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Explain the concept of a smart enterprise. Focusing on two different aspects of a smart enterprise, describe each one in detail.

Use two (2) different case studies to illustrate how this aspect of smart enterprise is implemented and how it gives competitive advantage to the company that implemented
it. Your case study must describe a real company and its usage of smart enterprise technology1.

Internet Of Things And Its Impacts

IoT is a new technology which was implemented so that it can assist various smart enterprises and businesses to deliver their services with ease.  It connect the companies’ devices together through the internet for easy storage of data and information on the cloud (Holler et al. 2014). Smart enterprise companies uses this technology to grow their business as fast as possible and generate more profit.

Management of the inventories- effective inventory management have been provided as a service through the internet of things technology (Bi, Da Xu and Wang 2014). This is with the reason that the cloud have become a major storage location where our data and information can be store with limited cost but very secure. Therefore business people dealing with several warehouses, manufacturing and many stores can use IoT devices to trace their stock from the cloud at any given time.

Internet of things has made logistics more effective- shipping of products have been made faster because of the implementation of the internet of things in the said companies. In these smart shipping companies, the delivery of services and products have become faster and the productivity of the companies have drastically gone up.

These are companies which uses technology platforms to perform their tasks. They used advance tools such as application programs and AI tools to carry out their duties. These companies uses the cloud which relies on the internet of things for its storage.

The main functions of the smart enterprises is to carry out the following functions;

  • They process all the data concerning the company’s distributions and supplies
  • They manage all the inventories through the cloud storages
  • They use real time tracking tools to trace their properties and deliveries

Internet of things plays a major role in many business enterprises. The purpose of it is to ensure that service delivery among various big smart enterprises are delivered within the shortest time possible. The IoT providers had identified this problem before the implementation of the idea. With the increasing world population, the delivery of services by various business companies was becoming very slow. Internet of things providers came up with the idea and they realize that it is going to give a solution to the problem.

Computing is a major problem solver when it comes to services delivery across the world. Logistics is a process through which products are being shipped from one location to the other. This products pass through the hands of several people, meaning that they can easily get lost or may be stolen before reaching the right person. Through the IoT technology, these products has been made traceable through the use of some management tools and devices.

The Functions Of The Smart Enterprises

Deloitte is a branded company that has an accounting organizations and professional services network (Erkan 2014). It provide consulting, audit, enterprise risks, financial advisory and tax to more the 286,200 professionals around the globe. It has the highest marketing share in auditing at present (Deloitte United States. 2018).

It has sensor and connection technology which place them at forefront with the connected world for transition. It deploy and expand the IoT capabilities making the system works to understand the industry dynamics (Bokor and Markovits-Somogyi 2015). 

The company provide logistics to make the shipping smarter with the use of IoT. The logistics provider move their objects by sea, rail, air, and ground. The network is distributed widely and decisions about the information are rapidly made.

The rate of productivity rises because of this technology in the market. Deloitee is the number one market share Consulting Research and Advisory.

20cube Logistic Pte Ltd. Has a integrated logistics solutions and freight management to deliver cargo by the means of air and sea. It provide logistic services like warehousing, supplying chain services, customers consulting services ( 2018). 

It uses the secure network having bonded and non-bonded warehousing facilities. It manage the stock inventories that distribute the product theough WMS. It provide a 3PL services to both the international and local services (Huq, Bhutta and Cutright 2015).

They provide third party Logistic services such the warehousing and transportation that are scale and customized the need of the customer based on the condition of the market (Singh, Gunasekaran and Kumar 2017). The product suppliers, and warehouse distribute them to customer as per the requirement.

The use of the smart enterprise technology helps the companies who have implemented it in that it is secure and the clients will possible built trust to the company hence increasing the profit margins.

Fastest growing manufacturing companies in the world are those which advances with the technology. Technology is the key player when it comes to the productivity of the company, as it will help in making the way in which the company services are being delivered. In most industries which involves manufacturing processes relies on the AI machines for its productivity.

Fujitsu is the ICT Company with 5000 staff working across Australia that provide range of technology solutions, services and products ( 2018). The company experience the power of ICT to shape the customers future for the society. Fujitsu is the world most Admired Companies.

Smart logistics

The Insight Materials of Fujitsu is used in intelligent dashboard for complete factory optimization, with data visualization to encourage the people and the machines to work together, makes the industrial IoT happens (Huq, Bhutta and Cutright 2015). With IoT it innovates the production in TOTO Vietnam’s Factory. It connects the enterprise to transform the manufacturing operations.

Fujitsu implement its manufacturing products to exploit the new opportunities and overcome the challenges. Fujitsu can help other organization to connect the manufacturing that could deliver new product as a service for customization. They even provide some operational insight so as to increase the visibility and speed of manufacturing.

The Fujitsu could increase the capacity, reduce the costs and improve the product effectiveness for the production lines along with the supply chain. This will keep them competitive. The company is facing the challenges were the products are connected and ensure that it could be manage effectively throughout their life cycle.

The Clavax is an IT organization that provide expertise in the mobility industry. It had standard mobility that provide IT solutions to cover the Customized and Enterprise Solutions. The IoT projects is develop for the size of the credit card and Linux platform ( 2018).

Clavax adopt the Internet of things for the manufacturing industry to collect analytical data from the gas turbine engines till the locomotives ( 2018).  In Clavax Just like internet the Internet of Things has transform the world by making use of tools and technologies that are open source and is important for the new IoT service development. The IoT Bridge the gap between physical and the digital world.

The company provide the IoT platform through which the apps communicate with the data. It has the prototyping platform for an open source in order to develop an interactive objects. The IoT is implemented is Airbus that could forecast the potential problems (Bokor and Markovits-Somogyi 2015).  

This technology usage has made the company to established and grow drastically. This is because the use of IoT has improve the manufacturing business operations which could keep connected the workers with the factory. It digitize the operations and improve the productivity and lower the downtime (Zanella et al 2014).


From the above case study it reflects that internet of things is a major step in technology advancement. The four different companies’ case study has made it possible to make our work easier and make our service delivery faster. Smart enterprise are those enterprises who value the technology as their key player in their productivity. Internet of things enable many of the smart enterprises across the globe to store their large amount of data in the cloud at a cheaper price. However, despite all the discussed benefits of the internet of things security is still a threat.


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