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Description of the company

Discuss about the Communication technology update fundamental.

The main aim behind this study is to evaluate and analyze the risks and opportunities of the market. Here is the discussion about SingTel Company which has been selected in the report to explain and analyze the marketing activities and operations. It provides a diverse range of communication services and solutions including data, internet, fixed, satellite and info-communication technology. Furthermore, SingTel group is a long-term and effective investor in six regional multi operators in Indonesia, Philippines, and India. A description of the organization has been discussed in the report. In the second phase, it depicts pestle analysis to evaluate and identify the marketing opportunities, risks, and challenges. SingTel is considered as a long-term strategic investor. Therefore, they work closely with their affiliates to expand and grow the business. The paper explains porter five forces analysis which is used by the company to attain competitive benefits in the global world. At the end, some management recommendations have been given in the report in order to make strong and attractive goodwill in near future and to make a good position in front of competitors. 

Singapore telecommunication limited is a Singaporean telecommunications company. It is the biggest mobile network operators in Singapore with 4.1 million subscribers. In today’s era, the firm is expanding and exploring its business activities and operations globally. There are approx 25,000 employees employed in the organization. The company was incorporated in 1879 with its headquartered is located in Singapore (Hossain & Suchy, 2013). It provides services for customers with ISP, fixed line telephony, IPTV and mobile phone. The organization is investing in leading companies in Africa and Asia, including Telkomsel, Globe Telecom, Bharti Airtel and advanced info service. Singtel is listed on the Singapore exchange. The organization provides wider network for communication. Furthermore, the company serves consumers in Singapore, Australia, and other emerging markets through the regional mobile associates.  The firm plays a vital role in the development and expansion of country (Singtel, 2017). The vision of the Singtel is to become a best communication technology firm in Asia. Customers focus, teamwork, Challenger spirit, integrity and personal excellence are core value of the organization (Ahmed, 2012). The main aim of the company is to create a sustainable long-term success, growth and to render superior returns to shareholders. It is the biggest player in the telecommunication industry (Curwen & Whalley, 2014). It provides a communication hub to several types of customers across the world. 

PESTLE analysis of Singtel

Macro environment encompasses several factors which affect success and growth of the business. These factors include political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors (Delios & Singh, 2012). The PESTLE analysis for Singtel Company has been stated below.

Political factors: Singtel is the biggest corporation measured by market capitalization in Singapore exchange. There are several political factors that affect the decisions of the managers of the company. Various laws, regulations, and rules influence the business activities and operations of the firm. Temasek’s shareholder and Singapore minister of finance are involved in its investment and other business decisions. Therefore, the government increases the credibility of the organization. It helps to attain long-term vision and mission of the firm (Levi-Faur, 2011).

Economic factors:  It is one of the significant factors that affect SingTel business activities. Globalization also affects the progress of the company. Currently, Singapore government has invested a huge amount in diversifying the economy. Additionally, the association uses telecommunication services and devices to reach its target audience across the world. The telecommunication services are closely connected to economic activities and operations in Singapore. Therefore, the company needs to have a good planning and preparation to gain the full advantages of change of income and habits of consumers. Along with this, the company needs to take care several other economic factors such as exchange rate, interest rate, inflation rate and unemployment rate (Picard, 2011).

Socio-cultural factors: Singapore culture is dynamic and effective with four primary ethnic groups such as Indians, Malays, Chinese, and Eurasians. The firm is still believed in their culture, values, and customs to gain competitive advantages in the global market. The firm conducts development program to provide help children and youths with their special requirements and needs. The organization focuses on the socio-cultural factors to increase and maximize revenue and returns in the international market (Castells, 2011).

Technology factors: In today’s modern era, technology has developed and changed continuously and rapidly. SingTel uses effective and dynamic technologies to attract more customers and to increase the sale of the firm (Grant & Meadows, 2013). The organization provides a suite of ICT solutions for several industries vertical such as logistics, education, healthcare, and hospitality. In addition, the company uses digital strategies and policies to attain competitive benefits globally (Hutchby, 2013).

Legal factors:  SingTel is a telecommunication company that is impacted by legislation and legal issues. The issues are related to monopolies, customers, and government. The company needs to focus on legal factors to beat the competitors and to run the business activities successfully (Grajek & Röller, 2012).

Porter five force analysis

Environmental factors: The firm is committed to render a healthy and safe work environment for its business associates, consumers, and employees. Furthermore, global warming and climate changes can also affect telecommunication products and services adversely. Therefore, in term of employment, the workers need to adopt new and innovative technologies to increase profits and returns in the market. Water conservation is also done by SingTel to reduce adverse environmental impact (Epstein & Buhovac, 2014).

Thus, all these factors have a direct impact on the goals and objectives of SingTel. The firm needs to conduct marketing research and survey to evaluate and recognize these factors. 

SingTel is considered as the largest telecommunication organization in Singapore. Vodafone, Telstra, and Starhub are the main competitors of the firm. SingTel in Singapore taking to the full integrated telecommunications and information services corporation. The firm focuses on the rivalries plans, policies and strategies to beat the competitors in the competitive market (Sutherland, 2014). The firm uses porter five forces analysis to find and evaluate the business strategies of competitors. The porter five force analysis has been discussed below.

Threats of substitute products: The threat of substitute is high in Telecommunication Company. Fixed line method is used by the firm to evaluate and analyze the products and services of the competitors. Fixed-line telecommunication is still using in the company included SingTel. It is convenient and effective method to attract customers in the global market. Fixed line communication also helps to attain desired outcomes and results in the world (Kim, Ryoo, & Jung, 2011).

Power of buyers: SingTel maintains strong bargaining power to promote and encourage services. The bargaining power of buyers is high for SingTel because of low switching cost and increment of various communications. Customers can use internet telephone and other services of the firm. The organization has to consider their products and services to overcome on the competitors and to make an effective financial position in the market (Nikou, Bouwman & de Reuver, 2012).

Power of suppliers: There is a balance between telecommunication companies and suppliers in Singapore so the power of suppliers is fair. Furthermore, suppliers have not been able to compete with current customers because of the geographically extensive network. The company is not able to make long-term contracts for the telecommunication market (Hüttinger, Schiele & Veldman, 2012).

Threats of new entrants: Every potential and capable entrant into telecommunication and mobile industry has required a license issued by the telecommunication authority of Sing Singapore. However, the license is restricted by the government in Singapore. Additionally, the new entrants can measure and evaluate the sufficiency of financial resources. The threat of new entrants is low in the telecommunication industry (Kim, Ryoo, & Jung, 2011).

Intensity of rivalry: There are enormous elements related to intense rivalry affect the sustainability and sale of the firm. The number of rivalries is increasing while the industry’s growth has slowed down. The company has to watch policies and plans of competitors. M1, Vodafone, and Starhub are the strong rivalries of the firm that influence the progress and profitability of the firm. Now it can be said that SingTel needs to monitor the trading activities of the competitors to stand out against the competitors in the global world (Hüttinger, Schiele & Veldman, 2012).

Now it is assumed that SingTel uses porter five forces analysis, Pestle analysis and SWOT analysis to identify and measure the plans and approaches of the competitors globally. It helps to evaluate and analyze the opportunities and threats of the market. 

SingTel announced a new organization structure to capture new and innovative opportunities in the market. The firm needs to make a strong position and goodwill in outside Singapore market.  It helps to gain competitive advantages and to make effective and dynamic decisions. Although the organization is exploring its business but still some recommendations have been given for gaining competitive advantages in the future, it also helps to meet the long-term requirements and demands of the customers. The management recommendations have been stated below.

  • SingTel must create valuable and non-place competitive advantage by creating strong core competencies and values. It helps to survive the trading operations in the future.
  • Apart from this, the company should use unique leadership styles to influence the subordinates in an organization. It will also help to handle the grievances and complaints of the employees.
  • The organization must focus on the business level strategies and corporate level strategies to maximize the revenue and outputs. It helps to maintain sustainability within the organization.
  • The employees resist the organizational change thus, SingTel should focus on the resistance to change to run the activities and operations successfully. The workers do not want to adopt new technologies and changes because they avoid the work. In this way, managers and top management should maintain a reciprocal relationship with employees to resolve their problems and issues.
  • The firm should make attractive strategies to connect and listen with customers and another businessman with dignity and respectfully. It also provides support to estimate and understand their needs and wants to do business effectively and powerfully.
  • Along with this, SingTel should fight always to become the first to introduce and produce new products and technology within the organization. Moreover, the firm must always take strong preparations and precautions in their network system to improve the services and to provide satisfaction to the customers. In this way, the organization can retain and increase the number of customers in near future.
  • The firm should also focus on advertisement and promotional strategies to increase sales and profitability of the firm.


On the above-mentioned study, it has been analyzed and concluded that SingTel is the well known biggest telecommunication industry. It is the biggest mobile operator in Asia. The reason behind the success and growth of the firm is their potential and capable customers. The firm focuses on needs, requirements, and desires of the customers to attract and retain a wide range of customers. The organization will have to maintain their effort and capability to catch up with community and world. Currently, the firm has expanded and flourished its business in more than 20 countries. Apart from this, the company uses international strategies to become a successful leader in the market. Furthermore, situational analysis is done to overcome the competitors in the competitive market. The firm makes effective and dynamic policies and plans to stay in the competitive market. It also helps to make a good image in minds of customers globally. SingTel also uses growth strategies and corporate level strategies to maximize the profitability and minimize the risks and challenges of the market and competitors as well.


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