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Write an international marketing plan (IMP) for an Australia company (preferably SME) seeking to enter an overseas market.

The marketing plan should benefit the company's managers and/or current or potential owners of the business and pursue social responsibility and ethical values. You will, therefore, need to synthesise and evaluate factors such as:

  • Different environmental variables (political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental, and cultural) that affect international marketing – how are these factors dealt with and can you defend your entry strategy?

  • Opportunities and threats associated with entering an overseas market – judge the value of entering the new market.

  • Sustainable marketing principles – how has the plan been guided by sustainable marketing principles? I.e. customer-oriented marketing, customer-value marketing, innovative marketing, sense-of-mission marketing, and societal marketing.

  • Ethical issues faced by the company and/or its industry – how this has been addressed in the marketing plan? Can you convince others that you’ve handled this adequately/effectively?

  • Cultural considerations – what local values and/or ethical norms have been factored into the plan?

  • Social care – how the company/product can truly help in the local community?

  • The long term effects of entry into an overseas market – does it improve people’s future living environment?

  • Socially responsible marketing practices – has the company developed a code of ethical policies (if it has one) and is this represented? Is the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA)code ethics represented?

Background of Semantic Software Asia Pacific Limited Company

Australia based company, Semantic Software Asia Pacific Limited Company actively indulges in A.I. research and development, big data, data integration and intelligent systems ever since its inception in the year, 2008. Over the course of time, they have developed products such as Semantic Platform (Semantic Computing Platform, with is A.I based), Ontocuro (Ontology Management Suite, which also allows users to contextualise various words in said field), and Datacuro (Data Interoperability Suite), all of which are A.I. based. They plan to expand to the USA, UK, China and India as a big name in understand and analysing a huge amount of data. As mentioned earlier, they main target markets are big data, data integration, and intelligent systems. Semantics Asia Pacific Limited Company has pioneered the process of collecting a huge amount of data, and using it to do various things like introduce abstract concepts to a computer so that it thinks and behaves like a human.

The Company is aiming to expand in USA, specializing in the retail industry, where the large scale Companies like Amazon and Flipkart require effective data mining and extraction processes for increasing the value of the derived data. Introduction of AI technology will enhance their companies of online operating companies such as Amazon and Flipkart as the management of Big data will be easier and the interface of will be more user friendly increasing the efficiency the firm in there operation. This is the the main reason because of which the AI technology will have a great demand within the retail industry and companies in the retail business.  They have worked to make sure that a computer understands context, and the system is more intuitive to human queries. Its primary entry strategy, as planned by the company is to look into military funding, health funding and a guarantee to triple the investment of any investor to facilitate the continuous research necessary and the growth. They plan on using data to create a market to sell data to create a more all-round, understanding A.I that is more coherent.

The research work conducted for formulating this business plan was thorough and exhaustive, using several techniques to gather a plethora of information and knowledge regarding the Company as well as the market industry it is about to venture in (Hutter et al. 2014). The two research methodology of any kind of research work comprise of either/or/both qualitative measures and quantitative measures so that voices from each sections of the stakeholders can be attended. However, this particular research requires a much detailed understanding of the business processes, their market industry and the common challenges faced by growing establishments in the process of entering the global market (Medvedev, 2015). As a producer and supplier of artificial intelligence software that helps the large scale Companies to organize their data sources and use them as influential weapons, the formulation of a researched International Market Plan for its entry into the global market would require extensive qualitative groundwork and research through the means of both primary as well as secondary resources (Smith, 2015).

Expansion Plan to USA, UK, China, and India

In order to incorporate the Company’s internal and external threats, several interviews have been conducted with the top managers of the Company regarding their opinions on the Company’s position and stability (Hair Jr et al., 2015). Secondary data sources like articles and journals discussing the challenges of a growing Company on entering the world market have been studied to get a better insight at the Company’s threats and opportunities (George, Haas & Pentland, 2014). Some of the questions that were asked in the interviews with the top managers are as follows:

  • What do you think are the Company’s biggest fears of failure?
  • With a business perspective, how do you feel about expanding the business beyond national boundary?
  • Is the Company prepared to survive the challenges posed during the process of entering global market?

In order to correctly analyze the Company’s external and internal situations, a situational analysis has been conducted, comprising of the detailed assessment of the Company’s internal resources, its business environment, the industry it is working in, the respective consumers and their behaviour, and finally the contemporary rivals of the Company in the industry.

The Semantic Software Asia Pacific Limited Company is based in Australia and stresses on avid research and development of artificial intelligence softwares and its speciality is the creation of the Artificial Intelligence technology called Semantic Computing, which is now a brand itself. The biggest achievement of the Company was the development of the artificial intelligence software platform that called Semantic Computing that allows the translation and proper segregation of data in order to add more value to it (Russell & Norvig, 2016). For the first time in the digital history of internet and technology, the Company developed a platform that can make a computer think like a human, taking into account abstract ideas and concepts of regular human activities. According to (George, Haas & Pentland, 2014), the technologies used by the Company to support this platform are groundbreaking and essentially stresses on adding new value to the data collected. 

The organizations biggest assets lie in their skills in technological advancements and artificial intelligence knowledge base, which they utilize to provide software support in business-to-business interactions (Mustak, 2014). The two main departments working for the organization are its team of researchers and the team of developers. The research team of the organization comprise of highly qualified professional and researchers as well as scientists, who work together to study and diversify the use of artificial intelligence in daily business procedures.

The developers team of the organization work in compliance with the research team and mainly emphasize on the practical application of the theories derived in order to build a virtual platform that can be used for sale to various other business organizations (Stefaniak et al., 2014). The biggest asset of the organization is its ownership of the intellectual property that it uses for the production of the softwares. The human assets of an organization are the most important assets that determine a big part of the organization’s actual strength. Measuring the organization's assets would include the assessments of its financial position, expertise of employees, land and space ownership and availability of other constituent raw materials required for the production processes.

Target Market and Industry Analysis

The main objective of market analysis of a Company is to investigate the business industry relevant to the Company and judge its significance in the context of contemporary industry market situations (Wu, Chen & Olson, 2014). The market of an artificial intelligence software producing Company is essentially business organizations and large enterprises, who are striving to add value to the data generated by using advanced artificial intelligence, supported computing devices. The proper analysis of market requires consecutive analysis of various sectors, as discussed below:

Every business organization working in specific industries have their own unique business environment, dependent on the financial situation and general environment of the industry. In order to embark on a new venture beyond the geographical territories of the mother establishment, it is extremely necessary to analyze the various influencing factors regarding the particular business environment (Wheelen et al., 2017).

Since the Semantic Software Company aims to take its products to USA, the analysis of the business environment identifies the following:

  • Strong financial conditions of the government of the country, which indicates towards opportunities of financial support and sponsorship from the government (Oh et al., 2014).
  • Strong business background and business finance security of the country that supports the entry of new organizations.
  • According to (Dodgson, 2018), boom in the technological industry, demanding for more technological devices and software that can replace human labour with artificial intelligence robots.
Political/ Legal/ Institutional Environment

Another major area of analysis is assessment of the political stability of the new chosen location, their government’s legal bindings and policies regarding international business and the general attitude of the people towards business interactions, especially in the technological industry (McCright, Xiao & Dunlap, 2014). The political structures of USA indicate a steady functioning of business capitalism that creates more scope for monetary interactions and business transactions. The legal and policy bindings of the country are lenient for business organizations, in attempt to encourage more business activities every day. Free flow of market and economy allows the country to specialize on technological sectors for further research, development and experimentation of new technological mediums and devices.

Economic Environment

The United States of America share a mixed economy and form the world’s largest economy for business development. As the world’s second largest purchasing-power holder, the USA holds the maximum amount of power in any monetary interactions (Panayotou, 2016). Linking the Semantic Software Company, which is based in another first-class economic world—Australia, with the powerful flow of economy generated by the US, would be a huge step towards a major business accomplishment.

Social and Cultural Environment

The United States of America experiences a massive congruence of people and their cultures from all over the world, every year. The largest migrating groups of people were the Europeans during the immigrations and it influenced the social and cultural outlook of the Americans forever with their new colonizing concept of Eurocentrism (Crosby, 2015). With a Eurocentric mindset, the USA faces significant allegations for being racist and violent towards to the blacks and other religious minorities. Nonetheless, the country is a confluence cultures and communities from across the world as the nation offers high scope and exposure for advanced business prospects.

Demographic Environment

Situational Analysis

The main elements of America’s transitioning demography are as follows:

  1. America has the largest population of Millennial, growing by the year.
  2. Due to high gender discrimination, more than half of the labour force of America is lost (Rowntree et al., 2015).
  3. The majority of the labour force is dominated by the immigrants from other countries, who have found sustenance in American business.
Technological Environment

Technology can be signified as the most essential founding elements of American economic backbone. America has always been the leading developer and researcher of technological innovations (Savrul, Incekara & Sener, 2014). The country is also the host for a number of modern technological advancements like the nanotechnology, the varied use of bio-technology and more. The technological backup in the USA business market can be a huge strength for the Company as it involves in the same industry.

Natural and Physical Environment

The USA is a host to a biota of animals and plants that play a significant role in influencing the country’s natural and physical environment. With the increase in industrial processes and population, the natural resources of America are facing stiff depletion and degradation (Tietenberg & Lewis, 2016). In order to expand businesses in America, it is good to participate in ample CSR activities so as to ensure that the organization gives back more to the society than it takes from it.

America has the largest base of consumers in the world with a mixed population of different ethnic and cultural groups and communities. With free flow of money and the availability of free trade market, America holds the greatest pits for B2B (business-to-business) transactions.

The large scale Companies of not only America but all developing countries in technological or other sectors require the advanced technologies that are developed and produced by the Semantic Software Company. The advanced technological processes that help in processing Big Data are now becoming a crucial element in almost all organizations that aim to add value to the data generated from online trafficking.

One of the biggest benefits of the organization is that their products do not have any expiry date until something new and better evolves in the market, taking away the Company’s market of users (Hellweg & Canals, 2014). The progression of the product starting from its pre–production processes to its introduction in the market, leading to its growth and development, followed by its decline can be termed as the entire life cycle of a product. Since the software developed by Semantic Computing offers a basic distinction from basic computer knowledge, the product is already readily accepted and in demand by most large-scale companies like Amazon, BuzzFeed and more. 

Organizational structures of a software developers Company incorporate various levels of processes that finally end up in producing one particular product or service. The organizational structure of the Cognitive Software Group includes several processes like collection of data, interpretation of data, processing of Big Data collected, developing cognitive computing and many more. The different production processes on computer include The Triple Store, which is used for storing the collected data. The Ontology Library is a very crucial process that takes care of the computer’s artificial understanding of human language like words, sentences and abstract concepts (Uchida, Swick & Sambra, 2014). The Validator is another important process that checks the artificial understanding of commands and keeping it in alignment with the referential integrity of the ontology stored.

Marketing Mix Strategy

Cost Structure of the Industry- The cost structure of an organization defines its strategies for investments and expenditures so as to have a fair estimate of the budget and the sources of capital which can be used for the completion of the production process (Boardman et al., 2017). The cost structure of the software industry points out the areas that require extensive investment, like marketing and R&D expenses.

Competitive Structure of the Industry- The software industry is facing stiff competitive rivalry among the other large scale companies that provide similar services and technological support, developed by their personal software engineers. The competitive structure of the industry emphasizes on the Company’s need to spend more on promotion and marketing, in order to create a strong background for their long-going business plan.

This particular organization will face stiff competition from Companies and establishments throughout the world. On expansion of the Company in the grounds of USA business market, it will enter the global market of information and technology (Brettell et al., 2014). The biggest competitors of the Company in this industry would be IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, Alphabet—amongst the competitors based in USA. Other competitors from other countries include Baidu, TCS, Accenture and more.

The SWOT analysis would help to thoroughly analyze the Company’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as its external market opportunities and threats. The implications of SWOT analysis are briefly discussed below:

Internal Company Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Access to a group of highly skilled and qualified employees.
  2. Ownership of the assets and resources used for the production processes of the organization (Love et al., 2014).
  3. Development and production of Semantic computing, which has brought a revolutionary change in the processes of artificial intelligence systems.
  4. Increasing demand for computing software that would help in organization of data and easy processing for added value output ensures a constant demand for the products produced.
  5. Economic stability and support from foreign country investment and cooperation is a huge benefit of expansion in technological business field of America.


  1. One of the biggest weaknesses of the Company is the presence of powerful competing forces related to the software industry that can make the entry of a new organization quite challenging.
  2. Lack of organizational communication in the Company structure has degraded the employees’ awareness regarding the brand value and its objectives of expansion in the global market.

The main objective of the organization is to create a unique experience for their users in order to add more value to the interactions between the consumers and the entrepreneurs. With the innovation and dynamics of the Company’s production of artificial intelligence softwares, the organization aims to create business value for a range of industries, not limited to the technological sector.

In order to make a mark in the international business market, the Company has set its primary objective to emphasize on Corporate Social Responsibilities, in order to portray an image of a responsible organization that takes effort to give back to the society it is working in. The sustenance of the Company and its production processes are highly dependent on the sustainability of the nature and physical environment. Taking up CSR activities is an influential marketing strategy that supports active participation and engagement amongst the Company’s stakeholders and makes them more aware about the Company’s aims and objectives.

Active participation in Corporate Social Responsibilities make the organization come off as a globally competent and sustainable enterprise that strives to reduce the undesirable impacts of the information technology industry on the corresponding nature and society. The Company not only strictly follows the CSR guidelines themselves but also has set a standard that allows only Companies following CSR guidelines to interact and involve in business transactions or partnership with Semantic Software Solutions. This segregation of business partnerships on the basis of sustainability initiatives might apparently seem to be insignificant, but actually retains great value in establishing the foundation in international market as a socially responsible and aware marketing force. Working in partnership with the other organizations that do not follow CSR guidelines can be a negative mark in the Company’s outlook as a socially responsible member of the business environment.

Implementation Plan

Not fulfilling the sustainability criteria for the new business market environment may result readily rejection of the Company and its products on the allegations of causing harm to the environment and depleting natural resources without making any effort to conserve them. Working with institutions that don’t follow CSR guidelines is also signified as encouraging business activities that have degrading effects on the society and environment.

The main international objectives of the Cognitive Software Company are listed as follows:

  • To be the world’s leading brand in research and development of artificial intelligence softwares.
  • To progress with the science of artificial intelligence and apply it to generate business value.
  • To enlist as one of the indispensable elements in the technological processes of data collection and data mining.
  • To expand the business beyond national borders and expand its market of consumers as well as developers and sponsors.

The marketing objectives of the artificial intelligence software developer company include aims and plans regarding the sales process and promotion of the Company and its products. Undertaking significant amount of CSR activities not only helps the organization to establish itself as socially responsible organization worldwide but also helps in attracting more Companies and organizations to work in partnership with them. The various marketing objectives of the Company that are emphasized on by the CSR activities of the same are briefly discussed and listed below:

  • One of the most important marketing objectives of the organization is to increase its sales of products and services to the newly expanded international business market
  • The Company aims to enhance the brand awareness of its employees and its consumers by engaging them in various CSR interactions and programmes.
  • CSR activity brings constant engagement of the consumers with the rest of the stakeholders of the organization, which plays a crucial role in managing the marketing and promotion of the brand.
  • Adding to the brand value of the organization is another major objective that can be fulfilled by enhancing Brand equity of the Company.
  • Enhancing brand equity of an organization through repeated and constant efforts of conservation and sustenance of society and natural resources.
  • To improve the communication and rapport with the consumer business organizations, in order to maintain cordial relationships with rivals who are also customers.
  • To overall add to the researches and development in the area of artificial intelligence and its use in modern technological business setups.

Target Markets Identification and Segmentation Strategy:

This is difficult for a company to target the mass with one significant product or service. Therefore, they need to identify their target client as per their interest and demand in the primary stage. It is notable that the social media can play a major role to help them in studying their target clients’ demand and market trend. This is to be mentioned that the TSP Performance Framework can be acknowledged as the attitude to measuring social media. The social media is the tool that can help a company to reach end number of clients.  The social media can offer the graph of the clients’ demand of the entire world at one glance. This is how the company analyst can graph a ration and choose their clients with the similarity between their product and the preferable choices of the clients. It has stepped upward from the flexible metrics, like reach and engagement, to the significantly complicated metrics, such as sales and eventually ROI. This can be suggested that different customers may have multiple trade and deliberate purposes. The particular company can adapt these choices by analysing the main concern.

It basically helps the workers to line up KPIs what is feasible to determine against the specific trend and planned aims to achieve. They utilize an arrangement of apparatus, comprising Brand watch, Face book Insights, Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics in order to observe at the flexible, societal metrics. They let the company to gauge promotional activity performance in optimizing their attitude in concurrent time. It could denote increasing the reach of a post particular post that’s exercising fine purely at a significant coarse level, at the same time as further largely people can feel the efficiency by targeting to decrease price per consciousness or appointment. The significant brand metrics ‘temperate social’ are an improved gauge of long-standing contact. This can be tracked via researches, assuring the company to locate shifts in metrics like NPS and brand resemblance scores to supply into approach and improved comprehension of the influence they are having on the communities they are managing. However, the chief events that the companies are aiming to generate their revenue base in order to mark their entry in the global market.

Financial Projections

It should be remember that there are already leading companies who are ruling the global market artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is significantly important to understand the negative points and risk factors of the leading companies. This can be the main entry point for a new company. It is also important to analyse the global crisis that the particular sector is facing.

It is notable that keeping the track of the standard pay out of their products from the position at which they can join in a new community that inspires the company to portray the incremental significance offered by social. The addition of Social and advocacy can be resulted into ROI. It can be seen as an easy equation. It remnants to a certain extent that the drastic attitude to social media advertising. This is because of having a significant structure. It is not enough to enter a significant market. The real challenge is sustain and survive in the world where change is the only constant thing.

Products (Product Mix)

Every good line can be presented as segmentation in the organization’s business structure. This characteristic of this company’s marketing mix of 4Ps denotes a shift of importance toward facilities especially internet facilities. This is notable that SEM’s managerial outputs or goods and their uniqueness are resolute in this characteristic of the marketing mix. It can be stated that the significant products or services are the things that the organization can sell to the target marketplaces for data technicalities (Spiro et al, 2017). The position of every individual good or service, called the product mix, denotes the further locations of the business association, like research and development (R&D) and mechanized. It can be stated as a significant example that the product appropriateness made on the basis of market demand offer an impact to the organization revenues, and manufactured goods design and characteristics inspire managerial methods concerned in construction or manufacturing. The product mix can have the product lines in the significant cases which are represented as commerce segments as per the significant annual reports:

  • Cognitive Solutions
  • Global Business Services
  • Technology Services & Cloud Platforms
  • Systems
  • Global Financing

This is notable that the Cognitive Solutions can be acknowledged as the organization that help trade procedure huge amounts of information into understanding for administrative decisions and as a result, ready for action advantage.

The significant locations, event channels, or areas used to allocate the significant products are recognized in this characteristic of the marketing mix (Skowron, Faliszewski & Lang, 2016). These spaces have a clear impact on the company’s considered efficacy in meeting aimed clients in the data technology marketplace. In such case, this company utilizes the subsequent channels or positions to manage with consumers and transport its goods to the marketplace:

  • Official Website
  • Business Partners
  • Delivery Centres
  • Warranty Service Providers
  • The official online sites of this company allow the clients to access worthy data regarding the company product. The particular official website can be seen as a suitable way to converse with target customers around the globe.

Risk Assessment

The infrastructure strategies and plans for meeting the aimed clients in the data technology marketplace are framed in this feature of the company’s marketing mix. The purpose is to maintain the organization’s efficiency in expanding its market contact, especially in applying market diffusion as an intensive enlargement strategy. Promotional strategy also has an impact the organization’s capability to enhance its trademark image and business image. The significant followings are basically the tactics in the company’s promotional mix:

  • Advertising (primary)
  • Direct marketing (primary)
  • Sales promotion
  • Personal selling
  • Public relations

Promotions take the main role in advertising the significant products. It can be stated that the company takes the help of print media and online media in order to promote their brand (Nilsson, 2014). For example, the organization sends mails regarding the new goods to the organizations that already make use of the products and facilities. The sales advertisement is intermittently utilized to amplify the organization’s share of the in order knowledge marketplace

Planning Assumptions

It can be stated that the fresh company can collaborate with the other companies on the marketing strategies that can line up the underneath-upbeat tactical ties with the upbeat-underneath plans and aims (Wenger, 2014). This is to be mentioned that the plans can be organized by the goods,, locations,  trade unit or any significant outline a person can select to assure a constant plans and taxonomy. The rare and one and only observation can be conducted by the particular month in order to get the visual that one can require and arrange the plans as per the pre-determination.

Sales and cost forecast


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Quarter 1

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Quarter 2

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Quarter 3

Month 10

Month 11

Month 12

Quarter 4


Expected sales

 $ 200,000.00

 $ 210,000.00

 $ 220,500.00

 $ 630,500.00

 $ 235,935.00

 $ 247,731.75

 $ 260,118.34

 $ 743,785.09

 $ 270,027.61

 $ 283,528.99

 $ 297,705.44

 $ 851,262.03

 $ 275,428.16

 $ 289,199.57

 $ 303,659.55

 $ 868,287.27

 $ 3,093,834.39

Variable cost


 $               5,000.00

 $               5,250.00

 $               5,512.50

 $   15,762.50

 $               5,898.38

 $               6,193.29

 $               6,502.96

 $   18,594.63

 $               6,750.69

 $               7,088.22

 $               7,442.64

 $   21,281.55

 $               6,885.70

 $               7,229.99

 $               7,591.49

 $   21,707.18

 $                77,345.86

Depreciation of Machinery

 $               2,500.00

 $               2,625.00

 $               2,756.25

 $               7,881.25

 $               2,949.19

 $               3,096.65

 $               3,251.48

 $               9,297.31

 $               3,375.35

 $               3,544.11

 $               3,721.32

 $   10,640.78

 $               3,442.85

 $               3,614.99

 $               3,795.74

 $   10,853.59

 $                38,672.93


 $               8,000.00

 $               8,400.00

 $               8,820.00

 $   25,220.00

 $               9,437.40

 $               9,909.27

 $   10,404.73

 $   29,751.40

 $   10,801.10

 $   11,341.16

 $   11,908.22

 $   34,050.48

 $   11,017.13

 $   11,567.98

 $   12,146.38

 $   34,731.49

 $              123,753.38


 $ 184,500.00

 $ 193,725.00

 $ 203,411.25

 $ 581,636.25

 $ 217,650.04

 $ 228,532.54

 $ 239,959.17

 $ 686,141.74

 $ 249,100.47

 $ 261,555.49

 $ 274,633.27

 $ 785,289.23

 $ 254,082.48

 $ 266,786.60

 $ 280,125.93

 $ 800,995.01

 $ 2,854,062.23

Less: Fixed cost


 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   30,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   30,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   30,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   10,000.00

 $   30,000.00

 $              120,000.00


 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   45,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   45,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   45,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $   45,000.00

 $              180,000.00

Bookkeeping and accounting

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $               5,000.00

 $   15,000.00

 $                25,000.00


 $ 154,500.00

 $ 163,725.00

 $ 173,411.25

 $ 491,636.25

 $ 187,650.04

 $ 198,532.54

 $ 209,959.17

 $ 596,141.74

 $ 219,100.47

 $ 231,555.49

 $ 244,633.27

 $ 695,289.23

 $ 224,082.48

 $ 236,786.60

 $ 250,125.93

 $ 710,995.01

 $ 2,529,062.23

This is to be noted that influence commanding preparation, budgeting and analytics that unite to individual’s advertising, CRM and finance management (Yang & Gabrielsson, 2017). The significant planning and budgeting explanation can be utilized separately from other Watson Marketing provides and integrates effortlessly with Watson Campaign Automation.

It is to be suggested that keep the track of the significant financial plan forecasts, commits and definite for a practical time observation of the individual trading savings, and move as wanted.

This is notable that integrating with CRM, significant Finance, and further prepared information to offer absolute observation into promotion ROI.

Break even point




 $ 3,093,834.39


 $ 2,854,062.23

Profit Volume Ratio


Fixed Cost

 $              325,000.00

Break even point

 $              352,303.52

This is important to keep track the significant funding in contemporary time. It is because the company always knows how much one can used up in opposition to the strategies and plan. It is notable the place and the time that can create adjustments (Cohen & Feigenbaum, 2014). This is to observe on economics to close up their documents before finding out if they over over-or under- expended.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Values

It is to be noted make and unite on strategies that can make the line in commercial plans, forecast proceeds and estimate upturn on asset.

This is notable that construct contingencies into the significant strategies to explanation for significant financial plan needs to be increased or decreased. Utilize metadata strategies to attach a label to and keep the significant track actions next to goals, clients’ expedition phases, goods, or the significant characteristic that's imperative to the companies (Iooss & Lemaître, 2015). This is to be suggested that leverage influential preparation, budgeting and analytics that attached to the marketing strategy, CRM and economic skills. The significant planning and budgeting resolution can be utilized autonomously from other Watson Marketing contributions and integrates impeccably with Watson Campaign mechanization (Kotler, 2015).

Formal Project Plan for Implementation of Recommendations

Full cost observation

Budgeted total cost incurred in the operation



Variable cost


 $   77,345.86

Depreciation of Machinery

 $   38,672.93


 $ 123,753.38

Total variable cost

 $ 239,772.17

Fixed Cost


 $ 120,000.00


 $ 180,000.00

Bookkeeping and accounting

 $   25,000.00

Total fixed cost

 $ 325,000.00

Total cost

 $ 564,772.17

This is to be suggested that the actual-time updates let an individual to watch the contemporary expenditures and keep the specific track of employees in terms of time, sub-contractors, resources and inventory. The person can even contrast obtainable project expenses with unique budgets to incessantly supervise implementation (Knight, 2015).

Billable Revenue Tracking

It is to be understood that the significant prediction and track record for further returns right through a project’s sequence, accepting for multifaceted pricing strategies throughout the path.

Scalable projects

This can be suggested that the significant track tasks in spite of of dimension, money, or verbal communication; with suitable data entry and in sequence access.

Available anywhere

This is to be noted that the accessibility and submission timelines and task orders online from significant mechanism at several place.

It can be stated that the significant Action plans have been created to acknowledge the number of actions needed to deal with the requirements of the disturbed performers due to the examination period. The significant action plan papers the circumstances are in need of an action in order to apprehend every performer, the associated allegations and the predictable and genuine dates for addressing the circumstances (Debrah et al., 2016). The probable circumstance can include an apprehension regarding the safety of a kid due to alleged corporal violence by a family unit member. The proceedings obligatory to address every condition are too recognized, counting the instance performers or user accountable for implementation each action (Armstrong et al. 2015). The significant circumstances inside an action plan may be connected with an accomplishment when they are recorded or they may exist in competition within an action plan to be connected with actions at a later date. In addition with, actions within an action plan may be associated with one or more situations when they are recorded or they may exist autonomously to be associated with situations at a later date. The number of action plans can be made for a given examination (Ambat et al. 2017).


It can be suggested that the formal contingency plan is a voluntary conformity between a performer and the company. This can be stated as an example; Christina’s father alleges he was physically abused by her uncle. A significant case employee conducts an examination into the claim and takes the decision of that the allegation has been made. This is to be stated that on the basis of her father’s allegation the case worker thinks that it is in Christina’s best interests to stay in her family's house if some of his concerns about Christina’s uncle can be addressed in an appropriate manner. Freddie creates a four-week action plan for Christina detailing the situation requiring action, the expected date by when the situation should be addressed, and the action required to address the situation. For example, to address the situation of Christina’s safety, Christina’s uncle will check-in to an in-patient drug addiction program at the county hospital immediately, completing the program successfully before returning home. After talking with Freddie, Christina’s uncle agrees to check himself into an in-patient drug abuse program at the county hospital as soon as possible (Story & Neves, 2015).

Consolidated Income statement of companies


Cognitive Software Group





 $                              3,093,834.39

 $                         3,046,835.00

 $                         3,025,899.00

Income from software licensing

 $                                    50,000.00

 $                              85,520.00

 $                               75,061.00

Other Incomes

 $                                    25,000.00

 $                              35,214.00

 $                               32,014.00

Total Income

 $                              3,168,834.39

 $                         3,167,569.00

 $                         3,132,974.00



 $                                 120,000.00

 $                            193,540.00

 $                             183,254.00


 $                                 180,000.00

 $                            201,354.00

 $                             170,254.00

Operational expenses

 $                                    60,320.00

 $                              54,213.00

 $                               65,102.00


 $                                    38,672.93

 $                              35,213.00

 $                               36,210.00

Profit Before tax

 $                              2,769,841.46

 $                         2,683,249.00

 $                         2,678,154.00

Taxation @30%

 $                                    83,095.24

 $                              80,497.47

 $                               80,344.62

Profit after tax or Net Income

 $                              2,686,746.22

 $                         2,602,751.53

 $                         2,597,809.38

Consolidated Balance Sheet of companies


Cognitive Software Group




Non Current Assets

Land and Buildings

 $                                 250,000.00

 $                            265,120.00

 $                             251,400.00


 $                                 289,410.00

 $                            301,254.00

 $                             302,104.00

Intellectual rights

 $                                    65,214.00

 $                              62,143.00

 $                               68,951.00

Total Non Current Asset

 $                                 604,624.00

 $                            628,517.00

 $                             622,455.00

Current Asset

Cash and cash equivalent

 $                                 201,354.00

 $                            203,654.00

 $                             202,546.00

Trade receivables

 $                                 112,536.00

 $                              96,354.00

 $                             102,536.00

Other current assets

 $                                    21,546.00

 $                              32,561.00

 $                               20,156.00

Total Current Assets

 $                                 335,436.00

 $                            332,569.00

 $                             325,238.00

Total Assets

 $                                 940,060.00

 $                            961,086.00

 $                             947,693.00

Equity and Liabilities


Current Liabilities

Trade Payables

 $                                 350,220.00

 $                            356,210.00

 $                             402,165.00

Short term Bank Loan

 $                                    52,301.00

 $                                            - 

 $                               62,351.00

Total Current Liabilities

 $                                 402,521.00

 $                            356,210.00

 $                             464,516.00

Non Current Liabilities

Long term loan

 $                                 230,546.00

 $                            192,356.00

 $                             163,524.00

Total Non current Liabilities

 $                                 230,546.00

 $                            192,356.00

 $                             163,524.00


Owners Equity

 $                                 306,993.00

 $                            412,520.00

 $                             319,653.00

Total Equity

 $                                 306,993.00

 $                            412,520.00

 $                             319,653.00

Total Equity and Liabilities

 $                                 940,060.00

 $                            961,086.00

 $                             947,693.00

Consolidated Balance Sheet of companies


Cognitive Software Group



Cash Flow from Operating activities

 $                              2,631,220.00

 $                         2,563,142.00

 $                         2,456,312.00

Cash flow from investing activities

 $                                    56,321.00

 $                            101,524.00

 $                               96,521.00

Cash flow from financing activities

 $                                 101,423.00

 $                              89,657.00

 $                               96,321.00

Opening Balance of cash

 $                                 520,000.00

 $                            452,100.00

 $                             621,543.00

Closing balance of cash

 $                              2,268,964.00

 $                         2,302,223.00

 $                         2,027,611.00


Concluding in the light of the above context it can be said that through development of effective marketing and operating strategy a company can significantly operate in the market to gain competitive advantage over other in the market. It ensures an association to correctly analysis arrangement information modifications before creating them live on a manufacture strategy.

In a developmental process following a set of comprehensive strategies help firm to develop their strength and to increase their operational as well as financial size in the market. This takes away the analysis required to understand the arrangement information that can constitute a business object. It can be suggested that the strategies can allow bi-directional convey of arrangement data flanked by structures in the strategy background whereby pattern information can be elated between systems on the basis of the trade requirements.

It can be said that different strategies can be used in order to get a significant objective which will help the firm in increasing operational efficiency which in return will increase the profitability of the firm. It does not release accountability with reverence to the arrangement data changes, as inaccurate configuration information changes to the fabrication strategies can be resulted into the submission issues in the similar method as exclusive of the usage of such significant system.



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