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Please answer these 5 questions:

1. List at least four of the unique features of Galatians. Please explain each points in detail. How does this apply to our lives?

2. List the six major problems and the three questions that the Corinthian church had, that Paul addressed in 1 Corinthians How can this be applied to the church today?

3. Where does Paul list practical rules to regulate the exercise of spiritual gifts in the worship service (book and chapter)? What is
the proper order and exercise of spiritual gifts during worship service? Most importantly what is the purpose of the spiritual gifts?

4. How are Ephesians and Colossians similar and related?

5. Discuss the “millenniumâ€Â in the book of revelation (The three views of millennium in detail). Which view is most biblical to you and why?

Galatians were emotionally intense people

Galatians were emotionally intense people.

It has been said that Galatians were emotionally intense celtic people. Caesar describes that Galatians describes that they are fickle in their resolutions and usually fond of change and they cannot be trusted. It has been shown in the first visit of Paul. It has been said about them that in the morning they will worship and anoint someone and in the afternoon they can kill the same person. They are considered to be branch of Gauls who were originally from the north of Baltic sea. They were separate from the main migration. They were great multitudes of people and mostly they were gentiles. They had accepted Christ. The Galatians hence has received their message with the same enthusiasm that they had accepted the message of Paul. A general epidemic of circumcision was carried among them.  The Judaizers had not only attacked the message of Paul, but also his apostleship.

Galatians were believers of Peril

The Galatian believed in Perils.  The reason was that the foundations were being attacked and everything was threatened. The epistle had no word of commendation, praise, or thanksgiving. The request for prayer was not there and the stand of in Christ was also not mentioned.  It can be compared with the other epistles of Paul. The heart of Paul the Apostle is said bare; which has deep emotion and strong feeling. This is his fighting epistle; he has on his war paint. He has no toleration for legalism. Someone has said that Romans comes from the head of Paul while Galatians comes from the heart of Paul. ‘Galatians takes up controversially what Romans puts systematically.’ It is the declaration of emancipation from legalism of any type (Bitner, 2015). 

The fighting epistle he has on his war paint. He did not have toleration for legalism. It has been said that Romans comes from the head of Paul while Galatians comes from the heart of Paul. ‘Galatians are said that those matters that are taken controversially by Galatians what Romans puts systematically.’ It is the declaration of emancipation from legalism of any type (Brown, 2015). It is the strongest declaration and defense of the doctrine of justification by faith in or out of the Scripture. It is God’s polemic on behalf of the most vital truth of the Christian faith against any attack. Not only is a sinner saved by grace through faith, but the saved sinner lives by grace. Grace is a way to life and a way of life” (Longenecker, 2017). 

Galatians were believers of Perils

Short hand version of Romans

The Galatians were considered the short hand version of the Romans. It has been found the bible that whatever the Galatians said controversially. Romans have said and discussed systematically.

Galatians was the first epistle of Paul

The book of Galatians is the Magna Charta of the early churches. It is believed to be one of the strongest declaration and defense of the doctrine, which is the justification, by faith (Longenecker, 2017). 

The study of Galatians is very important for Christians today. Like the Galatians, many Christians have diverted their ways from the Gospel. They fail to understand the seriousness of this divergence from the Gospel. It is very important for Christians to realize that they are practicing the false teachings just like the Galatians. Galatians saw circumcision as a ritual. They assumed that with the help of circumcision they can become spiritual. The mentality of modern day Christians is quite similar they think by taking sacraments and practicing the rituals set by Churches would make them spiritual. In reality, this conception is wrong. Christians needs to practice spirituality. They need to understand, reflect and practice Gospel in their daily lives.

Paul came to know that the Corinthian were divided in to two different groups and had many leaders that were superior to the others. Some of them followed Paul who was the founder of the Church (Lemke & Harwood, 2015).  Others were believed to follow eloquent Apollos. Some of them believed that Peter was the best leader. Some of them perceived that they were self-righteous. Some of them perceived themselves to be superior because they followed Christ or were the servants of Christ.

Another problem was that they had misunderstood the gospel. They perceived the Gospel in a way that they thought was the most appropriate. This made them not to understand the nature of the Gospel (Cartledge, 2013).

Sense of superiority

They had the sense of superiority because Christ chose them and hence they were divided in opinions with those who do not agreed to them.

Judging Others

They had focus on other issues as well which has made them to set up biblical standards for comparison. It was evident that they did not follow Paul who has said that, it is the God that counts and whatever is seen by men outside is not the exact barometer of the heart (Keener, 2014). 

Short hand version of Romans


The Corinthian are considered immature people. According to Paul Corinthians were not spiritual people. Paul considers spirituality the most important thing and that has been evident in the bible.

Influence of Sin

The questions that Corinthians had about the Paul were about spirituality. The church of the Corinthians was newly formed and hence they were not much clear about spirituality. Paul however tried to help them with the gospel. The questions are mentioned below

  1. You are worldly, as there is fighting and jealousy what makes you think you are not worldly ?
  2. Do you have the idea that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?
  3. Do you honor God with body ?

All these questions were addressed by Paul in 1 Corinthians (Bray, 2014). 

Paul has determined certain rules, which has turned his attention for the misuse or abuse of speaking. He has tried to prove the inferiority of tongues by comparing it with prophecy. He has given the criteria for the determination of spiritual gifts that was considered better than the other. Paul has used the spiritual gift in 1 Cor 12:31 where he highlighted that Corinthians are considered as the greatest desire for different gifts. He has connected the idea “Yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts” by connecting to chapter twelve which had the idea of pursuing a life of Christian love from chapter 13 of the book. Paul has also tried to single out the prophecy and this is considered as a greater value in the same way. He has listed the spiritual gifts in terms of its importance in 1 Cor 12:28. It appeared that Paul is trying to refer back to the list where he explained the abuse and misuse of gifts in which the Corinthians were given the greatest priority. Paul has highlighted that God ranks on the apostleship and prophecy at the higher level and tongues on the bottom level (Cartledge, 2013).

There were certain rules for determining the value of spiritual gifts which was mentioned in 1 Cor 14:3. The other persons understand a person who speaks in prophecy in a better way than a person who speaks unintelligible gibberish language. Such a person can clearly understand what God wants them to know and do that accordingly. Moreover, edifiaction is also considered as an important rule for the determination of spiritual gift. It refers to the process of building up or the act of promotion of a person’s growth in Christian wisdom and prosperity. On the other hand, Paul has also laid importance on exhortation and consolation. Exhortation refers to the call for the purpose of exhortation, helping and admonishing. Consolation is related to a story for the purpose of stimulation or persuasion. The three terms mentioned above helps to get a clear idea of what people have to speak when they are present in the church. This also has the effect of stimulating the believers for the growth of Christianity.

Galatians was the first epistle of Paul

Paul has emphasized on the life-giving empowerment of the Holy Spirit with the Christ Body. The Spirit of work according to Paul for the Corinthians are considered blissful happenstance. It was considered as something that can be pursued rather than eagerly sought. Spiritual gift is not considered as natural talent and people must try to develop the same fruit. It is necessary to ask God to discern the true spiritual gifts from different counterfeit that comes from the evil side of realm. Paul has highlighted that people must not abuse gifts or use any spiritual power for personal gain or wealth. The pre-requisites for discovering a gift is people must try to believe in spiritual gifts and be willing to do the necessary changes by using the spiritual gifts (Kritzinger, 2014).

The epistles of Ephesians and Colossians are parallel in content as the portrayed forms of both the verses are quite close to Paul heart. In both the sections the audience was commended for the love and faith. Faith is the only thing that can alive a person in the troublesome moment and that explained the directive in hope and faith over the mankind. Paul prayed for that the two churches would produce in the familiarity of the Lord, and obtain religious perception and considerate. The emphasizing redemption of Christ and the designated power of forgiveness of sin are wrought through the Jesus’ blood (Lincoln, 2017). Both this epistles are written at the same time and they very much related to each other as the proper discussion of the same doctrine and handle the situation by the free grace signified the justification of faith. The faith has come up in a specific emergent way and Colossians is considered as the Galatians, who have the terse and polemical behavior. In case of Ephesians, they are considered as the Roman where the calm, ironical characteristic is the special direction of their life and that bigoted the contradiction of Christianity. On the other hand, Colossians and Ephesians diverge from each other in the alteration and relevance of their widespread argument. Christological or Christ representation is notified in Colossians as they have accurate plenitude of the Godhead, the entirety of heavenly attribute and reflection; On the other hand, ecclesiological and the formation of exhibits idyllic church concept has been personified in the Ephesians (Wright, 2015). This is the full picture that can create the similarities as well as the engagement of heretical modes that somehow impacted over the Christianity and their culture. The group of composition and the relation between the authorship is the basic issue of ate perception (Foulkes, 2015). The advanced phase of Christological and ecclesiological acquaintance was shown over the apostolic age and those words of the settlement are the dynamic stage of the spirit, which considered the new phase of error in Pauline authorship (Balabanski, 2015). The new testament of Christian and consecrated underlying theory of God has put the sense if the ecclesiastical and provide importance to the sanity and spiritual nobility. In apostolic age, the universal settlement of Christian truth and element of Gnosticism is the major factor of asceticism and antinomianism which provide the testimony of isolated passage of negative critics.

Christians agree with the immortality of soul and Christians believe that after death the physical body dies but the immaterial essence of human are persisted in the environment as soul. The soul may impose on the eternal state and may conscious in heaven either in Christ or in hell. The resurrection of the physical body after the death is quite imperative is that situation where all awaiting nature of the human is the crucial aspect for the people and divine judgment is not persisted over the situation (O'Hear & O'Hear, 2015). A novel and far enhanced humanity will come behind Christ proceeds to put a conclusion to this iniquity world. The millennium will be a thousand existence of righteous parameter, when community will obey God, when there will be tranquility in universal, when even animals will be at tranquility which is the common conference that has provided an important aspect for the scripture (Mulder et al. 2015). Millennialism has three sections like Pre-millennialism, Post-millennialism and Amillennialism.

Pre-millennialism has put its hallmark over the situation where the interpretation of eschatology had been discussed. Some key events of Pre-millennialism theologies and crucial events have created a greater impact on the millennial rule of Christ on earth. That establishment is the posting of the adaptation that changes the way of Christianity.

Postmillennialism on the other hand stated the view of a church. In this period of time, a church is the ultimate finding that triumphant believes of people and considered that church will centralize the Christianity in all over the world (Ward, 2014). The aspect of interpretation approach and the span of Christian argumentation is there, however, most of the people are accepted the view and they provide their distinct belief and reputation in the Christianity.

Amillennialism is considered as the preceding of the millennium and provides the acceleration of future of millennium does not exist (Ward, 2014). The non-literal approach of allegorical interpretation of present church age is the main contradictory point of Amillennialism and that stated the historical development of Eschatology.

Postmillennialism is the best way of all where the view of a church and the spread of Christianity is the main aspect of the church period. The view of apostles and believe that church has provided is the key intervention that Christian community needs for their sustainable community development.


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