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Nominated Website Features

There is need to test whether website is responsive this is in order to ensure that it is easily accessible by electronic devices ,this will ensure that all the features are visible by the user of the respective devices .

In testing the responsiveness of the website there is nominated website that will be tested whether it is responsive, its interface design, and its level of user interactions and usability.

To test the level of responsiveness of this website ,there is use of a simulator that is used with the chrome browser which is referred to as Responsive web design tester Chrome device, this also is used by the developers to test how the website could appear if accessed by either the mobile phone, tablet or a computer ,this shows whether the layout and other features will be visible or can be interactive.

After the testing of the nominated website the following are some features that are displayed while simulated by various devices. 

large displays (desktop computer). 

Medium Display landscape( android ipad). 


Medium Display portrait orientation (android ipad).


Tiny Display landscape (android phones) . Tiny Display portrait orientation (android phones).

Discussion-Website Nominated.

Testing the website responsiveness is the process to view the website appearance while it is accessed by the various types of devices ,however there is a website thet need to be nominate in  order to test it using the chrome browser simulator.

The nominated website is, this website is a news vending website that provides the magazines news ,local news and some worldwide news ,this website has a lot of graphics and also it has some news links and also social websites links (Shitkova, 2015).

This nominated website consists of some good features that has some purpose ,among the features are : 

1. Horizontal and vertical Menu bar-this is the upper and the bottom part of the page where there are some collection of link tabs.

2. Horizontal and vertical Menu tabs-they make the bar of menus and they do connect the various pages in the website or websites.

3. Login forms- this is used by some users to access to the website deep news and one can only login using password and a unique username.

4. Creating account forms –this form is use to create account of the users of the website where they then use the same details to login into the website.

5. Social media links –these are special links that connects the users to the social media of this website like the facebook or twitter pages.

6. Images –these are the detailed images which are captured where the information related to then is written below or they are linked to a page with its respective information.

7. Footers-The footer is the bottom most part of the website that has some links and also some images ,this is used to give summary of the website developer and copy rights including some relevant links.

8. Headers-The header for this case has the title that tells the purpose of the website for this case this is a news site ,so the information is displayed on the top part in bold red characters.

Nominated Website Positive and Negative Aspects

9. The maps features-these are feature that displays the map ,names of a country and other details ,this is simple feature to display the map details.

The nominated website includes some features that makes it more usable ,however there are some challenges when it comes to its use ,below are some of the positive and negative aspects identified during the review process (Gómez, 2014).

1. The presence of headers that displays the title of the websites and it is well visible to the users.

2. Availability of menus and links that joins the various WebPages and allows navigation between pages.

3. Availability of login forms ,that is used by users to login into the system.

4. Availability of account creation form where the users record their login details and use them hence forth to log in to their accounts.

5. Availability of the various news links and the sites related to social media.

However the below are some negative features of this website:

1. Use of too large WebPages that makes the users to scroll for long to read the content.

2. Poor location of the vertical menu bars which are located in the footer that makes them in accessible to the users.

3. Over use of images in the webpage where they are not well organized thus tends to occupy much spaces of web pages.

The reviewing of the nominated website by two other persons.

The nominated website is reviewed by other people this is to compare the review finds ,however among the reviews were similar although there are few things that was recommended for change by the reviewers as follows:

Reviewer number one

Age :36 years

Gender :Female

Profession: IT specialist.

This reviewer was my course mate where during his reviews he recommended two this which include ,the improvement of the loading speed and also the positioning of the vertical side bar which is located at the footer to the top.

Reviewer 2

Age :37 years

Gender :female

Profession :computer engineer.

This second reviewer was my friend and as he did review using the similar tool he found that the links used for facebook, and twitter should be designed well and be colorful ,however he recommended to improve the website speed of response since it was quite slow.

The chrome simulator is used by the users or developers to test the appearance of the website while is displayed in various devices like the phone, tablet and the computers. There are various advantages and disadvantages involved in this simulation device.

Below are the Advantages.

The mobile devices of late had improved the traffic in the websites according to the new research ,this is therefore important to have developers who could deliver responsive devices ,this makes the layout for all devices to fit well and thus the cost for developing various versions is lowered and the development cost is also highly reduced.

The responsive website design ensures that there is very little time spent instead of making any stand alone applications ,this responsive website usually spares the money that could have been used in making stand alone applications and also minimizes on the cost involved  .

Review by Other Persons

To implement two or more websites requires more time to do test and do maintenance ,however the responsive design make the website to be responsive for each and every devices screen. However responsiveness makes the devices to be fitted by one designed screen ,this improves services to the owners of business, customers and the developers this ensures that only little time is spent in maintenance of the website

The responsive websites are great in that the visitors tends to stick to websites, however  while the website takes more than three second the users tends to run away from using it  ,where it takes long time to load in both phones and tablets where the visitors tend to be frustrated and they opt for other websites.

The visitors of responsive websites  enjoys in that they always get very great experience ,this encourages them to use the website for a longer duration since all site areas are great, however when the website is not responsive the visitors tends to visit the competitors sites.

The rate of bouncing is not enough to get the results ,however the best approach is to ensure that the devices are consistent while accessing the website. Therefore by giving a website which is secure and is designed professionally and thus the users cannot move to the respective competitors  (Zhang2015).

This is meant to check how is the website traffic ,this enables them to make changes and ensure there is improvement in terms of the system interaction ,this will enable the developers know how the devices could perform while being accessed by various devices.

The Responsive web design is a very important aspect in terms of the optimizing the website  while searching any content ,the single responsive for all devices make sure that the content is not duplicated which could lower the rank while searching a website (Harrison,.2013).

This responsiveness give a good impression to the users of the devices ,this is when they use either the phones ,tablets or computers ,this makes them enjoy the experience where the users do not need to resize the web pages to fit the devices layout.

There are various phones ,tablets and computers which are responsive and they make it easy for users to view the any Html 5 content even when they are not connected to internet.

However there are few disadvantages involved which make this application to have challenges for the users ,some of the disadvantages includes the following:

The following are some disadvantages.

The responsive design mainly is the best in use by the HTML 5 and the use of the css style, where the various devices can be able to load the websites data, however there is a large percentage of webpage which is hidden while trying to display in other devices like the mobile phones or even the tablets, above that there tends to be a delay while displaying data but can be improved only while using the 3g type of network.

According to various devices to be used with their respective contexts where the various devices including the computers and the mobiles where some needs of the users are omitted and not all features are put into considerations.

There are some browsers that tend not to support some devices ,where some old fashions of the phones and computer browsers tends to be selective. This design for responsive devices is not best especially where the users have the previous devices versions ,which do not support the Html5  and its tags. 

During responsive testing process of the website there are various observations made where the various devices are simulated ,however the website interaction is efficient but the loading time is time is longer ,I therefore recommend that the website can be optimized where the search engine optimization is implemented, the vertical menu bar is also required to be place at the upper part for easy access by the users.

Therefore to make the website more responsive the designer should be able to increase the search engine optimization and relocate the menu bar to the top part of the web page.


As a result of responsive testing of the webpages in the website there are various things observed where the web pages display in multiple devices is quite different where the simulator was able to display various views of the website, however the webpages was responsive in the desktop browser where all features including the menu bars ,photo and images ,news links and the  footer were visible in some devices while invisible in other devices .

However in conclusion the website display speed is slow for all the devices where each devices loads for a period of two to three minutes before it fully displays, therefore there is need to optimize the speed of the search engine (Nielsen, 2012).   


Nielsen, J.2012. Mobile Usability. New Riders Press, Berkeley .Dunedin, New Zealand: Otago University Press.

Harrison, R.2013. Usability of mobile applications. London, England: Routledge

Zhang, D.2015. Challenges, methodologies, and issues in the usability testing of mobile applications.Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

Shitkova, M.2015. Towards usability guidelines for mobile websites and applications. New York, NY: Thomas publications.

Gómez, R.2014. Heuristic evaluation on mobile interfaces. North Ryde, Australia: McGraw-Hill.

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