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Reading ‘Wings of Fire’

Technical- After I read the book “Wings of Fire”, I thoroughly got motivated, unrestrained, and I had the sense of gratefulness. The quality of the book was commendable from the beginning, middle and the end. The book had the pedagogical impact over me and even nobody had forced me to read this book but I had just heard about it from my friends. It unexpectedly pummeled my mind one day to read biographies of prominent leaders of the globe. The foremost thought that pricked into my mind was this book "Wings of Fire". My respect for the writer has increased, and it has developed a new confidence in the realization of my capabilities and becoming successful in life.

Cultural – The cultural values from the autobiography of Dr. Kalam has created an impact on various technological and political challenges (Goh 2020). The book has provided the experience in developing various management practices and had empowered and motivated me to bring the best of me and thus, I can bring positive change in the society.

Political- In order to bring social justice, I have learned kindness, compassion, and various lessons that we must always cherish in life. It had also motivated me to bring social justice to all.  It gave me the sense of power to never give up and work hard to reach my goal. If any person is not feeling motivated, the person can be recommended to read Wings of fire. It  helps to influence people to get motivated and accomplish one's goal in a determined way keeping social justice into consideration.

Poststructuralism- I have learned how to be a protective leader and various factors that will define a positive outcome. The expirence had reinforced and had disrupted the societal norms of thoughts. The book helped me to positively think, believe, and visualize the different objectives in day-to-day life. It has motivated me to be a team leader and the confidence to work in any field. Motivational inventory is another key factor that I have gained knowledge about. It has helped in enhancing renewal factors and enhancing intellectual capacity.

Technical - I, along with my friends, planned to watch Annabelle. We were very excited to watch this movie. It was however not a shock that our laughter turned into a scream. I assumed Mr. Michel Aller (editor) missed the details that would have let our heart bypass a beat, but the cast did a wonderful job. Janice, the victim of the evil spirit; Linda, Carol, Mr. and Mrs. Mulins, and sister Charlotte, who lived in that treacherous house, comprehend the existence of some sinful spirits. The movie does not turn out to be a comedy, and it has been a very scary experience as I got to realize the impact of the movie and the impact of what it had over me.

Watching a horror movie ‘Annabelle’

Cultural - The concept behind watching this movie was that we were planning to watch a horror movie to realize the anxiety and fear inculcated in our hearts (Noer 2021). This could be observed when there was a release of the negative emotions by watching Anabelle. It has stimulated our brain along with the physical and emotional sensations. The brain becomes active when we watch scary things or do scary activities. However,  the expirence varies for the people coming from different cultures as some of my friends did not get that scared.

Political - While watching Anabelle, I have analyzed that my friends and I enjoyed the movie, but it has developed some scary effects on us. The filmmakers have put great efforts for making the movie experience for the viewers a very haunting one  (Mee 2021). We observed that our palms got sweaty, and there was a drop in temperature. A sense of euphoria was observed, and we felt ourselves forced to sense fear. We could sence the impact of the movie all over us.

Poststructuralism - I observed so many elements that can help in creating a better horror movie or by creating a horror situation at home. These elements are fear, surprise, suspense, mystery, and spoilers. The scary and twisted conditions can be applied in various situations while creating horror scenes at home. The thoughts though are overpowering than the real life expirence.

Technical - Utah's majestic natural bridges will amaze anyone in thinking about the power of water in the region of the Colorado River (Kijowski  et al., 2020). This amazing bridge is formed of white Permian sandstone and is formed naturally through the drainage of the river Colorado. The scenic view has provided immense pleasant feelings. This has reduced stress and anger and has contributed to physical wellbeing.

Cultural - The natural bridges monuments are a scenic area in Utah. A better way to see the scenic beauty of these monuments is by walking around them. You get to see people coming from various cultures anf their reactions towards the monument. The bridges provide pleasant views as these are carved with the natural flow of water. The names of the three bridges of the natural bridge are Kachina, Owachomo, and Sipapu (Scoon 2021). This place had taught me as to how to remain calm in every situation dispite of a hurdle.

Political - People were involved in various activities such as hiking, stargazing, and various activities and here the inclusive practices are supremely valued. The pleasant wind is the main attraction of the natural bridges; it has been very pristine natural scenery. The greenery, rock area, and flowing water have created an impact of beautiful natural beauty that no one can refuse to praise the natural scenic view.

Exploring Natural Bridges National Monument

Poststructuralism - The monument has been a very amazing place for me. I have learned many new activities that can help in the learning of innovative things. This place had automatically involved me in various creative activities. This place is untouched, and this experience about rocky and hilly places had inculcated in me to remain peaceful, just like the flowing rivers and rocks. This place has been calm and pleasant. The expirence had taught many people to rather think about themselves as individuals and had made the expirence to introspect.

Technical - Few of the techniques were used in the painting, and this painting was amazing for me as it has depicted the scene of farmland and peasants (Bruce 2022). From the painting, it can be observed that the time was early September when the farmers had cut the ripened bundle of wheat. Some of the other peasants were observed to be tired, so they took a short nap during the day. Few of the peasants were taking their mid-day meals (Kaminska 2019). One of the farmers was lying down on the ground with his pants unbuttoned. I have experienced that after doing hard work, one needs a break for some time to get refreshed so that the work can get started again with the fresh zeal.

Cultural - The painting has also motivated and inclined me towards the spirit of teamwork in any area or sector. It is the team and the people who also enjoy their work with their teammates. People are doing their work in different groups, as one of the groups is reaping the crop and another group is taking the meal. This has created an impact on me on how to enjoy working with the different people in the team along with a target. The fact cannot be denied that along with the team, any target can be achieved with a fast pace.

Political - The painting Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Harvesters, 1565 had made subversion that all the peasants were the painting charm. I have learned from this painting that patience is the key. Irrespective the amount of hard work is invested in sowing the crops, the time of do its own good in reaping the crop. The sowing of the crop is hard work, and reaping is the result of this work with the essence of time. Teamwork enables any work to be accomplished on time.

Analyzing ‘The Harvesters’ Painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Poststructuralism - The different observations from the paintings can be applied to daily life experiences, such as experiencing the gloomy day, the harvesters, the hay harvesters, and the reaping time. I have experienced the different cycles through which work can be accomplished in time. There are different steps in completing a task.

Technical - While working in a microbiology laboratory during my graduation, I have learned various skills that helped me in completing the lab work. The skills that I gained through lab work are patience, independence, analytical skills, and team working skills. I have gained knowledge of problem-solving skills and documenting skills. I used to wear safety glasses on my face for eye protection. It was a good experience for me to understand the procedures and to protect ourselves.

Cultural - The lab experience has been very effective and impressive for me to learn about the infections of various microbes and practice the skills. I have learned the conceptual reason behind every technique that has helped in various problem-solving techniques.

Political - While working in the microbiology lab, I have learned how to deal with stressful situations calmly. I have also gained the knowledge to work patiently and effectively, and this lab work has improved my skills and behavior. Lab work has been very efficient for me in developing my lab skills. It must be noted that this has been very purposeful in carrying out various skills at home.

Poststructuralism - Working in the microbiology lab can provide good application at various stages in life. This has been very effective in applying lab skills in daily life, such as wearing masks while traveling outside in polluted areas. This will keep the harmful particles and microbes away from the body (Agarwal et al., 2021). Here also the thoughts of the people surpass the facts existing in front of the facts.

Technical – While going home from college, I met my school teacher on the road. I briefed her on my papers on the online publishing company, my posted papers, and my concise stories (which I'm still working on a recent one). She was proud of me, I mean, extremely scornful. She said she understood that I would flourish as an author because she could see the devotion in me. I had tears in my eyes when I read her message.

Cultural - When I met my school teacher, she discussed an incident in team working that brings rewards. I have learned about teamwork and respecting elders, which brings royalty and happiness to others. The importance of teamwork has been very beneficial in every field that has brought success in various areas, such as establishing a business and accomplishing a targeted task (Guinan, 2019).

Political - After a long time, when I met with my school teacher, I learned about the value of time and the value of betterment of performance that we achieve during our lifetime. I was elated when I met her and it was indeed a sweet surprise. She was still like what she used to be during my school days. Nothing has changed; I was elated during this meeting.

Poststructuralism - Meeting with the teacher has provided me with the sense of pleasure, she was so natural just the way she used to be in during my school days. She was very humble when I met her outside the school during my college days. 

Technical - I had attended a conference during my post-graduation days. We were asked to work on the new norm of social distancing during COVID 19. The great experience that I experienced was bringing professionals and students together, showing common interests in discuss in a specific topic. I had met various professionals and acquired new ideas and practices. I had learned about the latest creativity and innovation that has various enlightened perspectives on lives.

Cultural - At the conference, I got an opportunity to make notes that require attention while delivering a speech. It also helped me socialize with people or with colleagues and engage in high levels of debates. The debate has helped in the refinement of the expression of ideas.

Political - Attending a conference had dramatically increased the professionalism as well as personal skills in me. It had indirectly provided the understanding of the situation in dailychores as well. The benefits of attending the conferences are that we get to know the people of diverse areas. Attending conferences also aids us to meet various academic heroes. It has given me chances to meet influencers that have changed innovation and gain insights from different perspectives. 

Poststructuralism - Attending a conference has made me innovative and creative and had also helped me to learn new things about the specific subject. It had helped in making new connections with friends and colleagues and had made them share ideas behind their work. The opportunities for learning new skills had elated my day-to-day work. The benefits of attending the conference that could be used in professionalism has helped me in sharping of knowledge and in developing new ideas (Balsmeier & Woerter 2019). New techniques and skills have been an investment for me in professional development.

Technical- My grandmother narrated an inspiring story when I was 12 years old. The story was about controlling anger. The story has grabbed my attention, emotions, and imagination. After listening to this story time and again, I believe that this story has set the limit to when one gets angry. It has also inculcated the maintenance of discipline, waiting for discipline, and avoiding physical force. Expression of anger in front of another individual can dishearten the people surrounding us. It was a good experience how to control my anger and calm ourselves through such an engaging and mesmerizing way. 

Cultural- Inspiring story was about controlling anger. Grandmother told me a story in a very impressive way, and I have learned many ways to control anger, such as listening to music and writing down thoughts and emotions. The story was very inspiring, and it there is no shortcut to managing anger; the only thing that we can do is to apprehend the reason for anger and endeavor to concentrate on our own sentiments. Maybe this can guide us to a moment where our learning of ourselves which is also refered as interospection will permit us to direct our anger. This is my unique background and I believe that we can never comprehend our anger without comprehending ourselves and getting associated with our own sensations.

Political - After listening to my grandmother's inspiring story, I found many ways to manage anger, such as by practicing deep breathing and talking about feelings and emotions. It has changed my life because of controlling anger and remaining calm in front of others.

Poststructuralism - Inspiring story has been involved in real-world situations such as during anger situations. I have learned anger management tips such as thinking before speaking so that it cannot hurt other’s sentiments. Anger can be controlled through communication and feelings, and it also depends on the situation (Barrett et al., 2019).

Technical - Bungee jumping is one of the considerable fierce sports ever devised. An adrenaline thrill like no other, and I believe that all must try it once in their lifetime. I went to New Zealand with my friends, and since then we knew that bungee jumping was a must-do happening sport in New Zealand. We knew that if we ever got a chance then the place has to be The Kawarau Bridge Bungee Jump. It is the foremost retail bungee jumping activity almost across the globe. Queenstown, New Zealand, is ground zero where this severe sport started. 

Cultural - Adventure has helped in maintaining physical health. Activities such as bungee jumping is also considered to be important for maintaining health as it has helped maintain blood pressure (Laroo, 2018). Physical health and a healthy lifestyle can be maintained through adventurous activities.  

Political - Adventurous sports have been extremely elating for me. I have observed variations of the benefits of these adventurous sports as it had helped me to enhance my management skills and learn the importance of stretching. It has assisted me in boosting my self-confidence while working at the organization.

 Poststructuralism - It was a life-changing moment for me. I had a great experience of the force that pulls down the body during the free fall. The major reason behind this is that we experienced air resistance. The physics behind bungee jumping is harmonic motion, and it can be used in various real situations. I had experienced developing confidence for various adventures situations that have helped me cope with anxiety and physical stress. I have experienced the art of humanity and elevation of self-confidence. It has helped me in fear management and in the abundance of knowledge and awareness.

Technical - While preparing for the competitive exams, I restarted highlighting and keeping the course material to avoid omitting anything essential during the preparation. There are irregular things that we invariably recall or forget. I started colour-coding them so that I do not waste time on it.

Cultural - I assembled a list of effective bullet points for each branch in a word document. Later I started printing them, and maintained them for the last-minute revision. I also pasted paper flags to sketch critical pages in the study materials so that I know which ones I need to go through again for a speedy review. This has been very effective practice during my employment as  I got experience in making notes, and this assisted in the easy workflow.

Political - While undergoing the preparation for exams, I had learned preparation of any event for any organization. It had helped me to change my perspective on planning in a very easy way by organizing the event with friends and colleagues. Planning and management has been very useful for the successful preparation of any of the events (Romani et al., 2018).

 Poststructuralism - Learning has effectively started the daily revisions and organized the study with time. I had learned how to overcome the situation of failure and the development of positivity while doing any task. This had helped me to understand my mental capacity and correct some of the issues related to planning and management. While preparing for the exams, I have experienced the management techniques, a study plan that had helped me to progress towards any task for completion.

Thinking about my professional practice, the strengths I could possibly bring on the table to better design the learning enviornment is inclusive of well-being, safety, pedagogical approaches, assessment and documentation of the students. Whenever any practical visit is conducted with the students, it is important to prior check the safety of the spot. It is required to frequent count the heads in order to verify that no student is missing. It is important that the students must be timely encouraged and motivated to participate in all the activites that might give them exposure and learnings. Also, during the time of an academic activity, it is important to recommend and ensure that the students prepare notes and highlight important points before hand to ensure the last minute revisions. Assessing the spots and documents are equally important to establish the right inflow of learnings and safety of students. For examples, if the activity of Bridge Bungee Jump is to be conducted then it is mandatory to ensure that the activity and the place is safe.


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