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The GET questionnaire scores

Discuss About The Management: Theory An Integrated Approach.

The total of secured after conducting the GET questionnaire is 43, which puts me in the middle range. The analysis of the divisions has provided evidence that I am in need of autonomy. At the same time, I had received scores of 10 in the need for achievement category, calculated risk taking category and locus of control. These results have made me proud of my achievements and compared to the team these particular aspects have made me feel competitive. The overall medium score suggests that I have the tendency to become a good entrepreneur, as I possess some qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur. These qualities include the urge to take risks that are calculated and exercising a locus of control so that I can manage the people around me in an effective manner. I love to take innovative decisions and continue with new ideas required for the success of an organisation.  

The scores make me feel confident about myself and I feel that with a little more effort I can achieve high scores. The score of 43 is at the highest level of the medium category, which suggests that with a little improvement I can be a successful entrepreneur. The point at which I need to improve myself is the autonomy department. This is indicative of the fact that I need to take decisions by myself so that I can lead others in the organisation. Some of the experiences that I had received during my course and brief organisational career can contribute to the development of my skills. For example, I had managed to continue in an internship project that involved working as a team. The role delegated to me was that of a researcher and I needed to research every aspect of the decision before being executed by the team. This can help me to develop my skills of autonomy and ensure that a trust in the decision that I think is relevant so that it can help me to continue in my career path.

The MOST columns have a score of 21 while the LEAST column has a score of 20. These scores indicate that my personality type is trusting and enthusiastic. Therefore, people can trust me in matters related to the organisation and ensure that I provide the employees with the required motivation that is required for the success in an organisation. I also like to undertake new things and thereby my innovative and creativity can help me in gaining organisational success. I also like to provide new ideas and my determined nature help me to solve problems that may be difficult for other people. I also admire people that have the tendency to express their opinions as it suits my outspoken nature and I can provide empathy towards the problems suffered by the people.

Discussion of survey findings

These behaviours help to see and act in different ways while managing people. The entrepreneurship skill that is required includes building empathy, remaining sensitive, remaining unafraid and ensures that rules are followed so that effective organisational development can take place. Therefore, the personality test has helped me to identify the characteristics that I possess and the manner in which I can motivate the employees. The reason behind my acting emphatically includes understanding the position of the employees. This is because while working as a team I needed to show more commitment and ensure that tasks were delegated to me that can help me in my development. I remain less impulsive and act in a low-key manner so that I can understand the position that I am in and dictate authority based on the position. Therefore, it can be said that my actions justify my personality type and helps me to analyse any work in detail.

The experience that I have while working in a team has helped me to enhance my skills as a researcher. In the words of Meyer et al. (2017), every entrepreneur needs to be a good researcher so that he can predict the flow of the market and the demands of the customers. My experience in the communication and marketing department can help me to understand the condition of the employees. My experience while working in a team have developed inn me a sense of responsibility and collectivism that are necessary for the success of a group. Apart from gathering evidence for research, I can also provide training to the employees so that they can take in more challenging ventures while working in the organisation. I can provide a list of key skills that I posses and the manner in which it can be used to enhance the development of an organisation. These skills include:

  • Provide volunteering duties while recruiting and training staffs
  • Conduct meeting and group facilitation
  • Manage database and web
  • Develop content and communication
  • Ensure that extra responsibilities are managed and delegated equally among the team
  • Conduct motivational programmes so that the team members can be encouraged to continue with innovative ideas

The entrepreneur that I admire is Elton Musk, the co-founder of Tesla Motors. Elton Musk is a South African born, Canadian business entrepreneur famous for being involved in undertaking innovative business enterprises. One of the reasons behind my admiration for Elton Musk is because of the determined, ambitious and confident characteristic that he possesses. These traits can be applied to my personality and therefore, considering him as a role model can help me to build my reputation. Elton Musk reflects a human and environmental orientation in the businesses that has been undertaken. The focus of Elton Musk is to direct the world and provide it with a solution that can help in the sustainable development of business. For example, the set up of Zip2 helps newspaper-publishing companies to identify places suitable for marketing. At the same time, with Tesla, Elton Musk have managed to reduce the oil used vehicles and replace with it batteries so that electricity grids can be disconnected and the cars can product and store own electricity. He introduced multiple electric cars that can help in storing electrical energy.

Scored personality type

The reason behind choosing Elton Musk as a role model is because he had managed to perform a task that was in development for many years but due to financial constraints and lack of resources, the idea was not being implemented. I came across the idea of energy efficient electric cars but was not sure about the time of the development of the product. Elton Musk took the initiative to convert the dream into reality and thereby introduced innovation in the cars. This can be considered as a source of inspiration as in a highly competitive market; Elton Musk had focused on developing the sustainability of the environment rather than indulge in making profit. Elton Musk also had experience in multiple fields such as development of space exploration devices. Thereby, the knowledge of Elton Musk was not limited to only one particular field. This had also impressed me, as successful entrepreneurs need to have knowledge in various fields of management.

Tesla is considered as one of the innovative car manufacturing companies in the world. Tesla was founded in 2003 named after the famous electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. The mission of the company is to provide acceleration to the advent of transport that can be used in a sustainable manner (, 2018). The company introduces mass marketing electric cars in the market. The vision of the company is to see zero emissions of harmful pollutants and home energy solution to be implemented in the near future. The development of the company was from the scratch, as the group that founded the item had no financial support. Therefore, in the modern world, the development of the company to one of the most successful enterprises can be an inspirational story for the young entrepreneurs (, 2018). The culture of the company is described as a technologically driven enterprise that specialises in manufacturing cars. The technical background of the employees contributes in the success of the company and provides it with a competitive edge in the modern world.

The history and development of Tesla has been appealing mainly because of the initiative undertaken by the company. The origin story of the company is an inspiration tale and the manner in which it has developed itself in the business market underlines the creativity skills that are present in the organisation. The fact that the company have lived up to its mission of building sustainability is another reason behind admiring the company. At the same time, Tesla has inspired changes in the manner in which other car manufacturing companies work in the organisation. The focus on the need to save the environment rather than make profit is inspirational mainly because of the fact that objective of the company are set according to the requirements. The attempt made by the Government of each country has been made successful by the initiative undertaken by Tesla. The ability to predict the future is another reason behind admiring the company. The technology and the innovative processes undertaken by Tesla can help it to maintain its position in the company.

Behaviours to recognize

Key Partners


· More than 150 suppliers in over 200 locations

Key Suppliers:

· Toyota

· Mercedes

Key Activities

· Manufacture sports cars, SUV and luxury cars

· Establish car dealership

· Establish service centres in remote areas

Value Proposition

· Batteries for home energy

· High accelerated vehicles

· Energy efficient cars

Customer Relationships

· Social media platforms

· Contact via email and website advertisement

· Develop fan clubs

Customer Segments

· Wealthy part of the society

· Sports car enthusiasts

· Future development required

Key Resources

· Open source of innovation

· Strong leadership

· Financial investment


· Direct sales to customers via customer dealership

Cost Structure

· Start up capital

· Venture capital

· Federal loans

Revenue Streams

· Direct sales

· Agreement to indulge in licensing

Table 1: BMC model

(Source: Created by author)


Brand awareness

High environmental awareness

Strong technology


High start up costs

Low availability of resources

High cost of batteries


Expansion of partnership deals

Increased support from Government

Increased technological development


Increased competition

More car companies in the market

Media coverage of car explosions

Table 2: SWOT analysis

(Source: Created by author)

The analysis show that Tesla has a high reputation in the market and the increase brand awareness helps the company to remain competitive and popular. The high regards to the conservation of the environment provides opportunity for support from the Government. This can be considered as a method of gaining opportunity so that the company can increase its technical prowess and become more competitive by dealing in partnerships. At the same time, it is also necessary that Tesla maintain an analysis of the weakness. The high start up costs propels that the cars to be over priced which makes it difficult for middle class people to afford the car. At the same time, the low availability of resources provides increased competition from other car companies. Reports about explosion of cars due to damaged batteries can hamper the reputation of the company.

The blue ocean strategy used by Tesla makes it possible to suggest certain changes in the business model concepts of the company. The addition and adoption of the Blue Ocean Strategy may provide value to the functioning of the company in an efficient manner. Therefore, the additional blue ocean strategy that Tesla need to incorporate in the business includes:

  • An appeal can be made to the customers that believe in maintaining and developing the market in an economic fashion. This can help Tesla to gain the support of the group of people that believe in the safety and conservation of the innovative tactics that the organisation follows.
  • It can establish a fan club via social media or providing accessibility to the customers purchasing their products. This can help in gaining more recognition in the society and ensure that the company gain feedback based on the weakness that has been discussed during the SWOT analysis
  • Tesla can create added benefits and services that help in the development of the company. For example, Tesla, can create a supercharging station that can attributed with the similar concept of petrol stations so that the battery cars can recharge. These inclusions can help Tesla to remain competitive in the market.

The analysis of the personality test and the GET test have evaluated my abilities and made me realise my passion for being a successful entrepreneur. However, throughout the completion of the assignment, I have learned the use of the Business Model Canvas and the various ways that it can be used to analyse a business. The BMC is useful in finding information about the relationship and structures that exist in an organisation. At the same time, I have come to gain in-depth knowledge about my role model Elton Musk. The manner in which he had struggled and the development of Tesla have inspired me to follow the footsteps of the great entrepreneur. These have given me confidence to pursue my career in this field and develop my ideas based on the theories that I have learned over the course of the observation.

The GET result showed that I have received a score of 43 that places me in the middle slab of the GET test. This denotes the fact that I have the potential skills to be an entrepreneur and that I need to pursue the course for a better future. The fact that I think differently can be an asset for the development of my career. The creative thoughts were never in my mind and I had managed to work in a team using my creative thinking ability. This exceptional change has occurred in my personality and based on this I have become more sympathetic and empathetic towards the other people in the business. I am trying to complete my University and be involved with a reputed organisation so that I can enhance my skills and ensure that I develop the qualities required for becoming a successful entrepreneur.


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