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1. Explain the purpose and scope of HRM in terms of resourcing an organisation with talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business functions.
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the key elements of Human Resource Management in an organisation.
3. Analyse internal and external factors that affect Human Resource Management decision making including employment legislation.
4. Apply Human Resource Management practices in a work-related context.

Introduction to Cadbury Company and its global presence

The paper provides information about the Cadbury Company and the function of the HRM in the organization. Furthermore, recruitment process, strength and weakness and also the employees’ behavior in the organization are also briefly discussed.

Cadbury is the second largest confectionery industry which was founded in 1824 in Birmingham, the United Kingdom by John Cadbury (Barth et al., 2016). After few years his brother Benjamin took the business forward and later on his sons Richard and George joined the company. Later on, this Cadbury brothers change the name to Bourneville. The brand operates in about 50 countries and having employees of 71,657 peoples worldwide. The first Cadbury chocolate was made in 1897 and famous diary milk in 1905. In 1969 the brand collaborates with Schweppes and form Cadbury Schweppes and make confectionary and drink business together but later on 2008 both the brands were separated. The main products of this brand are Diary milk, Oreo, Bournvita, five stars and so on.

The main function of the HRM is to focus on the external factors like HR policy, resource-based etc. and also to focus on the internal structure likes company's strength, operational function etc. In Cadbury, the HR management system was started in 1977 that mainly focuses on employees to make the business profitable in the market (Maune, 2015). There are two main functions of the Human Resource Management, one is managerial function and the other is the operative function. In the managerial function planning and designing of the brand takes places for the better growth of the firm and controlling and directing the employees by the HR manager also occur. In the operative function, the keeping of the accounts record, development of the product of making it in a better quality takes place. Apart from this maintaining a good relationship with the employees are also be a part of the HR department. Cadbury HR department ranks 26 in the FTSE but the major weakness of the manager is to understand the skills of the employee and does not motivate them to perform better (Tyson, 2014). But nowadays they understand the potential of an employee and also motivates each of them for doing better work and thus the company reaches its goals and became one of the leading international company in the world. Actually, the HR management mainly focuses on the needs of the people, function, and employees of the organization for the better growth of the firm.

The Function of HRM in Cadbury

Recruitment and selection of the right employee for the organization is the biggest challenge of the Human Resource Management team (Banfield, et al., 2018). In Cadbury, the recruitment and selection process will be adapted with a great care. The recruitment can occur by two process- internal sources and external sources. The internal sources include promotion of an employee who worked in the organization for many years. Also, the retired and past employee falls into this category. Apart from this external sources includes direct recruitment of an employee through the interview, by any placement services or through compassing procedure.


Cadbury is one of the leading confectionery brands in the world and produces high quality products and thus people are attracted by their products. The brand has a strong marketing strategy and distribution networks throughout the world and this is the reason for being one of the topmost brands. The product name diary milk and celebration are most accepted by the people and thus it makes the brand popular in the whole nation and thus the customers give a positive view about the brand (Sinha et al., 2017). Apart from this, the brand has adjusted itself according to the needs of the customer in different nations and so the brand becomes well known and easily recognizable brand in the market. Along with this, the main advantage of the brand is to fulfill the needs of a customer and satisfy them as a whole and thus gives the brand a huge profit worldwide. The brand becomes the leader due to its innovative idea and established name throughout the nations (Obert, et al., 2015). Due to this it also has a strong competition in the industry and thus they improve their quality of products for the better growth of the firm. Apart from this, they have a market share of 9.9% globally and hence become the leading confectionary brand in the world.


The main weakness of this organization is the lack of infiltration in the rural market which causes a huge loss in the business of Cadbury. Apart from this Cadbury's main competitor is Nestle who makes a good quality of the product so it makes a huge profit in the international market and it thus diminishes the product value of Cadbury (Sharma, 2014). Mainly a large amount of population suffers from diabetes, cholesterol disorders and many other problems which are considered as one of the major weakness of this brand.

Recruitment and selection process in Cadbury

The main purpose of the Human Resource management is to recruit a right employee that helps in the growth of the organization. Every organization needs a positive person for the job they recruit. The main objectives of the recruitment process are to attract the employee having positive behavior and that is helpful for the organization for their growth in the market (Johnstone et al., 2015). They always selected a person who is talented globally and not only for the company. The HR management recruitment takes place by two processes one is internal sources and the other one is external sources. The internal sources include the present older employee who get promoted for the post, or past and retired employee. The recruitment method will be by posting an employee to another city or promoting and transferring the person to a new area.

On the other hand, external sources include recruiting an employee directly through the interview, through placements cells, compassing procedure and also by online recruitment (Bansal and Bansal, 2014). After that selection of the right people who are fitted for the role are started. The selection procedure is the very complex process for an organization. If a right person is not selected then the organization has to face many problems for such a mistake. Apart from this there are various procedure of selection, one is interview round where the employee saw the positive attitude of the applicant, then technical round where they examine their knowledge about their product brand and lastly, then HR round will occur where the HR Management takes the main role of selecting a suitable candidate and after that a person will be appointed for the job role.

According to Bingham and Druker, 2016 training is the process of increasing the skills and knowledge of the employees about the product on which they are working. The main purpose of the Cadbury organization to give training to the employees to increase their knowledge and skills about the different product they are dealing with and also to change the behavior of the worker to work in a team. The development of an employee in the firm can be increased through proper training. The business and marketing strategy is getting advance from day to day so Cadbury company gives various training to the employees over time to time. Due to the changing of the business world, they provided 5 days training to the workers to learn them about the business goals. Apart from this working together also provide them a better knowledge of the growth of the firm. Along with this performance and behavior of an employee provides a good environment for working in that place. If the job performance is good for an employee then rewards and awards are given to that employee. For this, the employee may be promoted or transferred to the desired location they want. A large number of employees do their duty for a huge span of time in their workplace so the environment does not always supportive of a good health condition and for this, the Cadbury HR team also take cares about the health and safety of an employee.

Strength and Weakness of Cadbury

The main benefits of the employees are to provide them a bonus apart from their stipulated salary. This type of benefits gives support to the employee to perform better for the growth of the firm. As per author, Purce, 2014, employee benefits are divided into three types- the first one is deferred or contingent, second is immediate and the third one is remuneration. The first one includes benefits such as medical allowances and pension scheme of the person. The second one includes car allowances and loan that are given to an employee of that organization and the third one includes holidays and bonus to the employee. Apart from this other benefits are also given to the employee such as canteen meals, parking of vehicles etc. which are used for an employee in their duties. Along with this, some other benefits are also provided to the workers those are income protection scheme, retirement benefits, paid and unpaid vacation, funding for education for their children and sick leave. A package is also provided to the employee according to their needs.

The employee benefits play an important role for both the employees and the employers and provide advantages for both of them. In today's world most of the employees think that benefits are only related to their basic pay this is because of the fact that the employees make saving from that money for their future use. In present days the scope and benefits to the employees have grown at a huge rate however in sometimes the employer does not understand the actual needs of the employee and thus provides wrong benefits.  Apart from this there the biggest problem lies in this process which is the amount of providing it. According to Taylor, et al., 2016 this company of United States they spent a huge amount of money in funding the benefits on the employees’ healthcare which causes a huge loss for the company. In present days the employees are looking for several cross-cutting benefits such as they make new technologies for improving the delivery process and make new tactics of assuring money from the employers and thus it causes a huge financial problem or the companies to run their business globally (Kavitha, and Reddy, 2016).

The Human Resource Management team will take care of their employee in the organization. For this they allow the employees to be work together rather than individually and so that the employee work with a huge enthusiasm for the better growth of the firm. Since it is an international company many workers are from different places for this they make a team having the individual leader so that no conflict will arises between them. But sometimes due to the lack of motivation and pressure makes the framework a little bit disturbed and the employee does not maintain their right behavior to the manager at that time (Crawshaw et al., 2017). An employee should engage with the organization only when the manager makes a positive attitude towards them. So an engaged employee is one who well aware of the business context and works sophisticatedly with their colleagues to improve their role and performances towards the organization.

Importance of Training and Development in Cadbury

On the other hand, Cadbury Company organizes the function in the social manner which helps the employees for engaging themselves in such function. In 1895, in the United States, the company made the swimming pool for the employees' relaxation purposes and also encouraged themselves in participating in sports (Naik, 2015). Apart from this medical and dental departments are also opened for them and along with this they also launch a pension fund for the worker and the capital was first given by that company. For making the employee pressure free the Cadbury company is the first who allowed giving Saturday as half day and Sunday as full off day (Krishnaswamy, 2017). Along with this rewards are also given to the employee for working with the full effort of the company. This all these benefits makes the employee give their full effort for the better growth of the product as well as the organization.

A business will grow on a huge profit only when good ethics will be maintained by them with the customer. The organization should take care of the quality and needs of the customer as well as the issues that affect the company in the international and local market. Apart from this, the company gives proper care for the following purposes:

  • The company used Phantom factory for avoiding taxes and this effects the whole country for such unfaithful work.
  • The supply of Cocoa the main item of the Cadbury product makes a huge problem in terms of the supply chain as this thing is not founded worldwide and thus the rural farmer mainly suffers as they did not produce such quantity of the item to the company. 
  • Due to this issues, many child labors are implanted for doing the work of a farmer at a very low cost. Not only that they are forced to do the work for a long time with the dangerous equipment. This process should be changed by the organization.
  • Now a day’s more than 60% of children are working on the farm with an age of between 5 to 14 years.
  • Along with this dignity and respect to the employees should be maintained by the organization for their better growth in the market industry. 
  • Recruitment is the process of finding the right person for the vacant position in the company. Recruitment planning is the first process of conducting a recruitment for the company.  Due to this, a structure has been made where details of the post and eligibility criteria should be mentioned. Along with this number of positions, posts, experienced and fresher needed and also duties and responsibilities are well mentioned in the portal
  • The next step is the recruitment strategy where a proper strategy will be made by the hiring manager to complete the selection process. Mainly there are two sources of recruitment process one is internal sources and the other is external sources. In case of internal sources the employee who gives the better effort to the organization are selected for promotion but in case of the external process the advertisement should be posted in social media and also notification will be given to the placement cell
  • After that, the screening or selection of the right candidates will take place. Selecting a right candidate for the job role depends mainly on the resume of the candidate and there experienced in this field. The top candidates are selected on the basis resume quality and on their experiences in this industry
  • Mainly three types of the interview should be taken for such an organization one is written where examiner should test the knowledge of the candidate about the Cadbury product and who passes in this process are selected for the second HR round. In this step, the HR manager would select the appropriate candidate for the job role


The Cadbury Company is one of the leading confectionery brands where the main function of the Human Resource Management is to maintain good relations with the employees in the organization. They wanted an employee who can give their best performance for the better growth of the firm.


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