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Simulated Activity 1

This research aims to provide a critical discourse on the subject of development and implementation of a significant communication management plan for a community outreach centre from a team leader's perspective. The research covers the assignment in two parts, Simulated Activity 1 and Simulated Activity 2. For the second activity, a separate PPT file has been provided.

The purpose of the communication strategy is to ensure that the organisation is managed through strong and transparent Internal And External Communication. The members must be aware of the legislative and operational changes brought into the management and important documents related to client information are kept safe. Thus, to meet this purpose a communication strategy has been developed.

The community outreach centre has been working to provide case management, practical support and counselling to the homeless or people who are at risk of being homeless. Currently, the organisation has been observed to be facing certain issues regarding communicating the goals and objectives and keeping quality recording of the credential details of the client. Hence, the following external and internal environment of the organisation has been conducted.


·         Australia is known to be connected with many social service organisations like OECD, Commonwealth of Nations and many more (Darmaningrat et al., 2019).

·         The progressive tax system of the country has been quite favourable for the community outreach centre.


·         The GDP of the country has subsequently increased to a huge amount of 3.5% in 2021.

·         Considering the impact of the covid-19 virus in disrupting the business of several organisations, the unemployment rate of the country has been concerning (Risyad et al., 2021).

·         The cost of a standard living is subsequently high in the country for which the community centres are working at their best.


·         Australia is known to be accommodating a smaller population compared to other countries.

·         The population is quite diverse considering the practice of multiculturalism and multiracialism (Akoto et al., 2022).

·         The population is divided into three social classes- Upper, Middle and Lower classes as per income.


·         Australia is popular for its technological innovation which has shifted the purchase value for new technologies about $65 billion currently.

·         To safeguard the private information of the citizens the government is known to enforce official encryption of the messages (Zamoum & Gorpe, 2018).

Table 1: PEST Analysis

(Source: Created by author)



·         The community outreach centre is known for its quality services to the homeless or risk of getting homeless population around several districts in Australia (Perrone et al., 2018).

·         Providing services to people with mental illness and drug addiction.


·         Lack of significant implementation of strategic management policies in backing up the weak management areas (Zamoum & Gorpe, 2018).

·         Improper communication between the management and the employees is an issue.



·         The staff members have been working towards including high-end clients like several philanthropist entrepreneurs, companies and legal institutions like the government in the process (Moreno et al., 2020).


·         The increasing competition in the market has been an issue in matching up with the high-end expectation of society (Davar et al., 2021).

·         Moreover, the impact of the pandemic has been severe in increasing the rate of homeless and unemployed people.

Table 2: SWOT Analysis

(Source: Created by Researcher)

The communication objectives for the organisation should be directed to match certain areas-

  • To focus on keeping proper care in maintaining important documents containing credentials of the clients (McGuire et al., 2020).
  • To communicate the considerable changes in the organisational activities by preparing schedules beforehand and circulating the notices.
  • To let people, know that the company has been directed towards providing quality services through clear communication (Aminatun et al., 2021).
  • Board members
  • Staff members (Daxini et al., 2019)
  • Volunteers
  • Donors
  • Clients
  • Community Partners (Daxini et al., 2019)
  • Members being served by the organisation.

The identified communication need for the stakeholders to keep updated about the progressive changes in the strategies for organisational management and innovation activities.

“We provide quality care to the people in need by supporting them to be able to lead a standard and acceptable lifestyle in the society”

The identified barriers are-

  • Lack of transparency and trust
  • Ineffective communication styles (Abrams & Greenhawt, 2020).
  • Conflict of interest in the workspace

The ways in which it can be improved are-

  • Communicate the necessary information about organisational changes and activity schedules to the employees.
  • Maintain understanding with the colleagues by respecting their opinions (Aminatun et al., 2021)
  • Keep significant documentation of the communication process
  • Diversifying the communication channels


Key messages

Key communication methods


·         Wide range of quality services regarding mental health support is provided by us

·         website

·         brochures


·         We provide financial support to the homeless and unemployed, please help us to keep up with the expenses.

·         Meetings

·         Emails

Board members/Staff members

·         The company needs to implement disciplinary measures to improve the communication strategies

·         Face to face meetings

·         Video conference

·         Emails

Community Partners

·         We are planning to expand the accommodation services for the clients

·         Brochures

·         Website

·         Emails

Table 3: Key communication methods

(Source: Created by author)

Target audience:

Who will be informed?

Communication method: How will they be informed?

How much will it cost?

Who is responsible?

By when?

Status: Commenced/On-going/Complete

Service user/client

Sharing brochures and information over the company website


Marketing manager

Within three weeks



Personal emails will be sent and face to face meetings will be hosted


PR Team and Marketing executives

End of this month


Board members/Staff members

Email will be sent regarding the proposed activities, planning will be done through viral and direct meetings after getting approval


HR, sales and marketing team

End of this month


Community Partners

Brochures will be shared apart from website communication and personal emails


Marketing Team

Within Two Weeks


Table 4: Communication Plan

(Source: Created by author)

The performance will be evaluated by the following methods-

  • Reviewing the responses and feedback from the employees and the stakeholders
  • Monitoring the employee engagement rate in the process (Moreno et al., 2020)
  • Meeting with the employees to discuss the effectiveness of the new plan and incorporate their opinions for further improvement.

The identified method for implementing the communication strategy are-

  • Conducting monthly meetings with the staff
  • Conducting quarterly meetings with the board members
  • Taking weekly follow-ups from the executives (McGuire et al., 2020)
  • Taking updates from the volunteers and investors about their satisfaction rate 

Communication method


Communication channel

Quarterly meetings with the board members

To fix prior appointments with the board of directors and the trustees for the meeting. Virtual meeting options would be open (Tomita, 2022)

Conferences would be arranged in both office and online portals.

Monthly Staff Meeting

Meetings would be conducted with both groups and individual staff members. Attending virtual meetings would be allowed to ensure maximum participation

The managerial department would ensure that proper virtual invitation links are shared with the employees

Weekly follow-up about the plan progress

The leaders will be sharing updated excel sheets related to weekly progress updates with the managers for further supervision.

The company would provide access to premium excel subscriptions and training to the employees for expert data handling

Regular updates from the volunteers and investors

The organisation will communicate with the volunteers and investors at regular intervals to learn about their satisfaction rate and ask for feedback (Risyad et al., 2021)

The management and marketing team would be sending emails, making phone calls and host face to face sessions with them

Table 5: Implementation protocols

(Source: Created by author)

The selected digital media channel for the centre to use for providing information and promoting the organisations to the clients is Facebook. The complete implementation plan has been presented in the template below.

Digital Media Strategy

Who is the audience that you are developing the digital strategy for?

Ans: The audiences would be the clients or service users, who in this case are people with addiction, mental illness, homeless and on the verge of homelessness (McGuire et al., 2020)

What information about the organisation do you want to include in your communication?

Ans: "We provide quality service to the ones who require care, accommodation and socio-economic support, feel free to revert and reach out to us if you are in need. We are there for you."

What are the goals of the strategy?

Ans: The goal of the strategy is to establish a transparent communicative environment within the workspace to optimize the engagement rate amongst both the employees and the clients (Zamoum & Gorpe, 2018)

Strategy design (types of media, how information is sent)

Ans: The context regarding the organisational values will be posted on the official Facebook page of the centre and be made public so that both the employees and the clients can reach us (Perrone et al., 2018).

Who will develop the digital design?

Ans: The digital design will be developed by a professional digital marketing and content development team.

When will this information be communicated?

Ans: This information will be communicated within a month of initiating the process.

Who will distribute the information?

Ans: The digital marketing team will be responsible for distributing the information.

Feedback methodology from implementation

Ans: The feedback methodology will be through checking page traffic, client reviews and conducting surveys (Perrone et al., 2018).

Table 6: Digital Media Strategy

(Source: Created by Researcher)


From the above analysis, it can be concluded that the issue of the community outreach centre has been identified and a proper communication strategy has been developed. 


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