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A marketing plan helps an organisation to have a comprehensive document that can be acted as a blueprint to outline the advertising activities. It can be stated also as business strategies to accomplish business objectives of an organisation within a set time. Marketing plan for a non-profit organisation is a tool to have a noble endeavour. Marketing for a non-profit organisation is to convince the volunteers or the customers of their products and services.

In this study, Oxfam Australia is chosen and it is an independent, secular organisation that works for the community and its development. This organisation works as the long-term basis in case of an emergency and improvement of the community helping the distress people. Oxfam organisation has its Oxfam shop and it is registered as Fair Trade Organisation. Currently, the organisation has 90 shops all over the Australia (Anon, 2017). This study aims to provide a marketing plan for their newly launched services with marketing tactics.


Oxfam provides community development services to the developing parts of Australia and government must be stable in order to provide ongoing provision of future services. In addition, taxation policy can create a negative impact in giving free services to the distress people. In the case of obtaining new donors, the organisation may face issue in continuing the policy from government regulations.


Increasing the cost can create problem factor for the non-profit organisation like Oxfam in setting the budget. Increasing rate of GDP and tightening economy can be helpful for the Oxfam with lowered disposable income Oxfam may face issue through higher unemployment rate and lower the availability of income. Economic factor like exchange rate and people may face an issue in having assistance from Oxfam.


Oxfam works for the distress people and the people's attitude, changing lifestyle, leisure and educational factors of the people may create an issue. Population and growth of the common people's interest in social work can be another factor as it is related to the lifestyle of the people (Santora et al. 2015). As it is a charitable organisation, the organisation needs to collect money for helping the people in wretched condition and organisation seeks help from volunteers.


Technological factors like use of social media and uses of technologies in helping the distressing people can be helpful factors for Oxfam. Oxfam can collect and volunteers through uses of social media. Technologies and improved hardware are needed to improve the organization’s current condition.



Although the organisation is non-profit, Oxfam needs to follow the employment laws, health and safety laws and consumers' laws in Australia. The organisation needs to follow the occupational health and safety laws of the safety practices for the volunteers in doing the work of non-profit organisation.


Community-based services need to heed on the environmental factors of energy consumption, environmental hazards and waste disposal of the community. Oxfam can do an environmental audit in case of improving the performance and decreasing the cost.


As it is a non-profit organisation, it is working for the distress and the people with disadvantages. In the past, the organisation worked for the poverty stricken people after World War II. In the year, 2011, Oxfam reached almost 6 million people, not only in Australia but also other 30 countries. Oxfam has support from the 400000 campaigners or donors and they provide incredible help for the distress and wretched people (, 2017).


Oxfam Australia is a non-profit organisation and it has always been a supporter of Aborigines of Australia and indigenous Australia. The organisation provides help to the emergency purposes and they make a partnership to the disaster authority in Australia, In the case of competition, the organisation may face issues of substitutions from Red Cross Australia, Australian Council of Social Services and The Smith Family. In opening the shops in diverse places to sell their Products and providing help to the people, the organisation makes a partnership with various organisations.

Oxfam Organisation works for the distress people in an emergency condition and they support self-developed projects in various occasions. The organisation is a non-profit organisation with having the Oxfam Shop that is a subsidiary shop of Oxfam Australia. The organisation works for the climate change, development banks and human rights of the people. The factors like carbon emissions and human abuses are such issues that the organisation is working with.

The organisation works in Indigenous Australia project, The Pacific, Southern Africa and East Africa project. Oxfam organisation does campaigning to make aware to the disadvantaged people and labour rights to the Australians. The people related to the mining, gas and oil, Oxfam does the work for the benefits in maintaining policies and activities. The organisation provides shops for the hand crafts and food based products in Australia and third world country. Most importantly, the organisation provides advance payments of 50% for the suppliers and it has 110000 producers’ partners (Hiller 2015).


In the case of Intellectual Property and patents, the non-profit organisation does the work under the jurisdiction of the Federal laws and territory selection. The names, logo, publications of any content, domain names cannot be taken from other organisations. The organisation cannot take the copyright, trademarks or moral rights. No confidential information and protection of ownership come under intellectual property of Oxfam.

Customers of the shops of the Oxfam stores are mainly from upper-class sectors as the organisation has the customer base from niche people. The demographic segmentation of income applies in making the customers and donors of the campaign. The organisation needs donors who can donate money in Australian dollars to the campaigns and events. In buying the decision of the customers, the individuals are mainly from business-related people with doing CSR activities (Galaskiewicz 2016).


In the case of the market presence, the organisation has trust factors from the donors and the customers believe the organisation in case of emergency. The donors retain in the organisation as the company uses the names big in the media of the massive donors (West et al. 2015). The brand image of the organisation is high as the organisation makes the loyal decision in making the support to the donors and distress people.

Collaborators/ Alliance

Oxfam Australia does a partnership with Joint Emergency Store Warehouse and much significant partnership makes with the government also. The organisation opened new stores in Brisbane making a partnership with Store Warehouse in the year 2008 and it contains now almost 100n tonnes humanitarian supplies. In making the events each year, named Trailwalker, the organisation makes collaboration with various teams (almost 780) and donors help in Melbourne, Brisbane. Two events happen in each year with strategies to grab more donors and investors in Sydney and Melbourne.

In this context, SWOT analysis for Oxfam Australia will be taken into consideration. SWOT Analysis will be assisting in the identification of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats.


Oxfam Australia is an established organization that is holding a strong as well as positive reputation in Australia. This is giving the organization a ‘greater capability for building on their positive base as well as increase performance’. They are also considered as global supporters as well as does the affiliation of network. The organization is having values as well as goals that are defined in a clear manner. The organization is also having a long successful history of programs.



Oxfam Australia is also having no particular sponsors in respect of the initiative regarding climate change, this might be potentially decreasing the degree of campaigns in the future as there occurs limited funds. There also occur safety concerns relating to the staffs as well as volunteers. There is the absence of being consistent as well as accountable all through the affiliates as well as Oxfam. There is also competition from the other organizations. Moreover, there occurs no crisis plans (Anthony 2013).


There is the scope to do the utilization of the current youth audience of Oxfam, which is having the capability for leading towards new relationships with other similar individuals that are having the willingness for getting engaged with the organization as well as its message. There is the scope for committing to the safety regarding the staffs as well as volunteers. There is also the scope of establishing consistent as well as affiliate guidelines for the organization. Moreover, there is the scope for showing commitment towards the mission of the organization.


Oxfam Australia, does the competition with a wide range of not-for-profit as well as charity establishments that are having same kind of campaigns as well as messages. Since, climate change is a long-term concern, it is considered challenging towards the aspect of maintaining enthusiasm as well as support from younger audiences. There also occurs a lack of support from the community. The organization is operating in possible risky environments and there is lack of commitment from the staffs as well as volunteers (Cooper 2013).

Marketing Objectives

Marketing plan is associated with the development of series of actions that are sequenced in a careful manner for progressing as well as assessing the strategic aspect regarding a campaign. Marketing objectives will be serving this purpose for ensuring that there occurs the execution of the tactics in a manner that will be making sense, towards the overarching campaign goals. There will occur the segmentation of the marketing objectives of Oxfam accordingly, into the segments of awareness, acceptance as well as action (Lim 2016).

  • There is the requirement for increasing awareness as well as acceptance regarding climate change as a human made phenomenon having severe repercussions in respect of international food security that can be improved via small, consistent human action till September 2017.
  • For facilitating, increasing as well as sustaining action to alleviate climate change by encouraging youth in making ‘a difference a day’ by September 2017.
  • For maximizing global charities number through partnership with different community organization till year-end.
  • For increasing the overall sale of tickets as well as revenue of the organization by 6 million dollars till the end of December 2017 (Palia 2014).

At present, volunteers as well as donations are needed by the organization a lot more. As a result, this is considered being the main reason why additional number of charitable organizations focuses on awareness as well as education purposes. The marketing plan will, as a result, cater go the rising demand of the organization in respect of having additional information relating to global concerns in addition to other activities as well as aspects in relation to the organization (Bruno 2016). The major approach in respect of meeting the objectives will be having the involvement of partnership from the organizations from different parts of the world, particularly those having the interest as well as relevance to provide support to the needy.



This is considered being the strategy of marketing that is comprising of the aspect to divide an organization’s broad target market into businesses, countries or customer segments having common interests, priorities as well as requirements. Every marketing strategy for Oxfam Australia get organized in groups having separate KPIs as well as goals. The segmentation of Oxfam is in accord with the supporters (Wang 2017). The different type of supporters will be including single giver, regular giver, shop gift aider, campaigner as well as shop purchase. In addition, macro-segmentation in Oxfam Australia is the customized lifestyle of the organization in addition to demographics, which is to add colour as well as depth and one supporter for one segment that is depending upon the supporter and not upon the products of Oxfam as well as applied to the overall supporter database.


Targeting will be referring to the formation of a group or targeting things that needs to be acted upon. When an organization does the understanding of its target market, there will occur easier communication within the organization as well as the target audience. The target market of the charitable organization named, Oxfam Australia will be taking into consideration the people who live in poor conditions and is having the requirement for assistance from every religion, areas, regions and so on throughout the world (Harris 2016). The target market of the organization also does the targeting of people who are not getting justice, particularly girls as well as women.


Positioning will be referring to a strategy of marketing, which will be focusing on making a brand occupy the distinctive position in the mind of the customers amidst the other competing brands. The characteristics that get recognized by the customers will be including its standing quality, the kind of individuals who uses the product, the strengths and weaknesses in addition to the posing of any memorable or remarkable trait, the price as well as represented value (Kennedy 2016). The strategic positioning of Oxfam Australia is depending upon what the organization does, offers and what is defining the organization. The major objective of Oxfam Australia is assisting the poor individuals as well as those who face injustice (Kasarda 2016). The organization is offering charities for the poor individuals as well as supporting those who are facing injustice and empowering them for fighting in respect of their rights. As a result, Oxfam Australia is considered to be a charitable organization.



As because, Oxfam Australia will be referring to a brand that is representing services related with charity, it is necessary for the organization towards maintaining as well as improving its value. Oxfam Australia is offering charity in respect of the poor individuals as well as solutions for individuals who are faced with injustices. The organization also does the selling of various products that contributes as well, towards the donations. The charity services of Oxfam Australia are acceptable within the society, as well as various individuals as well as firms are volunteering towards improving the lives of the less fortunate (Finch 2016). Oxfam Australia will be reaching to medium as well as high-class victims, and as a result, there is a good relation within the organization as well as the individuals.


Being a charitable organization, the products and services of Oxfam Australia are free in respect of the target market. It is considered being a fair strategy in respect of the victimized individuals. On the other hand, it is not dealing with quality-driven customers and is not competing with the higher or lower price base regarding the products of donation. As a result, Oxfam Australia will be using a value-pricing strategy that consists of setting prices regarding the products in accord to the perception of the customer towards the value of the product (Hanch 2014). It is considered being a necessary strategic aspect as because, it is not prone to overcharging.


Oxfam Australia does the delivery of its services as well as products all through the globe. The organization does the finding of individuals who are afflicted with poverty as well as prone to injustice and assists them in their location. The affiliates often get located within the communities, who are having issues related with poverty so that they can have an easy accessibility to the individuals who are affected. It is necessary that the organization will be considering the aspect of expanding their agency within other countries for improving their accessibility towards the downtrodden individuals (Finger 2013).


Oxfam Australia is considered to be one of the foremost charitable organization advertisers within the industry for charity NGOs. It does the promotion of its activities as well as products through the use of newspapers, television as well as magazines. Oxfam Australia is having a significant number of audience within the social platforms, but there does not occur much marketing campaign on the organization’s social media platforms. As a result, Oxfam Australia is required enhancing its marketing campaign in the social media and the organization is required posting the picture of their products on the social media network like Facebook (Wall 2014).

Key Insights 


From the research that has been conducted, there have been some specific thoughtful insights that have assisted in shaping the choice of campaign for Oxfam Australia. The research helped in highlighting the fact that youths are having an awareness regarding the occurrence of climate change. However, even though few had an understanding of its adverse impact, they still were not motivated for taking taking action in solving it.

The Problem 

The present mindset of the target market in respect of climate change is being hesitant and uncaring. The concern is that the younger generation believes climate change is a bigger crisis and the issue is not in their control. Therefore, the entire focus of the campaign is to create awareness for motivating the youth to become more eco-friendly by taking steps towards changing their daily habits.

The Solution 

There is the requirement for reconnecting the target market with the concern, and inspiring them towards taking responsibility to become eco-friendly. The campaign will be having a two-step approach. Firstly, to raise awareness of the outcomes regarding change in climate, especially food security, and then to stimulate action for combating these impacts. The campaign named ‘a difference a day’ will be enlightening the target market regarding the seriousness of the matter by providing informative messages via print, digital as well as physical platforms, while emphasizing upon the action to achieve the difference that can be made in everyday life, specifically with the help of an accessible app and different social media pages. A brief explanation of each element of the campaign is as follows,

  1. Website – Prior to the commencement of the campaign, there will be the setting up of a website for acting as a constant point of referral regarding any information towards the messages, ideas, suggestions as well as research towards the campaign.
  2. Posters – The primary stage of the campaign will be beginning at the universities to target the motivated and curious individuals for beginning the awareness campaign and laying the foundation of the ideology.
  3. Publicity Stunt – The second aspect of the campaign will be create a publicity stunt that will be attracting the interest of the audience in an effective manner, gaining the attention of the media and being the starting point to make market changes. The theme of the stunt will be a visual representation showcasing the imbalance of food security throughout the world. It will be raising awareness regarding the fact that climate change is threatening food security all around the world.
  4. Video – For accompanying the publicity stunt, there will occur the creation of a video footage of the day that will be acting as an online point of reference, which will get displayed on the website and will get shared throughout social media platforms.
  5. Smart Phone Application – The ‘a difference a day’ application will be having a page where users will be able to do the calculation of their carbon footprint that will be featuring a visual graphical representation. The app will also be having numerous suggestions on different ways for making a sustainable change daily (Kim 2014).
  6. Social Media – The social media aspect will be a continuing throughout the campaign duration. The core idea regarding the campaign is the generation of action, as well as encouraging individuals for posting on their choice of social media outlet as to how they are making small changes within their lives. The posts from Oxfam made on each platform will be directing the audiences towards visiting the website as well as watching the video for additional information, or downloading the app regarding suggestions on ways of becoming more sustainable.

It is versatile campaign that combine various elements for engaging different target markets. Social media is essential for this campaign, since it is the most used medium and is also very cost efficient, although paid promotion has been allowed within the budget. The website will be laying the foundation for the information and the publicity stunt will be attracting the demographic as they are appreciating innovation. The app is offering a long-term component to the campaign, taking advantage of the propensity of youth toward the technological aspect as well as social media. From a practical viewpoint the effectiveness of the app will be measured easily and there will be concrete numbers of download for assisting the evaluation of the campaign (Gerber 2014).

The timing of the Oxfam campaign is based on a slow-burn approach, where longevity is valued over short-term influence. This will be reflecting the nature of climate change as a concern and since, it is not a quick-fix, therefore the organization should be aiming towards the creation of sustained action.


It has been planned to do the implementation of the communication strategy over a three-month period. The short-term strategy has been planned with the potential of getting extended towards a long-term slow burn approach, having continuous social media activity, a strong online presence as well as more promotional campaigns.

Self-Refection of Marketing Plan 

According to me, the marketing plan is full of details. Although strategy might drive a good plan but tactics, programs as well as details will be making the difference. I believe that every successful marketing plan is basically a planning process and not simply a plan. An effective marketing plan, I feel is part of a process that is having the involvement towards setting of goals, measuring outcomes as well as to track performance. It will be entailing continuous reviewing as well as revision.

The outcome of the marketing plan is that it has helped to learn more regarding a particular set of target audience of Oxfam Australia. I believe that to understand as well as prioritize the organization’s key audiences, it is considered being a major step to determine the ways by which Oxfam will be successfully meeting their requirements.


The campaign element is having a strong central idea that will be connecting the target audience across various mediums for creating awareness, and then generating action. The existing relationship of Oxfam Australia with the younger generation along with the vast knowledge of the organization in respect of this specific demographic will be ensuring the success of the campaign to mobilise the target group to alleviate the impacts of climate change, for the particular advantage of the international food industry.


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