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Organizational Behavior: Organizational Level

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Discuss the importance of attitude in relation to behavior at the individual level, group level and organizational level.




As emphasized by P. Robins “Organizational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and organizational structure have on behavior within the organization, for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organizational effectiveness.” In order to run the entire process of business by maintaining business sustainability the significance of organizational behavior is undeniable. Numerous eminent scholars have provided their own opinion regarding the overall concept of organizational behavior.  As per the point of view of some of the contemporary scholars every organization has to follow a proper culture and discipline in order to maintain the rhythmic flow of business. Kehoe and Wrigh (2013) opined that while maintaining individual performance employees have to maintain an effective communication with each other. Employees are from different cultural and religious backgrounds and attitudes. While taking a particular business decision the business managers have to face numerous psychological barriers. Consequently the business managers have to face innumerable difficulties in making an effective decision regarding the business goal. This specific study has focused to make an in-depth analysis on how attitude leaves a major impact on the overall performance level of an individual, group as well as of an organization. Based on the job satisfaction level of an individual the attitude and dedication level towards the organizational services vary.


As per the point of view of Mowday, Porter and Steers (2013) the performance level of an individual is highly dependent on the co-operation and support of business managers with the help of which a particular organizational employee gains the confidence of meeting the business target within proper time. It has been observed that large number of business managers within a specific organization do not intend to communicate with the employees properly due to linguistic barrier, cultural barrier or psychological barriers. As a result, those employees who fail to communicate with the organizational managers properly for language barrier have to face innumerable difficulties in performing well for reaching the business target. Business managers with the help of participative form of leadership style should focus on communicating with the employees in such a way that the employees do not have to face difficulties in sharing their problems and challenges facing at the workplace. As per the opinion of Kark and Shamir (2013), business managers within the organization intend to use autocratic form of leadership style. With the help of autocratic form of leadership style organizational managers intend to impose their own decision on the employees. As a result, employees get least opportunity in sharing their own opinion regarding the improvement of business process.

Due to the lack of co-operation from business experts employees fail to get proper support and motivation in performing well. The lack of employee motivation is one of the most effective reasons of being dissatisfied towards the performances. If the employees fail to get job satisfaction the rate of employee turnover increases. At the same time, employees do not intend to maintain organizational behavior. The communication gap between the business managers and the employees increases automatically. In this kind of situation, business managers automatically fail to maintain the systematic flow of business. As emphasized by Sallis, Owen and Fisher (2015) the attitude of an individual business manager is highly important in maintaining the rhythmic flow of business.  In some of the cases, it has been observed that due to the lack of personality and management skill the business managers fail to keep a constant control over the entire process of business.


In addition, organizational behavior leaves a major impact on overall all performance level of group as well. Shin, Taylor and Seo (2012) opined that group discussion is highly effective for sharing necessary knowledge and information regarding the business. Before changing a particular business strategy and policy organizations always intend to make an effective group discussion by involving employees for getting collective information. This specific scholar believes that group performance is more significant than the individual one. With the help of an effective group performance the employees as well as the manager get the scope to exchange thoughts and ideas regarding the business strategies and policies. The ideal attitude of a business manager should be keeping trust on the group members at workplace. Managers with the help of democratic form of leadership style make an effective session where employees are allowed to share their own opinion regarding the business goal. With the equal co-operation of both the managers and the employees the organization gains image and reputation for performing well. If the managers and the employees are able to maintain a business project in a collaborative way the entire process of organizational behavior is automatically maintained. Therefore, this specific study has focused to make an in-depth analysis about the importance of collaboration among the team members in order to achieve the success of business.

Hsiung (2012) opined that large number of business organizations is there where the organizational managers do not keep a trust on the overall employee performance. Therefore, before taking any particular business decision the organizational managers do not wait for taking the decision from employees. In this kind of situation, the employees show their extreme level of reluctance in performing well for gaining organizational image and reputation. In order to overcome this barrier various eminent scholars have provided numerous solutions. The business managers can deal with the organizational employees in such a way that employees get the scope of participating in group discussion. As emphasized by Avey, Wernsing and Palanski (2012), it is undeniable that the entire success of a business organization is highly dependent on the performance level of employees. Therefore, the primary responsibility of managers is to make a good rapport with every individual. However, this specific study has focused to make an in-depth overview on how the group involvement is highly effective in maintaining organizational behavior. At the same time, it is also undeniable that group involvement encourages every single employee in meeting business target as well as maintaining organizational discipline.

The importance of attitude and organizational behavior in organizational level is also very important. In order to perform well towards the business service the organizational managers should have a commitment with the employees. While dealing with the employees belonging to different geographical boundaries and culture the business experts have to focus on maintaining some ethics, values and culture. They need to treat every employee with equal respect and dignity. DiPaola and Tschannen-Moran (2014) stated that employees should be judged as per their performance level rather than their skills and talents. At the same time, if any individual employee is not flexible enough in making effective communication the business managers should provide proper training and development session to that individual. This particular training and development session would be helpful for enhancing the performance level of an employee. Therefore, the business managers would be able to make effective communication (Vaccaro et al. 2012). After evaluating the entire study about the importance of attitude in relation to behavior at the individual level, group level and organizational level it can be stated that employee performance is highly dependent overall structure and culture of a particular organization. Therefore, employees should be motivated at the workplace. Automatically organizational behavior as well as culture would be maintained.

The overarching concept of Organizational citizenship behavior represents an employees’ volunteer commitment apart from going the contractual allocation. As stated by Schaubroeck et al. (2012), an individual employee tends to show interest in taking overburden of an organization only when they will get additional benefits and facilities from the employers. It has been observed that large number of business organizations tend to implement reward and recognition policy for appreciating the endeavor of employees. In addition, the business organizations intend to provide additional bonus and incentives to the employees for motivating themselves in giving additional effort (Bissing?Olson et al. 2013). This particular organizational strategy is highly effective in maintaining organizational behavior. At the same time, it is undeniable that organizational behavior is maintained at the workplace only when employees get motivated towards the performances.


This specific study has focused to evaluate critically about the importance of attitude in relation to behavior at the individual level, group level and organizational level. In last five years, it has been observed that business organizations are unable to maintain an effective employee relation as well as organizational behavior. Communication barrier, psychological barriers, cultural barriers are the specific reasons due to which business managers face difficulties in making a rapport with the employees. This particular study has critically evaluated on how individual, group as well as organizational factors leave a major impact on maintaining the organizational behavior. The importance of attitude of business managers is having major significance in making rapport with business employees. Numerous eminent scholars have been chosen who have provided their own point of view regarding the impact of attitude in maintaining organizational behavior. The arguments of the eminent scholars have been critically analyzed.


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