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Strengths and Weaknesses of Wal-Mart

Discuss about the Current Situation of Customers Loyalty System.

In this report the discussion is done about how am I suitable for the Wal-Mart how it is overcoming in the market. The environment of the company that has influenced the success has been analysed. The mission and vision of the organisation has been discussed to attain long term success. Additionally, personal SWOT analysis is done to understand how I am suitable for the company and how it has gained success in the global market. Wal-Mart is an international retailing company that has maintained sustainability by offering greater opportunities to the employees. In this report the growth and success of the Wal-Mart in the global market is identified by analysing the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the firm. The report comprises of detailed discussion of SWOT of the company. Thus Wal-Mart can use the strengths to exploit all the threats and overcome from weaknesses by improving its HR management standards and quality of product by improving the firm performance.  The report consists of the future improvement of the company and the current drawbacks.  In this report the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the individual are identified so that strategies could be used. In the later section the use of conversations, emails and corporate artefacts in an organisation is discussed. Wal-Mart has gained the market power by effectively using the resources.

Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail organisations and has various branches around the world that helps me to identify all the positive and negative aspects of the companies’ environment. It can be stated that there are various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company which makes it different from other organisations. It is one of the largest retail companies all over the world. It is proven to be flexible for me as it supports the logistic team by making use of high technology (ZHANG, 2018). Wal-Mart has different marketing structure that makes it occupy different place in the market. The company is growing day by day and has it is expanding its venture in new countries as well. Wal-Mart is a reputed company in the market due to availability of wide range of products. It has expanded globally as it is recently purchased by UK retailer. Wal-Mart is very beneficial for an individual as it uses IT to support the system by managing all the products and services that are offered worldwide (Bhasin, 2018).  Information technology has helped to improve the efficiency of the company. Strength of working in the company depends on the size of the business as Wal-Mart is a global supply chain. It is useful to work with the company Wal-Mart as it has achieved growth is global markets which has provided various options to solve the resilience issues by resolving the risk of the business by expanding it (Glanz,  Bader, M.D. & Iyer, 2012). Additionally, the supply chain of Wal-Mart is efficient due to use a proper advanced technology to monitor the supplies.

Opportunities and Threats of Wal-Mart

While working in the fast growing company Wal-Mart, It helps me to use my communication skills as the company is expanded internationally it requires communication with the employees from over the world. Thus it is beneficial from me to groom my personality and enhance by communication skills. The way a person communicates helps in increasing the marketing activities of the company (Smithson, 2018). Effective communication with the employees helps in building trust among them. It the communication is done in an improper way it would no help in getting customers for longer run. Poor communication will not resolve the query of customers and it will affect the organisation in an inefficient manner. Additionally it can be stated that to run the business effectively communication is the key part (Hassan,  Sistani & Raju, 2014). Proper communication helps in handling the entire situation effectively and gets trustworthy clients.

If i choose to work with Wal-Mart it would help me in several ways. The certification or experience letter received from Wal-Mart helps me in standing out of the crowd. The expertise in the organisation provides knowledge that could be used future (Jurevicius, 2018).


  • Improve the management quality as the Wal-Mart is expanded in global market and clients need to be managed internationally (Gordon, 2014).
  • I am an extrovert person and can work in a team in a positive manner.
  • I have positive attitude towards work and is comfortable in handling any field of work, weather it is the sales department or promotion department.
  • It helps in improving the transferable skills as Wal-Mart sells all kind of products.
  • I get a chance to expand by contacts as Wal-Mart has good networking contacts.
  • It helps in boosting personal characteristics.
  • It improves experience as it provides opportunity to work with overseas countries and enhances my communication skills.
  • Improve the convincing power as I have to convince clients to buy our products by advertising the goods.


  • I have poor technical knowledge and cannot handle the core technical bugs.
  • It is difficult for me to understand diversity in the workplace as it create issue in communicating and decrease productivity. If proper training sessions are given I can cope with this weakness.
  • Number of employees are leaving the company due to poor programming capability, it demotivates me as even I do not have core knowledge of programming.
  • My personal negative characteristics can lead to negative effect on the organisation.
  • I am bad at innovating new ideas.


  • It helps in popping out from the traditional customs and helps in learning about different customs as company works in the international market.
  • It increases the sale of product due to internet.
  • It also improves customer satisfaction as there is proper feedback facility.


  • There is no leadership rule in the company which creates problem in making decisions.
  • Competitors in the market.
  • Limited ability to innovate new ideas.
  • There exist obstacles in providing training sessions.

The personal SWOT analysis helps in knowing the internal and external factors of the company development in the retail industry. The growth of the company depends upon the ability of individual and how they can capitalize the growth and cope up with the weaknesses. I can use my strengths to grasp the opportunities in the market (Lombardo, 2017). Strengths can also be used to overcome from the threats and continue the leadership in the market. This personal SWOT analysis illustrates how I can fit in the company for long-term success and the potential ways for global expansion. It can be concluded that the company has provided me opportunities to expand my skills by exploring all the economic opportunities and developing a good place in the market by using the strengths. The growth of the company is dependent on size of the organisation, supply chain management and the expansion of the company in global market (López & Ferrándiz, 2016).

Wal-Mart stores are expanded in various arrears and I get better options to interact with people (Nachbaur, 2017). Though there are many competitors available in the market they have made their different place by working on their weaknesses. Wal-Mart has helped me to work in international market by providing opportunities in international retail market that also increases sale of the company (Smith,  Rupp & Offodile, 2017). The international sale of the company not only gave an expansion to the company but has also uplifted my position in the organization. It helped me in gaining diversification in terms of income, experience and benefits on economic scale (Santos & Laczniak, 2015). I managed this by maintaining proper creativity and team leading skills and also communicating to avoid the conflicts.

Personal SWOT Analysis

In an organisation use of conversations, emails, corporate artefacts are very powerful resource to analysis the uncovered knowledge. These sources of conversations are very useful where there is no direct communication possible and the analysis helps in demonstrating the usefulness (Marlow, Carter, Good & Chen, 2016). Apart from artefacts, email is a tool for managing the conversation and support the organisation by facilitating the intra-organisational process. These communication channels are used to transmit the information among an organisation (Baralou & Tsoukas, 2015). Apart from that use of these channels help an organisation to find new customers, listen to the feedback from consumers and develop skills to know about the issues.

Wal-Mart is one of the leading retail companies around the world. According to the  personal SWOT, various strengths are used by me to handle different professional issues that are offered by the company. I have used by strength to handle international clients by communicating with them. (Martínez, Galván,  & Alam, 2017). Wal-Mart have helped me to understand various threats that are possible in the company, I have analysed the issues and design the continuity plan to make sure that business works effectively and achieve success. Plans decided designed by me depends on the financial resources of the firm, but Wal-Mart offers their personal assets for enhancing the profit and ensuring that long term goals of individual are met. Working in Wal-Mart’s company environment helped me in gaining a good image in the market and also helped me in gaining an effective position. Apart from that human resource management team offered various ways that helped me to overcome from my weaknesses (Rothaermel, 2016). It has also helped me in building the skills as I focused on recruitment process, selection process and also took training of individuals that help me to analyze the performance and efficiency of every employee. At every store of Wal-Mart there is a human resource manager who manages all the employees within the organization to make optimal plans and strategies to operate all the business activities effectively and I used my team leadership skills to manage the employees in my team (Hassan,  Sistani & Raju, 2014).

Lastly, I tried to provide proper views on all the decisions as it offered me a platform to employees to suggest their viewpoint and helped me to use by knowledge and implement it in difficult situations. According to me communication skills is most vital part in the organization and with the communication skills I managed all the team work and solved all the issues effectively. Some of my weakness is sometimes I become aggressive because I accept my team members to work in an efficient manner.

Communication channels in an organization

From all the knowledge and skills gained so far I have used by potential to handle all kind of situations and especially enhanced my communication skills by handling the clients. In my opinion I feel that I have been placed in this organisation due to my interactive skills and knowledge to capture more clients. However, according to me I am a good transformed leader as I can handle hurdles all the threats according to the situation.

In my opinion, I need to work more on some international languages so that I can capture more customers. I need to improve my performance by rapid use of advanced technology as proper guidelines are provided by managers in an organisation. I need to deploy some creative ideas so that I can analyse the issues and work on that to provide employee satisfaction to create a constructive environment. I can use my experiences and challenges faced to provide training sessions for fresher’s which would help me in self-improvement of a person as well as me (Tang & Chen, 2015). Training program is developed by me to make them work in a style of the organization that is open communication in an organisation so that the employees can share their views and ideas. Additionally, Wal-Mart offers me the platform for self-improvement as they offer healthy environment to every individual (Wittkuhn, 2017). This is achieved by providing equality to every individual by offering a supportive environment; they have also taken initiated by organising programs to promote the dignity and respect that will help me in improving the working condition.

Wal-Mart uses better technology for fulfilling the innovative ideas to ensure that integrity is maintained and reduces the cost by inventing new products (Sethi, Yanamadala, Burton & Bess, 2017).  Thus it provides me a platform to learn new technologies and stay updated to the latest innovations. It can be stated that company may face various challenges that will help me to deal with the conditions that need to be fulfilled to met the future objective and goals. The company can bear the loss in the global market due to lack of management at the stores will affect the sale of the products. In addition company can face challenges due to poor working environment and un-updated digital services (Wei, 2016). Additionally, while Wal-Mart tries to grow the business in international market, it faces issue regarding diversity in culture as people with different culture have different point of perception. Along with that threat of substitutes is the bigger challenge for the company.

Opportunities to Build Skills in Wal-Mart


In the limelight of all the discussion it can be concluded that management of an organisation is an important part. Wal-Mart is a retail company and I am looking for long-term growth and success in the company. The firm is expanding its business activities and operations globally that is beneficial to enhance by skills. Incan use my strength to overcome from the competitors in the global market. There are various opportunities offered to me if I work with Wal-Mart which could be used to expand the business more. Strengths are used to make the business grow more and work on the opportunities available to cope up with the risk and threat of the company.


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