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Latoya Consultancy sells electronic items such as Laptops, phones and tablets, as well as provides consultancy services such as repairs and installation. The company would like to display the following on their webpage:

· Home page: Introduction to the company
· Products: List of hardware and software
· Contact: Address and contact number of the company

The web developers have completed the web pages. Your task is to create one cascading style sheet file so that it complies with the style specified by the user. Based from the case study, perform the assessment tasks below.

This assessment requires the learner to:

· Determine requirements and develop CSS
· Use advanced CSS techniques to create web pages
· Ensure web page and CSS are validated and tested in all major browsers.

To demonstrate your competence in this task, you are required to:

1. Obtain and analyse user requirements for style
2. Develop CSS to match user requirements
3. Style the elements of a web page, using advanced CSS techniques
4. Position the document elements, using advanced CSS
5. Apply the style sheets to multiple pages in a website


Emerging Markets: SingPost has continued its strong position in the market. Apart from this, it should be made bigger to make use of its potential in various markets. The company should concentrate on its customer-focused multinational supply chain.

Inorganic Growth: for expanding its reach in the international market it is a big name who has acquireda lotof customers

E-commerce: in the field of electronic shopping the company gets a great opportunity in terms of tapping the market. In future e-commerce will be the best source of shopping; therefore it is important for the signpost to focus on such a platform as well.  

Competition:C.H. Robinson, DHL and Purolator are the main competitors and are giving tough fight in the entire marketplace. Different local brands as well hold a threat for SingPost in its definite country.

Economic Slowdown:  when there is an economic slowdown in the market Logistics faces the hardest hit in the marketplace.  

Declination of traditional services: Traditional techniques for example post and letter have been turned down because of the development of innovative technologies and developing economies.

Local players: The main threat to SingPost is that it has to deal with the local courier players that operatingunder lower and penetrative prices. On the other hand, local players are capable enough to provide brilliant services.

In Singapore, the postal companies have acquired market, technologies and customer for enhanced business. To tackle the situation within the organisation's signpost has come up with integrated solutions. It offers an omnichannel knowledge that will make volumes on its logistics network (Warwick, 2018).By considering its core values and principals SingPost importantly support fair employment practices and gather many profits from it. SingPostis commonly working for its employee’s benefits too because of which their employees give their full potential in their work(Pilinkien?, at.el 2017). For maintaining its diverse and inclusive environment, it gets on to various fair employment plans.   In the organisation,SingPosthires an experienced and oldworkforce while providing employment opportunities to the retired workers. For encouraging women, they provide flexible work arrangements and part-time work. Such initiatives are held by the signpost to survive in today’s competitive world (BERNILEand JOSHI, 2017).

Large Network:SingPost has a large network worldwide it is turning out to be the biggest freight career in the world. Its features, for example, effective communication and brilliant in-house consultancy have increased its reach worldwide.

Innovation: SingPost works as a leader in the logistics commence. Innovation centres have been introduced by the company where research and development solutions are done. Various innovative technologies come into existence for postal business by industry.

Emerging Markets

Growing in developing countriesIn terms of expanding its business in developing countries,SingPosthas invested largely upon its services, fromintroducing new technologiesfrom managing logistics and drones for supplying the information and material stuff(Marcus, 2011).

Excellent financial position:  SingPost has a strong financial background, and it is majorly known for its huge amount of resources that it has.  Moreover,that is the main reason people believe in it,and it keeps on expanding every year. Its financial position signifies its reputation within the industry and business keeps on expand year by year.

Limited market share growth: the world today is very competitive and that the main reason growths of market share becomedifficult;however there are various competitors in the industry.  

Requires heavy investment: For setting up and expanding the business, the Groupneeds huge investment. However the same is not readily available(Lynch, 2015).

Dependence on external agencies: Such kinds of business have a huge network as they are connected with various local and private agencies and operate a business in collaborative form.  

Dependence on regulatory bodies:  the company operates as per the legal norms and authority. Rules and regulation are globally different there following different laws according to the countryare not easy.

Poor Marketing: In comparison with companies such as FedEx or UPS, SingPost does not bear the same marketing expenditure as well as does not invest a large amount in promotion and branding actions. However, it extremely affects the brand's takings and its status.

The postal services have been hit hard by the intense competition, if or if not it is by the digital channel such as email or by more innovative and creative competitors such as FedEx. However, the SingaporePostal Services has lost approximately $5.5 billion in the preceding year. In light of the same, the revolution taking place at the Singapore Post is highly impressive, while recognising its shrink in traditional business; the leaders of the company made a conclusion that it is required make a better investment in digitalized and e-commerce business for sustaining its business. The strategy that should be implemented by the company involved in integrating new technologies and solutions in its operations. The company must be in pursuit of balancing the changing process by making use of the existing procedures, by adding the correct technology and automation with their transformation (Chernev, 2018). The company must also be an attempt to facilitate flexibility due to the requirement of new procedures when offering new products and services. It is essential to ensure effective and smooth flow of operations, for this aspect it is important that the company keeps better considerations towards opportunities to cut costs. Operations in the mail business is the core advantage of the SingPost’s delivery network, the company must take its opportunities into account to parlay into the delivery and e-commerce logistics. The company must consider front-end services, best warehousing, good delivery transports;the company also is in aligned to be well-positioned with partners in Singapore and across the region to be top at providing end-to-end e-commerce needs (Ansoff and et al., 2019).

Inorganic Growth

For diversifying the postal business across the area, the company must take better strategic implications and directions in its three key segments. In terms of mail segment, it must continue to render quality services while improvising efficiency; it is essential that company makes continuous investments in letter mail services development and increase mail carrying abilities for more productivity(Morden, 2016). In its e-commerce segment, the company must be an attempt to improve the customer experience by catering to rising trend in online segments, by adding new touch points such as post office and automated services, by incorporating mobile apps and by involving more services such as 24/7 support and call centres(Annual Report of Singpost, 2016). In its logistics segment, the company must concentrate on developing global e-commerce and logistic platform by scaling up investments and efforts in logistic infrastructure, concentration on customer service operations brilliance and strategic acquisitions to solidify end to end e-commerce logistics value chain.

By considering the strengths of the company, that are effective last-mile domination in the domestic market, technologically developing company seeking measures to improvise effectiveness and service automation. The biggest strength lies in the aspect that SingPost has a partnership with Alibaba which is the largest e-commerce company in the world, and with the existence of Alibaba executives in the board of directors of SingPost, the strategic shift of the company the towards e-commerce lots will be expected to be strengthened and also help in context with logistics fulfilment of e-commerce transactions. Thus, stating that the lower margin unit of logistics business will remain as one of the top business portfolios of SingPost. The key strength of the company is also that it has a powerful cash flow generation that has enabled it to maintain stability in dividend across the few years of business transformation. Hence, it can be asserted that company can make use of its strength as a power to defeat its weakness that comes in the form of Frequent leadership change, rising costs, shrink in mail volume, and comparatively low independence of Board.  The company is required to make use of its dominant position, superior brand image and reputation, and must offer new services and products into the market that differentiate it from others and involve an immense amount of innovation and technology alongside (Doz, 2017).

While the Group tends to face the stress of reducing letter mail in the conventional postal business, it is extremely significant to conduct an action plan for the Group to tackle current situations and be future-oriented to gain commendable success in the US market.


A vigorous technological backbone is a crucial element for the transformation of SingPost into an internal provider of e-commerce logistics. It is vital that Group considers growing investments in technology, also there are related risks associated with same inclusive of adoption of new infrastructure, systems, information technology facilities and data security, For this it is initially required to make a set yet systematic risk management plan so that it can overcome with such risks, technological implementation can assist in eliminating the issue of shrinking mail volumes and reducing profits. As such integration can help in targeting new audiences and large firms that are lately preferring electronic, digital and technological postal and solutions. It is crucial that proper consideration is given to the technology handling;otherwise, it can result in failures that can damage business operations, company reputation thereby leading to financial losses.

The Group must involve Board Risk and Technology Committee, consisting of mainly those members with key competencies in the technological fields that they can oversee the technology and IT strategy for better acquisitions, capital expenses and investments.

The Group must ensure that the committee timely reviews and analysis plans, procedures and policies in regards to the IT matters, IT risk management, and consider progressive aspects in main IT projects. The communities must also handle the duty of making recommendations to the Board.

The execution is to be analyzed and reviewed by managerial authorities on a monthly basis.

In the face of the international postal industry trend, the Group is experiencing letter mail volume among stiff market conditions. Operating costs within Singapore, as well as terminal dues, has also been considering a rapid increase. For this aspect, the Group must assure to satisfy the criteria and retain service quality standards, while launching better initiates and efforts as an element of transformation programs to stimulate their role as a reliable provider of postal services.

The Group has to consider investments in its postal infrastructure to ensure service quality as well as productivity.To this note, it must take regular updation in mail sorting infrastructure, we while considering greater load capacity to boost productivity.  The Group must also review their processes regularly and carry out quality control checks at the operationalleveland delivery points.

Upper management and senior executives will be responsible for checking better compliance towards regulatory standards and foreseeing the growth in mail business.

Regular update by considering changing laws and regulations which are applicable to the business this will be reviewed by the legal department of SingPost.


Since the Group has constant facingissues in operation such as a rise in operating costs and inefficiencies in operations. In regards to the same, the Group is required to promise operational readiness by business continuity planning.

The groupmust keep the system in place for effective response towards possible crises, issues and threats and to reduce the impact over operations as well as resources. This will allow the Group to give response towards issues in a set and effective manner while accelerating the recovery procedures.

Mid-level management will be commanded to undertake the responsibilities of operations; they must be provided with training and resources so that operations can be smoothly handled.

Additionally, the communication and risk management plan are evaluated and refined on a periodical basis, and updates must be provided into several business continuity plans.

Innovation is the trademark of Group’s drive towards higher productivity and service fineness. It had rendered exceptions innovations such as, myStamp, vPost, the roll-out of POPStation lockers etc. in the market and evidenced to be one of the best Digital Innovator.

The primary task of the Group is to bring rigorous innovation in online and e-commerce solutions.  This can be conducted by involving each person that is associated with their business from personnel to customer and obtaining their innovative thoughts and ideas into business to stimulate innovation and productivity as a while.

All team members will be responsible; open work environment will be encouraged in which each employee is encouraged to take initiatives for improvisation and innovation for further development of the business.

This plan will be implemented within the time frame of 2 months,and this will be constantly modified with changing business situations.


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