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Summary of Communication Management

Discuss about the Innovation Portfolio Management of Dynamic Capabilities.

Communication through the method of negotiation has needed assimilation of various skills. This has included interpersonal skills, soft skills, generic skills, subject matters and people skills. The study has focused on various aspects such as conflict and negotiation, persuasion and argument, leadership communication, emotional and assertiveness of intelligence under tangible legal and commercial attributes of various commercial processes of project negotiations. Here, various complex and diverse governmental and non-governmental contractual analysis is demonstrated.

Further, the study has shown ways towards conflict management and project management. The learning outcomes reflect how foundation towards lasting, fair and creative project agreements has been taking place between various negotiating parties.

Summary: The communication management has been dealing with keeping everybody in the loop. The process has concerned about defining various kinds of data needed to deliver, the person to receive that, format to communicate that and timing of the distribution and release. This has changed about most of the jobs of project management spent on communications. This is also helpful to assure that all the people get the proper message at a proper time (Binder, 2016).

For example the Harbour Esplanade Engagement can be considered. They have been working with the Places Victoria. They are built on previous conversations with a community for informing the community to inform the current development and planning of the master plan of Harbour Esplanade.

Here, the initial step has been to define the plan of communication to figure out what type of communication the stakeholders have needed from this project. This is helpful to make effective decisions. It has also been known as the analysis of communication necessities (Harrison & Lock, 2017). Here, the project has been producing lots of data that is needed to overwhelm the stakeholders with that. The job has been highlighting what they have been feeling to be valuable. Further, the valuable communicating data never meant that that plan has been outstanding. The communication with stakeholders has been comprising good or bad news. Thus has indicated that they never need to bury various stakeholders under too much information.

Evidence: The Melbourne City and Places Victoria has been continuing to work together assuring that any meaningful community engagement has been taking place for the following stake of a redevelopment of Harbour Esplanade.  Moreover, community engagement has been a vital portion of redeveloping of Harbour Esplanade. Conversation with a community has been continuing around the life of the project (Morozov & Timinsky, 2016). Here, the engagement level has been varying at every stage of developments and is tailored to maximize community and stakeholder participation as suitable.

Examples of Communication Management

Summary: The business negotiation support system or NSS has been entering the current market. Though they have lacked a clear theoretical base, it is a complex price having various aspects that have been preventing the use of negotiation support systems. Here, the complicating matters have been that the process of negotiation has comprised of various distinct stages. Here, all of them have comprised their individual characteristics (Webb, 2017). It is also proposed that one must not strive for common negotiation support system. However, this set for various domain-specific tools. In order to ground the application and development of the tools at various scenarios used, an integrated theoretical framework is used.

Evidence: OzBargain has been curating various deals from various stores around Australia. They are listed on the platform. Here, the deals are used by various researchers to retrieve the least process for those purchases. This e-commerce organization has been transforming from hype to reality. The popular e-commerce applications have been focusing on straightforward applications of business-to-customer (Crawford,  2014). This has included information kiosks and ordering of portals and easy electronic auctions. Here the vendors have been offering various goods to sell and here people can bid on to those goods. Besides, for various complicated forms of e-business, particularly those have a business-to-business domain, more effective support is needed. Here, this has been not merely facilitating the selection of business partners, including the retrieval of data profiles, ordering of products and controlling the information of order status. Moreover, it has been complicated negotiations for being conducted regarding the deals to close.

Summary: There is no doubt in the fact that controlling stakeholder expectations around the project life-cycle has been vital to the project’s success. Various consecutive project surveys have been continually highlighting the vitality of stakeholder management that are integral to that project success. Moreover, there are plethoras of literature on how to recognize and engage stakeholders in the course of the project goes in. This has been also included how to sufficiently control stakeholders for influencing project outcomes (Webb, 2017). On this that is understood from the study that stakeholder management has little usages, particularly as it has been coming to deal with huge complicated projects. Here, the multitude of stakeholders are been engaged and many of them have been coming from different nationalists and diverse backgrounds.

Evidence: The WiseTech global is a multi-award winning and innovative global developers of cloud-based software solutions regarding domestic and international logistics industries. Their leading product, CargoWise One has been delivering the most comprehensive and sophisticated end-to-end solutions around the words (Morozov & Timinsky, 2016). Moreover, they have been forming the basic communication in global supply chain management. Form various single-office businesses to different large multinational companies around the world, the clients has been able to develop the service quality, profitability, efficiency and visibility through adopting the next-generation technologies. Here the aspect exacerbating managing of stakeholders has been that some of them have been choosing not to make voice with the expectations. As they are doing that they have been becoming highly ambiguous about what they have needed for the project. Moreover, the stakeholders have been fast to find refuge the political correctness culture of WiseTech’s business to conceal with actual motives. Thus they are the real motives. Thus they have been impeding the project’s process.

Theory of Negotiation and Negotiation in Practice

Summary: The project managers have required applying various skills of negotiation across the project life cycle. The study explained that early in the projects, the perquisites are captured with various initial plans produced. Here, the project managers have needed to balance the scope, quality, cost and rime of the projects and negotiate with stakeholders. Ss these resources are procured or mobilized, the project managers have required to negotiate internally with managers having the resources and conduct more formal contract negotiations with the potential providers (Drury-Grogan, 2014). However, with the conflicts rises with the progress of the projects. Here the projects managers has needed to make negotiations with various solutions for conflicts irrespective of the fact that they ate contractual or informal. At various scenarios, there is specialist support available. This has been vital for project managers to know that when they are asked for help. For example, the legal or HR departments under the host organization can be considered. The following portfolio has encompassed wide range of negotiation cases. This is needed to access various specialists for negotiating HR, internal or legal issues (Harrison & Lock, 2017). However, the only escalations from the portfolio have been managing the board of the organization. This should be totally committed towards the strategic objectives of portfolio and different supportive at the negotiations.

Evidence: Howard Smith Wharves, Australia has been covering a riverside precinct. It has included various events like food festivals and cultures that are hosted at exhibiting a complex. This has included various bars and restaurants. The program managers must understand that allowing negotiations are controlled at project level and taking roles at program level. Here the balance is needed to be stuck between eradicating the autonomy from various project managers and achieving the advantages through collectively negotiating on behalf of the programs overall (Morozov & Timinsky, 2016). The program has included the outputs imposing changes over the businesses. This has been inevitably causing situations where the negotiated solutions are required. This program has been accessing to specialist negotiators.

Summary: Conflict is always inevitable in any project. This provides positive or negative effects. This has been done in assistance of the model to approach conflict. The necessity for project management has been able to communicate well and negotiate under confines of conflict. Outside this has confined the highlights that the competencies have been vital for various project managers. The necessities and usefulness of those competencies has been highlighted in this study. Most of the competencies determined for conflict management, negotiations and communications has been overlapping and complementary (Drury-Grogan, 2014). Further, the study has shown some techniques of negotiations and helpful skills of communications. This has developed the project manager’s capability to be more. This has been present only in conflict management and various aspects of project management.

Evidence of Negotiation in Practice

Evidence: People with strong leadership skills have been more efficient project managers. The Brisbane Live has been one of the popular responses of Australia towards New York’s Square Garden at New York City. This was intended to showcase the concerts of international superstars and various performances along with the world sporting events. However, the organization has been turning to be more flattered, geographically diverse, culturally rich and highly competitive. Here the probabilities of conflicts have been higher in those scenarios (Badewi, 2016). The project managers have been needed to have enough competencies at those situations. The study has been reflecting the three complementary competencies of leadership addressed throughout the world with various competency standards. These included conflict management, effective communications and negotiations. The competencies have been found from the study to be most useful in practicing the project management. For controlling the conflict project managers should know the negotiation theory and efficient communications.

Summary: The study shows that organizations are able to engage a dispute resolution centers in solving the complaints promptly and ethically. This is also helpful to preserve reputations, avoid various litigations and then return to productivity. They might also engage the senior organizational human resource practitioners from the resolution centers providing the operational or strategic human resource programs over the current or basis of the project. This has included range of various tailored training programs over the board committee, leadership developments and employment relations. This is delivered by resolution centre for assisting the business performances and organizations cultural developments. The various resolution centers are appointed as the dispute resolution provider of the organizations. This has been acting as one-off cases of conflicts (Heldman, 2018). For example, this has been including workplace conflicts, and be engaged over the large volume of complaints and ongoing ones and conflict management. This has included mediation on the behalf of membership and insurance of the organizations. For offering the professional clientele, the scope has been to reach through various means. In order to provide professional client, the ranges can be reached through various means. This has been helpful to create the equitable and harmonious scenario for resolutions. Then there is promotion and determining of various understanding motivations, needs and interests. Moreover, they have been logically developing the primary elements of the perspectives of all the parties. This has been helpful to resolve various differences and then reach the satisfactory agreement for every party. Then there is returning and entering of viable business relationships. Further, they should promptly return to their primary business responsibilities. Further, the cost litigations and current disputes must be avoided wherever possible.

Stakeholder Management and Project Success

Evidences: Though in its early stages the subway system of Brisbane Metro has been the commitment of Brisbane City council for providing reliable high-frequency transport system. This has been helpful to reduce the bus congestion of CBD, cutting traveling times and permitting the redirection of buses for developing services within the suburbs (Sicotte, Drouin & Delerue, 2014). The commerce has been inherently complicated, and amount of money includes as astronomical. Hence it has been ensuring that the disputes and conflicts at Brisbane Metro have been frequent. Further, there have been various techniques that are designed for resolving issues and the case study has shown the important factors regarding commercial conflict resolution. The instance has shown the in-depth understanding of those procedures that have found clear explanations of the methods and guidelines for conflict management, conciliations, mediations and risk management.

Summary: The construction project has been rousingly complicated. It has been resulting into complicated contract documents. The development of complex constructions has been resulting into disputes and complicated claims. The papers have been helpful to understand the dispute resolution techniques and claim management. These are commonly encountered within industry. The claim has been the legitimate request to achieve the contractual milestone and extra compensation on the account for the change of contracts. As the claims are made by contractors as they are not managed clearly, it has been giving rise to arguments and disagreements over the validities and quantum of claims (Lechler & Thomas, 2015). These are referred to as disputes. Due to the substantiality there has been rise in number of construction claims. These implementations of the efficient construction claims and management disputes are required. Different disputes among the construction industries has reasons of the disputes has been vital. Moreover, it can be said that the disputes in constructions has the reasons of concerns at all construction projects. Here, the solution to the problem has been to avoid and them cautiously control for smooth running of construction projects.

The disputes among various parties of construction projects are of high concern to those industries. Here a sufficient claim management is vital to assure that the contractual claims has been rising to deal with way that this has been to get involved in every party. Moreover, better training at the contract management to the professionals is said to be great help to understand better the contracts. The need of involvements of contractors as the design process goes on helps in improving constructability and decrease the possibility of design changes. This evolution of process of dispute resolution has been leading to development wide range of additional dispute resolution scopes (Pinheiro et al., 2018).

The Role of Project Manager in Commercial Negotiation

Evidence: Nestle's "Big Milo Tin" (NSW) is the next upscale icon of Australia reacting to the high demand put of Nestle and various powers that are needed for the big thing for the country as a popular chocolate drink. However, various problems and misinterpretations of clauses has been originating pertaining to various subjects. The areas to be mitigated here are the changes in contract work, differing the unusual conditions of sites that are encounters, variation in qualities, work suspension, harm because of natural disasters and force majeure (Fleming & Koppelman, 2016). This has also included re-inspections and acceptances, terminations for continence to clients, acquiring prior to completion, accelerating work progress, ripple effect, effect for currency fluctuation, ambiguity in specifications and claims made by contractor that are not resolved through arising disputes.

Summary: The first thing learnt from the study is funding procurement. The businesses ahs needed sufficient funds for finance procurement acts and meet various operational goals. The public sectors have been depending on local, state and federal governments for funding. It has indicated that they have little control over the cycle of procurements since they need to wait for the funding institutions for collecting tax revenues and disburse the funds (Heldman, 2018). As the disbursements of the funds get delayed, they have been needed to suspend the activities of procurements and delay various paying suppliers for delivering goods. This has lead to developing of ineffective business relationships.

The next thing learnt is how to find the suppliers. The private organizations operating within the institutional guidelines are often tailored to meet the goals of the business. For instance as any private hospital needs to purchase insulin pumps, they can contact different device manufacturers for inquiries regarding the product pricing and quality. Thus they can negotiate the potential supply deal (Arman et al., 2017). As the private companies go for inviting vendors for submitting the bid proposals, they lose focus on awarding the contracts to various suppliers having favorable terms and conditions.

The last thing understood is how to contrast the interest. The private companies have been totally profit oriented and primarily concentrating over rise of returns for company owners or different shareholders. These procurement acts are confidential and operating in competitive business scenario. Here the sharing of trading intelligence with various competitors has not been advisable. Here, the public organizations have been ensuring people that the public money get spent wisely and much transparently. In order to gain this, the public organizations have been spending more funds that are constructed at regular audits for developing the regulatory compliances.

Specialist Support in Negotiation

Evidence: At New Bendigo Hospital Project, the procurement has been method to retrieve services and goods for meeting the external and internal needs. These private sectors have been privately running the organizations (Sánchez, 2015).

Summary: The project management frameworks have been supporting the implementation of project management under the organizations. This has been helpful supporting the replication and development of accepted practices. This has been helpful to communicate under the team due to the common language. It has streamlined the use of techniques and tools for primary project management methods. Moreover, it has ensuring the focus gets maintained at the early phase of the project lifecycle (Sweetman, 2018).

Evidence: The TrackStar Alliance has been designing and constructing of a series of rail infrastructures projects at Queensland, Australia. Their business leaders have been depending on a wide array of project management methods. Rather than getting overwhelmed through the wealth of options, the highlights are learnt and informed choice is learnt for the business. Having the knowledge, one can understand the fact the managers have been using, analyzing methods and emulating the best practices (Webb, 2017). Here, another instance has been the usage of logical framework to develop the projects. It has linked with the entire strategic objectives regarding project purpose, outcomes and acts, and using clear decision and assumptions.

Summary: The construction laws have been protecting builders and buyers and developers as they enter to agreements for improving real property. As one creates the structure from scratch or develop the current structure the construction projects has been involving notable amounts of money that has been changing hand every time. Here, the construction projects have been complicated having various kinds of requirements having notable potentials for problems to arise (Heagney, 2016).

Evidences: The Dyldam Developments has been one of the big developers of Australia. This has been latest constructions that have possessed high-rise and medium apartments in and across Sydney. Moreover, the residential apartments have been developing retail, commercial and mixed use of developments. As one is involved in construction project, as buyer or builder, that need to assure that all the rights under the laws is verifies. The participants within contractual joint ventures have been using various set of objectives of the agreements (Drury-Grogan, 2014). They have been agreeing on various contributions in cash or type made by others of every party to the contract. This has included details regarding valuations of contributions. These functions of the parties under the project have included technical contributions and commitments commercially. This defined under the contract. Further, the arrangements are made for various parties for meeting to discuss program of the project and appoint the management committees.

Managing the Board of the Organization

Summary: Creating ethical arguments as confronted with dilemma has been the key to success of project leadership journey. Utilizing the logical framework towards guiding the decisions is vital for the decisions to be vital for advancing the competence of project leadership. Here, project management in most cases has been undertaken actively with others (Too & Weaver, 2014). As one refers that to various team members workers, stakeholders the project managers has been depending on the success of the projects. The limitation of the authority has been characterized by the role propelled by project managers in most of the successful project managers in demonstrating leadership. As a result, the leadership is the pathway to unlock the solution motivating the limited authorities. This is the currency spent to achieve the project success.

Evidence: Craigie Apartments on the projects under the Parcel Property at Australia has included the ethical leaders inquiring acts and reasons with purposes firmly at mind. Here, the ethical leaders have been known to act prudently, judge and inquire. The ethical leaders have been power of asking questions, undertake decisions and act (Sánchez, 2015).  However, it is also identified that all of them included and impacted has possessed the authority to contribute what they have towards shared purposes. Lastly, the project has included trusts where the ethical leaders has inspired and helpful throughout the business and its environments.

There is a strong need of commercial awareness and understand the chosen market and industries for recognizing the scopes to create new businesses. Here the skills of research are important and is a logical approach towards problems and mathematical ability to assess the complicated reports and sales data. Experiences under business environment have been valuable, especially as it is helped to develop the business awareness and interpersonal skills relating to the area needed to work (Gemünden, 2015). The commercial negotiators are found under wide range of organizations particularly within economic sector. They get involves within areas like marketing, property management and contracting.

Evidences: Equinix Data Centre SY 3 was contracted by Aurecon for quickly tracking the construction and designing to provide co-location space for various cabinets with related building services. They have undergone research in markets, analyze sales information, providing financial reports, identifying and analyzing scopes for new business, advising on, negotiating and reviewing commercial agreements (Sicotte, Drouin & Delerue, 2014). Moreover, they are able to perform changes maximizing the effective revenue.


The above discussion is helpful to understand complex government and non-government projects, general arguments through logic and project negotiations. It has analyzed conflict management, stakeholder engagements around various projects that are shown as evidences.  The study is useful to understand the reasons behind project delays, various disruptions and changes towards planned activities. Moreover, it has evaluated project management tools for avoiding and providing conflict resolutions through negotiated solutions (Gemünden, 2015). Further, various techniques to determine and reconcile conflicting aims for developing, maintaining and managing the communication with stakeholders is analyzed here.


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