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Describe the Program Information and Communication Systems.

Constraints in Book Affair

The purpose of the project is to seek communication needs for building of android based software that will be used by the books affairs. The android based app for the organization known as the Book Affair. The conduct of my research relation to the book affair I found out that there are several constraints that emancipates from the book affair and they entails the following : the responsibility is endowed to the project managers who is supposed to foresee the communications are taking place between the given members or rather the stakeholders. There is budget limitation that is outlined and is used as a framework for the company. There is timeframe that is provided for the completion of the project where a fixed and given scale. “Fisher said what practitioners consider to be the skills and behaviours of an effective people project manager” (Fisher, 2013, p.644).

The scope of the project entails a team of professional who are endowed with the computing skills such that they can carry out the work of android system formulation. The project requires information technology technicians who can be able to decode the information and the data to applicable manual. Snyder said a guide to the project management body of knowledge: pmbok (®) guide. Project management institute” (Snyder, 2012, p.755). 

There is need of previous experience in order to make sure that the company reputation is not harmed by inappropriate experts. The current condition of the entity is crucial and is followed with the keenness that it deserves. The prior knowledge will assist the members of the information technology to undertake their current work without any difficulty. The simulated techniques are the most suitable in the aspect of understanding the current condition of the system for progression. The use of former experts will assist in project undertaking and implementation which is possibly easier and applicable. The most suitable mode of technology is the network based communication system where the project manager can follow with ease.

The purpose of the systems is to enhance a proper process is followed such that the literature review will be used to provide a basis for conducting a new project. This aspect collects all the relevant points and takes into account all the similar criteria and thus enhance generating a good platform which can be used to study the current conditions and remediate. There is need to incorporate the old techniques and the modern methods in order to make sure that the review phase are in accordance to the given guideline.

Scope of the Project

There are the core points when it reaches to the program and communication system improvement which takes the following methodologies: Face to face oral communication, it has been found that there is communication breakdown between the members of the virtual project in a manner of face to face because of the nature of the environment. The place at which they are located tends to differ in such a way that the android based program will reduce the cost of travelling from one point to another. The client or the user will be able to use the video conferencing technology to chat and online live talk which will facilitate proper convening and buy or rather purchase the books after negotiating for price. There is software’s that are compatible with the android application and can be downloaded for the purpose of installation. The moment they are found on the device the user interface is linked with the database of the shop and the books that are on the shelves.

The customer first experience encounters challenges but upon the first and second use of the android devices there is familiarity that entails further use of the video conferencing digitalized technology to promote proper communication.

The asynchronous communication is the one that makes use of the telephone devices with the most suitable being able to share information from one website or the platform that it has been programmed to another.    

The justification is observed where instant messengers are used during the negotiation of a price or telling the doable procedures such as the discount offer in the shop. The online communication is promoted through the use of the electronic messages and the instant messaging technique which makes it possible for the both parties to engage in the trade through a synchronous base method.

The use of team meetings assist in the interaction where there are more than two individuals that are participating in the conversation. The regular manner upon which the meetings are held acts as an effective tool of information and also in the knowledge transfer among the project members.

The data accessibility is made clear through the frequent management which entails uploading of the blueprints on a daily basis for the purpose of monitoring and thus enhance coping with the laid down criteria.  The databases are made readily available for all team members and thus they put the team members in such a condition that the process has to be undertaken in an effective and sharing of the tools that have been identified as the synchronous and asynchronous.

Previous Experience

The crucial elements of the project communication system entail the following: There is the receiver and the sender of information who are located at different places or the locations at one give moment. The sender of information keys in the relevant data and information considered important to be assisted by the receiver that decodes the information appropriately.

The medium of transfer is another usually important element of communication systems as it entails utilizing the appropriate method such as the soft and hard forms. The frequency modulation technique is the commonly used method of transferring the data from one point to another.

The feedback is provided by the receiver who explains the current condition of the system and the prevailing condition as well as the criteria as at that time and moment. The rectification of the systems is done through the updating or rather upgrading the systems to a higher level to assist in the positive reviews. The sender information is ranked accordingly by the receiver and also compliments for the product or services. The compliments and the services offered are explained as suitable for that particular moment or good or bad by the reviews that are sent. “Pemsel said project management office knowledge broker in project-based organizations” (Pemsel, 2014, p.111). 

The IT project team is exposed to a number of a variety methods and options of elaborating the information. The traditional hierarchy us the one that entails communication from a region of high concentration to a region of lower concentration. There is unidirectional flow of information that is facilitated and thus the model that are utilized are necessary to enhance transmitting is undertaken appropriately.

The network based system of sharing information is the other suitable systems that are put into use where the all levels are used and made available and usable such that the information is spread over a wide scope.  

The project control and monitoring is the strength point of the network based system according to my analysis. The following on a step by step approach is made relevant by the network based system and thus this is the most suitable and commonly usable being in this strategy.

There is faster travelling of information and rectification of the faults and thus there is budget ascertainment for the good of the organization. The going concern is ascertained by the use of planned schedule. The network based program can overcome these challenges by upgrading of the necessary requirements and standards compliance.

Communication Techniques

There is transfer of knowledge and enhanced cooperation that arises as result of the elimination of the artificial barriers. There are collaborative techniques that are applied in all the dimensions and thus facilitating achievement of the given objectives and goals are achieved accordingly. The hierarchical differences that re found to be cumbersome in the company are overcome by the management of systems of internal control. “Too said the management of project management: A conceptual framework for project governance” (Too, 2013, p.329).

The appropriate decision making criteria is used in the implementation of the program to ensure that the compatibility is ascertained. The channeling of all the information into the organization of the book shop assists in the arrival of the best decision that can be used in dealing with the problems at hand. There is managerial heads of the given team or organization is able to take an effective measure that will be utilized in the issue or the problem that is experienced with the project scope. “Mir said exploring the value of project management linking project management performance and project success” (Mir, 2016, p.566).

The appropriate model in the information transfer and enhancement of communication systems is known as the building information systems with the project environment (BIMs). This is the condition whereby the needs of the provided construction works are met by use otherwise there is the postponed criterion of the author.  The member’s relationship with each other is facilitated by the model and thus the communication among the stakeholders and team members is made efficient.  The project undertaking becomes much easier and very successful in such a way that the effortless nature is prevailing.

There is use of simpler diagrams rather than the complex 2dimensional pictures that are of engineering nature and difficult for the user to elaborate as well as explain. The data is kept in the safety and under lock and key for the purpose of the BIM security of the systems thus it takes less time in consumption. The architectural plans are time consuming and difficult to explain unless by assistance of an expert engineer or qualified staff. There is the traditional approach which is neglected due to the nature of time consuming and producing fewer results. “Golini said adoption of project management practices: the impact on international development projects of non-governmental organizations” (Golini, 2015, p.345).

Cultural differences, the experts engage in a wide environment where they spread the information but face a number of challenges such as the language barrier. The communication systems implementation is haltered by the nature of the locations being in a way that they must come together to undertake a certain operation as one virtual management team. “Cserhati said the relationship between success criteria and success factors in organizational event projects there is lack of effective communication due to the limiting factor that is because of the different backgrounds and ethnic differences”( Cserhati, 2014,p.123).

Core Elements of Project Communication System

Lack of interpersonal skills to communicate ideas between parties is a challenge in the system integration. The members are geographically virtual hence they are not in a position to use the intelligence of mingling together to promote the trading activities in the book shop. There is hampering of the level of communication by a greater magnitude among the individuals which results in deal for the failure in communication systems.

The weakness in leadership components, there is overreliance on the one network based models of communication and thus the use of globally located project teams in nature. Inadequate resources and the lack of ability to synchronize the resources made available with other people. Over expectations from the users and the project team makes it hard for the program to be put into use appropriately thus these results to the poor delegation of the functions. The inadequate leadership components lead to the failure and discouraged effective communication process among the team members as well. 

The identification of organization assets is the one that paves way in the availability in organizational process and also leads to influencing the methods of information and sharing of information between parties.

Barriers to communication are undertaken in order to promote the effective systems and thus finding an effective solutions that is found to be helpful. There are solutions that are set and developed to mitigate occurrence of trouble and thus act as a troubleshooting technique. The automation of the android device to detect any fraud is necessary to assist in the identification of factors that are a potential to the cause of problem.

The network based communication is the most appropriate although it has with it sum of issues that are globally spread via the virtual project database. The frequent checks into the systems are ignored by the project manager of the shop in Southern Australia where the book affairs is located. This factor is a challenge as there is intense competition that arises as a result of not using the synchronization database systems.

The communication process is supposed to be followed to letter where the data is keyed into the systems by use of the client device into the receiver and thus be able to be accorded the necessary help by the books shop. 




















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