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Discuss About The Maximizing Customer Relationships With Social Media To Gain Market.


In the current era of relationship marketing, developing and maintaining close relationship with the customers holds prime importance. In this context, developing an app that would enable an organisation to stay in continuous contact with the customers while providing them a scope to share their queries and grievances and get them resolved within few minutes is beneficial (Buttle, 2009). Thus, this report sheds light on the development and implementation of a unique mobile business solution named ‘CC Support’. The report is divided into three parts- introduction, discussion and conclusion.  The discussion section provides information on technologies and platforms to be used for the proposed mobile app followed by its key success factors and cost involved in its implementation.

The demand for mobile app has grown substantially in recent years. Every organisation that is willing to sell, assist, offer service or information is getting involved in developing effective mobile apps and making them accessible to the customers (Moore, 2013). Other than exploring the way the app would function and the resources that would be required, it is extremely essential to identify the technology that would serve the purpose in the organisation (Huang, 2007). There are several mobile app technologies which are commonly used by organisations to perform the task of application development. The top technologies/programming languages that can be used for CC Support are-

  • Swift-This technology is helpful while developing something very specific as it has advanced features with minimum coding that can be maintained easily.  
  • C++-This is the simplest base for most of the programming languages and has the potential to develop dynamic apps. It's simple and effective compiler based approach makes it an adaptable tool that can be used for multiple platforms. For app development in Apple systems its sister language, Objective-C has been used earlier (Bandyopadhyay, 2013).
  • Java-This is programming language, which is relatively used for the purpose of developing application for Android operating systems.  It is relatively easy to handle this language and there are many open source libraries that are made available to the users to choose from.
  • HTML5-When an organisation is looking for developing web fronted applications for mobile devices this is the best technology to be used (Dikhit, 2015).
  • PHP-This language is easier for users as compared to others. It is an objective oriented language which consists ofthree layered model for developing mobile app and web application. This language is best suited for apps that require database integration.  

This is the first time the organisation would be implementing mobile business solution. So, it would be beneficial for the organisation to use a technology that has advanced features but not very complex in nature. Thus, Swift would be most suitable for CC Support. Although other technologies explained above are equally effective, but they generally involve advanced level coding handling which is not an easy task. However, on successful implementation of the mobile business solution, other technologies can also be used (Goldenberg, 2015 ).  

Using an effective and widely used technology would be of no help for successful implementation of CC Support unless it has an effective platform. Various platforms that can be used for this mobile business solution are discussed below (Brans, 2018).

  • io-Appery is a cloud based mobile app which is completely monitored and operated through the assistance of cloud platform. This platform is easily accessible for users to download and install. This software consists of visual editor which plays the role of generating codes.It provides a scope to connect to any REST API and use it in own app and instantly add a cloud database and backend to the app in case data storage is needed(Lindstrom, 2014 ).
  • Mobile Roadie-It is an app designer that allows any individual to develop and manage own iOS or Android app. This platform can be operatedonall media types with automatic importing of RSS, Twitter and Google News keywords along with auto refreshing fan wall for getting involved in real time communication with users. This platform can be easily accessed by top authorities of the companythrough Mobile Roadie’s backend similarly the way customers would visualise on their devices. At the same time, Mobile Roadies would be helpful in evaluating the quality and appropriateness of the content of the organisation from the perspective of the customers. Also, the organisation would be able to send push notifications which would be information from own site or through the platform itself. So, it would be easier for the organisation to remain close to its customers (Greenberg, 2004 ).
  • Good Barber-This platform is used majorly for developing iOS and Android apps. The details of this application platform can be controlled without coding even a single line. This indicates that this is a very user friendly platform using which does not require exceptional skills.    At the same time, it would give a scope to the customers to submit their articles, videos and photos etc.
  • Appy Pie-It is a cloud based DIY tool that enables users to createmobileapplication for almost every operating systemplatform and publish it without anyprogramming skill. Although this is beneficial as it involves less investment in human resource. However, there might be uncertainty about quality and thus, using this platform would not be effective for CC Support (Dikhit, 2015).  

In order to ensure successful implementation of the CC Support platform, the company would have to focus on ensuring that all success factors are effectively achieved. There are various critical success factors of mobile application that needs to be taken into account by companies in order to improve their customer service such as

  • Ensuing experience of customers are right:Companies need to provide high level of customer service on the mobile app as compared to website. The customers should be provided with the opportunity to use their mobile app to conduct their daily activities similar to desktop and computers. For example, Monese is one of the financial institutes in the UK has been found using mobile solutions to tackle the query and provide solutions over mobile based solutions(Zendesk, 2018).
  • Proliferation of device types:It is also an important factor that needs to be taken into account to provide high level of customer service through mobile app. Therefore, it becomes important to first identify the target market and consumers and then develop a mobile app that would be suitable for customers using both Android and IoS operating system in their mobile. For e.g., Amazon has developed its e-commerce mobile app which could be easily operated by customers of different OS platform(Spaceotechnologies, 2018).
  • Content-Rich Experience:The mobile app to improve customer support should focus on providing its customers with high level of sensor and connectivity tools. The mobile application should include tools such as GPS, Clock, Camera and Help Desk to enhance the experience of customers in the service industry. For example, Uber Eats provides a content-rich experience for their customers by effectively tracking customer’s location and suggest nearby restaurants to them. This enhances customer service in the company (Agarwal, 2015).


The role of enablers and success factors are essential in making sure that the implementation of mobile solutions in the business is done within the stipulated time period. This process is very important as it would benefit the company to gain competitive advantage in the market by providing high quality of customer service to its final users. There are various enablers that should be taken into consideration during the process of implementation of mobile solution such as

  • Top Management:The authorities involved in the top management are responsible towards the successful implementation of mobile app in the company through the process of informing and educating its employees about it. The company should provide a clear mission and vision related to the benefits that could be gained through successful launch of mobile solution in the future (Somani and Rana, 2018 ).
  • Employee Involvement:The role of employees is also very huge in terms of successful implementation of mobile solution. Therefore, it is important for the business to provide its employees with adequate training in the usage of the mobile application to enhance customer service. For e.g., Spotlight Ticket Management focuses on developing an in-house team of experts who possess knowledge of mobile. These individuals are entitled to the responsibility to educate and train other employees on successful usage of customer service mobile app (Moore, 2013).
  • Relationship with Suppliers:The engagement of suppliers with the company is also important in the course of successful implementation of mobile app. The top authorities should be in direct contact with the suppliers with the intention to reduce the delivery time of the mobile app (Miller, 2017).
  • Maintenance:The element of maintenance is also a crucial factor that needs to be taken into consideration during the implementation of mobile app in the organisation. The company should look to update the mobile app from time to time in order to overcome the issues of lag and unplanned downtime which might negatively impact the success of customer service mobile app in the market (Lindstrom, 2014 ).

The attainment of mobile app solution in business totally depends on how well the company has been able to not only identify but also allocate appropriate financial resources to all of them in order to ensure its success in the future. During the process of development of mobile app, the following cost factors need to be taken into consideration by both software developer and top authority such as

  • Development cost of Mobile App:The cost of developing a mobile app for a business differs from one situation to other. This is largely due to the nature, usage and contents present within the app. The most common costs which are incurred by every company during mobile app development are costs related to selection of user interface, data encryption, app type and 3rd party integration (Cumulations, 2017).
  • Maintenance costs:The cost of maintaining mobile app in the business is high. This is largely due to the complexity, functions and features available which makes it difficult to be understood by all age group of customers. Furthermore, company also needs to invest hugeamount of money to update its application for smooth and positive experience of the customers (Payne, 2012 ).
  • User Interface:The role of user interface is important for any mobile application as its benefits in enhancing customer experience by providing them with simple software. The company needs to invest heavily in hiring an experienced software designer that would assist in developing a mobile page that would contain large amount of information similar to webpage (Miller, 2017).
  • Enterprise Application:The companyis also required to invest heavily in their training and development process to teach and educate employees in the company towards the successful implementation and launch of mobile app. The employees should be provided sufficient information about various elements of enterprise applications such as customer relationship management, knowledge management and e-mail to ensure success of mobile app in the future (Brans, 2018).


Thus, it can be derived from the above discussion that CC Support has the potential to enable the organisation to keep in constant contact with the customers, which is essential in the current business world. It can be concluded by saying that the importance of mobile application in recent business environment is huge largely due to the changing nature of consumers and market. In this paper, the discussion and analysis of the implementation process of mobile solution have been discussed with reference to increasing the customer service of the organisation. The success factors and enablers related to the implementation of mobile app have been discussed to understand how device type and rich content is useful in attracting customers towards the business. Finally, costs related to the development of user interface and maintenance has also been discussed with reference to the implementation of customer service mobile solution in the organisation.


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