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You are required to write a report aimed at "Senior executive level" which identifies and discussed example(s) of "Service management excellence" in 'one' or 'more(three)' actual service organizations of your choice.

Based on the *the material you have covered in the module, what you believe to be examples of best practice in the service sector.

You may either:

a) Select *one topic and examine this in the context of *three organizations, or
b) Select *one organization but examine *three topics.

Whichever you choose, the key aspect is that you should demonstrate (by referring to the relevant literature) why your examples represent service management excellence. You may draw examples from both primary and secondary sources.

(One organization and three topics below OR three organizations and one topic)

***Topics from which you can choose:

• Organization for service
• Design of the service and the service delivery process.
• Service quality 
• The service encounter 
• Managing people 
• Customer relationship marketing 
• Demand and capacity management
• Service communications
• Performance measurement 

Customer Relationship Marketing in Starbucks

The conceptual method of conducting the business has changed significantly with the increment in the market competition (Hennig-Thurau & Hansen, 2013). Almost each and every organization is restructuring their method of business conduction in order align with the interest of the customers so that the organization get the much needed breathing space in order to survive in the industry. This is significantly important for the organizations as the market competition will only increase in the future and the organizations need to make sure that the customers are served well in order to hold them with the organizations (Kumar & Reinartz, 2018). The customer relationship marketing is one of the notable aspect in the process of dealing with the customers and plays a significant role in making sure that the customer chooses the concerned organization for the future buy as well. According to Peck et al. (2013), the customer relationship is a distinct form of marketing generated from the direct engegment marketing movements which has severe focus on the customer retention and the customer satisfaction instead of focusing on the sales transactions. According to Payne & Frow (2013), the concerned method of business process is different from the traditional marketing concept as it recognizes the long term values of the customer relationships and extends the focus of the organization on making sure the customer gets satisfied with the service or the products of the concerned organization. According to the study of Mullins et al. (2014) the concerned aspect of the business conduction is a proof of greater visionary from the part of the organization as the greater dependence on the sales marketing will only generate revenue for the organization and the customer relationship marketing will enable the organization to have the scope of constructing a customer community which in the modern day business plays significant role in the survival of an organization along with the growth of the organization. The paper discusses the impact of the customer relationship marketing in the three renowned organizations like Starbucks, Apple Inc. and KFC. The evaluation of the impact of the CRM in the organizations of three different genre is noteworthy.


Starbucks Corporation is an American espresso organization and café chain. Starbucks was established in Seattle, Washington in 1971 ("Company Information | Starbucks Coffee Company", 2018). The organisation works more than 28,000 areas in the world. Starbucks primarily delegate “Second Wave Espresso” and then after some time, it has separated from the parental company and has started to deliver their own food. Since the 2000s, third wave espresso creators have focused on quality-disapproved of espresso consumers with hand-made espresso in light of lighter meals, while Starbucks these days utilizes mechanized coffee machines for effectiveness and security reasons. The average variable of repeat customers in Starbucks is 5.90 and numbers of visit per week across 5 customers is 4.2. The expenditure and average customer value per week on an average of 5 customers are 24.40 USD. 62% customers are very much satisfied with the productivity of the company. 27% are satisfied and 11% customers are not satisfied. The company still trying to cater those unsatisfied people to be satisfied. This is the reason CRM team of the company working hard for the development of the company.

Customer Relationship Marketing in Apple Inc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has turned into an urgent piece of the advanced showcasing system. Most regularly, CRM is performed using client reliability programs. At last these projects exist so organizations can see their benefits increment by concentrating on close to home associations with clients. Endless dependability programs exist, anyway as indicated by an article distributed by Marketing Magazine, Starbucks is by all accounts a pioneer when to come to making a powerful devotion program that fulfils clients, and in addition builds benefits ("Starbucks Card", 2018).

In our reading material, CRM is characterized by its three noteworthy destinations. The first is client obtaining. This implies the "right" clients will be pulled in to the business or item, in light of known or learned attributes. There was a 28% of expansion in different kind of program and Starbucks dealt the process in legitimate manner. In the current year's Q3 results, Starbucks uncovered a 28% expansion to 10.4 million clients of its dedication program, My Starbucks Rewards ("My Starbucks Rewards | Starbucks Coffee", 2018). This is a solid sign of the second significant target of CRM, client maintenance. President Howard Schultz was cited saying that the development of Starbuck's devotion program, "keeps on being our most essential business driver as new individuals contribute not just here and now increments in income and benefit, yet additionally long haul unwaveringness for a considerable length of time to come". The programme motivates employees and clients. The process have three segments like Welcome, Green and Gold. The approach of gaining “Starts” is important for the organisation and execution form the company is important in that case. These stars can be reclaimed with the expectation of complimentary sustenance and beverages. This expansion in buying clearly offers path to the third and last target of CRM, client gainfulness. Howard Schultz referred to My Starbucks Rewards as significant purpose behind the Q3 18% expansion in net incomes, making another quarterly record of $4.9 billion ("My Starbucks Rewards | Starbucks Coffee", 2018). The Starbucks Loyalty Program has seen awesome accomplishment in its versatile instalment choice when numerous other portable instalment applications have been battling. In U.S. Starbucks stores, 20% of exchanges are done by means of the portable application, bringing about almost 9 million versatile exchanges week by week ("Starbucks – The Best Coffee and Espresso Drinks", 2018). Starbucks has specific system application of “System effect” that brings precise explanation of the company for the effortless impact.  The reason behind positive impact of Starbucks is facility and care that company provides to their customers is precise and emphatic.

Customer Relationship Marketing in KFC

Indeed, even with the demonstrated huge achievement of the program's present model, Starbucks still has plans for upgrading it. Over the late spring it reported plans for associations with outside organizations to expand ways that clients can use their program enrolment. The first was with the ride-sharing organization Lift. This arrangement would enable riders to gather reliability program stars, while all Lift drivers would naturally procure gold status. A second arrangement for association was with The New York Times ("Breaking News, World News & Multimedia", 2018). This would enable dedication individuals to see a choice of stories for nothing by means of their Starbucks application, and in addition procure stars through paid memberships to the daily papers.

The process of writing up the name in customers’ coffee cup, the placing of order at the right time, providing free Wi-Fi all these are basic facilities that company delivers to customers. This is the place where people can spent their whole day and hang out for long. The quality of the products are also very good and that impacted on their customers’ satisfaction. The level of marketing and their channels are important in that case. The use of social media and the process of making some seminars and programmes will help the process those initiate a better marketing for the company.  These numerous opinions express CRM as a movement in the organization that receipts care of the organization’s clients, its competence and the stages of knowledge administration in the organization is innovative and relevant. The basic process of maintaining relationship is important at that case and that considers the simplicity in business to deal with customers with proper manner.


Apple is one of the advanced multinational company best for their consumer electrics, computer software, and online services. Headquarter of the company is in Cupertino, California. MacOS and iOS are the main operating system that used by Apple and the productivity of the company is high enough to challenge any top companies in the world. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne are the founder members of the company in 1976. In 1980, the company showcase their establishment in public and they got instant financial success. The product innovation is the prime motive of the company they executed all their products with a touch of elegancy. The noted revenue of the company in 2017 is US$229.254 billion. Almost 123,000 employees are the part of the company and the total assent accumulated in the company is US$375.300 million.

Evaluation of the Impact of Customer Relationship Marketing

The customer relationship strategy of the company is also innovative and media influence in that case is relevant and productive for the company. The policy of customer loyalty is the main concern in that case. Customer loyalty is the prime objective of the company and company wants repeat customers, and thus good relationship evolved through the process. The ‘I-lifestyle’ process of customer retention strategy of Apple and the iOS based promotional platform is the major reason of handling customer and satisfy them with the long term relationship process. The quality of the product and their smooth process of system orientation is important in that case.

These brands become more acquainted with their clients' preferences. This engages them to comprehend what to continue doing and what to maintain a strategic distance from to keep their customers faithful. That fundamental recipe shapes the establishment for relationship promoting.

Day by day purchaser benefit doesn't end at the checkout counter. Rather than concentrating on single exchanges, build up a beneficial lifetime association with a steadfast shopper base. Tailor your messages and contributions to various sorts of purchasers. All things considered, no two individuals will have precisely the same or precisely the same. They will dependably search for something that gives the advantages they require, both material and enthusiastic.

Effective advertisers make positive passionate interests in their publicizing, which is the thing that influences it so essential to distinguish what feelings to spur clients' buy choices. Messages can be cheerful, down to earth, or exuberant. Be that as it may, they ought to not just gloat about your item's highlights.

Clients will likewise be spurred to purchase contributions from your image on the off chance that they can identify with the qualities and convictions your image remains for. Remaining consistent with your convictions gives marks a chance to manufacture positive relations with customers. The apples stores are processed for the innovative vision and the items utilises from the Apple are best from their end. The customers are satisfied enough and their relationship of administration and customers provide some basis feedback that helps the entire process in a new way. The employees’ of Apple have the imagine view and innovation power that discovering new technologies and implement some more technology at the same platform is the basic process in that case.

The customer retention with loyalty benefit, extra offers or any kind of cards are there for customers and those cards signifies the speciality of the customer and provide a value for the company. The retention of customers provide extra revenue for the repeat visit of the customers and CRM team gets closer to the customers before they knowing the process.  In another case, Volvo's conviction of making safe vehicles drove it to shape an organization with Lego, bringing about a lesser driving school. Here, guardians worried about their kids could show essential street wellbeing by demonstrating to them best practices to take after movement standards and utilize safety belts when in a vehicle. Speaking to significant feelings (for this situation, parental concern) enabled Volvo to elevate its image's convictions to similarly invested clients, building trust.


Persuading your gathering of people to confide in you includes joining an unmistakable, applicable feeling to your image. This feeling ought to be something that buyers will recall and connect with your items or administrations each time they utilize them.


KFC Corporation (KFC), recognised as Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is a food chain market in US. The company is a process of having cheap food cafeterias located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States ("KFC", 2018). The idea of “Yum” has come through the process. Since 1997, the spun off process of PepsiCo and the process of Chicken wraps, mixed green and sandwiches are there in the modern food market. The company brings back the Double down sandwiches. The quality of those foods and customer satisfaction range is high and the company loves to cater their customer like ways. This is the best part of CRM process to handle the situation like this and provide the best service at their hubs.

As a rule, the cost is the principal thing that the greater part of the monetary allowance to actualize. The organization needs to prepare their staff to get to know the CRM framework. The cost to introduce the innovation into the association and in addition the cost to buy for the CRM. Moreover, the association needs to exchange their procedure promoting, which they need to alter their opinion to fit with the new market, the new world, new reasoning of client. There are 3 noteworthy hindrances that could be occur in the organization while executing CRM which is incorporated correspondence, joining, and the achievement of the association.

The correspondence inside the association incorporates: Firstly, the correspondence needs to embrace the relationship promoting theory. It implies underscores client maintenance and fulfilment, instead of an overwhelming spotlight on deals exchanges through by the immediate reaction promoting efforts. The pioneer of the association, in particular in KFC case, the supervisors of each branch need to recollect at the top of the priority list of it ("KFC CRM", 2018). The fulfilment of the clients is the most concern.

Seeing better and more profundity in client's conduct and their needs so KFC supervisor can see plainly the issues that they are confronted. Thus, discovered the arrangements and enhance the administrations and items to survive and contend with different contenders. A poor correspondence inside the association is another reason that client relationship administration probably won't produce results as trusted. Besides, detail the advantages to all representatives to tell them what they will pick up from the association. Hindrance through by incorporation through foreknowledge relating CRM strategies to progress factors in the business.


On a concluding note, it can be said that the intense market competition is the major reason behind the initiative of the organizations in acknowledging the importance of the customer relationship marketing. The organizations like Starbucks, KFC and Apple are renowned names in their respective industry but with the increasing market competitors in the industry, the concerned organizations are significantly influenced to welcome the new concept. The organizations were observed to focus on increasing the customer loyalty as they knew it very well that the new entries into the market with the low pricing of the service and products will affect the stable business of the concerned organizations in a significant manner. Starbucks were observed to restructure their loyalty program with effective marketing insights in order to increase the client satisfaction. Apple was significantly trying to follow the market trend in order to align their products with the needs of their customers. KFC went on to increase the quality of their service towards their customer with a focus on customer retention.


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