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In this assessment, students will research a disruptive/emerging/new technology and present a report  via their WordPress website (as created in assessment 1). Students will research the historical and  technical information that informed the new technology development.

Introduction to Disruptive Technology

In the current computing world there are various types of emerging technologies where they can be classified as the emergence and disruptive technology, however in this report there is consideration of the disruptive technology where they involves various technologies that enable the creation of new type of markets and leads to displacement of previous types of technologies, however this involves the types of innovations which leads to improvement of products and services beyond the market expectations (Lucas 2012).

In this report there is consideration of disruptive technology on mobile device which is one of the technologies that had evolved and growing rapidly over time (Johansson 2012).

The mobile technology has been invented to cater various human purposes ,and among the purposes of the mobile devices includes the following:

  1. Enable the communication between people.

This is achieved through the cellular phones calls,sending of text messages,video calls using skypes,kiks,Facetimes and telegram applications (Armstrong 2017).

  1. Enable contacts storage.

The mobile devices in this case are used as library that keep record of all contacts of various people and thus enable quick access of contact and communication.

  • Enhance safety.

The mobile devices however enable the users to communicate or request for assistance instantly without any delay .

  1. Used in the shopping and payment services.

The mobile devices however use the mobile devices to make the online payments using the online platforms like the PayPal and also the mobile banking services (Magana 2017). 

  1. Web browsing services.

Since the mobile devices are able to access internet the large number of users had adopted it to access the internet services in their research services.

  1. Gaming and entertainment services.

Through the innovation of the mobile devices it had made it easy to introduce some specific gaming applications which are used to entertain people.

  • Video recording and capturing of events.

The mobile device currently had been developed with some strong features that had enabled the clear capturing and recording of videos of certain events.

  • Systems controlling.

The mobile devices are however used in the process of controlling systems, which includes the robotic technology like the water sprinklers systems and the lighting systems.

  1. Playing the Music videos.

The mobile devices are also used for the purpose of entertainment through the videos and music players which is more easy and convenient (Moore 2014).

Therefore the mobile technology is bale to cut across many fields where it is bale to address the issues in the field of security, equality and poverty issues.

In the present days many people are much used to mobile devices and they cannot live without their services, however there are various types of mobile devices which vary in terms of size and features that mainly aim at satisfying the user’s communications and socialization purposes (Colon 2016).

Disruptive Mobile Technology on mobile devices

The various types of mobile devices had eventually evolved for a long period of time where the new mobile devices are added more and new features.

The mobile technology origin can be tracked from the Second World War period where the military group was using radio-telephone links to do communicate while they were in the battle fields. In year 1940s there was the innovation of the hand held radio transceivers .However later the company known as the legendary company Bells lab started working and researching on the mobile telephony systems and these allowed the users to make and receive telephones calls in their cars.

In the year 1946 there are companies which included the AT and T began offering of the mobile telephone service to the public although the services covered limited areas which included only the urban centers.

Later 1990s more companies developed more advanced mobile devices which were strong in network coverage and functionalities ,these companies included the NOKIA, MOTOLORRA ,TECNO among others where currently there are modern mobile devices which support various operating systems which includes ANDROID,WINDOWS and the IOS mobile operating systems.

However the evolution of the mobile devices had lead to innovation of various mobile applications that are essentially useful in the process of social media communication, shopping and payment services, video conferencing and cellular calling which had been facilitated by the sufficient mobile networks and internet services.

The mobile technology is used to connect and allow communication between two people or node devices in two different location, however in order to achieve the mobile connectivity there are three major components that are involved and they includes the mobile hardware, mobile software and applications and the communications devices transmission towers as discussed below.

Mobile hardware.

In the mobile technology to facilitate communication there are use of various hardware devices and these includes:

  1. Smart-phones.
  2. Tablet devices.
  3. Ipads devices.
  4. Tablet PCs.

However there is innovation of many and new devices annually where the mobile devices has unique features which are more advanced .Some of the mobile devices features include the storage capacity, processing capacities and the screens resolution and these enable the mobile devices to perform some functions including capturing data, storing data, processing data and enhancing the communication.

Mobile software.

The mobile technology also make use of software and the apps ,these apps are used to enable the communication of the network and mobile hardware parts ,below are the are the mobile software that are used.

  1. Mobile operating system.

Purposes of Mobile Devices

There are various types of mobile operating systems that mainly control the operation of the mobile devices and the installed applications to facilitate communication, some of the operating systems includes.

  1. Android operating system.
  2. Windows operating system.
  • IOS operating system.
  1. Mobile applications.

There are various mobile applications available to be used in texting, web browsing, video calling and other services which includes facebook, IMO, whatsapp, chrome and message.

  1. Mobile anti-malware applications.

However there are other mobile applications that are used to protect the mobile devices from the malware attacks and these includes kerspasky and averst antivirus.

Communication devices.

In this mobile technology the communication is facilitated by the communication services where the signals transmissions takes place through the satellites and wireless communications enable network and is enabled by the following devices and services.

  1. Communication protocols.
  2. Transmissions tower.
  3. Network bandwidths.
  4. Satellite’s systems.
  5. Network systems.
  6. Data systems.

However the above communication devices and services forms the communication’s infrastructures that uses the radio-waves which is unguided type of media to carry the signals through the air to a certain intended receiving device that resends back same type of signal from the source and also eliminate the collisions other systems that are transmitting similar type of data.

Section 3 – Impact of Technology.

The mobile technology has impacts to the people in the society and more so in the business community where they had impacted positively in the following ways.

Impact on Society.

  1. Allowing connection of the people regardless of their geographical locations.
  2. Enable people to do some office work from anywhere outside the office including at home.
  • Enabling the people to learn and take courses online at any location and home.
  1. It had turned to be source of entertainments to various people in their free time including gaming, music and videos.

Impact on business.

The mobile technology had however have various impacts on the business field which includes.

  1. Improvement of customer experience.

The mobile devices have enabled the customers to research on the products varieties available in the market before they buy the products.

  1. Enhancement of the collaboration of business colleagues

The mobile technology had enabled the business work forces to communicate efficiently and also enable the consultation of other business partners like the suppliers and marketers.

  • Optimization of business operations.

The mobile devices had impacted the business operation  where it had made the operations more smooth and swifter compared to the earlier days, this had been improved by the integration of the cloud computing and thus the mobile technology had boosted the accessibility of the business services.

  1. Betterment of business marketing strategies.

On recent days there has increase in use of mobile devices where there is easy advertisement using the mobile devices through the e-commerce websites and the people using the devices are allowed some discounts.

In this report I choose the disruptive mobile technology since the current world the mobile technology is highly used compared to any other technologies, however this technology had affected various fields and organizations positively, where these fields include the business, marketing and also the banking services. 


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Colon, G.(2016). Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal. New York: Amacom, p. 256.

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