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1. Introduction to the topic (introduce the topic, introduce the report, explain briefly your chosen topic and how you going to deal with the topic in the report, how business use the topic you chose, use images from your Simbound) 

2. Survey of  current  practice  using  industry  examples  and  your  own experience of the Simbound game to illustrate your answer.(how is used in real life, how the chosen topic work in your Simbound, what companies have to do to get better in your chosen topic, reflect on why and how Simbound help you to understand, use images from your Simbound)

Introduction to the topic

Digital marketing remains a current important aspect of the business that enable reaching out to many online and internet users. Digital marketing refers to a marketing method that promotes products and online content or service through digital technologies within the internet or mobile devices. Some of the common digital marketing tools include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, e-commerce, marketing campaigns, and influencer marketing. Search engine marketing is one most important marketing platform that has to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing in the market. Search engine marketing ensures brand and product awareness that is spread through a currently available platform such as social media and other digital technologies platforms. Simbound is a simulation platform that provides digital marketing tools for learners with an example of search engine marketing. The following reports explore search engine marketing as a digital marketing tool that is currently used in business.  

Search engine marketing refers to the digital marketing method that involves promotion of the website and its contents to ensure that the website is visible within the search engine result page. This ensures high traffic to the website that is converted into the profit through customer purchase or sale. Paid advertising uses the search engine marketing to increase the chance of customers or online users viewing the site from the search engine results. Moreover, the search engine marketing enables the website to have a high ranking thus attracts high viewership and performance over the internet. Search engine marketing work hand in hand with search engine optimization that involves increasing the visibility of the website over the search engine result pages (Ortiz-Cordova & Jansen 2012).

Search engine optimization refers to the digital marketing tool that is used to market websites and website contents using search engine visibility. Search engine optimization is used to increase the visibility of the non-paid search result that includes website and website content. SEO, therefore, include the technical digital marketing that ensures high traffic, ranking, and searches awareness of website and its content within the search engine results. Search engine optimization also includes making a company or business website search engine friendly and people friendly (Chaffey & Smith 2017).

Search engine optimization is an important marketing method due to a number of reasons. Firstly, search engine optimization is needed for increasing the website traffic that is enhanced by commercial search engine services offered by companies such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing.  Secondly, search engine optimization is needed for the website to make the website visible for many internet users hence can be used for marketing services and products the company offers. Lastly, SEO provides the company with publicity or expose and market its products to customers and other potential clients (Kates 2013).

There are many different companies that offer search engine optimization for various websites as a digital marketing tool. The three common companies that offer search engine optimization are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These companies insert companies websites within their search engine in order to increase visibility and availability of websites contents to customers and online people (Dahlen 2010).

Survey of current practice using industry examples and your own experience of the Simbound game to illustrate your answer

Google Inc is a multinational corporation that offers digital marketing to companies within the UK and internationally. The company has been ranked among the top best companies in terms of search engine optimization that ensures that business is ranked top with high traffic within search engines. There are three top search engine optimizers and these are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Among these search engine optimization service providers, Google his ranked top hence is used by many different companies within the UK. Google has various digital marketing tools that have a high online analytical tool that enable website visibility and ranking when a search is performed by online users. Furthermore, the company place website that has paid for marketing within the high ranking to ensure that they have high traffic hence faster marketing of products (Skiera, Eckert & Hinz 2010).

Title tags 

Title Tags refers to HTML components that specify or make the title of the web page available. The title tag is another aspect of search engine optimization tool that is used in digital marketing of website and products. The title tag of a website is the title of the website or web page that is displayed on the search engine after a search.  The title tag is clicked by online users and directs one to the web page that is linked to the title tag. A common search engine such as Google Search uses title tag that composes of 50 to 60 characters long. This makes those titles with less than 60 words to display properly as compared to the longer title (Pratik 2015).

Title tags are important for a number of reasons to advertisers and companies when used for digital marketing. Firstly, title tag enables online users that perform the search within the search engine reach. In this sense, title tag gives site visitors the first experience of the website when they perform a search on the search engine. Secondly, title tag acts as a direction for people looking for information related to their search. This is important for directing people to website hence high traffic and customers. Thirdly, the title tag is used by external platforms especially social media to display any information shared on the platform. In SEO marketing title tags displays the title and the content of a page when shared within the social media networks and other external pages. This help in optimization of the search engines hence a good marketing tool for website and its contents (Ganis & Kohirkar 2016).

Paid search

Paid search is an element of search engine optimization marketing where search engine results are determined by payment from advertisers. Paid search is different from an organic search where the result is displayed normally based on the algorithm. Paid search include other pay per click services such as cost per thousand, cost per mile and cost per action. This, therefore, differentiate paid search from PPC that only represent cost per click of the advert (Ward 2011).

Paid search yield immediate result though is an expensive marketing tool to use for websites and digital marketing. Paid search marketing as a form of online marketing works to increase and place the advert at the top of the search results (Zheng, Bing, Law & Fesenmaier 2010).

Search Engine Marketing

There is some ways to enable usage of a paid search model in SEO marketing. Some of these include paid links and organic links, leverage compelling copy, get content ideas and identify competitors. Firstly, get a content idea is an important way of using paid search to test content for actually using it in other areas such as PPC. Paid search assist to yield result faster and this enables advertisers to predict the performance of content before deployed to search engine optimization. Secondly, leverage compelling copy is a way that advertiser can use paid search through compelling various SEO tools such as organic performing pages and meta descriptions to enhance conversion rate. Thirdly, paid search can be sued through a combination of organic link and paid link to generate more clicks for ads. Lastly, identifying competitors for paid search contents is an important way of using paid search as it enables the company to compete before competitors can start to intensify competition (Gvosdev 2011).     

Organic search

Organic Search refers to a marketing tool that involves entering one or many search materials as a single string of words within the search engine. The result of the organic search item is displayed as search terms without advertisements. Others such as non-organic search include pay per click advertisement within the result of the search item. In digital marketing, organic search is used by various companies such as Yahoo, Google and Bing search engines for advertisement. These companies insert advertisement within their search engines so as to conform to search results. In addition, these companies use their search engine to design advertisements that are similar to search results with the ability of the reader to different search results from advertisements. Organic search results designed with different formatting that include background color, link color, and the placement page. Organic search is, therefore, a tool that is used by many digital marketing companies that also forms part of analytics within marketing specialist. Organic Search, therefore, is used by many different companies to market their websites within the search engine as part of the search result (Ganis & Kohirkar 2016).

Organic search as a method of digital marketing within the SEO remains an important digital marketing tool for a number of reasons. Firstly, organic search still yields a good traffic result for website promotion online as compared to many digital marketing tools. Secondly, organic search gives traffic from various sources that the advertiser or content developer has no control over. For instance, the advertiser may gain traffic from a single source such as Facebook without control and this leads to better result from the marketing. Thirdly, site stickiness is another importance of the organic search and involves the creation of long-term customer that result from the organic search of the website content resulting from social media. Lastly, organic search investment ensures that more traffic is generated towards website as long as the investment stands. Customer experience on the company can ensure that customer come back to site for long-term company relationship (Nielsen 2016).

Example of Google Inc search engine marketing provider


Keyword, as used in search engine marketing, refers to main text or phrases within the website that helps them find the web page. SEO help visualize the website through keyword that is search by online users. When online users perform a search for words within the search engine, the search engine system match this keyword with the search word. Designing a keyword that matches clients search within the search engine is important for effective reaching out to that audience. This is based on the proper listing of key texts that are part of audience frequent search queries performed within a search engine (Jason 2016).

Using keywords for search engine optimization requires an understanding of performance and services those customers or online users perform. The company websites need to build a web with words that enable the user to match key text and website content. , therefore, assist the advertiser to optimize the search engine to obtain results including web page. Keyword search engine optimization makes the website and its content rank on top of the search result. Google Search, for instance, uses various keywords for the site designed by advertisers for faster search optimization (Edelman & Brandi 2015).

Effective search engine optimization for Keyword marketing entails various steps. Firstly, advertiser develops a list of keywords for faster search engine optimization as the initial stage of marketing. Secondly, another step of the SEO Keyword marketing involves connecting key texts and SEO in order to match words within the search engine and website content. Lastly, keywords are cross-checked with a targeted audience to ensure that audience matching texts and search result. This, therefore, requires organizing words within the search engine to make the website on top of the search results (Fill, Hughes & De Franceso 2013).    

Example of Tesco

Tesco is British multinational grocery that has grown to be top grocery owing to its search engine marketing strategy that the company uses. The company has used search engine optimization as digital marketing strategy that enables the company to be at the top of search result. This makes the company to experience high customer influx leading to high conversion and profit. The figure below show the Tesco search engine ranking within the uk market especially grocery related keyword.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is a digital or internet marketing where marketer and advertisers pay some fee when their adverts are clicked. In essence, the company buys or pays for those customers or visitors to their sites. PPC involves placing the ads on top of search engine results a way of attracting more site visitors or clicks (Rosso & Jansen 2010).

Search engine marketing is one example of a PPC model that is used to market their websites. Companies place their adverts within the search engine in order to attract those customers or people that click the keywords related to their websites. Search engine optimization enables the company to optimizes its links to their websites. Page formatting for the Pay Per Click includes showing adverts that are related to the website on top of search engine results (Kim & Kim 2016).

Title tags

The PPC model of marketing works through clicking advert within a search engine linked to the website. Companies that advertise its products on website pay search engine optimization provider some fee whenever their advert is clicked. In addition, the adverts placed within the search engine direct those people that click ads to their website. This, in turn, attracts both potential customers and traffic to the website.  It is a common belief that those people visiting the website through clicks on the search engine end up buying product that is sold by the company from their website (eMarketer 2013).

Google Ads as an Example of Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads is an example of PPC use for advertising websites within the Google search engine. The Google Ads is a platform and website that enable companies to create ads and place them on the Google search engine. Users bid for some specific keywords within their created adverts that are then placed on Google search engine. When these keywords are paid by advertisers when clicked by visitors. Whenever an online user searches for keywords, the Google analytical systems dig through a pool of adverts to display specific adverts on the search results. Google Ads is the most commonly sued PPC since the company’s search engine is preferred by many customers and online users. Google Ads is a single aspect of the Google Inc digital marketing system that has many other different services offered to customers (Sakas, Dimitrios & Kavoura 2015).

Simbound game experience

The simbound game refers to a digital marketing simulation is used for online marketing of various contents. The simbound game offers learner opportunity to experience real marketing solution within the computer generated system. This marketing tool is used to simulate the natural marketing system for learning various marketing environment and solutions. In addition, the platform enables e-marketers to understand the real marketing solutions that are important for serious online marketing of products and contents. The simbound game is simulating various online marketing methods that are currently used in the real marketing world. For instance, the platform gives analytics that is currently an important aspect of digital marketing method. The Simbound has search engine marketing platform that simulates how the SEO works and the expected result of the marketing strategy for those people willing to learn digital or online marketing techniques. Moreover, the simulation model for e-marketing offers all aspects of currently contemporary marketing as it gives insight on areas to improve on for better marketing experience. Simbound contains various e-marketing aspect such as search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and analytical marketing as shown in the figure below (Belch 2012).  

Personal reflection on Simbound

Simbound has various digital marketing tools such as email marketing, search engine marketing and analytics. The Simbound game has improved my understanding of the search engine marketing since the SEO forms an important aspect of the Simbound game as shown in the figure 2. The platform shows various elements of search engine marketing as always done in real business solution. Moreover, the Simbound simulations show cost conversion and the ultimate profit that is gain from marketing using search engine marketing. The simulation has various metrics that has enriched my understanding of the way search engine works for business using such as digital marketing tool. In addition, Simbound has sharpened my understanding of the way other search engine marketing elements such as keywords work to yield results (Beel, Gipp & Wilde 2010).

Paid search

Examples of company from different industries from the UK

There are many companies that offer search engine marketing services and digital marketing services within the UK market.

This is a search engine optimization marketing company that offers SEO marketing and other digital marketing solution to business within the country. Though founded in India, the company has grown to be one of the best SEO companies within the UK. The company is award winning digital marketing company within the international market platform. Some of the SEO service that the company offers include PPC, social media optimization and search engine marketing. The company has attracts various clients that cut across different industries within the country and globally (Tap, Whitten & Housden 2014).

In light of the above analysis of the Search engine marketing, there are some recommendations that are important for using the digital marketing tool. Firstly, search engine marketing is useful that need to be used for business since the impression that is created through SEO serves to increase not only website profitability but also business. Business should use search engine marketing as it helped other companies such as Tesco to win in the grocery market. Secondly, companies should consider those companies that offer search engine marketing platform that are top ranked as it help reach many customers within the shortest time. It is important to consider the company offering the SEO since some company such as Google has proved to be profitable than other search engine service providers.


In conclusion, digital marketing plays an important role in the marketing of business and online contents. There are many different methods that are sued to promote business products over the internet and other digital devices. Search engine marketing is one important digital marketing tool that has enabled many businesses to attract customers hence high conversion rate on the sale or profits. Search engine marketing has many different elements that are sued to market products or services over the internet some of these include PPC, Paid search, Organic search, search engine optimization, title tags, and keywords. Digital marketing also has resulted in a simulated model of online marketing that enables learners to understand marketing in a comprehensive way. Some of the companies that offer SEO marketing services include Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other companies within the UK market. 


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