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Final Positioning Strategy and Objectives


Discuss about the Integrated Marketing Communication of TCB Security Elite Australia.

The report will describe the different aspects of the integrated marketing campaign of the company along with the final positioning strategy and objectives & value proposition. The company chosen in the report is TCB Security Elite in Australia. The company is specialised in providing services related to the different types of security services to institutions. The final positioning strategy that is to be selected in the report is “We will help to serve you better in the security services”. The value propositions of the marketing campaigns are to be followed in every step along with the value proposition in different operational department of the country. The objectives and goals of the company are to integrate with the different steps and aspects of the marketing campaigns. Certain goals are to be formulated so that the integrated marketing campaign elements are to be chosen in order to fulfil the goals. The goals are to increase the sales of the company along with the increase in the consumer awareness and brand reputation in the minds of the target consumers.

Integrated marketing communication for TCB Security Elite is defined as the expansion of the existing marketing strategies of the company in order to optimise the modes of communication of the consistent message of the enterprise, while transferring it to the different stakeholders. The aim of the company is to involve the marketers of the company while identifying their boundaries around the creative mix of the integrated marketing communication mix (Thorson & Moore, 2013). The elements of the promotional mix of TCB Security are to consider the different effectiveness of the marketing campaign’s message. It can be said that security TCB Security Elite is a service based company, hence creativity in terms of providing services are important in order to attract more customers towards the company. The company works as a contractual agreement. The focus of the company while using integrated marketing communication is to maximize the brand impact on the minds of the consumers as well as minimise the cost of providing the services to the customers (Blakeman, 2014).

It can be said that the creative elements that will be used to formulate the integrated marketing communication plan of the company in terms of sales promotion, advertising, personal selling, direct response marketing and public relations. The different media channels support the creative elements of the different marketing campaigns that are responsible for the building the brand identity in the different marketplace (Jackson et al., 2014). The promotional mix strategies that can be used by the firm are push strategies or pull strategies. In the perspective of the push strategies, trade promotion, sales promotion, direct response marketing, etc. In terms of pull strategy, consumer advertising, traditional marketing, etc. are used by the enterprise for the integrated marketing campaign (Schultz, Patti & Kitchen, 2013). The creative elements of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct response marketing, public relations, etc. are to be used in the marketing campaigns that are to be described in details in the report. Among the four creative elements of the marketing campaign, the marketers of TCB Security Elite, direct response marketing and public relations are to be more focused in order to increase the popularity of the company among the minds of the target customers in the country (Vernuccio & Ceccotti, 2015). The marketing campaigns will use the elements of integrated marketing campaign in the promotional mix. It can be said that the creative elements all falls under the promotion part of the 4Ps of marketing mix of TCB Security Elite (Belch et al., 2014). The goal of the company is to improve the services along with the improvement of brand image in the target market. Public Relations techniques will be used in terms of using various traditional and digital media in terms of improving the content marketing of the website. The website of the TCB Security Elite will educate the customers and provide sufficient knowledge regarding the different services such as security patrols, security guards, cash in transit, special event management, close personal protection, alarm monitoring, etc. The events of the marketing campaigns with the proper use of the different channels of media will help in the meeting the organizational goals as well as the marketing goals of the company in providing services to the target customers (Naeem, Bilal & Naz, 2013).

Value Proposition of the Marketing Campaigns

The integrated program mix of the company consists of the promotional mix and the marketing mix respectively. The marketing mix of TCB Security Elite consists of seven Ps of service marketing. This aspect will be incorporated with the promotional mix i.e. the creative elements of the different integrated marketing campaigns.

  1. Price: The price of the services of the company should be made in a reasonable way so that the target customers can avail the service provided by the company. Penetration pricing is used by the company in order to tap the market of Australia (Brunello, 2013).
  2. Place: Place of TCB Security Elite is contributes of the different metropolitan areas of Australia. The places of conducting the integrated marketing campaign include the shopping malls, trade fairs, sponsorship in the companies, OOH services in different areas, etc (Luxton, Reid & Mavondo, 2015).
  3. Product: Product or specialties of the company includes function guards, gatehouse services, security patrols, installation and response, close personal protection, Access or CCTV control, special event management, cash in transit, ATM services, security guards, etc (Gabrielli & Baghi, 2016).
  4. Promotion: Promotional techniques of the services of TCB Security Elite use traditional advertising techniques in the campaign rather than digital techniques of marketing. This business is more focused on direct responsive marketing and sales promotion rather than the different modes of online promotional techniques.
  5. People: People of the company involve the persons who are responsible for providing high quality services to the customers of the country. The people will be responsible for satisfying the needs of the customers while identifying their latent demands (Dahl, Eagle & Low, 2015).
  6. Process: Process refers to the different activities that are conducted by the marketers, senior management and the stakeholders of TCB Security Elite in order to deliver the service to the customers.
  7. Physical Evidence: Physical evidence of TCB Security Elite represents the tangible stores of the company where the customers can interact with the company personnel in order to buy the service or clearing any doubts related to it (Parente & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014).

Marketing communication in a broad business refer to the method that is used by an organisation to promote their product or service (Argenti, 2015). There are six major marketing elements that help in achieving the overall marketing objectives of a particular organisation. The function of the same marketing communication elements can be stated below:

  1. Advertising: Advertisements in the traditional media like Television and newspaper shall be effective for marketing the service of the company. It has to be understood that the people who remain in the needs of security are basically the businessman, politicians and other VIPs. These people prefer gaining news from newspapers and news channels. Thus, if the advertisements are telecasted or are published in the print media, it can directly reach the particular target group of people (Lekhanya, 2015). Television advertisements are often designed in the form of a story and thus, it can easily portray a scenario that would tell about the necessity of security guards or security systems.
  2. Sales Promotion: Sales promotion is the process of persuading the potential group of customers to buy a particular product. The TCB Security Elite sells security related products. Thus, it is important to carry out sales promotion technique as well in order to market these products (Carroll, 2015). One of the major functions of the sales promotion is to create a buzz about the product and sell the same within a short time. It does not aims at building a long term loyalty or creating a huge customer base. This process could be effective for a naive company like TCB Security Elite.
  3. PR/ Publicity: When any kind of public relation activity is carried on, it helps to create a better image of the company among the consumers and in the society as well. Since TCB Security Elite is new in the market and there are already established big security companies in the market, it is of prime important to conduct PR activity or publicity in the region where it operates (Parente & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014). For the same thing, the company can do charity or can donate some of their products to some government agencies that would act as a publicity stunt for the company.
  4. Personal Selling: Personal selling is the process where the company is responsible for selling the product themselves and they do not depend on others for the same purpose. Different approaches are often undertaken. Personal selling can be done by the means of direct selling from the website or by their personal sales executive (Kumar, 2016). This way a company saves lots of money by not selling the product directly to the consumers. TCB Security Elite can undertake this approach and sale their products directly to the target group of consumers without involving any middleman in the sales process.
  5. Direct Marketing: Direct marketing is the process where the promotion of the product is directly reached to the consumers. This type of marketing are carried on by the means of direct mailing or sending Messages to the personal numbers of the target group of people. This is a unique way because it helps to reach the particular target group of people directly (Dahl, Eagle & Low, 2015). The chances of creating a buzz among the target group are more than the other forms of marketing. However, it requires the details of target group that might be difficult for conducting this method of marketing.
  6. Internet/Interactive marketing: This is a new media technique aimed at using the social media sites like the Facebook and Twitter to target the particular group of people and sell their products. This type of marketing is effective for those products that can target the users of these social networking sites (Lin, 2015). However, for the products like the security systems and bodyguards, this kind of marketing might not be the best option to be used. This kind of marketing requires continuous follow up in the marketing sites in order to create more number of followers on the particular sites.

It is expected that the complete campaign would be based on direct selling or personal selling. In addition to this, the Company shall invest in the sponsorship as well. The proposed campaign for TCB Security Elite can be stated here.

The campaign can take place for a period of 3 months. The main objective of the campaign is to portray that TCB Security Elite provides the best security solutions and the security guarantee to the customers. An advert should be designed that would portray a single message that when the consumer select their service, they can remain free from worries. TCB Security Elite is the only solution that would cure all worries of those who are concerned with their costly accessories and assets.

The campaign shall include traditional marketing like Television advertisement, Outdoor marketing using hoarding, print advertisement in the newspaper and magazines and direct communication by the means of direct mails and direct calling. In addition to this, the campaign shall also include website marketing and blogging that would contain contents related to the security services (Fill & Turnbull, 2016). The target group of people are the elite people of Australia mainly from Melbourne and Queensland. It is a common observation that the users of the manned security service would be the VIPs and the VVIPs and so in order target this group of people, direct marketing or website marketing would be the best option. In addition to this, the TCB Security Elite also deals with electronic gadgets and security services whose target group of consumers are the ones who want to take care of their costly accessories. Thus, they belongs to the upper class of the society. It is therefore recommended that in order to target this group of people, search engine optimiser process would be the best suitable method.

The advertisement campaign shall be focused on corporate advertising in order to create an impact on the particular group of people who are the elite class and the VIPs. Thus, the following are the recommended promotional types that the Organisation might select from:

  1. Advocacy advertisement: The aim is to promote a particular message to the target group. Thus, the kind of advertisements including print and outdoor advertisements should be designed in a way that it would portray the message that it is the best security company to provide best solution to their customers.
  2. Event sponsor: It is highly recommended that the organisation would consider sponsorship and would participate in major event sponsorships like any sports event or a marathon that shall portray the Company’s image as a company associated with the security system.

iii. Cause-related advertising: The Company can also partner with some non-profit organisations and shall carry out cause-related advertising as well. This way they can develop a better image of the company and can target the particular group of people as well.

  1. Content marketing: In order to target the mid aged group of people, between 25 and 40years old, internet and the searching options are the best way. Thus, it is recommended that the marketing shall also concentrate on the content marketing like blogs. In addition to this, the Company can also use the Twitter and Facebook for carrying out social media marketing.

It can be said that it is very important for the organisation to carry out the marketing and promotional event on a regular basis in order to reach the maximum number of consumers. Thus, the recommended marketing and promotional and marketing method could be very effective if the same is undertaken properly.


It can be concluded that the integrated marketing communications of TCB Security Elite is to be formulated in a way so that the company can communicate with its target customers in order to increase the sales of the company. The company is responsible for increase in the brand image of the company in order to increase the consumer awareness among the target markets. Apart from that, it can be said that the report will explain the promotional mix of the services provided by TCB Security Elite in its target market of Australia. As the company is new to the market, hence the target is to increasing the consumer awareness. However, it can be said that the report will also describe the creative elements of the integrated marketing communication that are used by TCB Security Elite in their field of work in terms of increasing brand awareness.


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