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Investment Options for Creating Value


Discuss About The Prioritizing Portfolio Investment Projects?

With a view to cover its monthly expenses after retirement, Shaun wants to invest $890,000 in superannuation to create value or increase his private wealth. Shaun could have various options such as investing his money in private equity funds, hedge funds sovereign funds or derivatives.  The main investment idea for creating value on the investment could be related to investment in diversified funds which will give high value creation. Shaun could invest half of its money in money smart investment which will give around 10.6% rate of return. However, it will have high risk. Nonetheless, investment in high growth fund will also give 10.8%. This level of investment in these funds will have cost of investment of .5%. If Shaun wants to have zero risk on his investment then he could invest his full money government bond funds at 5% rate of return. However, the best investment option which Shaun could have is related to investing 50% investment in government gilt securities and 50% in other diversified funds (Rebennack, 2014). In addition to this, he could also take various insurance plans and permanent disability insurance program to overcome possible risks.

  • The currently Shun has two plans either to invest in superannuation to get $890,000 at the time when he retires or to have minimum amount of $ 43655 at the time when he becomes 90.
  • It has various options to make investment in diversified portfolio to increase the value of his investment.
  • It has income of $ 25000 on monthly basis. However, he has planned to drop its $ 100 income for its health purpose program.
  • This amount of investment strategy may result to destruction of its present investment due to other marketing factors and present value discounted factors.
  • Shaun has to face all the risk related to market and increased cost of capital. If return on capital employed by Shaun is less than market cost of capital then it will result to destruction of his investment.
  • Establishment of coordination between all of his investment plans require complex calculation which may be hard to understand.
  • These diversified investment may give optimum level of return but high level of risk as well.
  • If he face some of disease and other abnormal problems then it may impact the cash inflow and outflow from his account.
  • Cover up the future needs which Shaun will have after achieving his age.
  • Creation of value on his investment.
  • Identifying the best suitable investment option for his investment.
  • Identifying the present value of investment and compare it with discounted value of his future inflows throughout the time.
  • Shaun has goal to renovate his houses and create value on his investment.
  • After his retirement, he want to build a house or renovate his existing house
  • The main risk of Shaun is related to investment in diversified portfolio. If Shaun invest his money in diversified portfolio such as conservative funds, balance funds, high growth funds, then in this case it will have high risk in getting return on his investment. On the other hand, investment in gilt securities will have zero risk
  • However, Shaun with the help of these diversified investment.
  • Insurance cover will help Shaun to overcome risk problem in investment strategies in market (Altuntas & Dereli, 2015).

Investment in specified funds to build up house for children

  • Shaun bank statement has shown that it has saving of around $25000 each month. It will give him around 8% to 12% return on his investment on yearly basis. However, investment in conservative and highly risky portfolio will give him average return of 14% to 17% on yearly basis
  • The objective of retirement plan of Shaun is to renovate its home.

Shaun needs to allocate his funds in different mutual funds and investment plans. However, investing in commercial papers and portfolio investment will increase the supper multiplier funds.

Shun needs to maintain its monthly contribution in prepared set portfolio. However, if could increase the cash inflow for these prepared portfolio then he should invest his funds in portfolio set. In addition to this, he could also take hedge funds to create shield against its debts.

It is evaluated that if Shaun want to determine the amount of capital which he will receive then he should use money smart calculator. In order to use this money smart calculator, he needs to use cost of capital rate, return on investment and multipliers which will be implemented on the invested capital.

  • It will create value of his investment on the average return creation by 28%.
  • Diversification in various securities will help Shaun to reduce the associated risk.
  • It will reduce the market risk and will also increase.
  • Investment in conservative funds could increase the overall value of investment and return on his capital employed (Bodie, 2013).
  • Shaun could destruct his investment or capital value if investment strategies went wrong.
  • There are several market factors which could impact the set investment strategies and predetermined outcomes in significant manner.
  • Changes in return amount and associated risk factors may vary with the changes in market factors.
  • Shaun could implement capital assets pricing model to compare its return on capital employed and cost of capital (Das, 2014).
  • Shaun could invest his monthly saving in fixed deposit or mutual funds. Fixed deposit will give him earning of around average 8% on yearly basis.
  • Investment in mutual funds will give him high risk and high return which depends upon the business circumstance.

Shaun could plan its family holiday in Cape Town by investing $25000 on monthly basis in diversified portfolio.

  • Investment of 15% income in gilt securities for a return of 8% with zero the association of zero risk.
  • 60% of value of capital collected in conservative funds.
  • Investing 25% of his overall saving in fixed deposit to get return of 8% on yearly basis and cumulative return of 12% on annual basis (DeFusco, et al. 2015).
  • It will help Shaun to achieve his desired plan with less complexity.
  • Creation of value of investment.
  • Reducing the risk with the systematic increment in return.
  • $ 100 each month and making additional contribution to the superannuation to multiply the investment plan.
  • If Shaun withdraw his deposited amount due to urgency then it will reduce the determined investment.
  • Shaun may face high risk in its portfolio investment due to high risk in his investment strategies.
  • Shaun might have deficiency in getting the predetermined capital amount to renovate the house (Channon & Jalland, 2016).
  • The main alternative consideration is related to investing more capital in portfolio capital. This will help Shaun to get return of around 15% to 17 % on yearly basis with very low risk (Frost, et al. 2014).
  • Objective 2

Building or renovating house after his retirement for its effective looking could be done by making annual investment of $ 10000 for 15 years at an average return of 15% in conservative investment funds.

  • Investing in gilt security and diversified portfolio will create value of investment by
  • High risk and destruction of value.
  • Creation of high value on investment if investment is made in equity shares and other mutual funds
  • If Shaun could take high risk then it will increase the overall return on investment. For instance, investment in diversified portfolio and other securities will give him average 15% to 18% return on his investment.
  1. Objective
  1. In order to get $ 8, 90,000 in the investment plan, Shaun needs to invest his money in managed investment, fixed deposits, government bonds and Australian shares. It is evaluated that bifurcation of same is done on the basis of return and risk of the investment (Hung, Mithulananthan & Bansal, 2014)
  • This investment strategy will increase the overall return on the investment and income of $ 8, 90,000 on his retirement.
  • Shaun could get $ 43665 on monthly basis as return on earning.
  • There may be chances to lose the possibility to get the required amount of return on his investment due to other market factors.
  • Shaun may need to change his investment strategies with a view to reduce the overall risk and increase the overall return to $ 8, 90,000.
  • If Shaun is ready to take high risk on his investment then he should invest all of his 100% investment in managed investment fund high growth plan. This investment strategies will give 10.5% on his investment plan.

Shaun could invest his investment money in Bupa life insurance for taking health life insurance on his life and his family member’s life. However, the amount of premium and maturity value in this investment will be available for tax deduction.

If Shaun could take permanent disability insurance then it will create effectiveness to protect his life chances and compensating the life surety. This insurance plan could increase the overall efficiency to encounter the risk arise from the permanent disability in his life.

This is the strategic planning to create shield against all the risk related to earn annual income on his investment. Therefore, deficiency in the set income will result to amount received from the insurance company. This will take insurance premium amount.

This is the insurance plan which Shaun could take from ICICI insurance company to secure his mental and physical disability. In case, Shaun face these problems then he will be compensated by the certain amount for the same.

There are several other insurances plans such as health insurance, income saving insurance and budget set insurance plan which will help Shaun to overcome all the uncertainty

In terms of Estate Planning, we recommend Shaun:

To invest half of it’s saving in managed growth funds which will give 10.5% return on his investment.

If he could reduce his end investment plans then Shaun will also have to change his investment plans in determined approach.

Investment in different portfolio and investment plans depends upon the risk and return of the investment plan. For instance, if Shaun could take high risk in his investment then it will increase the overall return but may also result to destruction.


Altuntas, S., & Dereli, T. (2015). A novel approach based on DEMATEL method and patent citation analysis for prioritizing a portfolio of investment projects. Expert systems with Applications, 42(3), 1003-1012.

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Hung, D. Q., Mithulananthan, N., & Bansal, R. C. (2014). An optimal investment planning framework for multiple distributed generation units in industrial distribution systems. Applied Energy, 124, 62-72.

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