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Objectives and Barriers

Discuss about the Constructing Communication Strategy Templates.

In this article I will look into a business by the name of Isarest Food Chain. It is Kenyan based company founded in 1999. It deals in the fast food industry and also makes door to door deliveries. The company has employed 300 employees and serves over 10,000 customers daily. It also has branches in the East African region across 3 three countries and has about 50 outlets. The company is well known for serving hamburgers but they also sell milk shakes, French fries and pizza. Last fiscal year, the company made a net profit of $ 100,000 after tax. In the region, it closest rival is the international fast food restaurant McDonalds. The aim of this report is to develop a system that will develop innovation within Isarest Food Chain. Innovation in an organization is the process of coming up with new ideas that will bring about desired change in the organization to help it achieve set goals and targets. In this case scenario, we will view as system to be something that is implemented in order to support innovation. The key components to be looked into with regards to our report objectives are the structure, people and leadership. Structure involves methods put in place to competently drive innovation. On the other hand, people are the ones who come up with the innovation ideas while leadership is responsible for implementing the innovation ideas. Despite obvious success last fiscal year, there were numerous complaints as pertaining to health standards by customers and the attitude of the employees. Also, there were few complaints with regards to delay in delivery of door to door services.

Via responses received from the company’s FAQ platform, the company has come up with the following objectives:

  1. Enhancing quality customer service in terms of and attitude of employees. Following a reportedly bad attitude of workers, the company will look to curb this investigating what could be cause of the attitude and come up with measures to curb this.
  2. Delays with regards to door to door services. Customers have been complaining of delayed delivery after ordering for goods and company will also look into this to ensure faster delivery of goods.

Following the problem revealed in the FAQ, Isarest will carry out a deep analysis of the current organizational system to reveal any flaws and strengths to capitalize on. The company will employ services of an external business analyst to carry out the task. The main advantage of outsourcing and why the company decided to so is that an external analyst will not be biased and the company will employed the services of a company with a good reputation and vast experience in the sector. Paul, Yeates, and Cadle, (2014).The analyst will be charged with the duty of coming up with data as pertaining to the company’s objectives. Employees will be obliged to comply with the analyst.

Stakeholders and Creation of Innovative Ideas

Following a thorough analysis by the company contracted to do with respect to the company objectives, the following are the barriers that were identified:

  1. There is no incentives for employees - Employee salaries and promotions take too long before they are reviewed. An unprofessional attitude may be blamed on this as lack of adequate incentives leads to low morale by the employees. Shah, Shah, and Jamali, (2018).
  2. There are inadequate transport facilities to make deliveries – the analysts unveiled there not enough transport facilities to cater for the large demand of online sales which require to door to door delivery.
  3. Congested traffic with regards to online purchasing - also, with regards to door to door delivery, the company website charged with online ordering receives many order and due to insufficient servers, the website has congested traffic leading to delays.

In this case, we shall look at what other systems from rival companies entail in order to use what Isarest may have missed and consider application of the same for innovation. This will help the company have a different perspective into innovation that it did not have. McDonalds being a world leader in the fast food industry is an exemplary platform to learn from. Isarest will also look at what is not working for them but is working for rival firms. Lutz, (2015).

The company will look at the necessary measures that will aid in bringing about innovation. Since pegging on one aspect or perspective is risky, Isarest will have to evaluate various options. Also, the options need to be within reach of the company’s resources, that is, financially, human resources and management.

Stakeholders are people with key interest in the system of the company, those involved in effecting changes and those that are affected by changes in the system. The key stakeholders in this case are:

  1. Customers
  2. Board of directors
  3. Employees
  4. Management

Since stakeholders have effect or affect the changes to the system, they should be involved to ensure that their ideas and expectations are incorporated while making and implementing the system changes.

The ideas that the company will create will help to achieve the goals of innovations the company has set out. The ideas the company has created are:

  1. Employer will review the strategy used for promotions and review into their remuneration will be done more regularly and will be based on merit.
  2. Acquire more transport facilities to enhance quicker swifter delivery to ensure transportation is prompt.
  3. Isarest will also seek to upgrade the TCP protocol in their website to ensure that it rids deadlock in the website thereby easing traffic in the website and eliminating the delay. Pusuluri, Aggarwal, and Sivachandar, (2018).

Evaluating the ideas involves Isarest calculating whether their implementation is viable given the resources endowed to the company like finance and time frame.

Once the ideas have been discussed with the stakeholders, then the company has to test, explore and challenge them. This ensures that time and money are not wasted.

  1. Testing – this involves gathering of raw data about the ideas and evaluating whether they will work by use of a “dry run’ to test failure or success. Wyss, et al (2017).
  2. Exploring – this involves doing an analysis with regards to comparing and contrasting the proposed ideas with those of other successful firms and with older systems that are in place. This gives the firms to borrow or improve on the old and existing systems that they deem viable.
  3. Challenging – this involves considering the opinions from third parties who may constructively criticize some of the ideas and this provides a useful insight on improving on the ideas.

This involves picking the best viable ideas and refining these ideas with those previously tested in a bid to save time, money and man power.

Analyses of the potential impact of new system and consultation with stakeholders

This involves determining the need for specialized assistance and how to integrate this into the system planning. After that, Isarest is to analyze the impact of implementation of the changes to the system to the stakeholders and consulting them with regards to the new system to be put in place. Cotter and Fritzsche, (2014).

This will then provide a platform to come up with an operation plan which will include a budget, time frame and responsibilities involved in implementing the new system. Thomas, and Silva, (2016).

The company will come up with way to communicate to stakeholders on the implementation of the ideas to improve the system and when and how the ideas will take effect. Bharadwaj, (2017).

To implement the new ideas, the company will need to coach and train some of its staff who will be involved of putting the new system in place and ensuring it works according to plan.

After the trial and obtaining results, the company in collaboration with stakeholders will seek to come up with ways to improve on the results achieved and the way forward.


To implement the ideas of coming up with a new system, Isarest has come up with a plan on the stages involved with coming up with the new system to rectify the flaws. All the stakeholders will consulted to ensure that action plan incorporates numerous ideas from all perspectives. Also, expert consultation and services will be required to make informed decisions.


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