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Introduction to Marina Bay Sands

Discuss about the Equal Employment Opportunities in Selection Process.

Matrina Bay Sands is a resort situated in front of Marina Bay in Singapore. It was opened for public in 2010 and since then it has been declared as the most expensive casino in the world valuing $8Billion comprising of the cost of land. It includes a 1300000 sq. ft exhibition Centre , hotel comprising of  2561rooms , 800000 sq ft space for shops at the Marina Bay Sands Mall , two large theatres , a museum, two floating pavilions of crystal , exhibition centers of art and science , celebrity chef restaurants  and  internationally renowned casino with 500 tables and 1600 slot machines (Marina Bay Sands,2018).

As per Marina Bay Sands (2017), it is a subsidiary company of Las Vegas Sands Corp. which is one of prominent contractor of Asia’s best holiday destinations and the industry leader of meetings, incentives, exhibitions and conventions in the US. So, in this report, the job analysis comprising of job description and specification for the post of Marketing Manager in the hotel shall be evaluated along with the analysis of job design, recruitment and selection strategies for the same post. Furthermore, the benefits derived by the hotel with the help of analysis and strategies are also stated here with.

The job analysis comprises of job description and specification for the post of marketing manager in the hotel. Job analysis defines the experience, education, knowledge, capabilities which are essential for the post of marketing manager.

The marketing manager is accountable for managing the marketing department. The successful candidate must possess the following capabilities:

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Sales or Business Administration.

The chosen qualification would be Masters in Business or Marketing.

Experience: The required experience should be 5 years in similar field along with handling of a marketing team of minimum of 10 people (Edien, 2015).

Core Competencies: The marketing manager should be strong and effective communicator. He should be able to synchronize the efforts of a group of  innovative personnel which possess diverse skills. His teamwork skills should be highly developed. He should be productive enough to continuously demonstrate his skills and approaches to resolve the issues in a creative way (Horng et al., 2016).

Additionally, he should be possess expertise in the social media marketing strategies with excellent  record on Twitter, Facebook and other media sites which are crucial for the marketing of the hotel. He should be efficient in holding conversations with consumers along with developing the product which cater to their needs and interests (Siakalli et al., 2017). 

Job Analysis for Marketing Manager

He should be a leader in dealing in the atmosphere posed to continuous changes. He should be acquainted in handling the tools of trade in marketing such as website development, written communication, product packaging, market research, Microsoft software and visual communication goods and services.

He should be experienced in advertising the products and services of the hotel and attracting prospective consumers and measuring their success. He must possess skills to manage the external PR, contractors and communication consulting firms .His exposure to the international market place is an additional requirement.

The marketing manager must be capable to execute the overall marketing policies and plans   for the current and upcoming products and services. He should be able to research and evaluate opportunities for new products, the demand for potential products by the consumers and assessment of their needs and insights. He should be able to manage the launch events for the promotion of the new products and services and deal with the various distribution channels for them (Braimah, 2016).

Thus the designation of marketing manager  is such that  a great deal of effectiveness and experience  are expected by the hotel in the identification of goods and  prospective markets , policies  and methods of sale and the analysis of the results of all efforts.

The responsibilities of Marketing Manager comprise of developing successful tactics and strategies to make the brand of the hotel popular amongst the target consumers and to drive quality consumers to the hotel .He should be able to organize and implement successful marketing campaigns to attract the targeted consumers.

For this, he should be efficient enough to investigate with a multiplicity of paid acquisition and organic channels viz. formation of content, organizing pay per click campaigns, lead generating campaigns, event management, copywriting, publicity and social media and analysis of performance.  He must be motivated to build strong and everlasting strategic relationships with the key players of industry, vendors and agencies for the benefit of the hotel (Nestoroska & Petrovska , 2014).

The post of marketing manager has multifunctional dimensions and the manager should be able to work with a wide variety of staff other than his own team. He must be physically fit and should be able to lift the office products up to 20 pounds. He must have a strong mental capacity to work beyond the working hours, if required and should be able to handle multiple queries at a time (Infor, 2017).

Job Description for Marketing Manager

Furthermore, his accountability extends to preparation of marketing budget and allocation and investments of the funds prudently. He should evaluate the performance of marketing campaigns and gain insights and access it against the set goals (Talabi, 2015).

A marketing manager in the hotel industry  is accountable for maximization of the income of the hotel  by evolving the programs to enhance the occupancy rate and make  optimum utilization of the available accommodations,  amenities providing leisure and meeting spaces for the business personnel. The marketing manager must be aware of the aspects which impact the hospitality industry and acquire a deeper understanding of the necessities and attitudes of the consumers of the hotel. He must coordinate the marketing and promotional activities to fulfill the demands of consumers with the help of the hotel staff to make sure that the consumers are satisfied with the provided amenities and they enjoy their stay in the hotel (Goryushkina et al., 2016).

It is the responsibility of the marketing manager to identify the aspects which shape the appeal of the hotel to the consumers. He must monitor the reviews of the consumers on the website of the hotel to analyze the strength and weakness of the hotel. He must communicate with the clients through follow up calls. Additionally, he must review the travel industry research to recognize the factors which affect the hotel such as demand for the low cost accommodations and better amenities for corporate travelers etc. (Mc Guire , 2015).

Lastly, the marketing manager should be able to ensure that health and safety policies are well complied with and promoted during the course of the execution of his duties.

The recruitment strategies and their implementation for the designation of marketing manager are as follows. The first step is the analysis of the vacancy of the required position. The necessary aspects in this regard are whether it can be filled by the current substitutes or a new candidate is required to be hired on the post. Once the above points are considered, the   HR department moves to the next step. The first thing which should be considered in the job analysis is assessing the basic requirements for the job. The candidate must possess the necessary skills for the post of marketing manager. The job analysis should be properly planned and it must be approved by the senior marketing manager. It must comprise of the necessary qualifications, specified skills and expertise and required communication skills along with the physical attributes and description of the personality required for the job (Ekwoaba, Ikeije & Ufoma, 2015).

Essential Qualifications and Core Competencies for Marketing Manager

Attracting the prospective candidates concerns attracting the candidates for the position of marketing manager. It can be done through internal and external recruitments. In case of internal recruitments, the current employees working in the organization would be considered for the position and in external recruitments; the advertisements for the vacancy would be done through recruitment portals, newspapers, business magazines and recruitment agencies and consultants. 

Screening of the candidates: When a large number of advertisements are received, the applications for the most suitable candidates should be considered for interview. It can be done through comparing the job description and employee specification against the CV and executing telephonic interviews to assess the suitability of the candidate (Chungyalpa &  Karishma ,2016).

The suitable candidates should be interviewed to ensure that they acquire the necessary skills as required by the HR department to fill the post. The job description and the role which is expected from them should be clearly stated to the candidates. In order to exploit the prospective for choosing the best candidate, the job explanation and employee profile should be the criteria for analyzing them .After the appropriate employee has been selected, then they are informed verbally on the phone and it is followed by letter of appointment and signing of the contract (Stoilkovska,   Ilieva &  Gjakovski, 2015).

Since selection is the process for choosing the most desirable candidate out of the pool of candidates. This process comprises of collecting relevant information about the candidate through a series of steps in order to evaluate his suitability for the required post.

In the selection strategy, the candidates are divided into two parts: suitable and unsuitable. It involves the screening of the candidates and testing them to choose the best and most suitable candidate amongst them. It also comprises of recruitment and training policies to train the chosen employees and make them skilled so that they meet the requirements of the hotel industry.

The process of selection also comprises of placement which can be defined as the process to assign a job to the selected candidate. In Marina Bay Sands, the candidate most suitable for the designation of marketing manager shall be assigned the responsibilities of the post (Nabi & Wei, 2014). 

Proper placement helps in improving the morale of the employee and reducing the employee turnover, absenteeism and accident rates. It is followed by Induction and Orientation. When a new employee joins the hotel, he is completely new with the organization and he needs to be accustomed with its work environment and staff. So orientation and induction can be defined as the procedure for receiving and welcoming the ne candidate into the hotel and informing him about the basic details of the organization so that he settles down quickly and starts to work.

Recruitment and Selection Strategies for Marketing Manager

The new candidate should be introduced to the job and the hotel. He is explained his responsibilities, policies of the company and other relevant information which is required to get accommodated with the organization ( Kepha, Mukulu & Waititu,2014) .  

It also comprises of on the job training and evaluation of the employee. The new employees are provided on the job training consistently which stabilizes the necessity of the business and candidate. After that the assessment of the performance of the employee is done by the end of first week, month and by the end of probation period. Thus with the help of reviewing the candidate’s performance, the management is able to ensure that the employees are delivering their value for the business.


Hence to conclude, it can be said that the recruitment and selection strategies are approaches of human resource which helps in recognizing and screening the candidates for the designation. The primary benefits comprise of appropriate screenings, strong pool of candidates, and strategic alignment with the goals of the company and decreased turnover and high employee morale. With the help of effective recruitment and selection strategies, the company is able to recognize the best methods to associate with the qualified clients. The selection processes focuses on candidates, interviews and other mechanisms to assess the qualifications and other traits of the applicants.


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