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Cloud-Based Security

In cloud system and applications, there exists security concerns and the cloud based security providers have developed its security solutions. The main objective of the cloud based security providers is to ensure customer’s data and information security. In cloud, only the authorized person is provided access, for security reasons. The service provider and the customers are responsible for securing cloud, where effective measures must be taken by the customers for protecting their systems and applications, with passwords and by enforcing limited access to the sensitive data. The service provider’s role is to make sure that the customer’s data and information are always safe from unauthorized access.

For business, the cloud applications increases convenience, data management and provides easy access of data from anywhere. The cloud services provides information in real time and builds a platform of interaction with the business owner (Kumar, 2018).

As like any other system, the cloud comprises of security concerns, which could risk the cloud applications, systems, and information. The risks related to security are listed below:

  • Data breaches
  • Account hijacking
  • Unauthorized access
  • Misusing sensitive information

Hence, the cloud based security services ensures to secure the database and manages the risks. Moreover, there is increased demand for cloud based security, since the virtualized and cloud networks have increased. The reason for this the high portability and distribution of data and applications across wide range of networks. Thus, in cloud the security applications must have software instead of hardware which can protect only a specific part of the network. Thus, the cloud based security services utilize the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, to accomplish their purpose ("What is Cloud Based Security?", 2018).

The key need of cloud security is to provide network security for one and all. The Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Office 365 holds the responsibility of data security in a cloud environments. However, the main point to be noted is that, similar protection cannot be provided by all the cloud providers. Thus, the users will required complete access control and security for protection against risks. However, Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB) helps to cut the risks that occur from various cloud applications, and it is utilized for creating access policies. On the other hand, the cloud security platform can prevent data leakage with the help of CASB, it fails to provide protection on its own, against the following ("Cloud Security Solutions — Advantages & Benefits", 2018):

  1. Security Breaches
  2. Ransomware
  3. Other type of internet threats.

At present, the digital world faces serious issues related to cyber security and there are various organizations that are still struggling to cope with these threats. For this cloud-based managed security services are the solution.

The following factors led to the rise of cloud-based Managed Security Services (Saha, 2016):

  • In all the fields, the implementation of cloud started increasing irrespective of size of the organization.
  • The growing interest in managed security services.
  • Poor budgets and limitation of cost, for the models of traditional in-house based security.
  • Increased regulatory pressures and rigid laws for information security.
  • Shortage of security staff who are qualified enough.
  1. Secure the Server from threats,using cloud web security helps the traffic to get to the cloud rather than being directly routed to the servers. The cloud investigates traffic and just enables the authorized users to obtain the access. Any kind of traffic which is not supported by the cloud, will be blocked from getting to the server (Kumar, 2018).
  2. Inspecting and filtering data takes place. Where, the traditional systems contain applications which can filter the data prior to reaching the server, these applications are highly expensive and even its maintenance is difficult. As it reaches the network, they filter the traffic. At times the machines might shut down, for blocking good as well as the bad traffic, and it will not be possible to meet the desired functions. But, first the club web security services help to redirect the traffic to the security cloud. Prior to reaching the application system, filtration takes place.
  3. The option of private club is provided by thecloud based security solutions which segregates the unwanted traffic access of the client applications. This option makes sure that the shared resource issue never exists, by providing protection.
  4. By enforcing data management with secured encryption, to limit the authorized access.
  5. Set compliance rules for enforcing strict security of data base.

The following are the highly effective tools for cloud based security (Kelly, 2014):

  • Qualys
  • Okta
  • White Hat Security
  • Proofpoint
  • Zscaler
  • DocTrackr
  • CipherCloud
  • Centrify
  • Vaultive
  • SilverSky 
  1. When the cloud provider uses specialized staff, it improvises the patch management and deployment.
  2. Improved approach for human-relations.
  3. It provides system redundancy.
  4. It improves incident response.
  1. Insufficient clarity on the impact of physical location of the data.
  2. Concerns of multitenant, with respect to exposing the customer’s private data.
  3. Contract lock-ins.
  4. Malicious insiders.
  5. Failure of vendor.

Today, most of the current security systems have technology which is outdated and requires human monitoring, and this lets to the opportunity of having an automated applications, in the cloud. The security tools are integrated with software-defined networking (SDN) for delivering a network which uses real-time analytics and monitoring, for protecting against the threats that emerge. In 2014, the managed security services growth was 10%. The below mentioned model provides savings and maintenance funds. As the software is developing drastically, there will be need to replace many equipment which can be costly.

Business and Cloud Applications


Practicing cloud-based security demonstrates challenges. With a specific end goal to convey protection, it is required that the architecture has security. There are additionally an extensive variety of security needs, where all need diverse applications and requirements. Moreover, moving to cloud-based applications has its own dangers. For business, web security, mail security and, identity and access management are the serious cloud issues. Then, in the organization the trend for employees to Bring your own device (BYOD), lead to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and improved threats. This is becoming difficult for the IT managers and they are approaching multi-faceted method, for security. The biggest difficulties of executing cloud-based security includes maintaining control and perceivability over the diverse areas. A mix of public and private cloud-based services makes the joining of security services, to undertake a major task.

ICT comprises of internet-enabled sphere circle and the mobile devices which works based on the wireless networks. It likewise incorporates outdated advances. For example, radio, landline phones and television, which even today are utilized as master piece of ICT, like robotics. ICT refers to a broad representation of components such as computer and digital technologies (Pratt, 2018).


For enforcing Cloud bases security service the following steps are required (Chen, 2018):

  • Take help of the stakeholders, as collaboration and coordination with them can help to protect the cloud platform. 
  • Choose a qualified Cloud service provider.
  • The Cloud service providers or vendors ensure sharing of security products and services.
  • For governance and managing risk, Cloud security services management is implemented and it plays a significant role in security.

In cloud computing, data security is risky, as the internet is the medium to access the data, there are chances of easily getting monitored or spoofed. Data encryption that is at its high level of performance and safe for accessing. There are high chances that the service providers and their partners can read and edit the customer’s data. At last, as internet is required for communication of all types, there are no chances to exclude the ruled interception and the blocking attacks. However, the customers must rely on the IT Service Providers, because the customer’s data, applications and projects are stored in a remote cloud data center, for which internet with high speed is required.  

In U.S, the data stored in the clouds are accessed with the help of local offices, like the FBI, CIA and the public cloud providers (i.e., Amazon, Google and iCloud) which helps in distribution of data inside an organization, where the client has the likelihood of controlling and influencing the storage areas. For such as issue, Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) is set up for benefiting the cloud’s advantages. Here, the VPDC empowers the client to completely utilize and take advantage of cloud technologies, however there is restriction that it can enjoy the benefits inside a gated community and the access is restricted only for one user.

The cloud-based Project Management solutions helps in tracking the time spent on project’s specific elements. This helps the team members to check the duration of completing the task. This helps to provide realistic projections. Moreover, the team members who are away can also be connected through online, and this way they are kept informed about the project.

In an organization, for effectively managing and controlling cloud technology, the business decision makers must assess the impacts which has potential of competitive edge. Next, the critical security related queries and cloud technology implementation must be evaluated.

For an effective cloud computing, the organization must ensure to monitor their cloud governance, cloud transparency and impacts of cloud computing security. The SLA helps to form effective cloud transparency in the cloud computing.


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