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Rich Picture of Organization

The systems model, and the relevant procedures of system modelling includes the aspects where it assists the analysts of a project organization in apprehending the functionalities of a system and the objects used for preparing the same. Relevant sections of this report demonstrate about the new system modelling structure for the online based system for Coast La Cost such that they can ensure better satisfactory levels for the customers they serve. The relevant diagrams and charts such as use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, and state chart diagrams are highlighted within this report which are associated with the online based system required for the organization.

Rich Picture

Figure 1: Rich picture of organisation

The advancements in technologies and the emergence of web-based applications have significantly increased the potential consumer base and productivity within organizations. Coast La Costa is one such organization placed in Madrid, Spain, which is specialized in providing consumers with some interesting and affordable holiday packages. The industry Coast La Costa operates within is more oriented toward the satisfaction of consumers, and to sustain this parameter the firm is looking to transfer its conventional system of booking and operations into relevant digital or online mediums. This relevant section of the report highlights the subsequent rich picture of the online-based system for enhancing the operational qualities of Coast La Costa.

A rich picture is the drawing of the scenario, which demonstrates the Primary Components And Attributes, which are necessary to consider during the creation of a novel system within the organization to transform their conventional systems of holiday package booking, communication paradigms, online accessibility of the package and more. The rich picture for the implementation of the new system within Coast La Costa will consist of pictures, texts, symbols, and icons, for demonstrating the scenario through graphical means. The rich picture will assist in organizing the complexities and recognizing the underlying issues by involving all the pertinent components and stakeholders of the new system.

Determination of the appropriate root definition of a project is essential to preparing a definitive action plan required for developing the online system for Coast La Cost. This particular section of the paper will include the necessary details through root definition, which is necessary to follow until the entire completion of the project. The root definition of the system will include the parameters of accessibility and feasibility of the system, the methods that are required used for developing the same, and the ultimate objective, which the project intends to achieve. The root definition will include a clear demonstration of the transformation, that the system will bring to the firm. 

The holiday package-assisting firm, Coast La Costa anticipates establishing a digital platform for the consumers such that they prevail the ability to access the offerings of the firm. The platform will also enable the customers in managing and booking their relevant holiday packages via mobile-based applications or through the website of the firm. This will substantially diversify the relevant consumer base, enhance the productivity of the firm and increase the market share as well.

Root Definition of the Project

CATWOE analysis is an approach, which offers a framework for demonstrating and evaluating the perspectives of the relevant stakeholders associated with the business of Coast La Costa. This particular framework stands for Customer, Actor, Transformation, Worldview, Owner, and Environment. The CATWOE analysis will provide crucial benefits for the change initiative that the company intends to perform by initiating the perspectives of several stakeholders. The web-based application or the system for the firm is intended to assist both the consumers and the employees of the organization which will substantially enhance the productivity and efficiency of Coast La Costa. A brief description of the framework in context to the organization and the system is as follows:

Customers – The clients of consumers are the stakeholders for whom the system will come into existence. The component of the framework also includes the people who will be at the receiving end of whatever the system will offer, and the individuals who will be placed at the suffering end if any alterations to the process occur. This particular element of the framework consists of the individuals who will prevail benefit from the system. The relevant customers who will receive benefits from the system are those who seek affordable packages for their holidays within the market. The consumers will be able to access the relevant holiday packages and deals offered by the firm through their mobile phones or the official websites of Coast La Costa. Even the consumer base includes the older customers who seem to be tech-savvy.

Actors – A CATWOE evaluation necessitates listing out the relevant stakeholders of the business organization or the business process it looks to implement (Kettlewell et al., 2021). These individuals are accountable for the relevant alterations which the new system will bring, specifically the employees. In the context of the organization, Coast La Cost the primary actors of the new system are both the employees and the members of the management of the organization. However, the new transformation of the business prospects for the organization is dependent upon digital and online mediums. Therefore, the actors within the framework in this context also consist of relevant software engineers and administrative members of the consultant company.

Transformation – Transformation is the alterations, that the system or the business approach brings about. This element within this evaluative framework necessitates a listing of the input and the nature of the modified inputs that will undergo for achieving the relevant output. In context to Coast La Cost’s operational requirements, the transformation will be upon the conventional systems, which are in use by the firm for booking tickets, offering holiday packages, and more. The changes within the conventional system will bring a shift in functionalities, which the consumers will be able to avail through their mobile phones and can book their packages and tickets directly through online mediums, which they had to do in person previously if the traditional system is still in use.

Worldview - This particular element within the framework is the explanation for the relevant transformation of the new system or the procedure, that the business organization looks to implement. This step also entails the placement of the approach or system that is under evaluative paradigms in its wider context. Moreover, it is to highlight the consequences or relevance of such procedures to the overall system. In context, to the web-based system for Coast La Cost, it is evident that various stakeholders within the organization will offer different justifications, which makes this step the most important one for evaluation. The principal differences within the CATWOE analysis for the organization will be established for each stakeholder associated with the project. Subsequently, this will also highlight different worldviews for the project that is determined to deliver enhanced services to the consumers. 

CATWOE Analysis

Owner – In preparation for the framework, it is necessary to identify the owner of the business or the system that will be implemented within the operational structures of the respective organization. For Coast La Cost, it is the owners and the investors of the company who persists with the authority for making the alterations, stopping the project, or making decisions on whether they must go ahead with the project, action plans, and more.

Environment – This is one of the most important elements within this framework. This generally provides assistance to the organizations or business models in recognizing the external constraints associated with the new system and how it operates. For the case organization, evaluation of the environmental constraints will them recognize the eternal issues which might hamper or limit their desired changes within the system. Analyzing the elements in this framework will involve the ethical limits, regulations, legislative constraints, financial restrictions, asset precincts, restrictions within the project scope, and more.       

Successful management of projects requires the implementation of specific approaches and techniques. For managing a project, particularly a system development project the system development team must work accordingly for the project at hand. Several methodologies are established which persist with different strengths and exist for several elucidations. A system development methodology relates to the structure that is utilized for structuring, planning, and controlling the procedures of developing the relevant online-based system for managing the operations and enhancing the consumer-related parameters. A broad range of frameworks has emerged over the years having their own recognized patterns and benefits. Out of all the relevant approaches and techniques, the waterfall methodology and the agile system development methodology are the most widely used and implemented ones due to their diverse range of benefits (Kramer 2018).

Several system developments teams and project management consultants consider the waterfall method as a comprehensive approach since it persists with traditional and effective features. The waterfall model is a robust linear model, which constitutes of sequential stages. The stages within the methodology include the phases of requirements, design, implementation, authentication, and maintenance. All of these phases need completion by the system development team to achieve the desired goal and plan the activities accordingly such that all the phases have distinct objectives to cover. It is necessary to sustain the aspect that the previous phase obtains 100% accuracy and completion before proceeding to the next phase. 

This respective project management or system development methodology persists with significant benefits, likely; it makes the administration of the project activities and apprehending of them much easier than subsequently delivering to the aspect of early completion of the project. If the project team has a clear vision of their project scope and stable requirements, the waterfall method is considered the suitable approach for further continuation in developing the software or the system. Moreover, less experienced project managers or supervisors along with the employees of the project team can establish their grip over the project activities by easily employing the parameters of the waterfall method. However, the said method also includes some weaknesses, which restrict the project teams or the organization in implementing the approach for the completion of their relevant projects. One major drawback of the waterfall method is its operational activities consume a lot of time and also initiate large expenses especially due to its rigid arrangement and tight controls. The risk factor and attributes of uncertainty are more evident when the waterfall approach is used for project completion. In addition, the waterfall method is considered a poor model for projects, which have complex requirements and require subsequent changes or modifications.


The other system development methodology that is also widely adopted by project teams and organizations is the agile development method. Teams to minimize the occurrence of risks within the project phases do comprehensive utilization of the agile development methodology (Rafeek, Arbain and Sudarmilah 2019). Common risks such as bugs within the system, cost overruns, and changing requirements can be fixed through additional functionalities that can be enabled effectively by agile system development methodology. Initiating the parameters of agile management methodology also assists the project team in having better control over the relevant project activities and enhances the project predictability. In all agile methods, teams have the ability to establish the system in iterations that sustains mini-increments, (Salza, Musmarra and Ferrucci 2019), of the novel functionalities.  There are several forms of agile development methods, which involve SCRUM, crystal, extreme programming (XP), and feature-driven development (FDD) (Budoya, Kissaka and  Mtebe 2019).

Similarly, as the waterfall method also constitutes certain drawbacks, the agile development method also contains the same, which affects the project team in delivering the outcomes successfully. The major disadvantage that the project teams might face during the implementation of agile development system methodology is related to the parameters of communication. The aspects of agile development methods are dependent upon real-time communication (Reichwein 2020), therefore the new users often persist with limited documentation of the project updates which affects the speed of the project. The team necessitates a huge time commitment from the users are often laid with the requirements of more hands or labor since the developers need to accomplish all the features between every iteration for attaining the approval from the users.

In context to the requirements of Coast La Costa firm, agile system development methodology is the appropriate one, and implementing the same will assist the system developers in achieving accurate outcomes. The system that needs to be developed for the firm in place of their conventional booking and holiday packaging services requires flexibility and continuous improvement. Agile development methodology will enhance these requirements more as it supports flexibility, adaptability, and change improvement procedures. It is expected that the online system for the organization will allow the consumers to browse and look for the online list of holidays packages, get the highlights about the promotions, and offers, place orders through their phone, calculate the price of the total expenses, and more. To persist with all such activities the system needs to have superior delivery of the offerings that the agile system development method supports instantly. Another primary aspect, that the system needs to offer for the consumers, is significant satisfaction from all the offerings it is intended to provide. To maintain satisfactory levels agile system development methodology assists in delivering product features and relevant functionalities, which offers significant value to the customers. For instance, if the consumer wants some changes within the system, they can look to provide feedback to the firm through their website and feedback collection portal upon which the system developers can redesign or modify the relevant functionalities. The agile system development approach also assists in the development of collaborative techniques, which eventually improves the relationship amongst both the members and the expected users of the system. By ensuring, the aspects where consumers stay invested within the agile method through the responsibilities of the owner of Coast La Costa. They are also accountable for maintaining customer engagement and eventually the satisfaction will increase through collaboration and direct involvement with the system development for the firm.


Scenario 1: Customers logs in into the system and then provides the review of any completed trip from the My Account section.                          

Use case name

Provide review of completed trip or holiday package


Customer visits My account page.


Customers log in to the systems to check about their completed trips and then selects one trip. The system provides the complete details of the trip such as dates, total expenses, ticket booking prices, lodgings. The system also provides the option of providing review and relevant feedbacks for the completed trips. 




Customer should be logged in to the system and opened My account section.


Review will be successfully added in the package details.

Normal flow



1.                  Customer input log in credentials into the system.

2.                  Customer opens their My Account Page within the website or the application.

3.                  Customer views the list of completed trips.

4.                  Customer select one from the list.

5.                  Customer will to view the trip details.

6.                  Customer write their respective review about their trip.

1.                  System authenticates the customer credentials.

2.                  System provides the My accout page.

3.                  System shows the list of completed trips.

4.                  System allows the customer to choose one trip.

5.                  System allows the customer to view the trip details.

6.                  System enables the customer to provide ther feedbacks.



Scenario 2: Sales staff accesses the system for checking the overall payment status of the holiday packages being booked by the customers.

Use case name

Check Payment Status of customer of holiday package


Sales Staff opens the list of booking of holiday package for any particular day.


Sales staff views the list of bookings and checks whether the customers have completed their payments or not. The sales staff will prepare the list of customers payments accordingly based on full payments or partial payments.


Sales Staff


Sales Staff logs in to the system


Sales staff checks on the list of customer booking backages on a particular day.

Normal flow



1.                  Sales staff logs into the system.

2.                  Sales staff enters the date.

3.                  Sales staff views the list of bookings on that particular day.

4.                  Sales staff clicks on one booking.

5.                  Sales staff checks the payment status of the booking.

1.                  System authenticates the log in credentials of the sales staff.

2.                  System allows the staff to enter the data.

3.                  System allows the staff to check on the list of bookings on that day.

4.                  System shows the relevant details of the booking.

5.                  System allows the staff to check the payment status.



The conceptual class is generally used for showing the basic concepts that cannot be directly found within the business domain but are required to model the operational parameters within a particular application. The conceptual class diagram is usually the blueprints of the system within a system development procedure that can be used for preparing further action plans and developing them strategically. Initiation of the conceptual class diagram will also assist the project team associated with the development of a particular system in establishing further strategies to minimize the relevant project risks that might affect the project’s cost and time management. The conceptual class diagram is the ultimate building component required for object-oriented modelling. It is also utilized for general conceptual modelling of the operational framework of an application and focused modelling.

In context to the relevant online system development for Coast La Costa, the conceptual case diagram can be used to model the relevant objects, which constitutes the overall system. Subsequently, the project owners and the supervisors can also use the diagram for displaying the relationships amongst the objects and to demonstrate what those objects perform. This diagram can also achieve the offerings, which they are deemed to provide. The class diagrams are also useful in several stages of the online system design, which is required for the organization. The conceptual class diagram will also consist of only the attributes, operations of the organization, and also both the characteristics and the functionalities. 

An Object Sequence Diagram is a Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagram (Maylawati, Ramdhani and Amin 2018), which demonstrates how a collection of objects communicates and operates with each other in a sequential pattern. The relevant sequence diagram persists with a collection of objects, which are represented by lifelines and the messages that they interchange overtime during the relevant communicative paradigms.

In the context of the system development project for Coast La Costa, the sequence diagram can be used as a relevant diagram to utilize to document a system’s requirements and flush out the relevant system’s infrastructure. The ultimate objective for which the project team of the organization can use this diagram is to highlight the interactions amongst the objects within the system along with the time of interaction in which those take place. The sequence diagram will clarify and highlight the sequence or time regarding the ordering of the messages along with the large set of focused notation options included within the system requirements of the project. Simultaneously the diagram will also help the project supervisors and the members in designing the process within an economical range that will substantially benefit in the form of adding flexibility to the system development procedure. As mentioned above, the consumers will have the ability to add feedback regarding the online system, which can be enhanced more through this diagram since, the aspects of flexibility, will increase significantly.


The Control from one state to the other associated with the respective system or a project. The States, which are highlighted within a state chart diagram, is clarified as a condition in which an object is kept for existence and alters whenever some events are activated. The main objective of utilizing a statechart diagram is to model the lifetime of an object within a system right from its creation to its termination. The state of an object that is involved within a system is always based upon the characteristics and relations. 

The commercial operations for Coast La Costa are dependent upon the conventional systems of holiday package reservation and other relevant parameters in which they maintained an efficient phase. Due to the advancements in technology, the enhancement of similar services required the inclusion of digital or web-based services. Though the old customers were happy with the operational features of the conventional system yet the need for a digital medium will provide them with significant benefits. Subsequently, the web-based system as mentioned will cover up a lot of features and the mobile application that will enable the consumers from prevailing the offering through their smartphones also will include all the features to enhance their experience with the organization.

To sustain these parameters, the additional feature or capability that the business can include is its cloud-based systems for storing the relevant information, data, and audit reports of the company. Cloud computing refers to internet-based applications. In the last few years, the phrase "cloud computing" has become increasingly popular. There's been an unprecedented growth of data as civilization has evolved toward a digital world. As a result, storing information on in-house computer systems has proven to be a difficult undertaking for all persons and businesses. The answer can be found in the benefits of cloud computing, which has lately become popular among organizations. The system works on a simple concept: users can access all data without having to save them on their PCs. This will substantially contribute to a positive note for Coast La Costa since the customers will have the ability to check their Wishlist every time they seek to book their holiday packages or reserve tickets. In terms of the benefits which cloud computing will initiate for the organization, the first major one is that it will significantly reduce the expenses, delivery, relevant maintenance of the computational power necessary for the web-based system which will look after a lot of services. Similarly, from the perspectives of the users of the system, the cloud will enable them to suit their required needs. For instance, the digital system and the application design for the company are expected to include a functional portal where they will be able to avail the benefit of a shopping basket which they can use later along with the check-out functionalities after completing the purchase.

Cloud computing is specifically important for the organization as the company will generate a lot of data that is necessary for them to store (Islam and Reza 2019). The organizational database which consisted of the traditional one previously included all the details of the customers, employees, sales reports, and more. With the initiation of the online medium and application-based platforms, it is expected that the availability of data will increase by a large margin and the firm must store and maintain those data. Another example, where the firm must store data within cloud-based platforms is due to the fact that analysis and effective evaluation of those data will provide them with more details and specific results in applying the recommendations to the customers. Recommendations to the consumers can only be shared whenever they visit the office visit or the mobile application. These recommendations will work based upon the previous patterns regarding the customer’s search history or relevant bookings of holiday packages. All of these data can be stored within the cloud and the specific experts or employees within the organization can extract these data, evaluate them and provide them with the appropriate recommendations to enhance their system-oriented results.

The inclusion of the cloud-based paradigms within Coast La Costa will also ensure universal access to high computing power and data storage assets for anyone consisting of a device that has an active connection to the Internet. Also, this additional feature will enhance the collaborative functionalities among the employees of the organization which is considered one of the major benefits of cloud computing. Many people might have access to the documents within a project at the same time. Since the documents can get edited, the modifications will appear on the screens automatically for the users who need the document stored within the database. Another benefit is that both the users and the employees longer have to use outdated software or spend outrageous costs to transfer to a newer edition. For instance, the organization is deemed to provide a relevant system that will be web-based and when the changes are automatically applied and thus are immediately the next time the project owners and the stakeholder use it in the cloud. In the terms of cloud servers, updating software will almost likely be less expensive than purchasing a new edition.


Subsequent evaluation and preparation of this report clearly demonstrates about the fundamentals required for preparing an online based system or platform that can be used by Coasta La Cost. The relevant transformation will assist them in prevailing better productivity and efficiency which were low while the organisation operates through the manual mode of booking systems. It can also be concluded that the sales staff and other employees of the organization can also avail benefits in managing the holiday package bookings, audits, through the features which will be included within the online based system. 


Budoya, C., Kissaka, M. and Mtebe, J., 2019. Instructional design enabled Agile method using ADDIE model and Feature Driven Development method. International Journal of Education and Development using ICT, 15(1).

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Coast La Costa could be considered as the medium-size company who have the specialisation in the holiday packages booking for the customers and this company provides their services to the customers from all across the world. They are presently providing the vast selection of particular holidays and the smaller break to huge number of destinations across Spain and other parts of the world. While this enterprise has been considered to have spread their particular scope within specific terms of the destinations and the tours, the base of the consumers are mainly the people who are needing relaxing time away from home.

The company Coast La Costa has been using the manual system of providing recommendation of holiday packages that is allowing the customers and sales staff with managing both scheduling as well as planning the holidays for customers. Moreover, it is noted that this company has been unable to cope with incrementing numbers of the various bookings as well as customers. Even though, this enterprise possesses the growth that has been found to be stable in last few years, increased competition as well as the requirement of incrementing the share of the market along with customer base has led to Directors of this organisation in thinking of various alternative methods of offering the various services. For the remaining increasingly competitive and offering various types of services. To ensure that the organisation would be able to provide swift consumer experience as well as remaining increasingly competitive in the market, the decision has been taken by the organisation that main market of allowing the automated booking should be explored and then proper services should be provided to the customers. The website and mobile app being implemented by the organisation would help the customers with making online booking of holiday packages and receive the booking confirmation from the system.

Initially, it could be considered that this app should include the compatibility with various versions of operating systems. All developers should be required to effectively plan accordingly for ensuring that the app and website would work in particular manner and the automated system allows all types of customers in making the bookings. Developers should be searching for while directly encouraging the improved adoption and ensuring that key logic would remain completely unaltered across the various platforms. These developers would be required to consider various types of operating systems also. Each and every operating system includes their respective UI objects and the patterns. The developers should properly fix all the bugs across the platforms. The security aspect of the web application and the mobile application should be considered to be the priority.

After ensuring this aspect, the security issues could be a major concern for the new system being developed as it would be extremely troublesome for the various developers. It should be ensured that application is completely free from the various issues of the malware or else, it could be developing various kinds of software or even the hardware disintegration that would be required some increased time and capital for addressing and fixing. Moreover, the organisation is introducing the platform for making the online payment for the customers who would be making the online booking. It should be ensured that all the transactions of the customers are secured properly and it includes proper authentication measures to secure the communication with the organisation and the bank. The details which are entered in the payment interface of the website or the app should include proper security measures so that unauthorised users are not able to access the details of the customers.

Thirdly the consideration that should be made is the overall performance of the application. Along with interaction plus the design, the performance is crucial prospect of development of the mobile. This app should be properly designed in manner that it would be completely free of the bugs and it could be executing on the consumption of the minimum battery on the devices of the customers.

We could claim about our team that after properly conducting the review of description outlining overall functionality of new online system and the mobile app, that it consists of the majority of crucial things that are required for being placed for making this app completely successful. The website would include the customisation feature where the various consumers could be selecting from various deals regarding the trips. The customers would be offered with the options of offering preference of the hotels that could be booked in the holiday packages and it would help in ensuring that the personalised services are being provided to the customers. The customers could place their query through the system AI and it would be accepted by the system and proper effective response would be provided with reasonable time. The booking of holiday packages could be done from both the online as well as offline methods through phoning department of the sales. The website as well as the app would include the proper process of ensuring registration of the customers. Most crucially, the customers would be provided with the option of offering the review and feedback for the services which are availed by them. After the completion of any trip, the customers would be provided with the functionality of rating the trip and the services provided on the trip.

Properly comprehending and then modelling the particular issues could be increasingly essential for determining the proper solution of any issue. The issues are primarily determined to be the issues or even the barriers that are overcome with the use of ultimate product that would be capable of reaching the crucial goals rather than client briefing. Through completion of the modelling of the assignment, we could claim that we have sufficient knowledge about the modelling tasks because we have gained the understanding of how problems of the organisation should be determined and then how the issues could be solved through using the proper efficient methods. The issues would be finally guiding the team as whole and it would be able to provide the increased focus on specific requirements that have been left uncovered. The introduction of diagrams in this assignment has helped with gaining the understanding how issues could be illustrated for simplifying the solution finding task.

The use of Soft System Methodology for the analysts have been popular for the aspect of providing the increased amount of help in the analysis of the various situations that are increasingly complex, includes several views which are differing and upon the key issue definition. The Soft System Methodology could be properly intervening with the types of situations through the direct creation of effective discussion among all the associated parties which are included in the system design. This is factually making it completely possible for directly reaching the particular consensus in which the various parties, who are included could be pleased properly. It also provides increased amount of help towards the structuring of the specific issues that are increasingly complex and it could also help with the development of alternations that are completely feasible and desirable in the particular group of people who have been differentiated.

It has been determined that the risks linked with analysis of the SSAD method is increasingly high as well as reusability is increasingly low. Moreover, the risk while using the OOAD is increasingly low as well as higher reusability in this situation. The SSAD has been determined to be the older method and hence, not too much selected by the individuals. The OOAD method is completely new and it is vastly preferred by the designers and developers. It is popularly known that the SSAD is preferred for all the projects which are properly defined and they are quite steady requirements of the users. Moreover, the OOAD is increasingly better and it is preferred increasingly as it is being used in all the huge projects where there is the altering requirements of the users.

Advantages of the agile methods

  • Quicker implementation of the various types of solutions
  • Provides improved flexibility, transparency as well as productivity
  • Optimised processes of development (Budoya, Kissaka and Mtebe2019)
  • Increased involvement as well as satisfaction of the several stakeholders
  • Decremented goals risk which has been missed

Disadvantages of the agile methods

  • Not easily included in the conventional or greater enterprises
  • Policies, teams as well as the processes could be increasingly rigid
  • Might not work as per the expectation (Islam and Reza 2019)

Advantages of the conventional staged methodologies

  • Improved control level
  • Proper documentation
  • Proper direction
  • One sole accountability point (Kettlewell et al. 2021)

Disadvantages of the conventional staged methodologies

  • Unproductive (Kramer 2018)
  • Lack of efficient transparency
  • Huge costs


The conclusion could be determined from this provided discussion that the implementation of the new system would help the organisation to overcome the revenue growth issue and provide the customers with the effective services which would help in improvement of the organisation. The customers would be offered with the options of offering preference of the hotels that could be booked in the holiday packages and it would help in ensuring that the personalised services are being provided to the customers. The customers could place their query through the system AI and it would be accepted by the system and proper effective response would be provided with reasonable time.


Budoya, C., Kissaka, M. and Mtebe, J., 2019. Instructional design enabled Agile method using ADDIE model and Feature Driven Development method. International Journal of Education and Development using ICT, 15(1).

The rise of big data and cloud computing. Internet Things Cloud Comput, 7(2), p.45.

Kettlewell, J., Timmons, S., Bridger, K. Islam, M. and Reza, S., 2019, Kendrick, D., Kellezi, B., Holmes, J., Patel, P. and Radford, K., 2021. A study of mapping usual care and unmet need for vocational rehabilitation and psychological support following major trauma in five health districts in the UK. Clinical rehabilitation, 35(5), pp.750-764.

Kramer, M., 2018. Best practices in systems development lifecycle: An analyses based on the waterfall model. Review of Business & Finance Studies, 9(1), pp.77-84.

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