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Situational analysis

Discuss About The Strategies Of Emirate Airlines Competitiveness.

The main motive of the task is to outline the significance of the marketing plan. The paper discusses how situational analysis is done by Still restaurant and bar to cope up rivalries in the global market. Pestle and SWOT analysis are done by restaurant to analyze and determine the threats, challenges and risks of the market. Along with this, here is the discussion about the marketing mix strategy and STP strategies that help to fulfill the long term requirements of the customers.

Stills restaurant and bar serves delicious European gastro pub food and it also serves a variety of global beverages along its 26 metre signature bar counter. Still restaurant and bar has something different for the customers in providing unique and effective services and products to the customers (Visitabudhabi, 2018). The restaurant provides starters, Grills, burgers, Mains and dessert to attract maximum number of customers in the global market. Along with this, the restaurant uses innovative and unique strategies to grow and survive business in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant also provides fresh, excellent flavorful local and international ingredients including certified meats, corn def poultry, fish and vegetables.

It is stated that situational analysis plays a vital and significant role in implementing the marketing plan in United Arab Emirates (Elbanna, 2010). The situational analysis includes internal environment and external environment. The internal factors can be controlled by the company on the other hand, external factors cannot be controlled by the firm. To analyze the internal strengths and opportunities, SWOT analysis is done by the company. On the other hand, external analysis includes pestle analysis that helps in analyzing and evaluating the threats and challenges of the market. The SWOT analysis for Stills restaurant and bar is discussed below.


· It is the biggest bar in AUH.

· Elegant ambiance and it is a restaurant and bar.

· It provides products and services suitable prices.

· Ease to access and provides free WiFi to the customers.

· It is stated that Still serves delicious and tasty European food to the customers in the United Arab Emirates. In today’s era, it has become a European gastro pub food to serve delicious food to the customers (Visitabudhabi, 2018).


· Poor and ineffective customer relations in the market.

·  European food is only available in the restaurant.

· There is high operational cost and loud environment.

· There is poor and low exposure.  


· Location being Yas Island can be a significant and effective opportunities for the restaurant.

· Constantly global event is one of the significant opportunities for the firm.

· New menu and regular customers is another opportunity for the restaurant.

· Promotional and advertisement can be done by the restaurant to attract maximum customers in the United Arab Emirates.  


· The some other European restaurant in the same vicinity.

· Price competition is also existed in the market.

· Bad and poor testimonials.

· Competition in various restaurants is one of the significant threats for Stills restaurant and Bar. 

The three objectives of Still restaurant and bar for marketing plan have been discussed below.

  • The restaurant wants to achieve or attain approx revenue of $1.8 million per year in year three.
  • Reduce shift management time to 25% of time devoting the remainder to marketing direction and strategy.
  • To implement or initiate the customer feedback system and along with this, restaurant wants to create feedback page to extend website.
  • The restaurant also wants to increase in sales with maintaining loyalty and trust of the customers.
  • To provide delicious food and beverage to the customers for maintaining brand loyalty in the competitive market.

Segmentation: This strategy divides the whole market into the different parts to understand and evaluate the needs, demands and requirements of the customers. It will help the company to evaluate and analyze the expectations and wants of the customers in a large extent. The segmentation is done by the restaurant on the basis of geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral areas. In demographic area, the restaurant focuses on the age group, sex, gender and income level of the customers to increase and enhance the sales volume in United Arab Emirates (Visitabudhabi, 2018). In behavioral area, the restaurant needs to focus on the behavior, nature and customs of the customers to generate maximum profit and revenue widely. In psychographic area, the firm identifies and analyzes the personality and life style of the people in the market. By using this strategy, the organization has been able to measure and identifies the long term requirements and expectations of the customers. In geographic area, clime change and weather should be considered by the restaurant to provide satisfaction to the customers globally.

Smart objectives


Targeting: The main target group of the restaurant includes young couples who are between the age group of 21-35 years because these customers are more interested in hanging out in a vibrant and sociable environment. Along with this, it also includes families with children couples’s age between 40-60 years who are interested to go outside for dinner (Visitabudhabi, 2018). Thus, still restaurant and bar can provide good option to the target audience. It has been found that key target audience plays a vital to maximize and increase productivity and efficiency of the company.

Positioning: The restaurant wants to position unique and effective products at Abu Dhabi market. There is no unique and healthy food restaurant that is specialized in European cuisine (Visitabudhabi, 2018). Therefore, the restaurant can take ample of benefits in the global market. The positioning strategy helps the people to attract and retain target audience in the competitive market. Aside this, the organization also wants to gain brand preferences among the competitors (Graham, 2008).

The competitors of Still restaurant & Bar in Abu dhabi include Roberto’s, Villa Toscana, Sayad Restaurant and the Forge (Tripadvisor, 2018). These competitors may affect the sustainability and targets of the restaurant adversely. The positioning map for Still restaurant and Bar is discussed below.


Still restaurant and bar

Villa Toscana

The forge Sayad restaurant

Before initiating the marketing plan in United Arab Emirates, the restaurant needs to analyze and identify the risks and challenges of the market (Gorgenländer, 2010). The pestle analysis for still restaurant and bar has been discussed below.

Political factor: The United Arab Emirates has an effective and special political framework to increase and enhance the awareness among the customers in the global market. Along with this, the country maintains healthy and reciprocal relations with various other countries across the globe. Thus, it can provide a good opportunity to still restaurant and bar to flourish the business in United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, the country has occasionally political conflicts with nearby countries about the ownership of land. This factor would affect the growth of the restaurant adversely (Bush, 2016).

Economic factor: The economic factors include exchange rate, employment rate, interest rate and inflation rate (Dixon et al, 2013). It is stated that United Arab Emirates has very low unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in the United Arab Emirates has increased to 1.72% in 2007 from 1.64% in 2016 (Tradingeconomics, 2018). The interest rate may also affect the restaurant business in Abu Dhabi. The interest rate has been raised in the country by 25bps to 2.25 % on June 14th 2018 (Tradingeconomics, 2018). The country has large amounts of foreign direct investment in the region (Itani, Sidani and Baalbaki, 2011). This can provide an effective and dynamic opportunity to the restaurant to explore the business in such country (Nataraja and Al-Aali, 2011).

STP strategies

Social factor: It is stated that religion is an important and vital factor in United Arab Emirates that directly affects the society. Globalization is gradually resulting in a mix of various cultures within the country. This will also affect the effectiveness and profitability of the restaurant widely (Shahid , et al, 2014).

Technological factor: The country purchases new equipments and resources for the production therefore restaurant can get ample of opportunities to maximize the results (Abdalla Alfaki and Ahmed, 2013). It is significant factor that determines the wealth and progress of the firm (Bush, 2016). The country uses telephones, radio, television, internet and broadcast stations to make business operations smoothly and easy (Manogroup, 2018). 

Legal factor: Change in regulations, norms and rules can affect the business operations of still restaurant and bar adversely. Thus, the restaurant should focus on the legal factors to reduce risks and threats of the market. The court proceedings in the country are time consuming thus it could put direct impact on the success of the restaurant. All the evidence submitted to the court should be in Arabic (Manogroup, 2018). 

Environmental factor: The climate change, weather and globalization also put direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the restaurant. Hence, the restaurant should focus on the environmental factor to beat the competitors globally (Elbanna, 2010).

The marketing mix is a significant and effective tool to overcome the competitors in the international market (Al Halaseh and Sundarakani, 2012). Along with this, it also helps in accomplishing the desired goals and targets in the competitive market. The marketing mix for Stills restaurant and bar has been discussed below.

Product: One of the significant strategies that can be used by the restaurant is product strategy. It is the effective and unique strategy for restaurant to develop and introduce new products in the market. The restaurant should use new product development strategy to compete with competitors in the market. The main focus of the product strategy is to fulfill the needs and requirements of the business and customers as well. The company should develop and launch high quality of food and drinks to attract customers in Abu Dhabi.

Price: The main aim of the pricing strategy is to create more revenue and returns for the organization. The company should use lower pricing strategy to attract and retain maximum key target audience in the market. Discount and offers on meals should be provided to the customers to make and build a dynamic image in the minds of them. It will also help to achieve brand preferences and customer loyalty among the competitors.

Analysis of European cuisine in Abu Dhabi

Place strategy: It is an effective and vital distribution strategy that can be used by the restaurant to implement the marketing plan in Abu Dhabi. The success and growth of the company will disturb if the company uses poor and ineffective distribution channel. The restaurant should find right and effective way to distribute the products among the customers in a large extent. Apart from this, the company should also train the sales people because their behavior could make changes in customer aspects and nature (Sharma, 2011, pp.140-150).

Promotion strategy:  The advertisement and promotion is one of the important medium to increase profitability and outcomes in the competitive market. Advertisement and promotional strategies can be used by the restaurant to promote new product and service in the international market. The social media channels such as facebook, Twitter, and TV can be used by restaurant to maximize and increase customers and to uplift the outputs and returns (Elbanna, 2010, pp.26-40).

People: The success and growth of any business depend on the team members. Thus, the firm should focus on teamwork and collaboration that help in motivating the workers for performing roles and responsibilities in a hassle free manner.

Physical evidence: One of the basis and imperial strategies that may be used by restaurant is physical evidence strategy to collect information about the products and services globally. Physical evidence is collected by the customers to cope up with rivalries in the market.

Process: The significant process, methods and techniques should be used by Still restaurant and bar to sustain and strive with competitors in the market. In this way, the restaurant can maximize its results and outcomes in the international market ( Lee and Carter, 2011).

After setting the goals and objectives, the restaurant needs to implements the marketing plan in United Arab Emirates in the given time period. The management keeps an eye on the marketing plan to find out any variation within the organization. If any variation entertains then effective actions or measures are taken by the restaurant.

It is recommended that Still restaurant and bar should focus on market of Abu Dhabi to capture entire target audience in the global market. The corporate and business level strategies should be used by the company to cope up with the rivalries and uplift the outcomes and profitability. Leadership styles shall be used by top management and managers to guide and direct the employees in the global market. Along with this, the diversification strategy must also be used by the restaurant to distinguish its products from the competitors.


It concludes from the above mentioned limelight event that marketing plan plays a significant and vital role in flourishing the business operations widely. Still restaurant and bar provides European food to the customers. The analysis shows that how the restaurant makes unique strategies to initiate the business in United Arab Emirates. Pestle analysis and marketing mix have been discussed in the paper briefly.


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