. The importance of these activities lies in the assessment of the leadership skills and intellectual ability through which they can lead a group of people to get the work done. This assessment also evaluates the competitiveness and decision making ability of a person that allow them to achieve the goals and objectives effectively. It is evident that on achieving all these aspects a person can automatically gain self-confidence that grows with practice.

The personal skills chart is the fifth exercise that illustrates the organizing ability, proficiency to be in social group, ability to communicate with all other team members, achievements in creativity and cognitive measures, self-managing and physical ability. Prajapat et al. (2016) stated that this exercise evaluates the effectiveness of the interpersonal and communication skills along with the planning ability and workplace skills with evidence. This assessment also evaluates the special talents and skills of the employees that can help them to get success in the career.  

First exercise:

According to the first exercise, I can say that I want to recognize success more even and crystallize and communicate a compelling positive vision for all other employees of my organization. My aim is to encourage the innovation within the team and provide constructive feedback so that all employees can outperform by utilizing their knowledge and competencies. As an IT manager, I have taken the responsibility to complete the software development for retail automation procedure. I will also maintain effective communication through formal way like e-mail and informal ways like WhatsApp and gathering so that my subordinate can effectively communicate and share their concerns with me. In this I can enhance the knowledge sharing in my team within the organization.

Life Goals: I am seeking a challenging position to use my skills in decision-making and time management in an innovative, flexible organization. I also want to represent my leadership and administration skills and work with internal counterparts across the organization.

Past goals achieved: I have outperform in my job role that is to handle the activity and customer’s need as a team associate. In addition to that with my ability I am able to promote as a team leader and guide other people, who face problem in accomplishing their task.

Future goals: I want to grab a position in a challenging and innovative company as a managerial member, where I can show my decision-making skills and effective suggestions in telecommunication industry.

Second Exercise:

I personally desire to work in a workplace where I can utilize my skills and fulfill all the criteria of an organization. I want to manage the team’s progress along with the company’s productivity and performance. Most importantly, I want to prosper in a field, where I have possess an academic degree. This proves that I am always focused towards my goals.

List of internal and external rewards

I prefer the internal rewards more than external rewards. Thus, my focus is always on internal rewards as external rewards follows internal rewards. The most important internal reward that I prefer is the sense of satisfaction and ethical business workplace environment. I think that is a business follow ethical business policies, an employee will intends to serve for the organization more event through they are paid less.

In terms of external rewards the two most important rewards are satisfied salary increment and promotions based on the performance and years of association with he organization.   

I want to minimize the extra involvement in the official works. It is one of my greatest strength as well as weakness that I got too much involved in my professional work. I would like to give some time to my family members for attaining work-life balance.

Third Exercise:




Minute knowledge in the technology used in workplace

As a team member, team leader or system administration, I have to posses detailed knowledge in the process and approach that the organization is utilizing


Learning about updated telecommunication technology

Telecommunication company have to be updated as there is a severe market competition  and using the recent technology, the system has to be fast and available to the customers ate affordable rates

I want to make my acquaintances aware about the recent telecommunication technology

Develop good interpersonal relationship with every stakeholder  

This will help me to know the employees of my workplace and organization better and I can easily share knowledge for enhanced performance.

This will help me to develop work-life balance  

Fourth Exercise:

I have also suggested some innovative approach that has proved to be effective. One such incidence is that in Dish Home, while serving as a team leader, I have noticed that for communicating with the employee and providing them training is a culture. However, the process of training is given through traditional methods like preliminary discussion and ID strategy. The problem that I have told to my managers is that some employee do not come up with their problem that do not know the full utilization of the current implemented programs and others do not understand the practical implementation of the training materials in their workplace. So, I have suggested incorporating approaches like- mobile strategy and voicing based solutions so that every employee can learn techniques by not wasting their time in visiting training centers. This situation also represents my skills to initiate some constructive thing in the workplace.

Moreover, my interest is to learn about new technology that is new in market. I usually spent my leisure time in searching why some leading companies are more successful and do not suffer from any strategic problem. I read business magazines and learn about new business moves that enhance by knowledge in this field. This can be proved as my greatest strength to any employer as I intend to learn about new things and enhancing my personality.

Fifth Exercise:

Some of the skills and competencies that I posses are- time strutting and management, setting and achieving goals, taking effective decision making process, leading and motivating my subordinates and posses multiple perspective (Rajasekar and Al Raee 2013). I can say that my time management skills are effective as I noted down all the work that is to be accomplished and then prioritize the work. Additionally, I also decide the required resources and the optimized way through which the work can be accomplished easily. Moreover, having multiple perspectives allows me to communicate and understand subordinates effectively. This furthermore allows me to develop a good interpersonal relationship with them. I also allow people to participate in the decision making programs and come to an agreed-upon alternative to each business approach. This makes them more valuable and hence their time of associatively in the organization.

Sixth Exercise:

The things I want most in the rest of my life are success and business knowledge. My main immediate goals are to learn new telecommunication technology and follow all the leading businesspeople and apply their theories in the business wherever applicable by utilizing my knowledge. Moreover, my main long-term goals are to know business trends and adapt effective procedures and retain in the organization to implement those learned knowledge.  

I have identified that it does not take me long to learn something new like business approaches. I can also communicate with other subordinate and suggest them a suitable solution that they can perform. I can understand their adversity from their point of view. Another strength that I can say is that I also spend more time in business approaches and their performance. I continuously find out new ways to motivate my employee and ways through which their competencies can be improved. I can also implement knowledge sharing within the organization and involve higher authorities and low-end employee together to take effective business decisions.

There are areas in which I have to improve for future improvements. I got too much involved in my work that results in less time for personal works. I have to learn to main my personal and professional life for effective work-life balance. Moreover, I have to be focused on my perception so that I can guide other based on my leadership skills. Businesspeople said that implementing all the leadership skills it is difficult for a person to follow a particular direction. Lastly, I have to be aware of other aspects like some entertaining activities. Spending leisure time in learning business approaches and strategies can be good but not for a longer time.

Telstra is the leading Australian telecommunications and media company that is liable to operate networking system. They also provide mobile, pay television, internet access and other entertainment products to a significant portion of the Australian community. I want to join in this company to utilize my skills and previous experience in telecommunication industry to grand a challenging role in the organization. There are lots of things that can be learned from this interview process that are helpful in the personal development of an applicant. A standard interview does not last more than 20 minutes.

  • Time: 10:00 AM
  • Place: Telstra Auditorium
  • Organization: Telstra Telecommunication Private Limited
  • Person interviewed: Quality Assurance Manager
  • Role in the organization: To assesses the quality of the telecommunication technology used in the organization and to identify the problem areas. The person is also responsible for suggesting effective solution to mitigate the raised problem.

Q1. Why have you applied for this organization?

In this context, the interviewer desire to assess whether the applicant is aware of their company. They intend to know whether or not the applicant knows their job role for which they are applying. The applicant answers that Telstra is a leading telecommunication and is the largest in terms of revenue in Australia. Contributing the knowledge and competencies for the betterment of this organization will allow the applicant to grow and prove the analytical skills and academic knowledge.

Q2. What do you want to serve as a Quality Assurance Specialist?

The applicant told that I have all the ability and knowledge that is required for the job. The knowledge that he possesses from the academic life are utilized by the person in the professional field that can provide him the benefit to get selected. Moreover, years of experience in telecom industry and gradually promotions in the workplace also proves his competencies to be the best candidate for the organization.

Q3. You have to possess a good understanding of the HFC Network for this post. So, what do you know about this technology?

The person replied with confidence that every telecom industry provide broadband network to their clients for telecommunication services. However, customers now a days are more concern about the speed of the network. Telecom researchers have found that the hybrid of two effective telecommunication transportation systems can achieve the same. The two systems are optical fiber and coaxial cable and the hybrid of these two is known as Hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) and network develop through this is known as HFC Network. Most importantly, the answer is given by some example that uses this technology like cable TV.

Q4. What do you think is required responsibility for a HFC Upstream Completion Specialist to perform and how would you assess their performance?

The person said that HFC Upstream Completion Specialist is liable to handle the Upstream Completions team and the deployment of HFC Delivery Agreement Deployment. It is essential for the person to align their business approach with the delivery & completions program so that the desired organizational objectives can be achieved. The person further said that getting primary knowledge from the day of joining will be his first priority for the position for which he has applied. In addition to that, with the knowledge of defect management, quality management and system administration, handling the job responsibility likes quality deployment outcomes, improvement of physical and logical design data and monitoring any discrepancy in the work is easy to identify.

  • Were you surprised by any of the occupational information? Discuss how and why.

Some of the information that is told by the organization’s Human Resource Manager is quite shocking. The usual perception is that a person must get holidays on national holidays but working on those days as per as the requirement of the customers’ and organization’s demand is shocking.

  • Has the information increased your interest in this field? Discuss how and why.

Apart from occupational information, other information positively drives the intention to work for the organization. I have applied for the job role as I have experience in this field and know that I can handle the task pressure and approaches. However, I found the culture of adopting new and updated technology to be good as it matches with my hobby that is to learn and implement new business strategies.  In addition to that, the person working here are very cooperative. I have witnessed everyone to help each other. Thus, the environment of the workplace also increased my interest in this field.

  • What skills or experience do you have already that suit this occupation? Identify with brief examples.

I think that I am eligible as I have a good understanding about HFC Network. I have the working experience of being a team leader and system administration in telecommunication industry. I can also easily grab the knowledge of the information of the Construction Management Services (CMS) stream and HFC Delivery Agreement (HDA). This makes me eligible for the position and serves as a Quality Assurance Specialist.

Thus, I can say that I have to be more focused on the recent technology that can improve the telecommunication services and enhances the performance of the organization. I have to be more practical on the working implementation of the new technology. There are other aspects to develop a career plan that is to motivate the employees to utilize the solutions that are updated and share their positive as well as negative feedback. Career development planning emphasizes on the progress of the professional qualities. In this aspect I have to improve my effectiveness in the current role and prepare for potential senior leadership role. I have to identify strengths and development needs.

  • Functional and industry expertise
  • In-depth knowledge of telecommunication technologies
  • Problem-solving & decision-making
  • Developing a unique style of leadership and avoid multi-perspective nature
  • Cross-functional expertise
  • Ability to strategic thinking

I want to discuss with my managers regarding my desire to lead a high-level and cross-functional process improvement team. I think that this would leverage my professional strength and make me more compatible for gain experience in leading change. I believe that my managers suggest me with the best solutions in the desire organization and I can develop a strategic thinking and perform the company functions efficiently.

I have learnt about some of the steps that are required for developing an effective development plan. Firstly, I have to identify my current leadership competencies that are the ease in communicating with the team members and managers along with the knowledge to implement the theoretical knowledge practically for the current projects. Secondly, I have to develop some goals that can make me more competent for the organization for the desired role.  Taken for instance, I have to improve my communication skills to braider audience as I am only comfortable with the members in my organization. However, for the position quality analyst specialist, I have to understand the problem raised in the telecommunication process myself and make the clients to understand. Thirdly, I have to identify learning opportunities associated with the competencies so that I can attain the opportunities to practice the skills and enhance my knowledge.

Strategic goal


Probable obstacle and their solutions


Strategic Orientation

Lead the quality analyst team to check the genuineness of the ongoing process for achieving our mission and vision

Obstacle: Getting everyone at the table for discussion

Solution: Discuss with managers or help with scheduling and meeting knowledge needs of telecommunication technology.

Meeting monthly with the higher authorities to discuss strategic

issues and strategies

2 weeks


Study the problem aspects and then develop a set of alternatives that can overcome the adversity

Obstacle: It might need more time to test each alternative to find the optimal solution

Solution: small meeting with the team so that the most appropriate approach can be selected

4 weeks

Developing communication

Interact directly with the client in a friendly manner so that their problem can be identified and based on which a solution can be implemented

Obstacle: The perspective of some clients may not match with me. Some clients are not from technical background  

Problem in understanding the different language.

Solution: Enhance workplace diversity so that all the language and culture can be understood. Informal gatherings for discussing the different cultures can diminishes the gap of language

Make the client learnt about the benefits that they get from the services and make them understand of the process of the services through examples

4 weeks

Improvement in leadership skills

Giving the leadership psychometric tests at regular interval of time to progress the leadership skills   

Obstacle: Not all the tests shows the actual image of the human ability and provide  accurate solutions

Solution: Consulting with business experts to identify the gaps in the leadership skills and the link with the psychometric tests. These experts can provide the accurate solution for skills development

6 weeks

Table: Action Plan for Career development plan

Personal Details

Name: Ganesh Bishunke   

Address: 4/71, Frederick St, Campise, 2194, NSW    

Contact Numbers: (Mobile) 0452190024  

Email Address: [email protected]

Career Objective

  • To grab a challenging position in an innovative, flexible organization

  • To demonstrate my excellent organizational and administrative skills

  • To perform desire job responsibility in an effective and creative manner

  • To jell well as a team leader to provide guidance to other team-member

  • To learn and develop required knowledge to outperform in the workplace  

Summary Of Skills And Abilities

  • Highly motivated and qualified with more than 2 years of experience in telecommunication industry

  • Excellent decision making ability, multi-tasking capability and effective work under any work pressure

  • Good communication skills both in terms of written and verbally

  • Strong planning and computer troubleshooting skills

Tertiary Education

Year – Current < > 

Central Queensland University

Expected date of graduation ………

Grade point average (GPA): ………

Higher Secondary Education

Degree: 3 years Diploma of Information and Technology

Institution: Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute (NBPI), Banepa, Nepal

Date of Completion: 11th April 2013

Marks secured: 64.64%

Secondary Education

Institution: Gyankunj Secondary School, Banepa, Nepal

Date of Completion: 28th June 2009

Marks secured: 68%


Academic Achievements

  • 2009- Stood 5thin the final result in secondary education
  • 2010- Champion of interschool quiz competition
  • 2012- Winner of inter-school excursion

Personal Achievements

  • 2009- House captain in school, Football captain in interschool football championship  
  • 2014- Team leader in Dish Home to execute effective telecommunication services 

Employment History

1.0 Date: 18th July 2013 to 10th January 2014

Position: Telecommunications Specialist, Team associate

Company: Classic Tech

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Planning of network installation by going through the technical specifications
  • Monitor the data networks by programming features for establishing integrations and interfacing
  • Develop the configurations of record diagram and programming
  • Maintaining customer rapport by adhering to their concerns  
  • Accepting ownership for accomplishing updated and recent stakeholder’s requests

2.0 Date: 20th January 2014 to 30th November 2014

Position: Telecommunication automation department, Team Leader

Company: Dish Home

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Verifies service by testing and re-programming circuits
  • Identification of the problem by conferring with engineers
  • Establishing effective communication system to get the work done by subordinates
  • Maintaining safe work environment for adhering all the policies and standards

3.0 Date: 1st December 2014 to 31st July, 2015

Position: System Administrator and Technical Support Specialist

Company: Dish Home

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Promoted to leadership role for handling key business applications and system maintenance
  • Partner with senior leadership to guide short- and long-range technology planning
  • Overseeing daily support operations and providing assistance
  • Initiated transformative IT policies


  • Project Management
  • Monitoring all the automation process and identify issue
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Strategic Planning for maintaining all the business operations
  • Resource allocation and vendor relation management
  • Data Backup and Recovery

Technical Proficiencies

Platform Knowledge: Window 8/8.1/10/ iOS, Oracle and Linux

Application Software: Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project), Microsoft Access, QuickBooks, and Photoshop.

Programming Language: C, C++, HML, HTML, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, PHP, Python, Blue Java, Java, Perl and Ruby

Interests and Hobbies

  • Cooking- Runner-up at Innovative Cooking Competition 2011, like to make desserts and Nepalese cuisine

  • Travel- Trekking in hill station and participate once in a year in trekking program.  

  • Making new Friends- I love travelling and communicating with new people.

  • Playing Football- Championship in interschool football competitions

Work Skills Matrix




Time management


• Never missed deadlines and intends to submit the school and university assignment before allocated time

• Effective project planning with maximum utilization of resources in minimum financial resources

• Management of team by fulfilling all the stakeholder’s priority

Computer skills

· Word

· Excel

· PowerPoint

· Access



· Utilization of Microsoft for developing school assignments

· Proper usage of Microsoft Excel for formatting calculations

· Use of PowerPoint slide to prepare presentation in academic as well as professional life

· Manipulating data in database management system so that all the data can be maintained

Leadership Skills


· Worked as a team leader in a leading tele-communication company

· Allocate job responsibility to each team member by understanding their competency

· Provide them positive comments on their performance



Mr. Aadishankar Basnet

Tel-communication manager

Dish Home

Ph: +977-01-4217666/ 01-4482425



Mr. Dobar Lal Shrestha


Nepal Banepa Polytechnic Institute (NBPI)

Ph: +977 11-660625

Email: [email protected]

The position for which the selection criterion is given is for the position Quality Assurance Specialist in the Information Technology Telecommunication Company, Telstra Telecommunication Private Limited. The job roles and responsibility of the quality analyst is to- ensure that all the developed software is working properly or not. Knowledge regarding the recent and updated software is important so that the organization can gain competitive advantage by remaining updated.  

The mandatory criterion is that for the quality analyst position, the candidates should possess a degree in Information and Technology and a minimum of 1 year experience in Tele-communication sector.

  • Situation

I have to perform as a responsible team member and within a year my ability to outperform allows me to grab a higher position where I can guide other subordinate so that they can obtain organizational goals and objectives.

  • Task

Some of the new team member faces difficulty to utilize the concept of cloud technology and VoIP solution. My responsibility is to me the team member understands regarding the background information and the working approaches of the software and applications. I my current position I should also assess the software and make my team members or employees for adapting the correct procedure that help them to perform the job effectively.

  • Action

I have conducted a meeting with the employees and then ask for the problem that they are facing. I have planned for one to one session so that everyone can present their concern without any hesitation. Some people said that they are not aware of the technology that is used in the workplace and thus it takes longer for them to accomplish the work. In this case, I have planned for paid- training session but consulting with the higher authorities of the organization.

  • Result

The result is that all the employees are happy and they shared a positive feedback that they are able to work faster and with confidence. I have witnessed the performance and productivity growth of these employees. Some of the senior authorities appreciate my direct manner and have commented on my excellent problem identification, mitigation and decision making skills.

The desirable criteria are the good and effective communication skills. The applicant has to possess leadership skills and a great knowledge in time management.

  • Situation

In my last job role, I am responsible for software development and later promoted for handle the administrative management.

  • Task

The telecommunication system that was then used in the organization was based on J2EE architecture that utilizes the Windows NT 4.0 server. The task is to make employee learn about improving operability and customer access to commercial business products. Information regarding the features and use of the products should also be introduced in this session. I have to conduct meetings with higher authorities and train the new employees along with the accomplishment my role as a system administrator.   

  • Action

I have selected the most appropriate way to train the employee that is adoption of e-learning solutions. The company Dish Home used preliminary discussion and ID strategy. In these forms only the leadership styles that is followed in the company and suggestion based on organizational information is provided for content strategy for each type of program and application that is used for effective telecommunication programs. However, I have suggested strategies like mobile strategy, effective platform configuration and voice based solution. My major concern is providing training by wasting minimum time to learn. Thus, a special IVR based learning platform is formulated for training assessing the performance of the employees via phone call. All the activities are incorporated by conducting meeting with the managers. This saves my time to perform my job role.

  • Result

The employees are satisfied and can learn new things by not hampering their work. Through this communication system, employee can share their feedback to me at any time that I desire to overcome for the betterment of both the employees and organization. I have managed the time by addressing all the difficult areas and desire to overcome the adversity by proper leadership skills and time management.

Thus, I think that I am the eligible applicant for the position as I have started my career with the telecommunication sector. I have witnessed all the phases, started from a team associate, team leader to System Administrator and Technical Support Specialist. I possess the knowledge of handing the execution process of the software used in telecommunication, guide the team members to execute and utilize the software properly and check the correctness of the developed software. Thus, utilizing my academic knowledge and experience, I can handle the job responsibility of the concerned position. Moreover, I can also maintain an effective and regular communicated with managers as well as subordinates.   

Position: Quality Assurance Specialist in Telstra Telecommunication Private Limited, Reference No. 0007

Name and address

Ganesh Bishunke

4/71, Frederick St, Campise, 2194, NSW

Marital Status: UnMarried

Nationality: Nepali

E-mail: [email protected]

Mobile: 0452190024


5th April, 2017


Division of Human Resources

Telstra Telecommunications Private Limited


Respected Sir / Madam


RE: Quality Assurance Specialist- 2 Years Fixed Term

Reference No. 0007


I would like to apply for the position of Quality Assurance Specialist advertise on your website on 1st April, 2017

Middle paragraphs

I am particularly interested in serving as a software analyst with your organization as my skills and abilities are well-suited for the position.

I have an Information technology academic background and have experience in telecommunication as a team associate, team leaders and system administration. This makes me more competent and eligible for the vacant position. I also have the experience of supporting virtual/matrix team environments from the time I have performed the role of a team-leader.

In addition to my extensive office experience, I am very conformable in communicating with my different people from diverse background and culture. My matured, gracious and professional manner is admired by all the internal as well as external stakeholders. Customers and team members communicate with me without my hesitation.

I also possess comprehensive knowledge of hardware platforms and ability to hand administrative work and troubleshoot Storage Area Networks (SAN). I am also competent to provide support in performance monitoring, root cause analysis, and resolution for VMware environments

Last paragraph

I have attached a copy of my resume and claim to support to all the eligibility criteria. I am looking for a positive response of the concerned job responsibility. I will be available in the above mentioned e-mail and contact details. You can also message me in my number if I am not available. I want to thank you for my application.


Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Bishunke

6.0 Reference List 

Amin, A., Shehzad, S., Khan, C., Ali, I. and Anwar, S., 2015. Churn prediction in telecommunication industry using rough set approach. In New Trends in Computational Collective Intelligence (pp. 83-95). Springer International Publishing.

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Faris, H., Al-Shboul, B. and Ghatasheh, N., 2014, September. A genetic programming based framework for churn prediction in telecommunication industry. In International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence (pp. 353-362). Springer, Cham.

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Kim, K., Jun, C.H. and Lee, J., 2014. Improved churn prediction in telecommunication industry by analyzing a large network. Expert Systems with Applications, 41(15), pp.6575-6584.

Prajapat, R., More, D. and Lalwani, L., 2016. BSNL Journey in Telecommunication Industry and Learnings from NTT Group. IETE Technical Review, 33(4), pp.357-367.

Rajasekar, J. and Al Raee, M., 2013. An analysis of the telecommunication industry in the Sultanate of Oman using Michael Porter's competitive strategy model. Competitiveness Review: An International Business Journal, 23(3), pp.234-259.

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