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Tesla's Vision and Mission

Every business have to introduce new plan, strategies and approaches to recover up from challenges faced due to the covid-19 pandemic situation. To implement the new changes in the organization every business have to perform business environment scanning to identify the opportunities and threats. This report is examining the macro environment and micro environment factors which have a significant influence on the business and its decision. To examine the macro and micro environment factor the model which will be used are PESTLE analysis, Porter’s five forces, SWOT analysis, Porter generic strategy and Ansoff matrix. Through applying this models it will help the organization in identifying the opportunities and challenges in macro and micro environment. Moreover, this model also help organization in selecting appropriate strategies which will help company in attaining competitive advantage.

Tesla organization has been originated in the year 2003 by some engineers. Those engineers aimed to demonstrate that societies don’t require to concession to drive the electric automobiles, since electric automobiles are more effective and better in comparison to diesel and petrol one’s as electric vehicles are faster, and extra fun to drive in comparison to gasoline vehicles. Tesla is an American based motorized and clean energy corporation founded in United States. Tesla designs and produce electronic automobiles, battery power storage, solar panels and solar roofing, and connected goods and facilities. Tesla automobiles are manufactured at its workshop in Fremont, California, and Giga factory Shanghai. To attain their objective of partaking the not dangerous workshops in the whole international market, Tesla is adopting a practical method to security, needing making workforces to take part in a training initiatives. From there, Tesla remains to deliver on-the-job training and monitor performance everyday so that enhancements can be taken rapidly. The outcome is that Tesla’s security rate remains to progress though manufacture slopes (Tesla, 2022).

During the initial period Tesla has expanded into the international market in the year 2009 in which company has operated showroom in the London and a shop in Munich. Currently, Tesla has shops and galleries in around 32 nations, also having around service center in around 35 nations. The number of individuals working permanent by Tesla and its holdings originated to around 99,000 at the end of 2021. Additionally, company has also improved it performance which can be notice over company revenue in which company has earned around $31.53 billion and which is increased and amounted to $53.82 billion in the year 2021 (Carlier, 2022).

It vision is emphasizing “to develop the utmost persuasive car corporation of the 21st century by motivating the world’s changeover to electric automobiles.” The vision statement identifies that the world has originated to an age where only renewable energy must be ranked. In the circumstance of Tesla organization, the emphasis is on the consumption of electric energy to power all motor automobiles. Tesla vision focusing on the two of the feature which are the following:

  • Furthermost persuasive car corporation
  • Change to electric automobiles

A business vision statement merely delivers the upcoming period roadmap for the company, though the mission also summaries the strategic activities to allow the corporation to attain its vision. Tesla’s vision statement specifies that it needs to lead other automobile producers into the electric model future, though its mission discloses what the management will do to progress the efficiency of the corporate and it’s branding.

PESTEL Analysis

Tesla’s mission reflects that company mission is to quicken the global changeover to sustainability. Tesla mission displays the change on the way to corporate tactics that are additional revolutionary. The emphasis on sustainability specifies the obedience of the corporation with international demands of corporate approaches which line up with demands for green energy (Annual Report, 2021). 

PESTEL includes the utmost pertinent factors which influence a corporate. These factors comprises of political, economic, legal and others. Tesla is a deluxe car brand which have global reputation for its unique characteristics. PESTEL examination supports one recognize how corporations like Tesla have developed themselves as a leading organization in the automotive sector in a short period of time (Srdjevic, Bajcetic and Srdjevic, 2012).

Most of the government has allowed the incentives for electric automobiles which is an opportunity for the companies like Tesla and other electric vehicle manufactures. US government has federal tax credit of amount approximately $7500 which is obtainable for utmost electric cars in the year 2022 (Liu et al. 2022). Additionally, to help the acceptance of electric vehicles in Australian market, the government is delivering a $3,000 subsidy and a 3-year registration exception on qualified new battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles initially listed from 28 October 2021 (Scully and Newstead, 2007).

Tesla is working on an international level as company has spread its operation in more than 40 countries under the numerous nations and governments, and continues to expand and enhance its retail, facility and Supercharger abilities crossways the international marketplace. As an outcome, they are focus to a diversity of lawful, political and controlling necessities also numerous social and economic circumstances over which they partake negligible control. The Tesla Corporation might be effected by numerous trade policies which are instinctive to a specific area.

Mainly, the car originates under the extravagance class. Purchase of the electric vehicle has confirmed to be an improvement for the international economy. In the time-period among 2016 and 2017, the global market has observed fast development in the automotive sector. The growing figures of sales has provided birth to the probability of manufacturing money-making vehicles in the upcoming period. Moreover in US economy the cost of the battery has been decreased due in part to an increase in the hunt and taking out of main raw materials, a growth in battery manufacturers and their manufacture efforts, subsidies, and a number of other aspects (Ritchie, 2021). This decreasing battery costs can be an opportunity for the company’s manufacturing the electric vehicles. Furthermore, there is a reducing cost of renewable energy which makes Tesla goods reasonable and therefore extra striking to customers. Additionally, the electric vehicle are attaining acceptance due to the development in international economy which is anticipated to remain at approximately three percent among the year 2019 and 2020.

The social aspect is straight linked to the customers, the social standards which govern customer behavior, customer demand. The socio-cultural aspects which shape and mold the residents support sellers recognize the requirements of the target clients. Tesla has make popular the idea of deluxe electric cars in the concentrations of individuals. This portion of the examination too focuses on make the most of revenue for the corporation learning its stakeholder, purchasers, and staffs recognizing the socio-cultural features of a place.

Opportunities for Tesla

In the market of US the sales of electric vehicle has been doubled from 2020 to 2021 which are 308000 in 2020 to 608000 in the year 2021. On the other side in the Australian market the sales of EV has been recorded as 20665 in the year 2021 which is a significant upsurge in comparison to the previous year which is 6900 in 2020 which means electric vehicle now creating around 1.95% of the new marketplace for car (Minos, 2022). The Tesla Model 3 is the best sold electric vehicle in the Australian market, with approximately 12,094 vehicles sold last year – recorded for 58.5% of all EVs vended. This increase in the EV sales reflecting that some customer are understanding the benefits and advantage of electric car and vehicle which is beneficial for the company like Tesla.

US comes in the country which invest most in the technology. US ranked 3rd in the whole world in ranking in technology. Technological aspects denote to originations and other aspects which might impact the corporation positively or negatively. Incentives, mechanization, degree of technology shift too might impact the complete development of corporations. Tesla vehicle are at par with technical development. These deluxe automobiles with the up-to-date devices are the future, and these new technological features entice buyers. The fuel-efficient characteristic redefines sustainability. Furthermore, with technology the corporation has an upcoming as it is concentrating on equipping its vehicles with auto pilot technologies, which will be striking to young and the people who are technology lover.

Legal factors are the rules, regulations and laws of the country which has been imposed and obligatory for all the business either local or international. Tesla is operating in more than one nation which means Tesla have to obey the different rules and regulations of different nations. For instance, all the electronic vehicle in US need to be certified by the United State environmental protection agency and properly branded for use in HOV lanes. Moreover, company also have to follow the consumer rights related laws, labor laws environmental laws, and many other significant regulation while operating the business.

One of recent example where company have to face law suits in which an employee complaint about the culture of racism in the Tesla factory where leader are providing the utmost difficult work to black worker and also not prompting the worker on the basis of their performance. Moreover, there was bullying culture at the factory thus from the side of all the worker one of the worker has filed a lawsuit which has led to a heavy penalty on the Tesla.  It is not the first time Tesla has faced a legal lawsuit for racism or discrimination many other complaints are their which is resulting in impacting the brand reputation. Therefore company have to obey the legal laws and regulation which will help company in smoothly performing their operation (Jin, 2022).

Environmental aspects have remained the highest importance for the in recent times. It includes environmental concerns, comprising government guidelines of carbon footprint, contamination, shortage of raw materials, and other. The market is shifting on the way to an extra sustainable future. Additionally, people are enthusiastic to purchase an electric vehicle, to save on the additional expenditures of a conventional vehicle, and to do their portion in saving the environment. Growing concerns for environment among customer will be an opportunity for Tesla to motivate customer to purchase their EV vehicle by endorsing the advantage of electric vehicle in favor to environment benefit.

Challenges for Tesla

Tesla can upholds its productivity over strategic measures which discourse the competitive issues defined in this 5 Forces examination of the international automotive corporation. Porter established the Five Forces Examination model as a tactical administration instrument to recognize the influence of external aspects on business and the competitive scenery of their industry setting (Fung, 2013).

Porter’s 5 forces

Threats of new entrant (High) - In the electronic automobile industry the threat of new entrant is high because of the reason barrier to entry is very low for the automobile companies which are already producing petrol and diesel automobiles. As it can be noticed that many automobile have start producing EV vehicles with their diesel and petrol one. Chinese corporations control the EV start-ups, comprising Nio, XPeng, and Li Auto (Jiang et al. 2021). They take a healthier competitive benefit since of their admittance to the major consumer marketplace, deep-rooted supply chain, and government assistance. In the meantime, United State and European businesses control the old-style automakers and businesses transitioning to electric automobiles. Ford Motors tossed an electric Mustang.

Bargaining power of suppliers (High) – It is High since a restricted supply chain connections. The EV automobiles business is comparatively novel and in the growth phase (Kalaitzi, Matopoulos and Clegg, 2019). Nowadays, the popular of Tesla vehicle portions create from German providers. Any disruption in the German market, for instance COVID-19 restriction and energy shortage, will undesirably influence Tesla’s construction. Consequently, Tesla builds the Giga workshops in the United States, and Asian markets to lesser power to supplier. The approach will condense the supply chain grid, carry manufacture and marketplace nearer together, reduce delivery charges, and evade logistic disturbance due to pandemic.

Bargaining power of buyers (Low) - It will be low since the Tesla Corporation is marketing its product and services to the high class people with a high range of pricing. Tesla only operates and competes in the luxury sector because in low-ends sector there are heavy competition from very big organizations. The key competitive benefit which any organization obtain while operating in high class target segment is by providing the product and service which is different from the market thus practicing the differentiation strategy.

Threat of substitutes (High) – In the market of US Tesla holds market share of 2.59%which reflects that in the US automobile market there are many other competitor and big brand which hold a larger number of the clients. Some of the major companies in automobile industry are Toyota, General motor company and Ford Motor Company (Law, 2013). Therefore the threat of substitute’s goods and services is high in this case and circumstance.

Industry rivalry among competitors (Intense) – There is an intense rivalry among the competitors in the automobile industry. Some of the major companies which can hinder the performance of the Tesla are lucid group, Ford motors, and general motors. This three competitor has also started producing the EV vehicles which and also hold a huge amount of customer in automobile industry.

Tesla is a brand which is famous among everybody for its design, power, and environment friendliness and also due to its leader Elon musk. It reflects that Tesla has robust brand recognition. It is the international utmost recognized producer of electric automobiles. Elon Musk, Tesla's iconic CEO and key investor is one of the universal utmost famous, powerful, and attractive entrepreneurs. Additionally, Tesla was the foremost luxury manufacturer in the fiscal year 2019, distributing 367,500 vehicles. Tesla's extremely high sales progress has remained recognized with the corporation's unchallenged upsurge in luxury and origination. In June 2020, Toyota was exceeded by Tesla as the utmost respected motorized producer (Pan, 2022).

Electric Automobiles Market

Tesla was the major to familiarize a completely electric vehicle. Numerous clients like Tesla's ground-breaking soul. The capability of Tesla's automobiles to function in autopilot approach and the grade of luxury they carry are 2 of the main motives persons esteem Tesla. Attention-grabbing aesthetics, together with energy effectiveness and a decent client experience, describe Tesla's premium worth and separate competitive method.

The larger the sum of innovation, the greater the power-driven issues and risk mechanisms in the production procedures. Tesla has had encounters with delay in deliveries on time, production problems, and slow manufacture rises when it originates to introducing new vehicles and other merchandises. Tesla has strived with the international foremost automobile producers in a short-term period, while its manufacture force is far lesser than its rivals during initial period.

Another important difficulty which Tesla will remain to meet is the price of electric automobiles and client belief. As stated before, the better the level of innovation and motorized difficulty, the greater the production risk and product price. Tesla purposes to deliver premium goods to a restricted marketplace though upholding a premium vehicle business status. Since of this, the growth of the marketplace is quite problematic. It is also reason Tesla failed to introduce its product in some countries like in India due to its high cost it has still not starts its operation in Tesla which company is planning from long time period.

Electric automobiles are the prospect of the transport business. Which is something on which the mainstream of individuals agree. The only outstanding uncertainty is when this transformation will arise. Numerous individuals trust that this will arise inside the next 10 years. And those related with gasoline-powered automobiles forecast it will take another 40 years for this change to arise. 

Asia is family to the international fastest-growing nations. Focusing extra on Asian marketplaces, particularly India and China, has the potential to upsurge Giga sales meaningfully and harden Tesla's position as the worldwide leader.

Tesla is presently up in contradiction of rigid rivalry from substitute fuel automobiles and self-driving expertise. Numerous luxury automobiles companies for instance Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Lexus has covered an huge portion of the market manufacturers similar to Toyota, Ford, Volvo, and General Motors, are stimulating for aggressive rivalry. 

Tesla has adopted its generic approach for the purpose to attain competitive benefit in conflict of other companies in the international automotive sector. This model comprise of generic competitive approach which signifies the firm’s line of attack to competing in the marketplace. Tesla’s generic method permits the corporate to uphold competitive benefit, and entice early adopters in the worldwide automotive marketplace. The consistent demanding approaches backing organizational development founded on growing sales incomes from present marketplaces where Tesla, Inc. functions. The corresponding of the concentrated development approaches with the generic competitive plan pays to the corporation’s working efficiency (Pulaj, Kume and Cipi. 2015).

The porter’s generic method carried out with the aid of using the Tesla is wide-ranging differentiation. Adopting this ordinary method constructs aggressive gain originated at the development of products which distinguish the business enterprise from different enterprise with inside the enterprise. For instance, Tesla Inc.’s items are aggressive due to the fact they healthy in forward-wondering ecologically welcoming technology, considering the widespread mainstream of motors these days use inner ignition engines. In adopting this ordinary aggressive method, the company ordinarily entices all potential customers, who're now steadily worried in ecologically approachable items. Primarily, Tesla used differentiation awareness as its generic method for acquire aggressive gain. In placed on the differentiation awareness method, the enterprise confused the uniqueness of its products, however too focused totally on preliminary adopter’s with inside the excessive-cease market for digital vehicles. These preliminary adopters are wealthy customers who've an excessive propensity to shopping for currently offered products. Though, these days that the enterprise is formerly great and manufacture expenses are reducing, Tesla’s ordinary aggressive method has moved to wide differentiation. The reducing manufacturing expenses and developing emblem reputation lets in the business enterprise to typically goal customer’s with inside the car market (Saxena and Vibhandik, 2021).


But in the nowadays as tesla is facing an aggressive competition from the various automobile firms, company have to improve is porter generic approach to maintain its competitive advantage which company has maintained. to maintain the leading position in the global market and also in emerging market company need to adopt the combination of product differentiation and cost leadership since this will help company in increasing their sales and also help company in introducing their products in emerging countries successfully such as in India people will definitely go with Tesla if it is not too much costly.

This matrix is an instrument to prepare the business for marketing which proposes the businesses to implement development approaches in grouping of goods and marketplaces. This matrix supports the corporation with its marketplace and goods development and if appropriate for the circumstance businesses can also expand their companies (Loredana, 2017).

Market Penetration is the tactic suggested by the Ansoff matrix model to the corporations. The approach inspires the corporation to upsurge the sales of the existing product in the existing marketplace. This approach supports in growing the marketplace share of the corporate. Furthermore, corporations can choose for this approach as it is minimum dicey. They can penetrate in the marketplace by accepting additional marketing methods, promotional approaches, and individual selling. Tesla Motors implement this approach as it comprises in aggressive marketing, which purposes the corporation to sell and roll out additional of electric cars in US marketplace. This supports the corporation in maximizing the profits from the marketplaces it is presently working. The corporation try tough to attain competitive benefit in direction to upsurge the marketplace share. This too disturbs the income of the corporation positively (Gali, 2020).

It is the approach emphases on the corporation’s novel product introduction for the current marketplace it is helping to. In the product development approach company either develop its existing product or services or develop a new innovative product for its target audience. The novel introduction of models either might be a dissimilar product or dissimilar form of similar goods. Corporation frequently adopt advertising approaches to attain marketplace consideration. Tesla organization has implemented this approach by developing an innovative and futuristic approach by developing the product which are also environment friendly products such as solar panels and introduced its Tesla Roadster as the leading electronic sports car crossways the international market. Tesla also presented battery power storage goods to retain the power and energy.

It is the approach to the companies who wish growing in novel marketplaces with present goods. Market development is also recognized as the market expansion. The corporation in the marketplace expand its business in different states or in a new country. Tesla Motors had implemented this tactic and expanded its business in the Chinese and Indian markets. The group introduced its Model S and entered the atmospheric-ecological high-end comfort market segment. 

Diversification is the approach recommended by the Ansoff matrix. This approach inspires the corporation to familiarize novel product in the new-fangled marketplace. The diversification can be linked or entirely unconnected in novel industry. Tesla Motor presented its battery products as a diversification approach for non-automotive goods. Though, it does not create noticeable place in the fiscal statement of the corporation. The corporation is employed extra on product growth and marketplace penetration approach for automotive and the energy resolutions. This tactical objective of the corporation is related to diversification and upsurge the speculation in R&D for defining new business prospects (Glebanova, Lepeshkin and Diesperova, 2020).


This report has concluded that Tesla has a various opportunity and threats in external and internal business environment which can support the company in further growth in whole international market. After examining the external environment of Tesla it has been recognized that Tesla has an opportunity to grow more as government is supporting EV business due to its sustainability and environment friendliness. Moreover, the sales of EV is also increasing with the moving time period as people  start trusting on the electronic automobiles companies. Moreover company have to follow and trail the legal regulation and guideline while operating on a global level since it will have significant impact on the brand reputation.

While moving forward to the competition in the electronic automobile market there is high competition as there are many competitor in EV market. Porter five forces has concluded that company have to regularly initiate something new and adopt new approaches as there is high market competition in automobile industry. Moreover, after examining the company internal strength and weakness, it has been concluded that company, Tesla need to improve its price strategy to attract new customer segment and to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Additionally, Tesla has to improve is porter generic approach to maintain its competitive advantage which company has maintained. to maintain the leading position in the global market and also in emerging market company need to adopt the combination of product differentiation and cost leadership since this will help company in increasing their sales and remain successful in the emerging nation where people mainly focus on quality and price.

  • The key approach recommendation which Tesla Corporation must emphasis on is refining its production effectiveness. The corporation needs to expand into novel overseas marketplaces also want to add semis and public conveyance automobiles to its product lines. But, these developments will be unsuccessful in making incomes if its present factory structure cannot uphold manufacture effectiveness. Additionally, Tesla must work to expand its supply chain as numerous of its present suppliers are single-source, thus making a robust supplier control and possible for future interruptions.
  • Another recommendation for Tesla is to design product which is also affordable for medium class people as most of the emerging countries around 40% population comes under medium, class. One of the significant reason Tesla is not till properly introduced in some of the Asian market such as India where most of the people cannot afford the cost of purchasing the Tesla.
  • Also, company is facing heavy competition from its competitor so to remain in competition continuous introduction of new products is vital and also adopting an effective branding and marketing strategy will plays a significant role in the success of the company.


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