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Overview of Singapore logistics performance


Discuss about the Optimal Resource Allocation Management.

Singapore is the no.1 logistics hub in Asia as per the logistic performance standard considered by World Bank (Henderson, 2016). The nation has the 25 global logistic players including the operational management. In case of global connectivity, most of the manufacturing companies are depending on their nation's logistics (Henderson, 2016). The aim of the study is to consolidate the transportation and developmental service of the manufacturer company "Asian Home Gourmet". There are certain processes that have discussed for the operational manner of Incoterms selection, selecting criteria of the logistics and the carrier relationship management of the company. For this reason, the various approaches have been made by the organization for the development of their business.

Asian Home Gourmet brings the executive flavors in Singapore since 1982. It has introduced the new flavors in Singapore and with the products and tastes. The company has wide ranges of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Singaporean dishes. Asian Home Gourmet has made the creativity in food that recreates the conventional food in an innovate manner (, 2017). Asian Home Gourmet had a determined mission to permit consumers everywhere an opportune way to relish the assortment of Asian cooking.

The organization aim is to provide best quality food to their customers. In the entire nation they are the only Singaporean food hub where quality Asian food has delivered and that is the USP of the organization. Asian Home Gourmet can be found in most of the supermarket due to their quality in Asian food and that also impacted over the worldwide business.

The importance of the report analyzes Incoterms process of management where third party allowance is not existed. The manufacturer company directly conducted the product to customers. There are certain carrier options for the company from where they have to choose the right one for the organization. There are several carrier costing and carrier relationship management for the betterment of distribution channel and development of the market.

For the International rules and regulations methods in case of selling or buying any product, Incoterms selection is important. It also practices in the Singapore and applied for the company as well. In case of definite, the price, policy, and quality of the product are determined by the process (Olhager, Pashaei & Sternberg, 2015). So this process has set the characteristic of all the goods in an organization thus any areas of operation description, Incoterms is important. The discussion of different modes of Incoterms and their payment and product option has delivered by the process. 

  1. In such case of the Ex-works sellers are arranging the quality product and buyers are quite happy to have those. So eventually the buyers are the only responsible person to deliver the transportation cost of those products (Thai & Yeo, 2015). The sellers have to take the certain risk of those products as they have to depend on the customer for the better result.
  2. Service, responsibility and the free carrier on a boat of the best service providence for the sellers as they have to sell the product to the customer. Transportation cost for the further selling business responsibility is the key section for the development of a business [Refer to Appendix 1].
  3. From where the products are ready for sale there is certain transportation cost has implemented over the product as well. These are like freight cost, insurance, insurance cost of the product and the cost of the loading and unloading program (Wensveen, 2016). This is the most important section like everyday goods loading need to be implemented so that sellers can have those products and buyers can buy those products from the sellers. These processes ultimately develop the business and support the logistics as well for the betterment of the business [Refer to Appendix 1].
  4. Some of the goods are not quite dependable in case of accessing expiry date of the product or the products may be creating some worse effect to the buyer. There are some cases where goods ware contaminated form any section, so these risks are mitigated by the delivering issue of the product (Coelho, Renaud & Laporte, 2015).

Introduction to Asian Home Gourmet Company

In that assigned project there are several companies can be chosen for the business support of Asian Home Gourmet and analyze those companies with the concern effectiveness of their service production.

In case of Asian Home Gourmet, Asian food lovers are the potential target market for them. Their market chain is stretched into the 8000 major supermarkets across the globe thus their traditional cooking manner is the key concern for the buyers. The company has used the land, air and water transport for the distribution of the goods (Lee & Kam, 2014). The process of distribution has created the domestic and international market for the business. Legitimate transportation is the concern issue over the mater and that also found in the company as they have depended on the delivery of the product.

The Incoterms activities consider logistics and delivery services. There are no such third party involvements as the process has chained from the manufacturer to seller from where buyers will buy. There are certain saturations when buyers are collecting or bring those products directly from the manufacturer (Xi & Poh, 2015). Thus, the accountability and the cost of bringing will be abridged as well and the company will be in good turnover. In such cases, the transfer reporting and authorization process will be easier and the seller will be less accountable towards the complete operation procedure.

Carrier selecting is the most important section for the organization. There are different objectives that can be driven by the carrier selection option. There are some specific markets in the international arena where selecting a carrier is one of the most important needs for the manufacturing company (Adnan et al. 2017). There are certain criteria have generated for the best possible selection of carriers from the major logistics companies.








KMS Logistics



NTT Data Singapore



CEVA Logistic


Table 1: Grading of Carrier options

(Source: Zhang et al. 2017)

From the analyses table it is quite evident that WINSPEC is the best from that end as the company deliver the food at the right time and also cover the whole geographic area of Singapore. The carrier logistic is time saving as well as they have the reliability is picking up delivery. The capacity of load they had carried is the best from any logistic and their chances of lost of damage the product are also less and that might also embrace their service.

The specific organizational structure is important for the progression of the carrier selection. In that case, the structure should enhance the reality of choosing the carrier. The authority of the company takes initiation for the development of choosing the carrier and inquires the possible responses from their stakeholders.

Incoterms process and its relevance in the organization

Carrier should manage the active transitional phase of the organization to sustain the business in local, national or the regional section in the business that incorporates a good amount of customers to their company (Gan et al. 2014). This is basically a linking process that has been done from the company end to make sustain their business procedure.

The reference to the balance sheet and contain of financial data maintenance also depend on the capital improvement of the business. Annual report and the long-term ratio management in the organization will follow the need for the better logistic association.

There is certain carrier costing that has to set the organization. The organization has to set their carrier option as well as explain their mechanism or the objectives so those carrier companies will understand the value of those products and implement over that.

Communication with the carrier companies and organization is not a formal interaction that they had made; rather it has the formal acknowledgment of contract and the evergreen partnership that organization and carrier companies are following (Xi & Poh, 2013). Short term contractual relationship is not the proper way to build up relation rather it is a kind of situation that provides appropriate scope for the company to maintain their good logistic as well.

All these findings are pointed over the operating market and logistics management that has provided the better transportation and good reputation of the carrier partners. For the better maintaining relationship with the partners, a partnership with the organization is the main necessitate for the carrier companies (Varakantham, Low & Zhang, 2017). There are the certain technological enhancement and distribution policy that can be applied for the betterment of the organizational structure.

In case of Asian Home Gourmet, food supplies are the basic motive of the organization. As they have a different outlet and so transportation is the only way to reach those foods to the different outlets. Customers have to suffer if they do not get their favorite food at the same time business sustainable will intervene due to that process (Labbé et al. 2013). In case of applying the logistic process, the organization has to choose their perspective by taking the application from carrier options and that create the extra allocation for the organization.

The basic objective of Asian Home Gourmet is to provide the better management in terms of addressing the goals and provides the best customer service for the improved nature of the organization. It is very much crucial to understand that carrier relationship management is the only aspect that this food company has followed for the better management of the professional business aspect (Zhang et al. 2017). There is certain relationship management that must be imposed for the development of the company and carrier relationship management is one of them.

Carrier selecting and costing for Asian Home Gourmet Company

The service provided by Asian Home Gourmet express the proper responsiveness towards the customer want and that will also increase their market revenue as well. In order to make some innovative implementation in food as well as the large variety of recipes will make the creativity and the simplicity in food that resembles the quality output from the organization. 

The logistic service is the systematic welfare that provides the innovation and technological approach to the organization so that inventory management can take their charge to maintain the reputation of the company (Henderson, 2016). By providing the better innovative approach, the company has to analyze their accelerate motive and they have to use it for the further development.

The service has provided by the Asian Home Gourmet is the quite reliable for the customers as best quality has provided by their end. The service is so satisfying that an Asian person have done to relinquish their taste and as the company provides a good quality of food to their customers (Kuang & Bhat, 2017). For the improved cost of resources, the general view of the management has to look after the quality delivering to the customers. Applying this perspective the company has stretched their business in an ethical way and controls their cost for the better outsourcing of service and customers.

In case of Asian Home Gourmet, development of carrier relationship management and management activities are the impotent aspects of the sustainable condition of the company. There are certain limitations and challenges that organization has to defend and that have created their immunity in terms of dealing with the adverse situation (Henderson, 2016). In order to set high objectives, the organization has to analyze and understand their limitation and approach for marking the particular logistic or company for the better accession of the process.


From the detailed analysis, it can be concluded that a detailed analysis of the transportation and Incoterms analysis has done in this report. The report also determines the aspect of Asian Home Gourmet and directing the goals and objectives of the company to carry out the better relationship with the logistics facility. The market share of the company is related to that as the business enhancement will provide the better business inputs also provide good revenue generation for the organization. The importance of logistics without the intervention of the third party and the better relationship maintenance is the key aspect that needs to maintain from the company’s end. Asian Home Gourmet is one of the best Asian food manufacturers in Singapore thus their reach in service must be high in quality and the technological innovations need to implement for the development of the company. The company has certain shipping or carrier options so these options needed to be strong enough to compose the process for the development of the organization. In this conclusive manner, it is significant to comprise innovative resources of carrying out the Incoterms movement that would assist the organization to augment its marketplace share and progress its association with the customers.

Importance of carrier relationship management for business sustainability


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