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Write a business report based on the following:

A group of private education institutions around the world has come together to form World University. It is a fully online university where lecturers teach online from any of its campuses to others around the world. Many different courses are offered. Students can sign on any time to study. All interactions with staff are online. Students can even choose which country they graduate from. A student who has studied his entire degree from Australia may choose to graduate from World University USA, as an example.

Senior management has finalised on the following decisions:

1. A customer loyalty scheme called StudyTogether Loyalty will reward students who introduce another student with fee credit depending on which course is picked. The university also uses agents to sell its offerings to employers. Applications are approved in less than 5 minutes. Payment for non-refundable fees are by credit card or Paypal.

2. E-book and laptop purchases are part of the course and will be available online. Students cannot opt out of purchases. A pre-configured laptop loaded with required software will be sent out to all students.


The discussion of online colleges keeps on ranging and revolving around the issue to do with affordance as well as the validity and the quality of training. Phenomena such as the current financial emergency have demonstrated that, when somebody needs to succeed he/she needs to invest on education to adapt to the fast changes (Stotz & Lee, 2018). Consistent refreshing is likewise fundamental in the present aggressive market and hence online learning have turned out to be so flexible and accessible. Everybody has a reason to exploit this opportunity. The greater part of this implies that learners, from secondary school graduates to working experts, find numerous motives to take some or all of the courses online.

It is not a surprise why a great number of learners from all over the globe decide on online learning programs or even take no less than one university course via an online stages. Online based learning should be the greatest upheaval in contemporary learning (Maloney et al., 2015). It rolled out a huge improvement in the framework and opened many opportunities for everybody who needs to learn anything.

There are a few challenges with the earlier system of learning. Initially, one had to pay a huge amount of money per term so as to be admitted in a prestigious learning institution (Maloney et al., 2015). With each one of those course shortages, busy classrooms, and budget cuts, one will not generally find the opportunity to learn about precisely what one desires.

However, online learning is yet identified with stereotypes. Individuals frequently takes that online learners are not sufficiently smart for a university or traditional college, do not acquire "genuine" degrees and are lazy (Maloney et al., 2015). These beliefs discourage a bigger number of individuals from embracing online programs, hence they remain in the conventional education framework which require huge amount of money, time and nerves.

In the wake of researching about most online learning quality rules the world over, a group of universal specialists has sketched out recommendations to enhance those models and move on the open and eLearning education into what's to come.  The examination and its suggestions, embraced for the benefit of the ICDE (International Council for Open and Distance Education) and informal consultative relations with UNESCO. The research was directed by an exploration group facilitated by the EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) and means to fill in as "rules for dissemination, correspondence and valorization movement on quality norms in open and separation learning with partners."

Learning whatever ones desire

As per the researcher's authors, giving an outline of current worldwide quality gauges in on the open and eLearning education, and giving the recommendation to guarantee quality pushing ahead, is basic for all advanced education foundations today as on the both open and eLearning increases global momentum.

Comfort: One forgets about sitting on an uncomfortable chairs, sitting in class for long, time as well as experiencing back pains at the end of a lengthy day.  The students are not bound to one-on one class sitting when they choose online learning. The materials needed and lectures are supplied through online platform, therefore they easily reach them at the ease of your homes. Students will not be forced to travel through public transports to arrive to university, hence they will not spend cash on fuel for their cars, and they will not have to wake up early so that they prepare for class lessons (Kamal et al., 2016). Comfort is among the strongest advantages, however it might go both sides. Students should not allow themselves to become too relaxed when learning from their homes, therefore it is important for a student to leave the sofa for some hours per day and fix a conducive learning atmosphere in their homes. All they require is a desk as well as a fine, comfortable chair. 

Learning whatever ones desire: One can select a course of his/her choice in traditional learning, too, however that would comprise moving away from homes, residing in a totally unknown town, as well as working in a competitive learning atmosphere. With online learning, one can choose any course or program available in traditional four-year colleges. For instance, if one is mostly attracted in neuroscience course. All that is required is only a Google searching for that online courses, and one will easily get the online courses offered by several prominent colleges from all over the world (Kamal et al., 2016). One can take these kind of courses even if he/she have no ambitions to use those skills in the future career, but one is simply interested to learn new interests as well as understanding the way human brain functions. The great diversity of online courses and programs is a big benefit of this form of learning.  What one wants to study as well as where one live does not matter – one can always get an appropriate degree program or a course that one might follow from his/her home.

Online courses appear good on resume

Online courses appear good on resume: It is not of a concern where ones profession stands now; online programs will always appear great on the resumes. It will expression to the potential employer that one is committed to learn and one is willing to acquire new skills and more knowledge. Employing administrators do not take online degree as lower than traditional degrees. If students acquire online degrees from a reputable university, they will boost their profession with a very high rate (Kamal et al., 2016). They will indeed become better candidates for job promotions, and their resumes will appear better when they request for other positions.

Lower costs: The point that online learning programs are less expensive than the ones offered in a traditional university setting is adequate to persuade students to think about them. The standard education charges for most online courses are influenced by various variables, so it changes from one course to the next. If, for instance, learners need to select in the BDS (Big Data Specializations) program offered by University of California in San Diego thru Coursera, they are required to pay $399. They as well have an opportunity to pay a fee of $49 for each course (Kamal et al., 2016). Financial support is given to students who cannot bear these expenses therefore that is a point they ought to remember. Numerous online programs are totally free. MIT, for instance, offers all course materials online with no charges. Free courses do not more often than not accompany certificates, however they are still more helpful for any individual who needs to gain from esteemed instructors.

Self-paced learning: Once students start browsing thru interesting online programs and courses, they will come across the Self-Paced tag on a number of them.  Self-paced learning implies that students might start and complete the objectives at any moment, and they can plan a learning timetable that meets their individual necessities. When they register in traditional college programs, they will have to abandon family, hobbies, and even work. In such situation, learning must be the key priority. Hence many people and single parents who are working decide to abandon their dreams of getting higher degrees. Self-paced systems enable them to progress with speed that is suitable for them (Kamal et al., 2016). This kind of arrangement does not need attending face-to-face sessions; they can get the information at any given time that suits them. If they must work or attend to their children and homes during the daytime, they can learn at night hours. That is a benefit the traditional education program cannot beat.

Lower costs

Online learning unites many students all over the world:  using of electronic communication gadgets accessible in open colleges, like webcasts as well as Elluminate Live! Unites students all over the world. Colleges have developed innovative technological teaching and learning methods that assure both their credibility and their accreditation (Kamal et al., 2016). Students might establish new methods of approaching issues and can know one another better via various actions that promote values like cooperation and teamwork. In online education, students might take advantages of extended networks and even develop future business interactions.

ELearning’s place as well as time flexibility attracts huge number of students to online learning. Nevertheless, a lot of them come across severe challenges that stop them from finishing their courses effectively. There are five most common challenges experienced by students using eLearning (Maloney et al., 2015).  Each challenge has suggestions on the way they should be eliminated or be prevented. ELearning, being the current wave of learning, is already experiencing a reasonable show in spite of posing difficulties for both students and instructors. While lecturers require to add intensive time and work to plan the instruction, learners should prepare themselves with practical skill to interpret the course materials. 

Computer Literacy: Even though students are usually tech savvy, hence able to use computers effectively, computer illiteracy is a key challenge among scholars nowadays. A lot of them are not able operate simple programs like PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, thus cannot handle their documents. In addition, several students find it troublesome to fix basic PC problems, because they do not have any skill in this field (Maloney et al., 2015). Nevertheless, technological expertise is necessary for following eLearning courses, because it allows students to plan their courseware and assignments in a structured manner without any difficulty. Elementary courses in PC literacy improves students’ understanding of the area; having an essential knowledge about computer hardware can help them to join online lessons without hindrances and interruptions.

Adaptability Struggle.  Shifting from traditional education system as well as face-to-face lecturer learning to electronic-based learning in a computer-generated classroom cause the education experience to be entirely changed for scholars. The resistance to shift does not let them to adjust to the eLearning atmosphere, but it takes some time for the students to familiarize to CMS (Course Management Systems) and the approaches of computer-based learning. While passive notes taking and listening are a must in a traditional education system, online consultations or developing a website page request springing into act (Maloney et al., 2015).  Scholars with a “conventional” approach find it hard to adjust; nevertheless, they should embrace the fresh learning settings with a ready heart and mind. Understanding the advantages of online learning as well as discussing with their friends about it can transform this attitude and prepare them for eLearning classes.

Self-paced learning

Time Management.  Managing time is a challenging task for online learners because online courses needs intensive work and a lot of time. Likewise, while it is commonly grownups who have preferences for eLearning programs because of their time flexibility as well as place and, they hardly have the enough time to handle the courses because of their various daily obligations (Maloney et al., 2015). A regular program planner can be an important assistant to these students, for they could have reminders for the assignments and courses.

Technical Issues. Several scholars are not equipped with the strong internet connections or high bandwidth that are required for online courses, hence are unable to match with their classmates under traditional system: Because of weak monitors it become difficult to survey the CMS hence their education experience becomes challenging (Maloney et al., 2015).  Furthermore, most of the students live away from university and they find it hard to sustain the technical necessities of the selected courses. Some students do not even possess computers and hence request for help in LRCs (Learning Resource Centers) for technical help. The only answer to this challenge is knowing precisely what type of technological assistance they will require for a particular course before registering in it, and properly preparing themselves to complete the course successfully.

With different business models available, this proposals two of them that are suitable for the online university business. First, there is “hold a reverse auction”In this model auction is exceptionally price-sensitive to purchasers name their price for a service (Smyrnakis et al, 2016). Since, this model is suitable since the senior management has decided laptops and E-book purchases as part of the course, which will be accessed online. A student cannot opt out of purchasing the two hence, the seller which is the university in this case must set price which are fair and acceptable to new students who plan to enroll. Thus, the senior management committing itself to the terms of the purchaser.

Secondly, setting up a contemporary franchise business. Online learning has evidently turned out to be among the most common higher education options. Hence, becoming a modern way to be a modern business as well as a modern way of doing business (Smyrnakis et al, 2016). This will comprise sending manuals for student on how to access the resources they need and at any time regardless of their location.

The senior management has introduced a loyalty scheme that will see students rewarded with a fee contingent on the course they choose. This loyalty scheme will encourages student to bring more students where they as often interact with students (Maloney et al., 2015). A portion of the motivators may incorporate propelled access to new products, extra rebates or here and there and probably free E-books. Students normally register their data with the institution and are offered a remarkable identifier, for instance, a participation card or numerical ID, to use when bringing a new student.

Online learning unites many students all over the world

This will facilitate to enhance the quality of online learning since the laptops will be loaded with the requite programs that will be automatically updated and online. The E-books will be comprise all the resources for the entire course and for various levels (Smyrnakis et al, 2016).  

Online networking is basically a structure that includes groups of people, organizations or organization with same interests, ways of living, values, goals, attitudes and kinships as well as in the area of online learning, this structure might be used in different ways and through several tools in social media like You tube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as Google Plus (Smyrnakis et al, 2016).

Instructors, instructional originators, learning institutions, organizations, and even associations have begun to intensely depend on the utilization of web-based social networking in formal learning, to share hones, advance data and instructive material, share sentiments, perspectives and remarks, exemplifying them in training programs and individual courses (Smyrnakis et al, 2016).


Online learning is fully worth the struggle. Online courses as well as degree plans are more beneficial and economical than the courses in traditional educational system. Those are the two key benefits of web-based education that make numerous learners to select online platform when they need to acquire certificate or a degree. The important aspect concerning online education is that students can access education through a casual method regardless of whether they would prefer not to receive certificate. One only require the will to learn as well as fast online searches which, will guide the students to the correct course. From there on, one will be the controller of his/her own learning.


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