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The significance of legislative policies and codes of practice in recruitment, selection, and induction process

Discuss about the Recruitment, Selection and Induction Process for Legislative Policies.

Explain three relevant legislative policies and codes of practice that can affect an organization’s recruitment, selection and induction processes and objectives. The recruitment, selection and induction policy are principle statements that outline how an organization should conduct these activities (Cascio 2018). The three relevant legislative policies and codes of practice include the Equality Act 2010, the Data Protection Act 1998

The documentation is important to make sure that the job descriptions are accurate and fully updated. The description is used as an equipment which helps in recruitment. Secondly, documentation is important when selecting and recruiting candidates into the organization as it will reflect the fairness and transparency in the activity. This is because under the policy of selection and recruitment it emphasis of the equal opportunity that should be granted to the qualified candidates. Furthermore, the organization need to shows its credibility to their customers as well as the investors. This is because not all the job descriptions made through advertisement are genuine thus documenting will be the best way to credibility.

There is a wide range when it comes to the benefits of using the basic calculations and technology when recruiting and selecting candidates into an organization. This has increased the productivity which translates to the increased economic growth of the country’s GDP. Automation will result out of technology thus reducing the time used.  Furthermore, technology is in a position to tell whether one is fit to be recruited in the currently available task in place. Technology will ensure that the strategies identified in hiring work best to ensure productivity.

The senior management of any organization is well aware of the agreed upon levels one should maintain when they are recruiting new candidates into their organization. Anybody else who is not in the management requirements to be oriented so that they have similar motives and expectations with the way the organization is run. Thus, having a clear and understandable outline then the individual conducting the recruitment will be in a better position to make a decision close to those that would be made by the management.

Recruitment documentation is very key to successfully obtaining the best skills. Thus, any mistakes made in the documentation should be adjusted in time.

It is important to communicate to relevant staff about the required training provided by the organization. They will provide effective as well as professional support to the community around the newly recruited employee.  Furthermore, this gives a positive working relationship with the members and at the same time improving the lines of communication.

The importance of documentation, technology, and training in the recruitment process

Human resource will always make the required information available for us. However, expertise in that particular filed should be partner with the human resource for better skill recruitment.

Recruitment is conducted immediately after the job description is approved. Candidates who apply for the vacancies posted will go through an interview the employers and in most cases the management of the organization. Their duty is to choose those qualified for the job descriptions made. On the other hand, after interviewing the candidates are selected by the hiring managers together with the human resource members. The team is responsible for making very careful decisions on the members who have achieved the very fine qualifications (Pridmore and White 2017). Now, when the individual has accepted the job offer, then it is a necessity that they are inducted into the organization. The induction could be done by the fellow colleagues in the same department in the essence of familiarizing oneself with the environment.

On the recruitment and selection of a candidate into the organization, it is important that the staff involved in the process. This is in the essence of maximizing the opportunity of hiring the best candidate amidst the many who have reached the required qualifications. In the training, clear guidelines are established on how recruitment and selection will take place and thereafter how the training of the new employees will take place.

First and foremost, workforce planning system involves the identification and responses given to the future human resource. This makes sure that the organizational current needs are met together with those that will come in future. The legal requirement will be followed by the law agreement to maintain the credibility of the system.

Recruitment in an organization should follow completely the procedure as required. It will be in accordance with the legal policy and it will ensure fairness and equality is achieved without any discriminations. Failure to comply with the existing policy regulations will cause the failure in performance due to lack of the very skilled professionals in the organization as people could easily be employed through corruption.

Under every activity of an organization cost comes along with it. This is therefore, important for the company to ready for such expenditures whenever they are trying to recruit new employees into the organization.

Salary negotiation is important when recruiting a new staff into the organization. This is, therefore, done during the process of hiring where it I required of the candidate to be aware of what the organization offers. When recruiting it is said that the more details one have the more credible one sound and the more one deserves that position. Salary negotiations should be between two people who are fully aware of the salary market rates.

The significance of induction, employment contract, salary negotiation, and psychometric testing

Employers choose to use the psychometric testing as a way of giving the best evaluation and assessment of the candidates in the aspiration of hiring the best performer (Kaplan & Saccuzzo 2017). It gives more range of the candidates' strengths, weaknesses, character and way of working. Thus, it is used to create a better evaluation strategy. The main objective of the test is to give a measure of the objective information which will provide a better view of the suitability of the candidate.

To the organization, induction is one of the very key important factors. The induction will increase the retention level of employees thus it is referred to as an important tool for achieving the goal. Secondly, when for instance, a new manager is brought into the board it is important for him to have an introduction to the people he will be leading. This way the manager is able to learn fast about the organization thus inclusiveness as well as legitimacy.

The employee contract in an organization gives a guideline which supports the employer to set the probation. This ensures that both the employer and the employee have a clear understanding of the expectations during that period.  Additionally, it is used to solve any later disputes that may arise as it gives a clear picture of the employees’ rights.

After the application of the concerned vacant position in the organization, the responsible team in recruitment shortlists the qualified applicants and make an appointment for interviewing them. On selecting the new employee there are others who are left out. These people should be dealt with a lot of consideration and sensitivity. In most cases, this individual will inquire about their performance in the application thus the panel involved must be in a position to answer. It is, therefore, important that the organization make an advertisement for their successful recruitment.

Consultative process in decision making is used in helping people become more effective in their jobs as it is an interpersonal assistance relationship. Collaborative, on the other hand, involves the consultative process in terms of the underlying assumptions as well as features.

It creates a positive view of the organization in the process of showing its culture, objectives and values. The organization uses this strategy to improve its level of retention for the new employee as they will be willing to commit a long-term serving the organization (Briel et al. 2016). Furthermore, the operational efficiency increases as the new employees will be more productive due to the motivation as well as happiness is given to them as they perform their duties.

Induction of a new employee in an organization is very important as it enables the employee to settle in quickly and effectively contribute to better performances (Sadiq et al. 2017). This is the most critical time in the employment life cycle of every individual. Induction process will follow a certain path which requires management. It involves dealing with the basics first, involving the employees, covering more than the formalities alone, making use of the available tools while at last, it is important to review how the employee feels about the new environment.

Part B:

1.Analyze plans to identify relevant policies and objectives

Human resource is an operational plan which provides a staffing profile to make sure that the work force provided is managed under the existing budget. The human resource in BizOps Enterprise aligns enrolment outlines to the laid down tasks and strategized priorities. A recruitment policy will be essential in BizOps since it ensure clarity about the services the volunteers can offer in the company. The policy also helps the organization to fill the vacant positions with the best candidates the company should select individuals who meet the requirements of the vacant positions. The company should have clear processes to choose the most efficient volunteer. The selected volunteers are oriented and the company should introduce the into their new position and people in the workplaces.

  1. Develop a new policy and procedures framework for recruitment selection and induction

As the company strive to become the first preference of the customers and as a market leader, recruitment and selection is an important policy. The policy will be performed by the general manager of the human resource. The company should comply with the legislative and regulatory frameworks. The objective of the policy should focus on appropriate procedures to ensure the HR requirements are catered for to achieve the vision of the company.

  1. Updates on BizOps policies to meet the objectives around the recruitment selection and induction process

An update on the policies will be essential especially on the policy covering the specific staffs. Since the new staffs are an aware of the policies, an update to the current policies will be important. The policies which describes the consequences of an immoral acts in the company should be updated. This will be based on the previous staffs and the behaviors that led to the vacancy. Policies also that identify the company’s rules should be updated to be in line with the new objective.

  1. Explain how you will provide recruitment, selection and induction policies and procedures and supporting documents

considering the Equity Act 2010 formulated to be followed by organizations while selecting and recruiting staff to avoid discrimination, procedures and policies will be followed. The selection and recruitment will focus on adoption of the best processes of spotting a vacancy niche and communicating with the audience. The selection process will involve choosing of the best employee based on the knowledge and skills and who is customer centric in the company. The induction policy will involve orientation of the selected staff to familiarize with the company’s activities.

  1. Explain options of technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process

BizOps can come up with a portal where the job vacancies will be posted and the targeted staff and eligible candidates who have fulfilled the requirements can apply for the job online. The selection and recruitment will be made easier and convenient for it separates those qualified for the job from those who would want the job but not qualified. The HR Information System will provide all the relevant information to the portal and the relevant authorities. With the improved technology, the company set dates for those who presented qualified profiles for induction.

6.Explain the importance of adhering to existing relevant BizOps policies and procedures

Rule have become the company’s backbone and thud gives the company direction. A company with no rules is in amess because no one knows what to do and the appropriate time. Rules also instill discipline among the employees. With disciplined staffs, dignity and respect among colleagues is achieved. Rules and procedures promote a cooperating environment since it works with authority within it. A company with rules is similar to a group of people with a leader to follow. Frequent mistakes are avoided.

  1. Describe how you will apply content from a range of complex texts to determine the legislative and business requirement

With the knowledge derived from the unit of competency, the unit explains the skills and knowledge needed to plan evaluate, discover, manage and assess compliance with the law, delivery of human resources and criteria of performance and requirements of the business. To determine the laws and business needs, one is required to categorize requirements into operational, functional, legislative, social and technical requirements which will make the analysis easier from a wide range of texts.

  1. Explain how you will communicate policies and procedures to relevant staff and how you would provide training if required

The BizOps Enterprise should organize meetings with the stuff to communicate the changes in the HR policies and plans in the organization. The meeting should aim on how each staff will contribute to the plan. The changes of policies and the new policies should be posted in the company’s portal where all the workers have easier access to the information. Training to the new staff is essential in order to give guidelines of the company’s activities as well as the rules and procedures of the company. Training to the old staff to provide development chances to prepare them for future responsibilities is also required.

  1. How will you determine future human resource needs in collaboration with relevant managers and sections, and identify the need for recruitment

Determining future HR needs will first need development and analyzation of data that identify the needs. The data will include future gaps, strategic goals, business objectives and employee opinions. Second step will be emerging replies to the needs identified. The responses may entail recruiting and training of the staff as the action plans. The activities will add worth in BizOps Enterprise. Recruitment is important since the company only hire qualified personnel and the output of such staff is reliable by the company. Recruitment is required to avoid low input of human resource.

  1. Explain what strategies you will undertake to ensure current descriptors and specifications for vacancies are used by managers

When a vacant position arises, the manager should seek authorization from the HR Advisory services members of the required grade of the vacant post. Staff should be given the first considerations who are directly affected by the changes. The manager in BizOps should ensure the vacant post is advertised. Interviews should be conducted to ensure that they have reached the criteria of the requirements of the post. The manager should use the key document on job description which includes the details of the role.

  1. What analytical outcomes or decisions did you identify to improve recruitment opportunities

Data driven techniques is the use of data to find designs and information that its existence was unknown. BizOps Enterprise should adopt the use of big data. Past outcomes are the most reliable predictor of the future progress and success. The data should be used in selection and recruiting staffs. Reviewing of the outcomes of the past may show the outline of the level of education that influence the performance of the employee and success. The outcomes can be used in the selection and recruitment processes of professionals.

  1. Refer to the recruitment overview in the previous section. Using the appropriate template, draft a position description and job vacancy advertisement for each of the eight positions needing to be filled
  2. Explain how you will ensure that advertising of vacant positions complies with organizational legal requirements, recruitment, selection add induction procedures

Before any advertisement of a vacant post, there need an authorization from Human Resource divisions and the finance department. the two boards review the draft of the post and unless they grant permission for the advertisement to the public, publicizing is not accepting. All the advertisements should be posted to online recruitment system to make sure they comply with the policies since the agreement with BizOps Enterprise advertising agency rely on volume discounts.

Describe the specialists you would utilize what they will be used for and when

BizOps Enterprise can use external specialists in conducting the selection and recruitment process efficiently to achieve the objectives of the company. The company can employ consultancy agency to provide talent pool to the firm based on precise requirement. The firm can also hire Human Resource solution providers to carry out programs of induction processes and programs efficiently.

Explain how you will plan and implement tasks required to deliver required outcomes when negotiating key recruitment and induction aspects with others.

I will have a teamwork and will give each member of the team a specific role to play. Will also be meeting to give progress on each roles. Where there is a weakness, members will be grouped in either twos or threes.

Explain how you will undertake the applicant selection process and what processes will be used to advice job applicants appropriately

The job description and responsibilities will first be drawn. After this, advertisement will be done. This will then be followed by shortlisting of candidates who qualify based the qualification criteria which will accompany the advert. After, the successful shortlisted applicants will be called in for oral interviewee and the top three per vacancy will be successful.

Explain how you will ensure that job offers and contracts of employment will be executed promptly and new appointments will be provided with advice about salary terms and conditions.

Job offers and contracts of employment will be assured through a policy which I will create. This policy will have to be adhered throughout the process. The policy will outline both salary terms and conditions and they will be revised in case there is a need.

Create a brief induction that will welcome eight employee and meet the new objectives of BizOps enterprises

The induction will take eight hours. The inductees will first be welcomed in the organization through a meeting of all the staff. Here, the introduction will be done in terms of names and position. After this, the eight employees will each be given two minutes to say something to the staff. After this, each department will then be given their respective new employees and they will be required to give them all the resources and guidelines and the policy that guide their operation. Once this is done, they will be assigned a person whom they will report to per department. They will then be taken through the roles and given opportunity to ask question as they deem fit.

State how training and ongoing support for all persons engaged in staff induction will be implemented

The training will be offered for all the new staff for a period of three days. This training will run between 8 and 10. They will then be give question to go and research and report the following day. The upskilling will happen every two month as a means to ensure ongoing training. The weaknesses will be identified and those found to be weak will be give special attention.

Explain who will oversee the management of probationary employees and provide them with feedback until their employment is either confirmed or terminated

The management of the probationary employees will be based on each department. Each department will be required to appoint one senior member to whom the respective recruits will report to and give the report to the HR manager.

Describe the steps and methods that you will take to manage the induction process

The induction process will begin with giving all the necessary resources to new recruits. They will be given code of conducts, policy and rules and regulation documents. After this, they will be called for a meeting from where all the contents of the above documents will be explained into detail. They will be given one person whom they can report any challenges and ask questions from time to time.

Indicate what refinement you would make to the recruitment and selection policy and procedures document to ensure it now meets new BizOps Enterprise objectives

The refinement would be made in policy and procedure document to make it understandable for new recruits. The language will be made easy to understand and the details concerning salary conditions and terms will be outlined.

Given that the role of the human resource manager is to make sure that all employees perform to their level best in response to their duty in the organization. The main aim of recruitment and selection is for the company to have a qualified individual to apply for the job vacancies while discouraging the unqualified from applying. Since the organization will obtain the competitive employees then more objectives and goals of the organizations will be achieved. This contributes to broader goals of the work environment.

As the human resource manager, the main course of my duty is to interact with the employees in the process of motivating their performance in their positions. Therefore, while communicating with the employees there is need to be very supportive so as to create a good working relationship.

The human resource manager could communicate to the employees through making rationale change in the organization and more specifically to the department when especially it's not performing. This way he can hold the staff accountable for any mistakes done which cause a reduction in productivity.

Although the human resource department conducts all the organizations hiring it is important that any individual from other department have a representative of the hiring team. They will be in a position to give more information about the job description more than the human resource manager. This ensures that the right decision is made

The remuneration package is also the compensation for the work done.  Information about the employees’ benefits and salary is collected by the human resource managers to determine the amount specific jobs pay.

Effective communication in an organization is making sure that the message delivered has been received and clearly understood. It could be through writing or speech but one requires to identify which works bets between the two. Additionally, the manager should listen to the employees so that adjustments are made where possible.

Open questioning

What other weaknesses and threats to the organization have that you feel has not been addressed?

Active listening

On your opinion what do you think will save the productivity of the organization?

Question 8

The development in recruitment selection and induction policies and procedures and the supporting documents must follow a certain procedure. A plan is developed for recruitment and a committee to conduct the search is identified. In the plan, the policies and procedures to be used are all identified to the end of the hiring.

The senior management will only require to hear the outlined policies and procedures and benefits to be drawn from them. They will then critically analyze them and make a decision hopefully supporting them.

When the policies and procedures are approved by the management the rest of the staff in the organization should be trained and taught about the policies. This creates the culture of the organization after a long time of practice.

The policies and procedures will be tried on with the staff of the organization. Thus induction will check that it follows correctly and challenges faced at that time should be rectified immediately.

The human resource manager is the main player to the compliance to the relevant legislation together with the organizational requirement. The manager ensures that the organization comply with such legislation to avoid losses from fines.

It is a requirement as the human resource manager to start by creating the job profiles you require to hire. Then use the profiles created to construct a structure organization the company. A plan will be necessary where the company will hire a few important personnel's. A job description template is a documentation required for the recruitment.


Briel, M., Olu, K. K., von Elm, E., Kasenda, B., Alturki, R., Agarwal, A. and Schandelmaier, S. 2016. A systematic review of discontinued trials suggested that most reasons for recruitment failure were preventable. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 80, 8-15. 

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