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Research background

What Is The Meaning And Concepts Of E-Commerce?

What Are The Major Challenges Faced By The Elcom Technology To Start E-Commerce Website In Australia?

Which Strategy Is Significant To Overcome The Challenges Of Elcom Technology?

This report presents the challenges to start the e-commerce website in the context of the Elcom technology in Australia. It also discusses aim, research objective, research structure, and research background. At the same time, it demonstrates the literature review part, research methodology, and data analysis. In the last, it presents the conclusion of the whole report (Abed, et al., 2015).     

Electronic commerce redesigns many phases of venture and social life. Organizations require making new strategies to meet the competitive advantages in the market. E-commerce is the best way to conduct the business and its impact is enhancing every year. The main issue of this research is to discover the challenges to start the e-commerce website in Elcom Technology Australia. In the current scenario, e-commerce is the best way to create the more probabilities to make an effective relationship with customers (Ahmad, et al., 2014).

The main aim of this research is to address the effective ways to start e-commerce website: In the context of Elcom Technology, Australia.

  • To explore the meaning and concepts of e-commerce
  • To address the challenges to start e-commerce website: In the context of Elcom Technology, Australia.
  • To recommend the ways to effectively operate the e-commerce website: In the context of Elcom Technology, Australia.

The following steps demonstrate the research structure:

This chapter is significant to the research because it demonstrates some significant factors that are necessary for the research effectively. There are research title, background, research aim and objectives, and research question of the research study (Awa, et al., 2015).    

This chapter is significant to critically analysis the challenges to start e-commerce website and ways to effectively operate with the support of available information. It is a significant tool to identify the relevant information with respect to a current research problem that will support to develop the framework. The results of this section support to build the effective primary research and identifying the lack of exiting information.          

This section helps to researchers to identify the tools and techniques that will be essential to collect the information and evaluate the data. At the same time, evaluated data will be beneficial to obtain the reliable result in less time and cost (Bredzel-Skowera, et al., 2015).  

This section involves the presentation, discussion, and evaluation of the collected secondary data and provides the effective findings in terms of the research objective.   

This section is last part of the research and it demonstrates the summary of overall conducting data analysis, which is emphasized on the objectives of the research. Afterward, it will also offer some recommendations to overcome the future challenges.

Research aims and objectives

According to Chaffey (2015) the e-commerce is the way the way of buy and sold product and services and transferring of data by using the electronic network. This kind of business dealing occur as B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), C2C (consumer-to-consumer), and C2B (consumer-to-business).Additionally, the word e-business and e-commerce are interchangeable. It is also stated that the e-mail is used by the entrepreneur and customers as a transactional way in the online shopping. At the same time, the e-commerce includes some significant factors such as email, shopping carts, online catalogs, EDI, web services, and File Transfer Protocol. Moreover, it is also illustrated that an organization as used business-to-business to directly communicate with customers regarding the selling of goods and services significantly.                                       

On the other hand, Chiu et al. (2014) viewed that organization has tried to more focus on directly communicate with consumers due to collecting the actual experience and information towards the product and services. Therefore, an organization has used some significant kinds of techniques to collect fresh data by consumers like social media marketing, targeted advertisements, and. digital coupons,

In support of this, Chivasa et al. (2016) explained that e-commerce is beneficial in many ways such as time-saving, a variety of products and services for the consumers, easily accessible, and global reach. At the same time, there are also some significant disadvantages includes narrow consumer services, customers are enabled to touch the goods and services before buy, and specified time period for the shipping of the product.

Faloye (2014) argued that enhancement in the uses of e-commerce forces to the IT workers to improve the infrastructure design to maintain the confidential data of consumers due to make a positive relationship with customers in long-term. Along with this, at the time of the development of IT systems expertise considers some significant factors such as data control related to the supervisory compliance mandates, information protection protocols, and personally recognizable information due to enhancing the stability of company in the market.

According to the Galliers et al. (2014) the most problem which is faced by the organization at the time of using the online shopping is that the tools and techniques, and customers trends are always unstable. It is also stated that an organization can operate the online shopping by evaluating the technology at the particular time. At the same time, it can be illustrated that in case any new venture is not able to regulate its strategy in line by changing tool and developments. Consequently, it can decline the opportunity to boost the incomes and profitability of the organization.          

Research structure

In oppose to this, Ga?uszka (2014) examined that the existence of online trade relied on the satisfaction of online consumers. A satisfied consumer will direct to repeat the buyers enhancing the profitability of an organization. But, at the same time, it also addressed that the maintenance of the satisfaction level cannot be an easy task for the company. It is also addressed that the satisfaction level of consumers can be increased by making a positive relationship with them, which can be possible by direct communication with consumers. At the same time, it is also found that online customers are intelligent therefore they require new strategies and methods for online shopping. At the same time, a large number of the organization has provided 24/7 customer service, easy return policy, and free delivery to their customers to make a favorable relationship in long-term. It can also satisfy more customers in less time and cost.        

On the other side, Hamari et al. (2014) explained that the tracking and shipping are also a major task for the organization. It is vital for the organization due to improving the performance of the business. Additionally, it is also explained that delay in the delivery of product and services can create the dissatisfaction among the consumers. An organization has made a strategy to deliver the product and services at the specified time due to satisfying more customers in long-term. Moreover, delay in the delivery can simply direct to the consumer service misadventure which will have an unfavorable impact on the image of consumer services. Therefore, it is also stated that in case an organization should maintain the customer’s relationship by enhancing the level of satisfaction effectively.

According to Kim et al. (2015) an effective e-commerce business relies on the significant planning and unified implementation to accomplish the business goal together with consumer expectations. Elcom Technology should use some significant approaches to meet the business goals and overcome the challenges of e-commerce.        

In support to this, Kurnia et al. (2015) examined that an organization has prepared the defined operational approaches in online shopping to enhance the probability of growth. Additionally, it is also stated that enhancement in the sales volume and fulfillment of customer orders can be supportive to meet the organization goal successfully.     

On the other side, Lin et al. (2014) explained that strong e-commerce operational management is significant to improve the performance of an organization in long-term. In addition, it is also stated that an e-commerce strategy is supportive to maintain the information about the warehouse and logistics process for the smoothly fulfillment of goal and more efficiency.            

Challenges to start e-commerce website

According to the Mackey et al. (2015) explained that consumers are the main factor due to making a successful brand. It is also stated that in case an organization has offered an effective e-commerce service to potential customers then it can create the positive relationship in long-term. At the same time, it can also be examined that defined e-commerce can also be essential to enhance the stability of organization in long-term.           

This section of research proposal involves some significant approaches and techniques like research study philosophy, research approaches, research design, and data collection ways.  It enabled to obtain appropriate information for significantly resolving the research problems. The main aims of this section are to increase the depth understanding regarding the challenges to start e-commerce website and ways to effectively operate. In addition, it can also be said that many articles have been included in the study due to making a balance between the research subject and collected data. Additionally, the clear methods also improve the research quality, and reliability through numerous sources observations (Maity, et al., 2014). 

Research philosophy is significant to develop the logical reasoning for gathering, evaluating and operating data in the research study. The main purpose of research philosophy is to reproduce and apply the values and opinion of the investigator. Additionally, the values and opinions operate as a basis for research approaches. The structure of research philosophy comprises of interpretivism and positivism philosophies. The selection of the research philosophy fully relies on practical implication of the investigation. Additionally, the positivism philosophy is mainly concentrated on the valid information collected by observation (Mata, et al., 2014).  

For this philosophy, a researcher cannot consider the interests of people to collect the data. In contrast, the interpretivism philosophy enabled the researcher to evaluate and understand each phase of the research. In addition, it can be said that a researcher can use the interpretivism philosophy due to improving the research quality significantly. The main reason to select this philosophy is that it is associated with the logical position of perfectionism, which is significant in setting each approach of the group (MENDOZA, et al., 2015).  Additionally, it can also be said that in this study a researcher has a need to collect subjective information that can be collected by using the interpretivism philosophy. At the same time, it can also significant to keep these clarifications as a portion of methodological knowledge.         

Ways to effectively operate e-commerce website

Research approach plays a significant role in the research methodology due to explaining the reason to select the particular research process. The research approach is a combination of two kinds of factors such as inductive and deductive approach. The Inductive approach is applied to analyze the depth evaluation of the collected data together with generating the conceptual framework regarding the research problem. In contrast, the deductive approach is applied to set the hypothetical origination. As per the hypothetical design, a researcher has abled to accept and reject the investigation process in the context of research issue (Merriam, et al., 2015). 

In this research, a researcher can use the inductive approach due to the subjective nature of research. Moreover, it is associated with the interpretivism philosophy. Therefore, it can be said that there is no requirement of the hypothesis formulation. Thus, a researcher has used the inductive research rather than deductive approach. In contrast, a researcher has used the inductive approach with respect to gathering the huge volume of information regarding the challenges to start e-commerce website and ways to effectively operate in the context of the Elcom technology in Australia. This research approach is appropriate to identify the different values and opinions to successfully summarize the findings. In contrast, a researcher has not used the deductive approach due to lack of facts and figures of the research study (Neuman, et al., 2014).         

A research design can be also beneficial to the researcher due to defining the whole research structure significantly. By using the research design, a researcher has enabled to get the appropriate way in creating the understanding regarding the research phenomenon for collecting the significant and valid information. Additionally, it supports the researcher to make an effective planning process and also supports to obtain the appropriate information regarding the research issue. Research design comprises two kinds of research design, which can be used by the research to successfully accomplish the research task like quantitative and qualitative method. Additionally, the quantitative research is based on the numerical facts and figures through statistical techniques and approaches. In contrast, qualitative research enabled the investigator to create ideas and assumption to make the base of quantitative research (Permwanichagun, et al., 2014).  

It enabled the research scholar to create the depth understating regarding the research issue at the same time helps to collect the complete information and appropriate solutions. A researcher can use the qualitative research for this researcher because the nature of research subject is exploratory. It supports to make a clear picture regarding the whole research issue due to collect the suitable information about the research significantly. Furthermore, qualitative approach supports the researcher in evaluating the human nature and identifying the factors that directly influence the human behavior. For this research study, the investigator has kept the objectivity and tried to conduct the exact measurements due to fulfilling the research objectives significantly (Saini, 2017).;

Conclusion and recommendations

The research strategy plays an imperative role in the research to analyze the ways of data collection and obtain an appropriate outcome. There are some significant kinds of a research strategy that will be used by the researcher to complete the research in an effective manner. These research strategies are such as literature review, case study, focus group, and survey. In this research study, a researcher can use the case study regarding the challenges faced by the company during the beginning e-commerce website due to overcoming the challenges of e-commerce website development. From using this strategy, a researcher is enabled to evaluate the previous phenomenon related to the research problem. Moreover, the researcher has used the case study due to evaluating the particular research problem within the limitations of the company (Padgett, 2016). 

In addition to this, a researcher has used the descriptive case study due to describing the main phenomenon related to the research. In contrast, the researcher has also used the literature review because of accomplishing the aims and objectives of the research. Furthermore, a researcher has used many secondary sources like annual report, journal articles, online sites, reference books, and magazines due to getting the depth information regarding the research issues. It is because; the literature review supports to create the conceptual framework regarding the challenges to start e-commerce website as well as support to obtain the appropriate outcome. Moreover, it can be said that these approaches are enabled the research scholar to improve the reliability and validity of outcomes effectively (Smith, et al., 2015).     

Data collection method is also imperative to meet the objectives and aim of research because it facilitated the research scholar to gather the facts and figures significantly. The data collection method is a combination of two kinds of factors like primary and secondary method. Primary data collection method is new or fresh data that is collected by focus group, interview, questionnaire, and observation (Westermann-Behaylo, et al., 2015).  

In contrast, the secondary data is collected by using the collected primary data. Additionally, there are some significant sources such as books, case study, journals, offline sources, and online sources to collect the data regarding the research subject. At the same time, other sources are a financial report of company, magazine, and newspapers. In this research, a researcher has used the secondary data collection method to obtain the accurate outcome related to the research subject. At the same time, it can also be said that the data collection method is also significant due to obtaining the outcome in less time and cost. Moreover, the secondary data is included the literature review and case study because of making the valid and reliable research study (Stage, et al., 2015). 

The sampling method is used to select the sample from a large number of populations in order to get the feasible information. The sampling procedure includes two kinds of methods such as probability and non-probability methods. The researcher has used the probability method to get the equal chance to participate in the research study. In contrast, the non-probability sampling is used as a non-random sampling method because researchers are not able to provide an equal chance to the respondents in the research. A researcher has used non-probability method due to subjective nature of research. For this research, the sample size is chosen by the investigator on behalf of their personal decision and conveniences. At the same time, it can also be said that a research has used non-probability sampling through purposive sampling because the sample size is selected by research decision as well as helps to meet the objectives of the research (Tayan, 2017). 

Data analysis is also a significant part of the research methodology due to enabling the researcher to obtain a reliable and valid result. There are some significant kinds of methods that are used by the researchers to successfully evaluate the data like Excel, content analysis, and SPSS. At the same time, these methods are depending on the conventional, summative, and directed approach. In this research study, the researcher has used the content analysis to evaluate the collected data due to getting the accurate and effective results. The content analysis is relevant to the interpretivism philosophy, therefore, a researcher has used this method. At the same time, it also depends on the qualitative research where the content analysis is appropriate to get an accurate outcome (Taylor, et al., 2015).   


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that an organization can face many issues at the time of start any e-business in Australia. Additionally, it can also be summarized that the interpretivism philosophy is used due to getting the accurate outcome in less time and cost. In addition, the nature of the research is subjective in nature, therefore, the mixed data collection method will be used for this research. Finally, it can be concluded that statistical analysis tool will be used to meet the objectives of the research.;


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