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Local Production of Food and Income Generation


Discuss about the Consumer Preference and Willingness System.

Local production of food is able to generate more income locally along with number of employment opportunity. Most food id produced thousands of miles from where it is consumed needing specific energy consumption for the purpose of managing, storage and transportation and out coming in specific waste of food from spoilage during its journey. It is the report which will be focusing on the Bentley Beverage services which mainly deals in Western Australian premium locally produced products such as food and alcohol. It is a case study analysis in which case study is related to the Australia premium locally produced foods and I will be appointed as a consultant to provide the right guidance for improving the condition of the company. There are so many things which are required to be observed while expanding the business globally (Mugera, Amin, Michael, and Emma, 2017). The main branch of the company is situated in Perth and it has branches now Melbourne and Brisbane as well. It will focus on an improvement in the company by enhancing the productivity of the employee. The situation of BYOD will be discuss and the importance of currency information and really data information regarding Bentley Beverage services. The role of IT services in the company is major and it is vital for the company to give proper attention to this department. The advice and suggestion will be made on various situations which may bring the positive environment within the organization.

The business process and management should be proactive and effective so that all the relevant information regarding inventory and data can be collected easily. The current situation of the company presents lack of business process and management. Bentley Beverage Services has expanded its business in effective manner and it is required for the business to have the entire data regarding income and expenditure in relevant manner. Customer representatives are hired as contract basis and they have to investigate about the stock and explore of the demand of the customer by travelling. I have been called in the company as a Consultant and as per my consideration it is important to must have look to the inventory system. As system of company has expanded globally and the services of Bentley is go beyond from locally which is very appreciated for the company. It is required for the company to keep focus on the business process and management for establishing the corrective way for delivering the products and managing the stock in various sites such as locally and globally (Carter, Tinggi, Yang, and Fry, 2015).

Case Study Analysis of Bentley Beverage Services

A business process is considered as the collection of the connected tasks which search their last point in the delivery of the products and services to a customer. It is a collection of activities which is necessary for the organization to attain the determined goal in certain period. It is a series of certain steps which is required for the company to b followed. It involves shipping products, updating information of the employee, marketing budget, details of order and invoicing. I would suggest to the owner of the company to apply the certain steps of business process to provide the required information to the customer service representatives. Orders are lodged in a central system but are dealt with locally by the relevant office dependent upon the product. As per my opinion, I would advise to the owner of the company to follow the business process such as a product assembly process, a quality assurance process, an invoicing process and a billing process. To improve the efficiency of the business process, the owner of the company should implement the various tools for resolve the challenges of business process such as management dashboards, verification and error handling, integration wizards and collaboration tools (Van, 2015).

Management is the key tool for the growth of the company and I would suggest to the owner of the Bentley Beverage services to adopt the operational and tactical management to handle the different warehouses holding stock and managing order completion. The business has expanded and started to deliver the products globally. Customer service representatives move from one place to another to explore the latest trend of the market (Hammer, 2015). Operations management defines the business practices of administration to build the upper level of efficiency within an organization. It involves the store operation management which is the life blood of the business. The owner of the company should hire the store manager in various departments who should be qualified and able to handle the various details regarding the inventory system so that in the time of requirement real data could be available with pricing details and location. It would be good for the business and able to reduce the piecemeal application. The food products are sensitive and the Bentley produces the local products that is why it is vital for the other stores of the Bentley service to give the proper information about the remained stock and required product so that customer would not go with dissatisfaction.

Improving the Productivity of Employees

Tactical management is able to allow a manager in a business environment to opt the best strategy or tactics for every situation that rises, rather than following a certain standard procedure. I have analyzed through case study that Customer representatives are required to deal with both producers and sales queries as well as scan the marketplace for new products. The all customer service representatives are situated in the head office of business for maintaining the close relationship with the supplier. Tactical management would be helpful for the business to take step as per real condition because it is the services of food and alcohol which is reliable upon the real situation (Van, William, Jen, and Peter, 2014). Governance involves the rules and policies so I would recommend to the owner for making business policy and laws in an efficient manner.

The concern of owner regarding mobility and BYOD issues related to security and risk are genuine because the customer representatives were initially employed on a contract basis whilst the business grew which resulted in a BYOD situation. Bring Your Own Device is also called a workforce mobility because it is considered as one of the most complex development due to its introduction of huge risks to data loss and data protection. Although BYOD is eligible to provide the greater flexibility and enhance the productivity along with that it has a specific influence on the IT model. It is an attractive business model but it has numerous risks embedded with it. Owner of the business has the concern about the risk of data leakage, exploits vulnerabilities, mixing personal and business data, poorly cared of devices and IT infrastructure. The workforce of the business has expanded and due to it’s the floodgates of data leakage and threats may open up. As the Customer service representatives are working in different place and they are connected with mobile phone and tablet (Astani, , Kathy and Mussie, 2015). I would recommend to the owner of the business to execute acceptable policies and procedures that should be able to clearly communicate the boundaries.

Owner of the business should offer a secure and reliable internet experiences. The customer service representatives are often travelling and require good mobility and data in real time. That is why it is required for the owner of the business to prevent the data of the business initiate to launch a VPN which permits access that the data being transferred from the mobile device to your IT network is encrypted and permitted. The employees are contract based and they must have been signed thee paper which is addressed the legal terms of the business. Obviously, they are traveling from one place to another that is why they are required the real time data but the concern of owner is correct on his own way. Therefore, the owner of the business should invest in the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software so that he makes enable himself to monitor and then detect risks before they have a disastrous consequence (Babich, and Panos, 2015). There is a risk of stolen data and lost employee device. It is necessary that business owner should execute encryptions tactics to make sure that the device is safe and secured against threats. As per my guidance the business owner can execute the capabilities of remote wiping so that IT managers can wipe the device instantly without taking the permission of the users. It would be great helpful for the business in the case of losing device of an employee.

The Role of IT Services in Bentley Beverage Services

Business should make ensure that the data is not only protected but also be conventional to the IT infrastructure. The prior thing owner need to do is bring the full audit of the entire environment of IT in terms to decide whether the infrastructure of the company is set up to cope with workforce mobility or not. The visibility in the network layer should b necessary that is why the capabilities should be reviewed in a better position. These all factors can be accepted by the owner of the company which is able to protect the data of the company and informed to the owner about the activities of the CSR in all over the world. The mobility and BYOD issues can be resolved by applying the suggestion which is given by me. Although BYOD comprises various security risks, if handled in an appropriate manner, a program of BYOD can decrease the cost and enhance the productivity without hampering security. An owner should educate his employee on how to protect their devices from hazardous situations.

The business has increased globally so owner should hire staff for separate department. It has been studied by case study that there are small numbers of staff have access to all the applications that are utilized including the accounting systems. It defines that business has small number of staff with the responsibility of handling various department. It has been recommended by me to the owner of the company to expand the range of staff so that staff can be divided into the department and the requirement of each department could be accomplished. Staff should be increased as per the requirement of the departments and Bentley food services should distinguish department in the form of IT department, accountant department, human resource department and administration. It would be helpful for the business to protect their business product in better way with specific information. The owner should do not required to accomplish it in wider way but different department would be helpful for distinguish the services. It will also reduce the burden of the owner and help to provide more safety. Internal controls should be considered by the owner because it facilitates to prevent their assets and reduce the risk of fraud. There are some certain steps which should be implemented by the owner of the company which would be helpful to reduce the risk of fraud and maintain the culture that produces accurate and timely financial information. It is important for the owner of the business to set up the written policy that clearly defines the policy for integrity and ethics. Business owner should consider assessing and possibly revising their policies on annual basis for making changes in the working environment. As now business‘s employees are working different places so video conferencing should be handled or done between the business owner and employees.

Importance of Inventory Management

Financial document regarding the business should be managed in an efficient manner and the business owner need to understand that in generating the document related to financial when attesting a tax return, there is frequent an explicit financial statement are required in accurate position. It can be done only due to availability of the accountant department who should have the access to make the financial report of the company by analyzing the various taxes. It has been recommended to the business owner to take proper time to ensure that they are ready with the reporting. Administration department would be helpful to manage the data of the company and can inform prior (Lacity and Peter, 2014). As it is mentioned in the case study that Stock is held in warehousing facilities in each state and products shipped on demand. The owner should give the responsibility to the administration department to handle the information about the stocks which is held in warehouse and inform prior if anything is required. For making the good arrangement in the context of IT, owner need to hire the It team for managing the various stocks and data of the store at one place by using cloud computing software. The access should be given by the owner of the business to the staff as per the department so that the staff of the business could not get confused and provide relevant information in the time of requirement.

It is the model which is helpful to determine the strategy for improving the strategy within the business. it is required for the organization to identify the issue initially after that it is required to analyze. Plan should be developed with an adequate manner after that implement it in the company. Plan should be critically evaluated. Apart from that there is various responsibility of the payroll so it has been recommended to the owner to create the payroll team. It is considered as the biggest expense of the business that is why the owner should pay attention towards it. There are various frauds can be done such as unapproved overtime, unapproved pay raises etc. timesheets should be created and managed in proper manner before paying payroll. The work of payroll is not done with paying the salary to the staff but the staffs of payroll are mingled with other responsibilities such as payment controls (French, Chengqi and Jung,2015). It is necessary for the owner of the business to focus on payroll department as well because it will be helpful to reduce the burden of him but the owner of the company should take up to date information regarding every department. If owner manage each department with efficiency, it will bring huge profit in the context of business because everyone in the staff of the business would be responsible for their own work and have access of their department. It will bring thee sequence in the business in which the owner of thee business can easily checkout the various information and provide the real time data to customer service representatives.

Implementing Business Process Management

Technology is the backbone of every business and manged services are able to move on right strategy.  It is important for the owner of ten businesses to manage the IT services and outsourcing in an efficient manner. I would like to recommend them to choose the right provider for the needs of the business. Services should be managed to gain the advantages from outsourcing IT that is control IT success, reduce labor costs, enhance the efficiency and competitiveness, reduce risk and quickly implement new technology. The IT of the business can be outsourced data backup, recovery and storage and data centre functions such as data processing and storage.  There is various kind of IT outsourcing which able to offer the number of options when contemplating outsourcing to IT functions.

Cloud computing has established a revolution of technology for small business which is able to providing access to a range of capabilities that only for available for the larger companies (Rittinghouse and James, 2016). Owner should manage thee IT cloud computing services as he required and pay for what he use on a basis of monthly such as utility services. Cloud based programs can be used by company at any time on any device with the use of internet connection. It provides the benefit that brings a huge collaboration. A business owner should allow them to do work from anywhere because customer service representatives travel various places to explore the market for bringing the knowledge about the latest trend and the demand of the customer. I would like to recommend that the use of cloud based software brings the collaboration in teams without requiring attachment of e-mail and share the list of tasks from wherever they are. The customer service representatives who are presented in different locations can connect through instant messaging and even appear in the spontaneous meetings with robust audio and web conferencing. Along with that the owner of the business can attend the meetings with various clients and vendors from different location with the help of cloud based services. He can use cloud service for reducing the cost which will be helpful to save money. The natures of cloud resources are elastic or flexible so it would be possible for the owner to enhance capacity to support growth. For instance, if customer of the company need of enhancing collaboration, owner of the company can access collaboration tools hastily without making any plan. The flexibility of the Bentley services enhance when the owner works in the cloud.

Adopting Operational and Tactical Management

The business owner should hire the IT team for managing the cloud based software as it is mentioned in the case study that customer service representatives are required data in real time. He needs to hire IT team for handling the software and IT services because it is not possible that he can manage everything on his behalf. They should be managed by providing the entire information about the requirement of the business and the customer service representatives. The owner is afraid about risk and losing data, the staff should have the sufficient knowledge about the handling software so that the fear of owner can be disappeared. They should be managed with various IT outsourcing because it would be helpful for the business to reduce labor costs. Hiring and training a staff cannot be affordable for the small business because it helps to bring the required human resources. IT staff can be able to use the IT outsourcing when Customer service representatives want the data. Pricing models for IT service outsourcing is different for every country but business owner should make his mind to pay $100 to$150 per month per user.

The service operations are essential process for the company because it has the objective to make ensure that all information and requirements are monitored continuously (Zurich, 2017). It helps to distinguish various events in term to determine on corrective actions. It is the responsibility of the management to restore the services to the earlier stage as soon as possible. I would like to suggest to the owner to focus on food operations and provide efficient services to the customer so that the demand of Australian produce local food can be increased. A food service operation involves a food delivery sales operation, temporary food service operation and vending machine location. It is important for the management of the business and the various department s about the taste and the demand of the customers. As mentioned in the case study that customer representatives were initially employed on a contract basis. It has been recommended by me to the owner to keep focus on various representatives by taking support of IT team and keep in touch with them on continuous manner.

I would suggest to owner in the regard of service operations that there are many processes which are the part of the service operation and the owner should consider them appropriately. The owner should make sure that the delivered services as per customer demand are monitored on regular basis. The events are categorized as per the decision making. There should be proper application management so that the various essential applications can be managed throughout their life cycle (Asatiani, Uday, Esko, Mikko and Timo Saarinen, 2015). The current concern of owner regarding the services and the products of the business is correct. He is more concerned about the safety, BYOD issues, mobility and the process of business structure. The owner should focus on corrective form of business process so that all services and requirements can be done in a sequence manner.

Addressing Mobility and BYOD Issues

The service operation of the business should be established appropriately. Service operation contains the effective relationship between employee and the employer. The Bentley food services need to enhance the operational efficiency, capturing new markets and outsourcing. The effective service operations are able to reduce the cost of the operations. I want to advice to the owner of the business to focus on the activities needed to operate the services and eligible to maintain their function ability as per the service legal agreements. The owner should fulfill the request of the services for managing the lifecycle. Owner should provide the right to the user to get access in the data where he can find out the information regarding data and to be able to use a service or group of services. It services should be restore into normal operators as soon as possible for the purpose of reducing the adverse influence on the business operations (Radnor and Nicola, 2016). Problem management is the element of the service operations which is able to reduce the impact of incidents and issues on the business which can be caused by errors in IT infrastructure. It is the management which can protect the reoccurrence of incidents regarding to the errors. The business value of service operations in the business is higher because it has various features such as reduced unplanned labor costs, quick and effective access to standard services. As per my point of view, the owner of the business should focus o the improvement of the service operations and make the security policy goals and objectives that can be achieved by the employee of the business easily (Lee, 2016). The relationship between IT and administration should be effective and cooperative so that in the time of requirement of specific information about the data and the stock availability. Technical management and operational management both play a crucial role in the maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Bentley Beverage service provides the foods and beverages across Australia s a wholesaler and not the business has spreader so it is required for the owner of the business to increase the products of food as well. Customer representatives need to deal with producers as well as sales queries of the customer and vendor.


It has been concluded that Bentley Beverage Services can improve their business process and management by adapting the operational and tactical management. It is report which has been made on the concern of the owner about mobility, BYOD issues, poor process and IT arrangements. Business process is a collection of activities which is necessary for the organization to attain the determined goal in certain period. As a consultant I advised to the owner of the business to keep concerned about the process and the management of the business because these are the most important element of every business. BYOD is referred as the Bring Your Own Device which is eligible to provide the greater flexibility. However, it can become the major issue of the business when employee of the company is allowed to use its personal device for accomplishing the task of the company. It is required for the company to put in place the appropriate policies and procedure to handle these issues. Service operations are the key tool for improving the process and it has been recommend by me to enable service operation and its management in an effective manner.


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