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Critical Evaluation of Portfolio and Integrated Organization Perspective

Carry out a Critical Analysis and Evaluation of the Strategies adopted by Global Steel Manufacturers.

The business corporation motives and goals are primarily limited to the home markets but the entity also has some internal or overseas operations to be executed. This has been considered as the main motive of a business organization for the establishment of the global strategies. The multinational, global and international tactics are designed and developed for enabling the business organization in attaining the pre-determined targets and the goals. The major goals which have been given the priority and is required to be essentially and effectively accomplished are the international expansion of the business operations (Lynch 2014). From the business perspective, the entity will be attaining a rapid boost in the sales graph and profits. The global strategy can also be proven beneficial for the business firm if the economic condition of the entity is poor in the home markets and global expansion is the only left opportunity for covering the losses and attainment of profits. The below-executed analysis has been made focusing on the growth and expansion strategies of Tata Group. The business entity is an Indian steel manufacturer which is headquartered in Mumbai Maharashtra, India and is a well-renowned subsidiary of Tata group. The group is diversified its business operations in various sectors such as Tata Steel, Tata Motors etc. and have a great market share all over the globe.

The successful business organizations make strategic choices for the operations and the activities which are essentially required to be implemented or delivering the vision (De Wit and Meyer, 2014). These choices aid the business entity in developing the strategic portfolio decisions and which are liable and empirical in impacting the success of the organization. Moreover, these activities also include the functions such as enhancing the customer’s services, bringing growth or entering a region or market. The below presented is the critical evaluation of the portfolio organization perspective and integrated organization perspective:

Moreover, top-down perception from a strategic bottoms-up viewpoint, both the approaches forms a key part of this concept (De Wit and Meyer, 2010). Enhancement in the efficiencies and competitiveness are the result of the seamless process integration which follows the chain formed respectively mine-to-manufacture-to-customer. The products and the services provided by the business entity were capable of managing and coping with the competitors. Installation of blast furnace at Jamshedpur Works was considered as a novel technique and which was developed  for cooling down the blast furnace (Grinblatt and Titman, 2016). An addition of its 100th product to its portfolio was done by Tata Steel during the establishment of this crucial hollow section which was named as Celsius 420. An enhancement in the efficiency in the structure creation was observed due to the installation of this section and also a reduction in the expenses incurred and material usage. Innovation and development of products, introduction of new brands, diversification in the products line and also an increase in the customer base and also cost reduction initiatives were made by the business corporation due to the intensification in the competitive environment from China and other multinational corporations (Peng, 2013). Additionally the business company likewise quickened the business and operational change activities and further the emphasis was given on the justification lastly it swung to occupy the attention on the improving the item blend and expanding fares to new districts and markets. The below mentioned are the merits and demerits of making use of Portfolio organization perspective:

Technological and Business Model Innovation through Strategic Alliances, M&A's


  • This approach will also be aiding the business entity in minimizing and reducing the exposure to risks if any (Johnson, 2017).
  • The portfolio perspective approach will also be allowing ta minimization in and reduction in the expenses incurred for operating the project and which will also be bringing a decline or elimination of duplicate efforts.


  • There are very limited de-merits of this approach such as this approach will make the business corporation to lose the ability of the firm of impacting and stimulating the business in a positive way (Cummings and Worley, 2014).

The presented are the benefits which will be attained by the business entity by utilization of the below mentioned approaches:

By adoption of integrated organization perspective, the business corporation will be experiencing an enhancement in the transparency of information for allowing agility in decision and will also enable robust and future proofed systems (Peteraf, Gamble, and Thompson, 2014). From a recent survey, it was observed that approximately Rs 33 Crore within few months was found due on the process of implementation of the integrated perspective, the expenses incurred for maintaining workforce was also minimized from $200 to $140 per ton in the year 2000 and the inventory carrying cost also got a deflation from RS190 to Rs155. And hence it has been concluded that both the perspectives can be adopted in the business organization and gain maximum utilization of the systems (Lynch 2014).

In the wake of obtaining the UK-based steel manufacturer Corus which is headquartered in London, the business company noticed that there is a requirement for joint effort of the business stage. This necessity was because of the workforce who is situated in assorted areas, in order to make them cooperate proficiently and viably. Microsoft SharePoint was the mechanism which was considered by the business corporation as very much relevant and used as a strategic way of developing knowledge, management of the workforce and also of the assets for the different organizations on the global level (Dashwood, 2012). This mechanism aided the workforce on a large scale, adoption of this platform helped approx. number of 80,000 workforce by sharing schedules, and store files in its MYSQL database. Moreover, this instrument also helped the association, in a manner of speaking, and besides, the best test went with the need of fortification in view of a generous number of workers and data set in the information system. Regardless, the conflict was taken care of when the organization attained DocAve support and restore. On the basis of the research executed by tata, (2016), it has been noted that a Global University Collaboration Program was launched by the Tata Group which led to the strategic partnerships between group corporations and leading universities all over the globe. For instance, the first alliance was formed in June 2016, which generated of about £5.6 million in funds which was offered for the prestigious University Fellowship scheme of Royal society, UK. In August 2016, financial support of $25 million was promised to top universities which included Harvard University, Yale University and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

The following are the some of the technological innovations which has been introduced by the organization such as, the doors are termite proof, light in weight and are also designed in different sizes and shapes as per the requirements, colors and embossed designs or plain wood finish which has made them look natural wooden appearance (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Steel and aesthetic value of wood is the two main components which have been providing the doors with an ultimate strength. And due to this, the doors do not require maintenance free and also will not be requiring any kind of protection or treatment for pesticides. The doors are also fire resistant which ensures safety and security. Moreover, the quick and easy installation process is one more advantage of this product and this also adds to the popularity of Pravesh Doors (Grant, 2016). These doors are also recyclable since they rarely wear out, environment-friendly and offer complete comfort to users in terms of price, quality, durability, and security.

On the basis of the survey made by the Indiatoday (2017), it has been observed that the Tata group has added another protruding entity to its growing roster of international acquisitions. And this all will be done by the takeover of the two automobiles marquees Jaguar and Land Rover, the Tata group of $28.8 billion with 98 companies in its fold. Moreover, the corporation paid $12 billion for acquiring Anglo- Dutch Steel maker Corus. The business group has made three major mergers worth $13 billion in the last years. The business entity has also been facing number of cyclical swings due to number of reasons such as abundance limit development, fluctuations in the expenses incurred on security and which also accelerated the global economic crisis 2009 and this prompted a minimization in the request of steel all through the globe and all the more so in the development and automation (Lynch, 2006). Tata steel industry turned its regard for the inclination for cost skilled operations and resources with the motivation behind keeping its market organized recuperation. In the year 2009 nations like China and India encountered a progression in general economies which expanded the energy for steel among the attempts that requested were mining and transporting wanders, this made the costs of foul materials, for example, iron, coal, and scrap among others to produce quickly and Tata amass was besides immensely affected and to modify up to the issue. It has additionally been noticed that Tata group has extended the general security confine for unrefined materials by levels of 25% to 65% inside the accompanying couple of years, the social event made sense of how to stake 35% on Mozambique's Benga coal broaden Riversdale of which the organization has recognized on the agreement (Hatch and Cunliffe, 2012). This will make the prerequisite for coal as an unrefined material for the entity and which has been considered as critical; together with this the social affair has gone further and got itself organize conveyance one envision from the New Millennium capital Corp. in Canada. These methods have given esteem sureness and moreover an objective purpose behind recovering the expenses from the customers (Avepoint 2017). On the preface of the cash related report 2014-2015, the operational execution was ominously influenced by the managerial occasions in the mining section. In light of the mine coal charge that was passed in the Rajya-Sabha on nineteenth march 2015, fragments of the mines stayed close causing a great deal of stress and agitating impacts in the consistent operations of the relationship regardless in spite of each and every one of those vulnerabilities the affiliation reacted unequivocally and is liaising with the diverse state governments on finishing documentation for the augmentation of the mining lease and guaranteed that the grungy materials were open and the time stretched out by 3% from the past financial years (Bender, 2013). In spite of the trial of surrendered people, the affiliation went up against a noteworthy measure of conflict from the South East Asia because of the Chinese expanded rate of section from the prior years of which the affiliation concentrates on cost sharing activities and downstream market strategy what's more the NatSteel a portfolio relationship of Tata steel in Asia controls the resistance from the Chinese by sourcing billets at focused costs starting great market can predict clients (Tata 2017).

According to T.V. Narendran, managing director of Tata Steel India and South East Asia a number of initiatives were taken by Tata Steel which comprised of the green field expansion project in which the business entity invested more than Rs.25, 000 Crore, the Greenfield steel project in Kalinganagar in Odisha which has plans for further growth and development. The business entity has been facing financial issues at its European operations but then also the branches which are operated in India have got all the funds which are essentially required for operating the business activities that it requires from the Tata Steel board ( 2016), According to the author the business entity conceived a plant in 2005-2006 and there were issues of land acquiring and due to that there was a delay and could start only in 2010. The main reason for the delay was the increase in the cost which was approx. Rs.25, 000 crores in the first phase. The principal period of the venture of 3 million tons (mt) was charged in 2016. On completion of this venture, Tata Steel's current limit will increment from 10 mt to 16 mt. Tata as additionally think of another Iron making with a test hung on the HIsarna pilot plant at its IJmuiden works in the Netherlands that will enhance asset proficiency and increment the rate of iron creation. The business entity has made innovation in the product line and introduced new steel doors and whose Launch of Pravesh Doors was held on 16th July '14 at Contai. The doors were introduced with new technology in making the doors with several modifications and upgrades, for instance, a beauty of wood and the strength of steel.

On the basis of the report which has been executed from the Tata steel corporate governance 2014-2015, the management has adopted the Guidelines referred by Tata Group on Board Effectiveness. For fulfilling corporate governance responsibilities towards stakeholders this approach has been adopted. The concept of corporate governance within the Tata Group has been segmented in two major divisions. Vision and purpose of the Business Corporation and Tata code of conduct. The business corporation is committed towards bringing improvements and advancements in the quality of the life of the society and this is done by striving for leadership and global competitiveness in the concerning business sectors (Tata 2017). The operations of returning to the society and earned by the entity have been developing trust among the consumers, shareholders, employees and the society. The business corporation has always been value driven which aids in the continuation of the growth and success of the Tata group. And the mission of the entity is to bring advancements and improvements in the life oof the societies in which the business is operated on an international level and by developing long-term stakeholder value creation which is based on leadership and trust. Moreover, the report is concerned about the ultimate authorities provided to the Board and processes kept in place for monitoring and evaluating the firm’s operations (Rothaermel, 2015). Aiding the board and assisting in the same is also one of the major features of the guidelines. Selection of board is done by The Nomination and Remuneration Committee and the principal capacity of this affiliation is observing on qualities, abilities, and experience of the Board all in all and its individuals with the goal of having a Board with various foundations and involvement in business, government, instruction and open. All together for the organization to adapt up to the general public a few boards have been set down, which functions for incorporating corporate social obligation panel and whose restrictions incorporate. For providing detail and prescribe to the Board, a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy shall:

  • Indication of the functions to be executed by the business corporation as mentioned specifically in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013;
  • The expenses incurred on the CSR operations should be recommended (Lasserre, 2012);
  • The CSR Policy of the business corporation should be monitored on regular basis.
  • The group has a belief that corporate social responsibility is a critical mission that is at the heart of everything that it does.
  • The business entity follows a commitment of integration of environmental, social and ethical principles into core business and which enables the group in enhancing the long term values of stakeholders and also enhancing the lives of over a quarter of the world’s population.
  • The aim of the of the CSR programs is to be relevant in the terms of local, domestics and international which also keeps disadvantaged societies and groups in focus. This is based on the globally agreed sustainable development principles.

Another board of trustees is the Risk Management Committee which plays out a few obligations i.e. key dangers in administering, including money related, participation and consistency chances that help the Board in surrounding, executing and observing the hazard administration get ready for the Company and assessing and directing the hazard strategy, creating hazard administration arrangement and also the system and structure for the business entity (Haynes, Nunnington and Eccles, 2017). The association moreover has procedures that help the agents in adjusting up to their regular daily existence instance of these courses of action fuses the retirement outline, re game plans this guarantees the laborers who have data, capacities and are capable on their work can be re-assigned to their positions (Thompson, 2012). The tradition of entrepreneurship and good governance has propelled Tata companies to gain leadership positions in several industries (Tata 2017). For instance, Tata Steel has been ranked in the top ten steel makers all over the globe, and the entity is also the second most geographically diversified steel producers in the world.

Global manufacturing is the sector that has been serving in various regions all over the globe and the main variables of the concept are compatibility, configuration, coordination, and control. For being marketable the business entity has been making use of subsidiaries or agents or the organization. The business organization has been confronting a number of difficulties and are handled expertly so as not to demolish the notoriety of the organization. At the point when organizations join and frame collisions they both advantage and even the general public advantage from the partnerships in various courses relying upon the sort of association and they can advertise each other, test items and administrations. For development and growth, the strategic alliances can be in the form of merger and acquisitions. For building and setting up strategic plans, monitoring corporate performance, risk management plan and also for maintaining good governance with good and effective management the board is held responsible and due to this, the firm will be able to attain its goals.


In the limelight of the above-executed analysis, it has been concluded that global corporate strategy and also the determination of the key strategic issues in the global steel manufacturing industry has been done. Moreover, the analyzed report comprises of the portfolio and integrated organization perspective approach and also the best utilization of the both the models for the business entity have been done. Further, the analysis also includes the explanation of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance is also done.


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