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With this in mind, consider the HR policies in place within an organisation - you might use the Internet to seek these policies out. You might identify an organisation where you currently work (or have previously worked); it may be an organisation in which you have set aspirations to work at in the future; or it may simply be an organisation with which you are familiar e.g. Apple, Google, Coca Cola.

To complete this Collaboration:

What are the key elements to consider in writing a new HR policy, or impacting upon existing policies?

What have you learned from the module content and further readings that you would keep in mind when doing this?

Which of the authors have informed your views on this and why?

Critiquing suggestions for impacting on policy in the way suggested;

Sharing ideas and insight that might help them in this work;

Personal Development Portfolio

This final PDP Assignment aims to build on the knowledge from the module and apply it to the real world.

In the Talent Development module (KMGT 676) you wrote an ‘open letter’ to your manager making suggestions as to how your organisation could take advantage of talent development.

This final PDP Assignment follows a similar notion. You are now required to write an ‘open letter’ (of approximately 500 words) to the CEO of your organisation (or an organisation to which you are familiar) making suggestions as to how they should enhance an aspect of their existing HR policies.

To prepare for this PDP Assignment:

In this final week’s PDP Assignment, you will reflect upon how you can apply what you have learned in this module relating to HR policy development.

You should also reflect critically on the Collaboration earlier this week considering the comments of your classmates alongside your own understanding to inform your response.

To complete this PDP Assignment:

In completing the ‘open letter’ to your organisation's CEO, consider:

What aspects of the HR policies should be updated?

Why should this be updated?

What are the important considerations when updating the policy?

What have you learned from this module that can inform this work?

Key Elements to Consider in HR Policy Development

The key elements to consider in writing a new HR policy, or impacting upon existing policies

Rampar Trading (PTY) LTD should consider varied elements that would serve to enhance the policies which are currently in place (Al Shobaki et al. 2017). Dodos Company should implement policies that would serve to enhance diversity in the organization. The impact is that individuals with varying skills as well as ages can be absorbed to perform different organizational functions (Wehrmeyer 2017).

The company should rectify the policies adopted for dismissal. The outcome is that an image of the company dealing in shoe supply would be enhanced among its workers (Collings et al. 2018). Moreover, provisions relating to gift acceptance should be evaluated particularly where the company is to operate globally.

The concepts learned from the module content and further readings to keep in mind when doing this

The module underscores the importance of ensuring that the policies adopted for human resources are able to align with the goals identified for an enterprise. Furthermore, the trends set to affect workers are highlighted. The measures that can be relied on for mitigation are explained to ensure that the requirements among shareholders are met (Bamberger et al. 2014). The frameworks that need consideration legally are also highlighted. The outcome is that enterprise is able to operate with the confines that the law is able to set.

Among the readings that require some acknowledgement include the application of policies that relate to the effectiveness of the establishments involved (Paauwe and Boon 2018).  Consideration must also be levied towards trends which are socially prevalent to ensure that helpful provisions are availed to the parties involved. The module also indicates that cultures which are locally practiced can have a negative implication for the expansion of organizations into other regions. For example, Dodos Company is quite rigid where the acceptance of gifts is involved (Bailey et al. 2018). However, this is a practice that can be considered to be common among other regions globally.

The authors who have informed your views on this and why

Authors share numerous ideas with regards to the policies pertaining to Human Resources. Their insight can be relied on to ensure that circumstances at Rampar Trading (PTY) LTD are improved. Armstrong and Taylor influence my perspective owing to their elaboration of practices which can be used to manage employees in “Human Resource Management practice.” In their book, the authors outline the strategies which can be relied on to foster exceptional relations with those employed (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). Moreover, they describe the procedures as well as policies suited for an organization’s workers.

Module Content and Further Readings

Bamberger et al. offer some insights into the strategies that can be relied on to ensure diversity as well as intergeneration in their collaboration on the “Human Resource Strategy.” Their work underscores the role of human resources in ascertaining that an enterprise is able to globally operate (Bamberger et al. 2014). Emphasis is on shaping the mindset of workers through the policies formulated. The acknowledgement they offer indicates that the challenges enterprises encounter with relation to workers often emanate from the strategies developed to handle them. Where they are inefficient, numerous stumbling blocks are to be anticipated.

Strategies for the enhancement of the existent policies pertaining to Human Resources

Human resources are essential for the achievement of the targets that enterprises are able to establish. The organization must effectively evaluate the strategies adopted in respect to processes pertaining to recruitment. The policies must indicate some alignment with the objectives the organization has established in relation to its performance. Moreover, the expenses which are to be incurred can be underscored and the measures which can result in their overall reduction. The sources preferred for processes pertaining to recruitment can also be highlighted. This would make it possible for Rampar Trading (PTY) LTD to obtain workers who can fulfil the mandate set by the organization.

HR policies must be updated to ascertain that they make an allowance for diversity. Individuals of different ages can be recruited. In addition, their genders and background can also be diverse. Currently Dodos experiences some gaps evident in the age and skills of the employees working for the achievement of its mission. However, appropriate policies for recruitment are essential in sourcing for skilled workers who are able to perform the obligations bestowed on them by the company with increased efficiency. Dodos faces some challenges with respect to the limitation of its employee’s skills. Moreover, constant retraining is mandated for the tasks to be accomplished. Appropriate policies would ensure that suitable individuals can be retained to facilitate organizational operations.

Effective policies with regards to recruitment are an avenue for Rampar Trading (PTY) LTD’s talent pool to be expanded. The outcome is that positions can be filled with the most suitable applicants. Hence, performance can be adequately boosted particularly where workers are subjected to an environment that is inclusive.

Bratton and Gold (2017) explain that the diversity evident in a place where organizational functions are to be performed helps to spur innovativeness. Employees are offered a platform for interaction regardless of their backgrounds which might not be similar. Workers are able to use their experiences which are work-related to foster improvements for the processes in which they might be engaged in. Moreover, variations relating to the styles that individuals use for working determine the propensity of an enterprise to innovate.

The social learning theory indicates that learning can only be effective where individuals are offered the opportunity to interact with each other. Individuals whose expertise is shared can greatly improve what their peers can learn. Hence, this is also applicable where individuals from different backgrounds are brought together. The implication is that an enterprise that is vibrant can be adequately fostered. Reflective observation is among the methods that individuals can rely on to ensure that their team performance is improved.

The important considerations that must be made when updating the policy include the needs prevalent at Dodos. The organization requires extensive skills which must serve to reduce its expenses where frequent training is mandated for older workers. Moreover, ideas can also be offered with respect to the methods that would help to resolve the challenges faced at Dodos.

The module offers different concepts which I believe would help to spur the necessary improvements at Dodos. Recruitment efforts are majorly to focus on diversity enhancement. However strategies which are effective for the management of enterprise workers are highlighted to ensure that the challenges noted are well countered. The forces operational both internally as well as externally are scrutinized to determine their implications for Rampar Trading (PTY) LTD. The result is that all the plans made indicate some alignment to the requirements synonymous with Dodos’ activities.


Al Shobaki, M.J., Naser, S.S.A., Amuna, Y.M.A. and El Talla, S.A., 2017. Impact of Electronic Human Resources Management on the Development of Electronic Educational Services in the Universities. International Journal of Engineering and Information Systems, 1(1), pp.1-19.

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Paauwe, J. and Boon, C., 2018. Strategic HRM: A critical review. In Human Resource Management (pp. 49-73). Routledge.

Wehrmeyer, W., 2017. Greening people: Human resources and environmental management. Routledge.

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