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Overview of DST Group

Significant needs of this article are to comply with the course objectives to acquire basic and advanced knowledge with clear understanding of the technology of software engineering with respective practices of engineering based on components, web services based on service based engineering and software engineering in respect of task management and collaborative approach. This article will also emphasize on the basic skills of research in software engineering. These objectives are to be met on perspective of any organization that is practicing the latest version of software engineering and with the specific application of technology in the specific field of operation. This article will elaborate the requirements as per the subject in perspective of a company of Australia who are engaged in defense services. This article is mainly to discuss the role of DST group, Australia regarding the latest technology implementation with subsequent information about those technologies in the field of operation of the group to comply with the requirements of the article.

DST group is the second largest public funded research agency, which are deployed in the field of defense services of Australia. The organization is run with the aspect of consistency with the outstanding ability of the employees resulting the high level of outcome of the efforts initiated by the professionals of the organization. The organization has its different units in provinces of Australia to serve the purpose of defense related researches, which ensures that the security of Australia is not spared for any material value (Dst, 2016).

The group believes in the philosophy of considering record of accomplishment as the basic indicator for the present and the future performance of the organization. DST Group has featured innovation with resilience during their operation since its inception to ensure the building on the legacy of the organization so far achievements are concerned. The organization is always striving for excellence and is more prone to insist on driving for finding the technological and scientific solutions to assist Australia for meeting the objective of defense service of the country with consideration of challenges on national security (Dst, 2016).

This organization is run with the objective of reducing and mitigating the challenges in the fields of strategic and operational areas to ensure maintenance of capability edge. Strategic division of DST Group reduces threats in core business of Defense like intelligence, business operation, development of capability and integration. The Group extends its support in this segment by providing latest technological solutions through innovative activities and advice with specialization, which are based on researches with independence in nature of non-government or commercial research interests. The Group has the ability to strengthen its strategic ability through creation of unique and international partnership through collaborative arrangements. These strategic steps are enabling to access the technologies of classified government and other public sources, which are not generally available. Through their constant endeavor, the Group explores the effect of emerging patterns of technology by the strategic partnership with industry, academia, and other departments of the government. These efforts are instrumental to create potential strategies, which can prevent strategic surprise. Being an organization of repute, the Group is placed in unique stand to adopt longer-term objective in order to ensure maturity with de-risking of groundbreaking technologies, which are persisting prior to transition of industry (Dst, 2016).

Strategic Approach of DST Group

In operation management, operational activities of DST Group make stronger approaches of its operational ability by providing scientific advice and technological solutions, which has the ability to enhance with subsequent adaptation of Defense capability to match the unique requirements. These operations include provision of benefits in the fields of efficient military service with readiness, and effective measures, which are trending towards sustainability and reduction of losses. The operational areas in which DST Group enhances is capability are through research and development, with testing, subsequent evaluation and making modification of new and pre-existing systems of war-fighting for the Australian Defense Force. This Group is also involved in ownership and increment of the availability of capability of Defense services through technical suggestions, which are based on analysis of risk, modeling, experimental testing, and extension work of life.

The value of DST Group is depending upon the strong structure of it state-of-the-art sovereign capabilities of global repute, empowered with the research professional and respective infrastructure covering the domain of Defense Sciences. Other values of the Group are:

  • Proactive attitude though depth of knowledge and respective reciprocation to the Australian Defense environment and capabilities of Australian Military;
  • Proven track record which can link research with innovation through application with the loop of researcher, innovators and the end users;
  • Building of active chain of collaboration with the communities of interests of national security and Defense with international counterparts;
  • Integration of diversified and privileged information from different sources to the coherent advise of the experts regarding national security, defense and decision making of government followed by strategic planning and policy formulation;
  • Ensure maintenance of technology which are commercially not viable but critical for requirement of defense;
  • Ensure coordination between the academia and the respective industry in order to enhance the scope of creating a base for national science and technology with transferring knowledge to extend support for development of defense capability with sustainable acquisition(Dst, 2015).

All these above activities support generation of economic value for Australia so far national aspect is concerned.   

Weapons and Combat Systems Division are in a partnership project with DST Group to enhance of capability with the featured assistance of the Group in the field of technical intelligence. This is reciprocal exchange of ideas with arrangements of range of innovation, which can benefit both the parties mutually. This partnership is also looking for opportunities with cohesive work with industry in order to commercialize the technologies of DST with the transitional phase of innovative concepts to be capable of defense service. The areas of collaboration include:

  • LASAGNE or Layered Approach to Service Architectures for a Generic Network Environment;
  • Role of human systems in tactical war fighting;
  • RAFEC or Reusable Aerodynamic Flare Ejection Capability;
  • CEEM or Centre of Expertise in Energetic Materials;
  • Capability of structural assessment of threat;
  • MLGLS or Managed Lethality Grenade Launcher System;
  • MECA or Missile Engagement and Coverage Analysis;
  • RSTT or Range Safety Template Toolkit;
  • Software suite named Virsuite which creates environment of sea, air and land in both forms of visible and infrared bands;
  • Chimera, the capabilities of emulation and real time modeling regarding advanced level of weapons system;
  • Resonant Acoustic Mixing or RAM of energetic ingredients;
  • Application of Pyro Film –IRCM;
  • ATBT or Advanced Tactical Booster Technologies for applications of high performance capability(Dst, 2016).

 Major Research Projects and Activities

  • Weapons Systems Technical Intelligence-This project is responsible for development of knowledge of the features with estimated performance of potential threat weapon systems in order to assist in developing tactical doctrine by reverse measures for recent operations followed by development of future capability.
  • Shape and Enhance ADF Tactical Capability- This program facilitates the scope of future shape with present ADF tactical capability with fast advancement in technology and integration of intelligence in three biospheres namely air, sea, and land.
  • Succeed in Complex Contested Environments- To assess the effectiveness of ADF system so far survival and fighting in complex environments considering the entire engagement chain right from detection threat with identification, commanding the controlling the sensors, engagement systems and option of response. This assessment consider neutralization of engagements and destructing threats
  • Emerging Weapons Technology- going deep into the technological development of emerging weapons, the evolution of future ADF capabilities are done through new S &T skills and capabilities with the collaboration of national and international strategic alliance. This action enables to advise the clients of Australian Defense and National security with the predictable outcome of emerging technologies in this field.
  • Counter Improvised Explosive Devices-  WCSD is aptly equipped with the effective advice to Defense and National Security agencies on the issues of – a)detection and neutralization of IEDs, b) minimization of the damage to protect personal and national assets from the effects of IEDs, c)exploitation of threat related to IEDs with better concept of advice regarding operations and tactics, procedures and techniques and d) denial of free movement for the concerned person with borne or mobile IEDs(Dst, 2017).

Weapons and Combat System Division are in need of application of science and technology to analyze capabilities with subsequent development and operations of weapons and combat system complying with the needs of ADF. The areas of applicability of science and technologies are in the fields of:

  1. MSTC Weapons Guidance Technology- undertakes the activity of researches in the specified domains.
  2. MSTC Combat and Mission System-.development of combat and mission system for maritime and airborne situations.
  3. MSTC Combat and Weapon System Assessment- Confirms safe and effective ADF ordinance.
  4. MSTC Land Weapon System and Effects- enables advanced protection of force with superlative application of weapon system.
  5. MSTC Energetic Materials and Systems- conduct respective research to deliver proper destructive energy to the assigned targets(Dst, 2016).

So far, the strategic alliance or partnership being done between the Weapons and Combat System and DST Group, the impact of the same proves to be effective in research and development for both the parties. This strategic alliance enables the Weapons and Combat System to avail the help of the research done by the Group and thus ensure the national security and safety from the threat of unwanted interference. The contribution of typical S & T includes advice or suggestions on:

  • Integration of effective system by exploiting the software of distributed service oriented features of typical construction and networks;
  • Integration of electronic subsystems along with assessment of their respective compatibility in the electromagnetic field with the unwanted intervention of natural and man-made electromagnetic interference;
  • Integration issues of human system with the inclusion of allocation of task, workload of operator along with output and physical layouts;
  • The process management of both operational and tactical information;
  • Flow of inter-system information and technologies of tactical data-link.

Operational Management of DST Group

Electronics systems have the ability to enable the capability of modern war fighting from the platforms of air and sea with the allied reach back information centers. This system represents almost 50% of the cost, non-recurring of nature of a modern fighter or ISR aircraft. Integration of electronic system represents potential area of technical risk in acquisition resulting in shortfall of capability, blow out of costs and schedule over runs. Electronic Systems Integration group is responsible for conducting research with subsequent advice on the integration of electronic systems applicable for air, land, and maritime platforms. The research work includes the understanding of present and upcoming hardware and software supports with respective technologies and the effect of the electromagnetic environment with the odd impact of fabricated or natural impacts, as discussed earlier (Dst, 2016).

Information processing and human science group is engaged in conducting research in algorithm with displaying and controlling to underpin the decision making of the operator to ensure optimization and coordination of the use of sensors effectors and communications. The activities of the operator in the process of decision making seems critical to effectiveness of mission with conducting research on human and behavior in order to improve effectiveness of overall system.  These researches are elementary to contribute in positive manner to enable the force with effective war fighting.  

Tactical operations enabled by network depend on the ability to move information between tactical platforms and the capability of respective platforms in order to perform the activities of receiving, transmitting, processing with subsequent action on the respective information. Interoperability of information is the attribute intrinsic in nature of future architecture, which normally combines the ideas of distributed processing of information and bandwidth customized exchange of information. This flow of information is passing within the domain of tactical and ADF system as the enterprise domain.

Information Architecture and Networking job is undertaken by the group with conducting of research and followed by subsequent advice on the information architectures, which is elementary to enable operations covered by networking. This work involves development of network models with emulators and simulators to understand the needs for and assess the military networking performance (Dst, 2017).

The above article add value to my knowledge of IT in respect of it application in the war and the role of IT so far architecture of hardware and software along with networking plays a vital role in the war-field with flow of respective information in right direction.


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